One Life to Live Update Monday 8/14/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Jessica reads Tess's diary about how Nash talking to her makes her feel so beautiful.

Jessica hears the molester's voice in her head. "Hi Beautiful."

"I remember…I remember…"

Someone knocks.

Nash is there. "What is the matter," he asks when he sees her face.

Antonio is at the station to see Bo.

Bo is having a meeting with Claudia. She tells all about the robbery attempt. Bo smiles but what he really wants to talk about is why she paid Rex to spy on Jessica.

Rex comes bursting in. An employee tries to stop him but he barrels right through.

Dorian turns to him. "Where is Adriana?" he shouts.

There is a car. It is quietly. It is dark where the car is. Inside the car is a sleeping Adriana.

Natalie comes to the office. She kisses John hello.

John gets off the phone and he shows her Spencer's last mistake. She takes the card and reads.

Todd and Blair are kissing while Spencer watches from the window to Starr's room. Starr is so pleased. "Now you two are acting right, not like before."

John explains how Spencer has been using his father's name to hide the gun. Natalie wishes that she could help with this case, but unfortunately, it looks like she is about to fail her Forensic course.

Spencer looks like he has been hit in the stomach. He moves away from Starr's room and slowly walks down the hall.

Starr is curious as to what is going to happen to her now. Her father tells that she will probably have a CT scan. Blair acts nervous. She leaves the room for a moment. Todd follows her.

"I just couldn't stay in that room one more moment," she says. "She was going to see right through me."

"Adriana ran off," Rex tells her mother. "She thinks that I am the stalker."

Adriana is sleeping in Bruce's car.

Suddenly, she wakes. She can't move. She sees that she is tied up.

Claudia doesn't deny that she hired Rex. "It was Nash. When I heard that he moved to Llanview, I was sure that he had everyone think that he was the Second Coming, and so I checked out the people around him. I found out enough to back off. There is a child involved and Nash has changed." Bo is glad that she is steering clear of Nash. She wants to just be friends with Nash but Bo feels that she should give the man space.

He has arrived for his visit with his daughter. Jessica forgot about that but lets him in anyway.

Nash goes to the baby. "I can't call her Bree," Nash says. Jessica tells him he can call her what he wants.

He sees the journal and goes to it.

"Hey beautiful," Jessica hears in her head.

She rushes to Nash and grabs the book out of his hand and puts it away. "I can see something's wrong. I can help. Tell me." She breaks down telling that she had a memory of what the man did to her.

"How did things get so turned around so that Adriana thinks that you are her stalker?" Rex tells that there were some emails on his computer that Adriana found and they freaked her out. Dorian finds this funny. "You are being framed?" Dorian laughs. "She trusted you with her life Rex. It was the way that Adriana saw things, and now I have to take Adriana's word about this." Dorian goes to the phone. "I am calling the police."

Adriana can't get the ropes loose.

She remembers arguing with Rex about being the stalker…

She remembers hitting Rex over the head and knocking him out…

She remembers running for her life on the beach…

She remembers the man confessing the truth about Rex to her…

Natalie tells that she spent precious time in Thailand and missed a lot of classes and she is just realizing that now.

"I think that I can help," John says.

Todd finds that Blair is just feeling sorry for herself. He knows her act right now isn't going to benefit Starr even one little bit. Starr wants her parents to put on a big act, but he really doesn't think that he can do it.

"I think that we can pull it off Todd. I will tell Spencer and he will play the part too if it will make Starr." Todd isn't sure that she can do this. "What if Spencer comes into the room? Are you going to be able to keep from jumping on him?" Blair is sure that she can do this. She was in love with him for a while.

She turns and finds Spencer standing behind her.

Jessica says that she isn't feeling very strong right now because of the memories coming back. "You could let Tess out to handle it," Nash says.

Antonio gets his appointment with Bo. "I would like to be a cop again."

Rex hangs the phone up. "I don't have time for this lady! I want you to tell me where Adriana is. Aren't you afraid that Adriana is out there somewhere alone or with the stalker?" Dorian isn't phased. "Is that what you want? You want her to be afraid of me?"

Adriana is in the car alone, and still struggling. She is getting frantic now. She fights and fights against her ropes. It is slow but she seems to be making progress.

Suddenly the door flies open. "Going somewhere?"

