One Life to Live Update Friday 8/11/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

The cops come and Antonio tells them about the robbery at his place. The officer knows Antonio from when he was on the police force and they chat lightly.

Nash comes over to the bar asking what is going on. Antonio can't help think that Nash had something to do with this.

Jessica looks at the things that Tess bought for the baby and comments on how different their tastes in baby clothes are.

She finds a book in a box. It is a journal. 'Keep out…This means you Nash.' Jessica sees that the book belongs to Nash.

Nat is at an eatery and turns to find some guy staring at her, after she makes a ponytail to hold her hair out of her face.

She smiles and walks the other way.

She bumps into Vincent now.

Bo and John have an expert look at the picture of Spencer and the guns to see if he can tell more about them somehow.

Spencer is on the phone talking to a realtor… trying to secure the deal on the new house for his new family.

Todd walks by and hears the man talking. He ignores Spencer and enters Starr's room.

Todd plans to take Starr home with him and he tells her son. Starr wants the family to move back into the penthouse again.

Vincent hopes that he is the reason that Nat was suddenly frazzled just now. She assures him that he isn't.

Hugh comes over to Vincent and Nat is shocked to see that they are friends. Natalie tells that she has to do her exams soon and she is nervous about that.

She goes to sit alone now.

The young man staring at Nat comes over. He overheard about her studying and he offers to help. He used to be a cop.

Hugh sees Kelly and he goes to sit with her. She tells him that she told Kevin about the baby and that it didn't go very well.

Kevin goes over to see his sister.

Jessica is deep into the book, reading about Tess's thoughts.

Kevin knocks louder.

Jessica lets her brother in. He tells that he is going to be a grandfather. He didn't want to be alone as he had no idea what he might do.

Bo and John talk about Blair and how she will not listen to their advice and keep out of the Truman case. "We have to figure out where he stashed that damn gun." Bo finds it weird that Truman has held on to this picture. "Spencer isn't the sentimental type at all. He isn't sentimental but will hold on to the things that he cares about most!"

Spencer is outside Starr's room.

Paige comes by and gets an update on Starr's condition. She is glad that the girl has her parents.

Starr wants to move back to the penthouse but her parents can't tell that will not happen.

Paige tells Spencer that she has an opportunity to get a research job, but she doesn't mind the backslide as the only way for her to go from here is up.

Paige goes over to look through the window at Starr. She has her parents on both sides of her bed and they both kiss her head at the same time. "They are really pulling together for their family aren't they?" she remarks.

Nash finds it funny that Antonio thinks that he would set up a robbery at the Capricorn.

Clint comes to the club to see the men. "Jessica is getting close to integration and I want to lay down some rules for the both of you."

"I was heading for the nearest bar after hearing about Kelly's baby being Duke's, but I stopped myself." Jessica sees this news as a good thing. "I know that it is hard. At first I wanted Bree to be mine and Antonio's and she isn't so I just love her and I am happy that she is just here. I am just happy to have her." The thing with Kevin is that he might never be able to accept this child.

Hugh thinks that maybe Kevin will come around. Kelly can't say. "This could make him angrier. He might just be seeing pain and rage and the child shouldn't have to deal with that. I don't want to deal with that." Hugh tells her to relax and give it time. "You haven't even had the baby yet. I am glad that you have decided to stick around," Hugh says.

"I am the one who Blair is going to be going home with." Paige tells Spencer to keep thinking that. "Did you hear Spencer? Bo got his job back. Turns out that someone forged his name on those documents in question. You are good Spencer… but Bo is better."

Spencer enters Starr's room. "I know you," Starr says. "You are the one who saved Jack." Blair confirms that. Blair and Spencer leave the room.

Todd tells Starr that he will be right back.

Todd goes into the hall and asks Spencer what is going on with Starr. "Her memory is haywire." Spencer finds this happens to patients who have been through a lot like she has. "Is she going to be alright?"

Bo and John are checking on Spencer and where he might have hidden the gun but they have no ideas yet.

Paige peeks in. John tells that he has to get working and leaves.

Paige would like to help John with this investigation but she knows he doesn't want her help.

Hugh wouldn't want Kelly to leave town as he would miss her.

Ted gives Natalie lots of good ideas. Part way through the studying, Ted lets on that Vincent is actually his boss.

Natalie goes over to Vincent asking what he is trying to prove. "I was just trying to help you," Vincent says.

John is practicing at the range. He shoots his bullets and between each shot, he thinks about Spencer and how he smirks and is so sure of himself.

