One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/16/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Nash comes to Jessica's place, and she answers with the baby in her arms, ready for her visit. He takes the child and tells that he wants to take the baby to the park. He wants Jessica to get some rest. She suggests that she comes with him and the child.

Evangeline is home now from the hospital and she wears a big smile. Todd has brought her home.

Layla comes out to greet her sister and welcome her home. They hug. Layla offers to take Evangeline and Todd to breakfast but Evangeline wants to cook for herself. People have been doing things for her and she wants to stop all that and get independent again.

Vincent comes out of Layla's bedroom and all get quiet as they watch him get closer to them all. "Why is Vincent coming out of your bedroom Layla?" Evangeline asks in horror.

Kelly is dragged in to the police station. She is being arrested.

Hugh welcomes Bo back to the job.

Antonio comes in and is introduced to Hugh. "I signed off on all your paperwork and so you can get back to work. I hope that Jessica is okay with you going back to work as a cop."

Jessica hates that every time that she acts out he reads into it and thinks that it has to do with Tess returning and he finally getting his love back. He know that he is part of that stress and he is really sorry. "It isn't just you," she says. "What is it then?" he asks.

Hugh knew that Bo would be back at the job in no time and he has come to see the man and welcome him back.

Someone comes to take Hugh off to do some work outside of Bo's office. He hurries out.

"There is an opening in vice," Antonio says. "That guy that molested Jessica is the reason that I want to work in this department. Leeds is dead but this job could help Jessica have a better life."

Kelly spouts off about how she was arrested for doing nothing. The officers who brought her in leave.

"Do you know why I was arrested?" Kelly asks Hugh. Hugh says that he asked them to arrest her.

"I just don't feel lucky anymore and if anything happened to Antonio with that job, I just won't want to raise Bree alone." Nash assures Jessica that she will never have to raise Bree alone. "He has to do what makes him happy," Jessica says. Nash knows that what would make them happy would be to have Jessica come for a walk in the park. She agrees to go.

"I just got here this morning Evangeline. I didn't stay the night like you think." Layla tells Evangeline that Vincent helped her fix her computer and that is all. "Nothing happened."

He minored in it in college. He leaves the room.

"I want to keep Vincent from messing with my sister." Todd thinks that she should let it go. "I am just being a friend. Is that alright?" she questions whether he is being a real friend or if this is indicative of something more.

Jess and Nash sit in the park and talk about Bree and how it will be when she is older. She will make sure that he gets all the visitation time that he needs with Bree. She wants to talk with him sometime about Tess. "You would?" he asks.

Antonio admits that he has a little venting to do where the molester is concerned. Bo feels like that too. Antonio wants those tapes so that no one will ever be able to watch them again.

"Do you know what it is like to be dragged out of my car and pushed into a squad car? I was on my way to the airport when this happened." Hugh knows that and that was why he stopped her from leaving. "I could have your job for this!"

Antonio comes out of Bo's office. "What is going on out here?"

"I thought that Blair and I were going to have a life and then terrible events stopped all of that. You come home Evangeline and you see your sister with Vincent and you get all upset for nothing! You are looking for stuff to get upset about. You should be enjoying everything around you. It all could be taken away from you in a minute Evangeline. I care about you and that is why I am so concerned about this." She asks him if he has said all that he has come to say. "No… There is more. Would you go out on a date with me tonight?"

"I am seeing Cristian." Todd knows that but Cristian can't party and go out as he is training for a fight. "I wanted to surprise Cristian tonight," Evangeline says. "Can't you surprise him tomorrow? You should let people see your new vision and jumpstart your career." She knows that this has to do with Spencer and Blair… but she still agrees to go. "You are the guy that got me back my sight… Todd, in spite of the fact that you are a pain in the ass, you are a friend, my very good friend." He tells her to wear something sexy. He offers to bring Layla and Vincent by getting them tickets. Evangeline isn't sure that she wants to spend the evening with Vincent. "Give your chance o get to know me and Vincent."

Vincent and Layla come out of the back room and they overhear what Todd has been saying. Evangeline apologizes to Vincent for being rude earlier. "I am going to get some rest now," Evangeline says. Layla walks her to her room.

"How is business?" Todd asks. Vincent's eyebrows shoot up. "Fine…Thanks…" "What business are you in?" Todd asks. "Do you ever come across a guy named Spencer Truman?"

Antonio tells Hugh that he is a friend to Kelly and that he would like to talk to her alone for a minute. He and Kelly go and sit alone.

