One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/15/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex comes looking for Bo and gets Natalie. "Adriana ran off because of Dorian Lord."

Dorian leaves Bruce a voicemail angry that he has hung up on her.

She sees Adriana's picture and talks to it. "I knew that you wouldn't be in any danger. Bruce is an attorney with an impeccable reputation and he wouldn't hurt a fly."

Bruce has Adriana tied up in the car. She wants to know where they are going but he won't tell. He tries to be nice to her but when his hand gets too close to her, she bites it. "You young lady are going to regret that."

Todd is at the hospital and he sees Nash off to the side alone.

Todd goes to sit alone.

He thinks about the kiss with Blair.

Spencer tells that Starr is alright and so he can't understand her memory lapses.

Starr tells her friend Langston about how she is faking her amnesia and how she is using it to keep her parents hanging together. "So you are going to fool everyone? Even the doctors?"

Spencer has walked in.

Starr just sees him now and her face becomes frightened.

John sees Blair at the hospital alone. "We have to talk now!"

RJ takes Nora out in the chair. They are in the park and she asks about Lindsay. He is sure that she really doesn't want to talk about Lindsay. She does though. RJ is her friend and Lindsay is important to him. "Lindsay and I are fine." Nora asks what Lindsay has done now. "She has been a little distant," RJ confides. "Since we…ah…Since we kissed."

Marcie meets with Lindsay. "I called Child Protective Services and sent them the pictures that I took and they are arguing the case. I feel though that I haven't done enough." Marcie hasn't told Michael about what she has done yet. "He has been working double shifts, and has been busy. He is on his way over here right now and that is why I asked you to come," Marcie says. "I went behind his back when he asked me not to."

Michael arrives.

He smiles from the doorway at Marcie…

Bo gives the picture that he wants returned to Spencer, to Renée and tells her where it goes.

Langston hurries out of there.

Spencer tells Starr that he is going to do everything to find out what is wrong with her.

Blair tells John how Starr thinks that her parents are still together. John needs a favor. "There is a safe-deposit box in a bank and we thinks that the gun is in there. I need you to get the key." Blair shakes her head. "I can't do it."

Marcie starts telling Michael what she did with Lindsay the other night.

She takes out the pictures and shows them to Michael.

Natalie finds Rex's story a little strange. "It is a fact!" he says. "You don't know her. In her world, the end justifies the means. The woman had drugs planted in my hotel room…" Natalie knows that wasn't true, but still this is different. Rex feels that he is right about this. "Adriana smashed a lamp over my head Nat. she is scared to death of me." Natalie will accept that Dorian did this but if that is so, why would Adriana believe that Rex would do a thing like this to her.

Adriana tells Bruce that he might as well go ahead and hurt her.

He grabs a chloroform cloth and holds it over Adriana's face till she is out.

His phone rings.

"Dorian what is it?" he ask. "What is going on with my daughter?" Dorian asks.

Nash goes over to Todd and they talk about their woes. "You and I got off on the wrong foot," Nash says about punching Todd in the face. Todd smiles. He offers his help with Jessica if Nash needs it.

Antonio overhears them talking and says that Nash doesn't need his help.

Spencer tells Starr that her parents' marriage never happened because the couple had some very serious problems. Starr knows they fight all the time, but so what? "I don't want to talk about this anymore," Starr says. "I'm tired." He will let her rest but he warns that he does intend to fully get to the bottom of what is going on with her.

John is still talking to Blair when John comes out of Starr's room.

"I'm sorry Blair. I didn't mean to be insensitive."

"What do you mean by that?" Spencer asks bringing up the rear. "What have you done to upset Blair this time?" Blair tells that John was asking about Starr. Spencer is suspicious of that.

John tells that he is there on police business. Blair asks about Starr but Spencer has no idea what is going on with her yet. He has to go for a while and wants to take Blair with him but she wants to be near Starr.

"I will try to get you the key," Blair says after Spencer leaves. "Well Truman is busy now for a couple of hours, so maybe now would be the right time to get the key." John only has a hunch that the gun is still around. "It means something to Spencer and to me. Find the gun and so I will be able to tell my brother that we finally found my father's killer."

Marcie starts apologizing but Michael isn't made with her. He is glad she took the pictures. Marcie laughs. "I thought that you were going to be mad at me!" Lindsay is happy to see that things are working out. She decides she isn't needed anymore and she leaves.

"They are reviewing the case because of the pictures. Michael won't wait for that. He wants action now.

