One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/10/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Claudia practices her singing at the club while alone. She reads sheet music and plays music from a tape.

Antonio comes in with supplies for his bar. He has people who can do this kind of thing, but doesn’t mind doing it himself. "A little manual labor never hurt anyone.

Claudia takes a break and talks with him. "How is Jessica doing?" Antonio tells that Jessica is fine after the kidnapping ordeal. She has bounced back remarkably well. Claudia is surprised that Antonio let Nash get away with that kidnapping that he pulled. Antonio tells that it wasn't up to him, but Jessica as to how to handle that.

Jessica enters the restaurant.

"Hi Jessica!" Nash says when he sees her walking in. She tells him that she has changed the baby's name to Bree. Nash is angry that his baby hasn't part of him at all now.

Bo returns to his office with his storage box of items to put out on his desk like before he left his office.

John peeks in the door behind him.

"Welcome back boss."

Blair is sleeping and gets embarrassed that she has slept this long. "You probably need it with that boyfriend of yours."

Clint returns to the hospital to be with Dorian. She tells that there hasn't been any change in Starr's condition.

It is morning now. Rex is still looking for Adriana and he is now back on the beach. "Dammit! All I did was protect you!"

The man driving Adriana has stopped and he is outside the car walking. They are at a station and they need gas. He says they have to wait until someone arrives for work. They have nothing to do but talk. "Why would a nice girl like you be hitch-hiking alone at night?" he asks of Adriana.

The man talking to Adriana is Bruce but she doesn't know who Bruce is. "Don't you know how dangerous that can be?"

Bo jokes that he almost didn't recognize the office. John smiles. "You shouldn't leave," he says.

Bo has a picture of he and Paige in his storage box but he decides to finish unpacking later. "I want to get back to work now." They express their concern about Blair and how she is doing with Spencer.

"Don't start in on my about Spencer!" Todd asks Blair if she knows why Starr doesn't like Spencer. Blair doesn't think they should be talking about this right now. "She is going to be fine," Todd says. "Are you going to bring in a specialist and buy a positive outcome like you did for Evangeline? She is going to owe you now." Todd says that he was only paying back a debt. He always does. "So do I!" Blair says.

Clint and Dorian talk about Rex and Adriana and how Dorian says that she is going to accept Rex now. "Who am I to judge and he has been protecting my daughter. I am very grateful to Rex for taking this whole stalker threat very seriously."

Bruce asks Adriana questions about her relationship and she answers some of them. She has a favor. "I didn't take my phone or purse when I left the cottage. Can I borrow your phone to let someone know what I am on my way?"

Antonio is sure that Tess will not come out as Jessica is really close to integrating. Claudia knows that Nash will not stop until he gets what he wants. "Nash can't know that I helped you." Antonio understands that and tells her not to worry.

"I should have known that you couldn't stand having my daughter have my name." Jessica says that she just liked the other name better than Brennan. Nash accepts what she has done but doesn’t like it. Tess would have been really angry about this, he tells.

"That is what we both want, isn't it?" Todd asks. "For Starr to wake up?"

Starr's eyes flutter and then open… "Mom?"

Bruce and Adriana continue to sit in his car and since they have nothing to do, they talk. She tells how she loved Rex and trusted him. "I did some modeling…" Bruce knew it. "You sure are pretty enough." She thanks him for his compliment. "I did a couple of covers and that seemed enough to get me a stalker." Bruce poo-poos that. "Stalker? No way!"

Blair tells Clint and Dorian the great news about Starr. She was only awake for a minute, but then fell asleep again.

Blair finds the picture that she had found in Spencer's apartment while she rummages in her purse.

"There is something that I have to take care of," Blair says. "Give my regards to Spencer," Todd says.

Bo tells John about Rex and how he has lost track of Adriana. Bo is concerned about Dorian and how she will act in all this.

Rex is on the beach looking for Adriana.

He suddenly sees the homeless man picking up cans on the beach.

"Hey!" Rex calls out.

The man takes one look at Rex and starts running. Rex runs after him.

Adriana tells Bruce about how it seems like Rex pretended that she had a stalker so that he could be her hero. Bruce makes a face. "That is sick!"

