One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/16/06


Written By Carol
Pictures by Jennifer

Nash comes to visit Brenan and could tell that Jessica was stressed. Nash offers to take the baby to the park and Jessica says she
needs to get out of the damn apartment and that maybe she will come with them. Jessica tells Nash that she is having a really bad morning and she lets Nash get the brunt of it. She tells Nash the baby has not slept since the night Nash kidnapped them and she is
stressed out. When Nash says he is sorry Jessica admits itís not just him. Jessica tells Nash that she is not really happy about
Antonio rejoining the police force and that she does not want to raise her daughter Bree alone if something happened to Antonio. Nash tells her that she would never have to raise Bree alone. Nash tells Jessica to just explain to Antonio how she feels, Jessica said no, he has to do what makes him happy and he hasn't really been happy since he left the force. Jessica, Bree and Nash go to the park.

Nash and Jessica talk about how Bree will be when she grows up and Jessica promises that Bree will know her real father. Jessica
says that she does believe that he wants the best for their daughter. Jessica says sometimes she wishes Nash would tell her more about Tess. Nash admits that he looks at Jessica and misses Tess, but that he does wonder what it would be like to be with Jessica since they made a baby together. Jessica tells Nash that the doctor said Tessís memories would soon be hers and she admits that is starting to happen. She is remembering making love to Nash and that it must have been their time in New
York together that triggered the feelings. Nash asked why she is telling him and she says she does not know that she does not want him to think he was the only one who was remembering things. She tells him that she does love Antonio and does not know where that leaves Nash and herself. Nash asks if it would be a problem for Jessica and Antonio if he stays in Llanview.

Antonio comes across Nash and Jessica in angle square cooing over their little angle. If looks could kill Antonio would not need a

Nash tells Jessica that it means a lot to him that she is honest with him. She says at first she tried to convince herself that she had an affair with Nash and then went back to Antonio, but that is not true, she never left Antonio.

Evangeline comes home and notices what a mess her sister has made of the apartment, but she is just happy to be able to be home. Her sister offers to take she and Todd out to breakfast, but Vangie says no, everyone has done everything for her and now she wants to cook, then she and Todd are surprised to see Vincent coming out of Layla's bedroom and Layla explains that her computer crashed and she asked Vincent to come over and help her and that he did not spend the night. Vangie doesn't quite buy it, but Todd says he is telling the truth and in any case, they are adults.

Vangie and Todd talk and he points out that the first thing she does when she gets home is to get angry about her sister and Vincent. Vangie tells Todd she does not need a lecture. Todd tells her that she is just looking for things to get upset about and that she should be happy and enjoy life more. Todd asks Evangeline on a date to the charity ball. Evangeline tells him that she is seeing Christian. Todd points out that Christian canít drink or party as long as he is fighting. Vangie tells Todd that the reason she called Todd instead of Christian to bring her home from the hospital is to surprise Christian. Evangeline tells Todd that he thinks Blaire will be there with Spencer and that is why he wants to show up with her, but she eventually agrees to go with him even though he is a pain in the ass. Todd tells her to wear something really sexy. Todd says Layla can come with her new boyfriend since he has extra tickets. Vangie says no way. Todd questions Vince as to what he does for a living and asks him if he has ever come across Spencer in his line of work. Vince remembers Todd from when he was Walker, but why should he tell Todd anything. Todd says well, he got his girlfriendís sister off his back and tickets to the charity ball which he could make connections at. Todd tries to get Vincent to get information on Spencer for him. The two couples agree to go to the hospital gala that evening and Vincent and Layla go off for breakfast as Todd and Vangie clean up the apartment.

Kelly is arrested on her way to the airport because she had a taillight out. Hugh had her arrested so she couldn't leave.

Antonio is reinstated as a Llanview police officer; he requests to be assigned to the Vice Squad. Bo returns to his newly decorated office. Bo and Antonio talk about Antonio's motive for wanting to be on the Vice Squad. Antonio admits itís because of what happened to Jessica. Antonio wants to review the tapes made of Jessica and the other children. Bo reminds Antonio that he has been suspended in the past for letting his personal feelings get in the way of his police work. Antonio says he would not want anything to happen to his own daughter. Bo gives him the go ahead to investigate the tapes. There are six known sex offenders who live within 5 miles of the pervert who did that to Jessica. Bo and Antonio speculate that it could be a network of sex offenders working together. Bo warns Antonio that he has to do things by the book.

Kelly vents to Hugh asking him who the hell does he think he is and tells him that she could have him fired for detaining her under
false pretenses. Hugh says he thought he was her friend. Antonio talks to Kelly and although she keeps saying that she needs to go away where no one knows her, Antonio tells her that sometimes people do things that they regret and that does not mean they are bad people. Kelly asks Hugh if this has anything to do with them almost kissing. He says no and she said good because she does not want to get involved with anyone for a very, very long time. Kelly says she wants to enjoy being pregnant and be happy about the baby and she canít be that around everyone she knows. Kevin walks in on their conversation and asks what is going on. Kelly tells Kevin she is leaving town for good. He asks why and wants to talk about it, she doesnít. Kevin tells her not to leave because of him; she says she is leaving because of her. She has a ticket for out west and she does not know when she will be back. Kelly says in a few weeks she will start showing and is Kevin really ready for that? He says he donít know, he just does not want her to go. She asks why.

Kelly tells Kevin that she wishes it were Kevinís baby, but she is afraid everyone will look at the child cross-eyed when he/she walks into the room or how the child will feel when baby Duke finds out what momma did. Kevin asks Kelly not to go, but she says she has to. Hugh is disappointed that Kevin could not stop her.

Spencer has a meeting in the bar with a man who has a case of engagement rings and he buys one for Blair.

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