Jessica sees that Nash might have been trying to use her again to get Tess out. "I think that you should go," Jessica says opening the door. Nash walks out.

Jessica gets the journal and reads again.

"Smile for the camera beautiful…" The voice rings in her head again.

The door opens and Nash charges in and takes her by the shoulders walking her out. "You are strong Jessica, but you need help, come on."

"I need to protect my daughters," Antonio says. "I need to have my job back. I need to do this. I know that I let you down before, but I promise you Bo, if you give me a chance, I will not let you down."

Bo opens a drawer and puts Antonio's badge on the table. "I never got around to officially retiring it." Antonio smiles. "I will be back but first I have to go and talk to one person. Thanks Bo."

Antonio gets a call.

"It's Nash, you need to get to the hospital quickly. It is Jessica."

Antonio runs out of the station.

John gives Natalie a slew of tips and information for her course. She feels that she should leave him and handle this herself but he insists on helping. She never told him about her failing before as she wanted to do this on her own.

The phone rings.

"McBain! Did you get the warrant?"

Langston comes to see her friend… She can't see Starr now though, she has to get a CT Scan.

Todd revels in the fact that Spencer has found him with Blair at a tender moment. "I have to take Starr to get her scan. I remember where it was from the time that I was here, you know after I died… Coming Blair?" Spencer insists on talking to Blair first. Todd leaves but puckers for Blair leaning towards her as if he is going to take a kiss. Blair pushes away from him and so Todd saunters into Starr's room while gloating at Spencer.

Spencer turns to Blair now. "Are you leaving me for Todd?"

Adriana is in the car whimpering. Bruce tells her that she doesn't have to be afraid and that he will not hurt her. He has the door open now and when he is close to her, she takes her foot and kicks him hard, sending him to the ground. "You bitch!"

"You set this up!" Rex says. Dorian denies everything. Every thing that he tosses at her to prove that she did this, she throws it right back at him.

Adriana is terrified. Bruce threatens to hurt her if she doesn't behave. "We are going on a little road trip," he tells her. He picks her out of the back seat and tosses her into the front seat.

John has to find out what is in that safety deposit box. "Get Blair to help you," Nat says.

Spencer can't believe what he has seen. He talks about she and Todd whooping it up in the room just now and what he saw looked pretty real to him. "I know that a sick child can bring people together, so you have to tell me now if there is any possibility of you to getting back together…" Blair touches his face softly. "No," she says. "No…"

Claudia is there when Jessica arrives at the hospital. Claudia tells Jessica that there is a party the following night but Jessica would rather eat broken glass than go to a party.

Antonio arrives and tells that they have to go and see the doctor.

Jessica thanks Nash for bringing her there and she walks off with Antonio.

"Want to talk about it?" Claudia asks Nash. He doesn't.

"Blair isn't a cop, and she doesn't need a warrant to get into that safety deposit box." John sees that Natalie is making sense.

Bo calls and tells John not to worry about the case. He also advises that they have to get that picture back to Blair before Spencer sees it is missing.

Spencer touches Blair's hair but she pushes his hand away when she sees that Todd is bringing Starr back from her scan.

Spencer leaves now.

Blair goes to check on Starr and takes Todd out into the hall and they both tell Langston that they have to be careful with Starr as she has amnesia. Langston finds that so random… Blair just doesn't want Starr upset over anything. Langston goes in to see her friend now.

"You know what is amazing Blair? You would rather be with you boyfriend than your daughter who has brain damage. You make me sick Blair." Todd walks off.

Langston apologizes to Starr about daring her to jump off that cliff. "What are you talking about?" Starr says.

Spencer brings Starr's reports and they talk about it. "There is nothing wrong with her."

Starr smiles at Langston. "There isn't anything wrong with me."

Bruce is ready to take off now.

He steps out of the car and calls someone leaving voicemail. "It's me. We have to talk."

"Who was that?" Adriana asks. "You will find out soon enough!" Bruce says.

Rex feels that he has it all figured out. "Adriana has no money and no cellphone. She doesn’t know that this is an elaborate trick. She is out there scared and we have to find her." Dorian will not work with him on this. "I will find my daughter on my own." Rex walks out.

Dorian looks at her phone and then dials. "Okay Bruce. What is it?"

Adriana looks into the side of Bruce's face as he talks on his cellphone. "Plans have changed," Bruce says, then he quickly hangs up.

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