Rex chases the homeless man as closely as he can, but he manages to lose him anyway.

Rex is exhausted both physically and emotionally. "I know that you are against this Bo, but I have to do it." He takes out his cellphone and dials.

Nash talks to Jessica about Tess and how she used to get mad at him and then they would make up in bed, making love. "Is that supposed to make me jealous or something? Hearing about all the interesting sex you used to have? I had another memory the other night…" Jessica suddenly decides that she doesn't want to talk about this. Nash stops Jessica from leaving and asks her if she remembered what happened after she was drugged by Bruce.

Claudia and Antonio talk some more in the bar.

A man wanders in.

"I forgot to lock the door behind me when I came in," Claudia says.

"Hey! We are not open," Antonio shouts. The man ignores him, getting closer.

Suddenly the man pulls a gun and points it at Antonio and Claudia. "We are going to go into the back office and you are going to give me last night's take.

Rex calls Dorian, asking if she has heard from Adriana. Dorian says that he should know where she is. Rex doesn't.

Dorian tells Clint about Adriana and how she is missing. Clint finds her awfully calm for having received such good news.

Adriana tells Bruce all. "Looks like someone's pulling in," Bruce says. They are parked in a gas station and now they can get served. She asks for something to drink and he gladly leaves to get her a drink.

Blair calls John. "I found the photograph…he was much younger. I left the picture in an envelope at the main desk for you. Gotta go!"

Blair goes into Evangeline's room. They talk about Starr for a minute then Blair gets to the real reason for her visit. "I pray that Starr's condition turns out as well as yours did. All because of Todd right? Evangeline why do you think that he is doing all this? Do you think that he is having real feelings for you?"

Nash pushes Jessica to tell what happened after she was drugged.

Jessica's mind goes rushing back and she remembers Nash standing up for her. Soon she collapsed in his arms.

"He tried to rape her!" Jessica says. "How could you be friends with someone like that. I want to know about your memories of your time with Tess." He has been telling her the things that happened but he phrases things as if she is Tess and that bothers her. "You just want your precious Tess back." He admits it. "This conversation is over." She walks out. He shouts at her that he knows every inch of her body and she knows it."

The man holds his gun on Antonio and he makes Claudia lay on the floor. Antonio fools the man into thinking that he has control, and then Antonio strikes. He pushes alcohol so that it flies into the criminal's face and in no time, Antonio has the situation under control. Claudia rushes to call the police.

Evangeline doesn't think that Todd has feelings for her. She thinks that he is just being loyal.

Dorian talks more to Clint about Dorian and accepting her relationship.

Blair returns to Starr where Todd is and she tells that she was just with Evangeline who is very grateful for her eyesight.

Rex sees the homeless man again and this time manages to hold him. "Wait!" The man is nervous around Rex. "Your girlfriend is right. You are crazy!" Rex demands to know where it was that the man saw his girlfriend.

Evangeline sits alone.

Todd comes to see her. "Blair told me that she came to see you." Evangeline tells that Blair thought that he had feelings for her. "Do you?"

Todd worries that Blair upset Evangeline, but she is sure that she can handle Blair. "Famous last words," he says. He offers to do more if she needs him to. "You have done enough already." They hold hands while sitting on her bed. "Well, I have to go and see Starr," he says.

Dorian worries for Blair and all that she has been through lately. "All my girls are going through a lot." Clint suggests that Dorian check her messages to see if there has been any updates on her girls.

Starr is awake now and talking to her mother. "Where is dad?"

"I saw her on the beach and then later on the road. I told her how she can get away from you," the homeless man says. "All she cared about was getting away from you!" Rex looks at the man strangely.

Bruce returns with something for Adriana to drink. It is a bottle of water and she guzzles it quickly. "Can I try your cellphone again to call someone? Maybe we can get service now. I gotta call my mom." She starts getting woozy. "Woo. It is getting hot in here… I have to call my mom and tell her what Rex did to me." Her eyesight is blurry now. "Rex didn't do it," Bruce says. "It was me…"

John and Bo pick up the picture that Blair has left for them. They are at the office and they take the picture out. It is a picture of Spencer and another man, and they both have the guns out…posing with it. "Well, those are definitely the guns. A matching set!"

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