Spencer wants to look at Starr but Todd doesn't want that. Blair shouts at Todd to let Spencer look at her.

Spencer goes into the room and talks to Starr. When asked what day it is, Starr replies, "I don't know." When asked what two times three is, Starr replies, "Five?"

Spencer goes to Starr's parents in the hall and tells that Starr is doing quite well and there isn't any sign of her going back into another coma. "Her forgetfulness could be due to the head trauma. She needs less stress." Spencer leaves.

"She thinks that we are still together," Blair says. Todd wonders if they should pretend they are for her sake.

Todd and Blair tell Starr that she was in an accident and got hurt. "Where is your engagement ring?" Starr asks. Blair makes up a story as to why her mother doesn’t have her father's ring on her finger. She grimaces and touches her head. "It really hurts," she says. Both Todd and Blair rush to Starr's side.

Clint tells Nash to stop manipulating Jessica to get to Tess. He tells Antonio to let the integration process run at its own speed. Both men agree to do as they are told. Nash wants to call Jessica now and set up a visitation meeting with his daughter.

Clint and Antonio talk privately about whether Nash was involved with the robbery attempt or not. Antonio doesn't think that he has anything to do that.

Jessica gives Nash permission to come over and see his daughter.

Jessica tells her brother that dealing with Nash has been a challenge. She shows Kevin the journal that she found. "I wanted to find something to help trigger the memory of things in the past." Jessica thinks that she and Kevin are the same. Bree isn't a part of her but she has learned to accept the child. She feels that Kevin will accept the child easier than he will accept Kelly.

Hugh wants to help Kelly in any way that she needs. She doesn't find that will be necessary anymore. She wants to take charge of her life. "I won't forget you," she says. "Why would you forget me?" he asks.

Nat doesn't want Vincent's help. She reminds him that trouble seems to follow him. He admits that there are people that he works with who have questionable character, but he warns her that she should always look at all the evidence before making a decision. She walks away from him.

She watches now as Ted goes over to Vincent and they high-five each other, laughing at their little trick.

John has finished his practice shooting. Another officer in the area compliments him on his great shooting. John thanks the man.

Suddenly, John looks as if he is about to fall over. "What is it?" John tells that he was looking for something and now he has figured out where it is. "I got to go."

Bo isn't sure what to stay to Paige. She can see that he hasn't taken her picture out of his storage box yet and she knows that he might not. It will take time. "Congratulations," she says. "I will see you commish!"

After she is gone, Bo takes out the picture and looks closely at it.

He puts it away quickly when John enters the room.

"We have been searching the wrong name. Spencer's father's name is N. Truman, not S. Truman…" Bo nods his head.

Antonio has decided that he will return to the police force and that will help him get the tapes that he needs…

Jess and Kevin sit with Bree in the room. The baby cries and Jessica gets the child and gives her to Kevin. Kevin seems to like holding the baby. Jessica can see that Kevin will be alright with the child once Kelly has it.

Hugh hopes that Kelly really isn't thinking of leaving town. She denies that she is doing anything of the sort. He wool like to stay with her longer, but he has to get back to the office. He leaves.

Kelly dials.

"Hi! I would like to book a flight to Arizona… Okay anywhere… Pick a town. I need to leave as soon as possible and I won't be coming back."

Nash knows that Jessica is going to hate the idea of Antonio becoming a cop. Antonio tells Nash to stay out of this. Nash walks off.

Clint suddenly thinks about something. "Are you becoming a cop so that you can bust Antonio?"

Kevin smiles. Jessica knew that he would see that all babies are beautiful.

He leaves now.

Jessica turns back to the journal.

She reads Tess's thoughts. 'When Nash says, hey beautiful, it almost erases the way that creep said it.'

"Hi beautiful." The voice of the prevent rings in Jessica's ears.

"I remember…I remember…" Jessica says.

Natalie studies but can't help but look over at Vincent and Ted from time to time.

Ted doesn't understand why Vincent is doing this. "Sometimes we have to help our friends," he says.

John has a hit. There is a safety deposit box registered in Spencer's father's name. They figure the gun has to be in it. Why else would Spencer keep it under a name that isn't his own?

Starr thinks that her parents' wedding day is coming up and she talks about it asking if her dress is ready and if she can still help with the wedding. "I can't wait for the wedding. It is going to be great. The dress, the wedding, the kiss. Could you guys kiss now? Do it for me…" Todd and Blair look at each other uncomfortably but they do kiss as their daughter has asked them to.

Out in the hall, Spencer watches everything from the window to Starr's room.

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