Marcie's phone rings.

"It's Miss Dixon."

Marcie answers. Michael listens as she takes the call.

When she is finished, she turns to Michael. "They made a decision…"

Nora feels that RJ is being paranoid about Lindsay. He isn't even sure that she knows about the kiss. "Lindsay wouldn't be able to keep her mouth closed if she knew about the kiss." RJ gets Nora walking in the park.

Lindsay comes up behind the statue in the park and sees RJ and Nora. He is supporting her as they walk.

Suddenly Nora loses her balance and instead of falling to the ground, RJ is there to pick her up in his big, strong arms. The two laugh now as RJ and holds Nora as if in the middle of dipping her, as if the two were dancing.

"Adriana should have known better not to blame you Rex." Rex understands what happened in Adriana's mind. Nat thinks that she jumped the gun. She would know that John wasn't guilty if someone said he was a stalker. Rex tells of the evidence that led Adriana to turn on Rex and smash a lamp into his head. "She should have been feeling in her heart and soul that you, who has been taking care of her wouldn’t hurt her." Rex knows that Adriana trusted him but he feels that Dorian blamed him for this. Rex knows that Natalie would have been acting the same had this been her. Rex thinks that Dorian is a horrible person. "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Rex can't believe this. "Yes it does. You should know Nat. Thanks for your support."

Bruce tells Dorian that Adriana got scared of Rex and ran off. He feels that he has done his job and he wants to get paid now. "I want a bonus or else I go to Rex and tell what her mommy did." Dorian realizes that she is being blackmailed. "You were paid already. Now this is over." Dorian hangs up.

Bruce looks at the sleeping Adriana. "She'll call back. That is if she wants to ever see you again."

Antonio and Nash are arguing now and Jessica can't stand it. "Just shut up!" Nash smiles. "You sound like Tess." She knows that and loses her temper sometimes but that still doesn’t make her his girlfriend.

Blair and Starr talk. Starr is starting to look more like her old self again. Starr says that Spencer makes her uncomfortable. Blair says she doesn't have to see him if she doesn't want to.

Todd comes in and Blair tells that Starr's CAT Scan seems normal, but Starr needs more tests. "After all this, can we go home to the penthouse?" Starr asks innocently.

Bo is at Spencer's door.

While they are talking, Renée exits. "I've done exactly as you asked," she says.

She freezes when she sees that Spencer is standing at the door.

Lindsay is pissed. "You seem to get a charge out of pursuing any man that I am interested in? What is it Nora? Are you only attracted to my men?" Nora wants to go home now. RJ starts pushing but Lindsay asks him if he is going to push her home when she is his girlfriend and in a committed relationship with him? She grabs the handles of the chair and pushes Nora off herself while RJ watches.

"They are going to get Thomas new foster parents Michael. What if the parents are not good ones like the last ones?" Michael is sure that they will be great as the parents will be he and she.

Bo tells that there was an emergency and there was thought to be a leak in his room. Spencer seems to take that as a possible scenario. Bo brings up Lenny and how David remembers him well. Spencer says that he doesn't know any Lenny. Bio and Renée start leaving. "What about the leak?" Spencer shouts after them. "It's been plugged," Renée says walking off behind Bo.

"Blair says that she will help find the key for the safety deposit box," John says to Natalie. Natalie is happy. She knows that John is going to be successful and solve this case. Blair just wants to make sure that Starr is fine before she starts working on that.

Marcie is suddenly unsure if she and he should have Tommy for their very own. "I don't want you to do this just because I want it." Michael is doing it for the both of them and not only for her.

Rex is in the park…

He thinks about Adriana telling him that she has all the faith in the world in him.

Rex knows that Natalie is wrong about her.

Dorian looks at her daughter's picture and she starts to show worry. "Where are you? Why haven't you come home?"

Bruce whistles while he watches Adriana sleep in the passenger seat.

"Nash will you just go please?" Jess asks. He does go.

Antonio is sorry that Nash upset her. She is angry with Antonio too. He apologizes for his part in the fighting. "Maybe things will be better when I have more to offer. Look… I met with Bo about becoming a cop again. What do you think?" Jessica tells him that she thinks that is great. "I have never been happy about you being in harm's way, but I know that you love it and miss it. If you are happy then I am happy."

Natalie, John and Bo discuss Blair and the danger that she is putting herself in for this case.

Starr smiles up at her parents talking about them all being a family. "This is the way that things are supposed to be…"

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