One Life to Live Update Friday 8/18/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer


"Hey baby what's shaking?" Rex is busy and hasn't got time to talk to Roxy right now. "I have to find Adriana…" Roxy has a lot of questions but all Rex can tell is that Dorian knows more than she is saying.

Dorian paces the room.

She remembers Bruce telling her that he wanted a bonus for the work that he did for her.

Adriana wakes.

"You…" She sees she is in a room with the man. She can move around but she can't get out. he wants something from her and she will find out soon enough," he warns.

Claudia arrives for the gala.

She sees Nash and knows that it will be a perfect evening.

Todd and Evangeline arrive. "Looks like she isn't here yet." Evangeline knows that he is watching out for Blair even though he pretends that he isn't doing that.

John and Natalie arrive next. They talk about Blair and getting the key from her for the safety deposit.

Spencer and Blair are in the car ready for the gala. Blair makes a quick call and then puts her cellphone in her purse. The key is in there right where she put it.

"Where are we going?" Blair asks looking around. "I have to make a stop at the bank go get something from my safety deposit box…"

Clint makes a call and learns that Adriana still hasn’t been found.

Viki makes a face when Clint talks about how worried Dorian must be feeling about her daughter missing.

Rex is upset over Adriana being lost. "I have been driving around looking for Adriana but she could be anywhere by now. Bo is trying to see if there is a clue in my computer. I have to find out who this person is."

Bruce will be leaving her alone, and she is warned that she can scream if she wants as the room is soundproof. He chains her to the wall and walks out, locking the door behind him.

"Help!" Adriana screams. "Can somebody hear me? Help!"

"I need to go back to the apartment right now. I have the mother of all headaches." Spencer says that he has aspirin and he will just pull over and get her some.

Todd tells how he and Blair have been pretending to be together for Starr's sake. Evangeline finds that very interesting. "It doesn't matter how I feel about her anyway as she is with someone else…" Evangeline says that the last few times that she was with Blair, she got the distinct feeling that the woman was jealous.

Spencer has pulled the car over and he is getting out of the car to get Blair some aspirins. "Can you leave the keys?" she asks. "The music will relax me." Spencer leaves the keys now in the ignition.

As soon as he is gone, she reaches over and adds her key to the chain as quickly as possible.

Chris arrives and goes straight for Evangeline. They kiss.

Layla and Vincent enter next. "I don't want you drinking while you are training," Vincent says.

David talks to a Paige at the gala. "I just interviewed for a research job," she says. "I am out tonight so that Spencer can see that he didn't destroy me." David finds that in spite of all their troubles, Spencer still got what he wanted.

Spencer isn't in his room," Renée tells. She leaves.

John and Natalie are pleased to hear that. Spencer and Blair should be there any moment now.

When Spencer returns, Blair is rubbing her temples. She takes the aspirins and some water that he has brought her. He finds her very jittery. She doesn't really feel like going to the gala but he needs her there as he has something very special for her.

Clint and Viki work well together but as far as Dorian goes, she has never liked the Buchanan kids. They don't need the aggravation and Viki reminds him that their children are adults and can take care of themselves. She wants him to understand that her not wanting him to be with Dorian has nothing to do with her wanting him for herself.

Rex reads the emails over. "You can't fly away from me… my butterfly…you can spread your wings, but you won't get far… my painted lady…" Roxy asks who is Vanessa. She reads an email. "You will be mine, Vanessa Atalnata." She wants to know what that means? "That is our first clue," Rex says snapping the paper out of her hand to read it himself.

"I know that you would be there for the children if they needed you." Clint worries about Viki as she gives so much of herself and he thinks that she should get out and enjoy herself on occasion. She tells him that part of her life is none of her business. "I only want you to have happiness of your own. Ben would want that for you."

Todd comes out.

Clint leaves Viki as she would like to talk to Todd.

Todd orders a drink. "Starr is sleeping and it looks like she is going to be alright." He has come out to the bar as the drinks are stronger there. Viki feels that Blair must have arrived. "You are still so angry and dark. Don't you see that you have been given an unbelievable gift? You have no peace." Todd wonders what he can do to have peace with Spencer roaming around. Viki knows that peace for Todd is as easy as forgiving Blair.

"Are you sure that nothing is wrong?" Blair says that she knows that this is an important night for him and that is all. Spencer gets out of the car now to go to his safety deposit box.

Blair gets her cellphone out and dials.

Claudia talks to Nash but he leaves her quickly when he sees someone important.

Ted is introduced to Cristian. He works for Vincent and is very glad to meet Chris.

Evangeline comes over listening to the introductions.