"I just can’t be here…" Antonio tells that Kevin told he and Jessica about the baby. She is shocked that he knows. "I have to go somewhere where no one knows me. You can explain that to Jessica can't you?" He can do that. "Sometimes people do things that they regret but that doesn't make them bad people. That doesn't make them bad people."

Kelly returns to Hugh now. "Answer me this. Does this stunt have anything to do with us kissing the other night?" Hugh says it isn't. "I did this because you are pregnant and leaving everything that you know." She feels that she will feel better if she leaves tonight. "I know one thing Hugh. I am leaving town."

Kevin enters the room and hears some of what is going on.

Kelly turns to him. "Hugh did you call Kevin?" Kevin walks closer to Kelly. "What is going on?"

"You can't take on the porn industry on your own Antonio." He knows that but he can't let his girls know what their mother went through.

"I shouldn't have come with you. I know that you only look at me as Tess." He wonders what it would be like sometimes to be with Jessica. "We had a baby together and you may not remember that but I do." Jessica remembers that the doctor said that Tess's memories would soon be hers and it is starting to happen. "I remember us…together and I remember making love to you."

"The doctor says that it must be spending time with you that has been causing the memories to come in. Antonio is still the man that I love." Nash knows that but he wonders where this leaves the both of them together. She has no idea.

"You are from Atlantic City right? I heard that you provide special services and this guy Spencer deserve some of your attention. I have gotten you tickets to the big gala and I got Evangeline off your back. Evangeline and I will be going to the gala too." Vincent tries to wrap his mind around that. "So while my prize fighter is training… you will be dogging his woman? What am I supposed to like about that?"

"Son of a gun," Bo says. He checks the computer and finds that there are six known sex offenders that live within a few miles of where Leeds used to live. Antonio wants their addresses, but Bo first warns that he can't abuse the rights of others in order to make things right for Jessica.

Hugh leaves Kevin and Kelly to talk.

"Hugh had me arrested so that I wouldn't go to the airport. I was leaving town Kevin for good. It seemed like a better thing to do instead of staying here and trying to watch you deal with what I have done."

Spencer arrives to meet his appointment. The man opens his briefcase to display an array of engagement rings.

"I tried to convince myself that I had an affair and then went back to Antonio. But that isn't true. Part of me never left him." Nash wonders what he is to do, as he is with Tess.

"This has to be done by the book," Bo says. "You are a good cop Antonio. You always were."

Kevin wants to talk to Kelly some more but she finds that there isn't anything else to talk about.

Antonio comes out and tells the two that they should take care. He then leaves.

"He knows about the baby," Kelly says. "Jessica told him." Kevin doesn't want her to leave because of him. "I am leaving for me. I have a ticket for out West and that is all that I am going to say." He worries that she is going to travel while pregnant. She has seen a doctor and is fine. "I don't know how I would feel if you left, but I just don't think that you should go!" She is willing to listen as to why he thinks she should stay.

"I know that this loyalty to Cristian that you have is based on money, so don't get into what I am doing with Evangeline okay?"

Evangeline and Layla come back out of the back room. Layla tells that she would like to go to the gala. Vincent likes the idea two. Layla and her beau leave.

"She likes him. Thanks Todd for taking me off my high horse or I might have ruined the relationship I have with my sister." Todd moves closer to Evangeline and asks about the potholders on the edge of the tables in the room. "I was hurting myself bumping into them while I was blind." Todd starts removing the potholders as Evangeline laughs.

Spencer makes a decision on a ring. "No all she has to do is say, 'yes'."

Kevin tries to talk sense to Kelly but the baby is just a painful reminder of everything that Kevin has lost. "I have to wonder how I am going to explain this to my child one day." Kevin tells that the baby has some time still to come, but Kelly feels that she is running out of time. "I didn't send Duke away and I will have to live with that for the rest of my life. The only way that I can make things right is to have a happy, healthy child who will not suffer because of my mistakes." Kelly leaves.

Hugh comes over to Kevin. "You couldn't stop her?"

"I want to be a part of Bree's life. Is that a problem with Antonio?" Jessica wonders why he thinks that would be a problem.

The baby wakes and Nash picks her up. "She looks kind of grumpy," Nash says.

Antonio comes to the park and stands off watching and listening as Jessica and Nash talk to the baby.

"Are you going to talk to your dad?" Jessica asks the child.

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