"Should I go stay someone else tonight?" Layla asks. "You and Cristian can't keep your hands off each other." Evangeline fears that her sister will end up staying at Vincent's place.

John takes the time to tell Natalie that she looks great that night.

His phone rings.

"John. I had the safety deposit key but I had to put it back as he is going there to get something out of the box." John worries that Spencer might be on to her.

Inside the bank, Spencer is taken to his box. It is opened and he is left alone with it.

He opens the box and smiles. "And there it is…"

"Rex couldn't ever do this to me… I am so sorry Rex…"

Adriana thinks back to being on the beach with him. He had written 'I Love You', in the sand and then they kissed.

She looks at the door now. "I am so sorry I doubted you Rex. Please come and find me. I love you so much."

"The Painted Lady is a genus or subgroup," Rex says. He looks at the book of butterflies. "He kept calling her his rare Painted Lady but actually the Painted Lady is a pretty common butterfly. This guy isn't an expert on butterflies cause he didn't do his homework. Something else is going on here."

Dorian's phone rings.

"You can go ahead and tell Adriana the truth if you want. She will believe her mother over you." Bruce asks Dorian if she has seen her daughter recently. "Where is my daughter?" she asks. He smiles. He has her attention now.

Paige knows that things haven't been smooth for Spencer and that has to be killing him.

Spencer has everything that he needs and so he heads out to the car.

Blair is on the phone …

Spencer returns and she hurries off the line.

She tells that she has been checking on Jack…

John is worried about Blair now. She is way in over her head, he thinks.

Viki reminds Todd that the reason why Blair did what she did was because he lied to her about Margaret for months. " You have to find a way to be together with Blair for the children's sake. Have you wondered why Starr was out that night? Why she probably did what she did? It is the tension. You come back from the dead and you are all tense… remember when I pushed Ben out the window and nearly killed him? Okay it was Niki, but still I wasn't myself and neither was Blair. She was trying to find a way to get on with her life by herself. I will never forget how grateful I am for Ben's forgiveness. Honey you have to forgive Blair as you won't start living again." She gets up and starts leaving. "You look beautiful by the way," Todd says after her.

Viki stands alone…

David comes over saying that it is weird about Dorian and Clint isn't it? He pretends to hit on Viki and she takes it in stride when he suggests this means they need to get together.

"I am talking about ransom," Bruce says. "What do you want?" He wants money…a bundle of it. "Don't call the cops, or you will never see your girl again.

Dorian almost drops the phone as she gasps for air.

Todd leaves the bar area outside the main room…

Nash enters and sits alone.

"Fancy meeting you here," she says. "did you find any investors for your company?" He hasn't gotten any yet. "My dream was to explore that with Tess." Claudia feels that it is time for a new dream and she offers to help him with that. He wonders why she would want to do business with him when the last time they tried that her father died.

Layla talks to Cristian and Evangeline for a moment, and then rushes off to Vincent.

Cristian wants to get Evangeline home and that is all that he can think about. They kiss.

"I have spent too much time with the bad guys and from now on I will be hanging with the good guys," Paige tells David.

John's associate tells that Spencer got something from the safety deposit box. "If it is the gun, then he hasn't gotten rid of it yet."

Spencer and Blair enter the room together and they make a grant entrance.

"Here they come now," Natalie says looking over John's shoulder.

Renée heads to the podium.

Todd goes over to Blair and tells her that he has to speak to her right now.

"Thank you all for being her for the dedication of the new Reston wing of the hospital. And now, I turn you over to Dr. Spencer Truman…"

Spencer goes to the microphone and is silent while the people clap.

"Come on Blair," Todd says trying to drag her off to talk with him. Spencer isn't amused.

Bruce returns telling Adriana that their relationship will be brief. He knows that Rex will not be looking for her. Adriana is sure that Rex will find her. "I know he will."

Roxy is going to find a drink and go party now. Rex will keep working and find Adriana. "I need to know everything that Dorian knows…"

Dorian calls the commissioner…

While she is on hold, she thinks…

Bruce warned that if she called the cops she would never see her girl again.

She hangs up. "What have I done?"

Claudia suggests that she and Nash be partners. He would have to wonder all the time if there were strings attached. "I really do try to be a good person," Claudia says.

Todd tells Blair quietly to go with him and talk in the bar.

Blair shushes him, trying to pay attention to what Spencer is saying. "Stop it Todd!"

Spencer talks… "Everything in my life has led to this moment…"

Todd has gotten Blair's attention and she now starts walking off with Todd.

"…Blair Cramer! Will you marry me?"

Todd and Blair stop walking and both turn to the stage where Spencer looks down at them, holding open a black, velvet box with something sparkly inside.

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