One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/9/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Nash arrives at Jessica's place and knocks.

Antonio and Jessica were having some alone time massaging each other and kissing but Antonio answers the door anyway.

"I want to talk you about taking Brennan and Jessica the other day." Antonio isn't really interested in what Nash has to say. Antonio knows that the man is desperate but he feels that Nash really needs to stop harassing Jessica.

Clint and Viki come to the hospital and talk about the nightmare that has occurred. Clint tells how Starr jumped and hit her head.

Viki goes to see the about Starr now.

Rex is in the car looking for Adriana.

He thinks about her telling him how she trusted him with her life and now she is so disappointed.

She was afraid and hit him… twice, when she thought that he was possibly going to hurt her somehow.

He found something that she was wearing while looking for her on the beach and thinks that he is on the right track.

Rex calls Bo using his earpiece, to tell him that Adriana is in trouble and that he needs help with locating her.

Adriana is crouching in the bushes.

She sees when Rex drives by.

She comes out of hiding when he is gone and she goes into the middle of the road. ***She has to figure a way out of there.

Someone watches her now… Someone in the bushes…

Antonio wants to close the door in Nash's face but Jessica wants to hear what he has to say. "I want to apologize and promise that I won't do anything like that again."

Brennan cries…

Antonio goes to take care of the baby.

"Thank you for apologizing and saying that you will not try to bring Tess out again."

Nash gets a call from Bruce.

"I am heading out of town and want to know if there is anything that I can do to help you with Tess…

Lindsay comes up on Marcie peeking in the bar.

"What are you doing?"

Marcie jumps. She tells Lindsay that the couple that has the baby that she was taking care of has the baby in the bar. "I called Social Services and I can't get anyone. I called the police as this is an emergency."

Bo tells Rex to calm down. "She thinks that I am the one that is sending the emails Bo. She saw me talking to this homeless guy. I gave the guy a couple of bucks and so she hit me over the head with a lamp. The guy was harmless, and she didn't believe me." Bo can't follow this story. "How do you know the guy isn't harmless?" Rex can't answer that. "I am so stupid!" He has to backtrack and find her now.

Adriana walks the street trying to figure out what to do.

She feels like someone is in the bushes.

Someone is in the bushes. "Hello!" she calls out to the darkness. "Is anyone out there?"

She sees a car coming now. She runs into the bushes and stoops… hiding in case it is Rex.

After the car passes, she gets up…

The man in the bushes pounces on her, grabbing her from behind. Adriana screams out, but he has a firm hold on her and he drags her into the bushes while she struggles…

"I don't think that I will be needing your services anymore," Nash says. Bruce is sorry that the can't be of service. He knows that Nash is going to score either with Jessica or with Claudia. Bruce knows that Claudia's money is going to make her a good prospect. "I am not interested in Claudia's money," Nash says. Bruce warns Nash that he shouldn't talk about his involvement with anyone.

"So that was Bruce," Jessica says to Nash after having heard Nash's conversation.

She has a memory of Bruce and how he drugged her.

"How could you be friends with a guy like that? He put a drug in my drink." Nash tells her that she is wrong. "He did that to Tess!"

Viki comes to Clint and tells that Todd and Blair are not doing well. Starr wasn't breathing for quite a while. "There is a chance that Starr could just get up and be fine," Clint says. "Todd and Blair could get back together." Viki disagrees. She knows that Kevin will not be able to accept the news of Kelly's baby. Clint says that they will all help Kevin with this and he knows that Dorian will help as well. "She has had a change of heart about the Buchanan men." Viki is suddenly horrified. "Tell me you didn't sleep with her!"

Bo calls Rex again and finds out that he is on a little island… Bo knows that Adriana will go to the police or a neighbor. Rex knows she hasn't met any neighbors, and there is no police. "She has no cash and no cellphone. She has to know that I am not the stalker. I love her Bo."

Bo tries to keep the conversation going but the phone goes out. "I am going to kick his butt," Bo snarls.

The stalker drags Adriana to the bushes… Deeper and deeper he takes her. She screams and struggles but nothing frees her…

Lindsay drags Marcie off and tells her that the people shouldn't do some of the things that they do but that isn't necessarily child endangered. "I talked to Michael about this," Marcie says. Lindsay points out that the couple had to have been checked out before getting the child. Marcie is going to do something and she is going to do it right now.

Jessica is suddenly angry with Nash for being friends with Bruce. "That perp tried to rape me," she remembers. Nash stopped him. "He is slime." Nash confirms that. "He is a lawyer. I will not let anything happen to you. I promise."

Bo calls Rex again. "Step back Rex and think about what you are doing." Rex knows that he is right. He asks Bo to put out an APB but he then remembers that Bo isn't commissioner anymore. John can't even do the APB as Adriana seems to have run off on her own. She has to be missing for 48 hours before the cops can do anything. Bo isn't so sure that Adriana is in trouble. He tells Rex to wait and see if Adriana calls someone for help.

The man who has Adriana takes her to the place where he sleeps. It is a tent in the woods. She is terrified but he only wants to help her. He has been watching her and thinks that he has something that she needs. She accuses the man of stalking her. He knows about Rex and tells Adriana that Rex told him that she was nervous around strangers. Adriana thinks now. "He has to be doing something! If Rex was really protecting me… Then what were all those emails doing in his computer?"

Antonio comes out telling the baby is asleep. Nash gets angry that Antonio refers to the baby as 'the baby'. Nash wants to see the child but Antonio won't let him now that the child is sleeping. Nash leaves after being told to call next time.

"You do have a problem calling her Brennan don't you?" Antonio admits it. Jessica understands and is sorry. "You didn't name her Jessica. Tess did." Jessica feels they should do something about the way things are.

"I am going to get evidence to show how dangerous the couple is to that baby," Marcie says. She gets her picture phone out. She brings Lindsay in the bar with her.

Lindsay and Marcie enter…

A waitress serves the couple with the baby…

"Did you see that Lindsay? They just had a beer and a cocktail brought to them." Lindsay feels that the drinks could be sodas…

Rex returns to the area in his car.

Adriana sits with the homeless man and they talk.

A car comes and it is Rex's. Adriana and the homeless man duck to keep out of sight.

Rex drives right by.

"Do you believe me now? If I were working with Rex wouldn't I have flagged him down just now?" The man offers to take Adriana to the mainland in a boat but she will not get in a boat with this guy. This is too weird. He gives her some money that she can use to get food if she wants. He tells her that he can lead her to help if she wants. "Just come with me." He gets his kerosene lantern and starts walking. "Come on!" he shouts at her. "Just follow the light." Adriana looks around trying to decide what she should do.

Marcie asks the waitress not to promote that she is there. The woman remembers that Marcie caused a stir before. Marcie says that she will not do that again.

The couple drops the baby off on the counter with the staff, announcing that they are gonna go dance.

Marcie is horrified.

Thomas starts crying. Marcie can't stand that.

She runs over to the counter and demands to have that baby. "NOW!"

"Are you happy with Dorian?" Clint says that he is. Viki thinks now to Kevin and Kelly and what will happen with them. Clint feels they should leave but Viki can't go home until Starr is better. Clint feels that getting rest to be there for the family later is more important. She finally agrees.

"I think that Tess knew that she wasn't going to be around forever, but Antonio… the baby's name really has to be Buchanan though." Antonio is fine with that. Jessica says that they can give the child a nickname… "Anything but grape…" Jessica remembers Nash joking about that some time ago. They think up funny nickname. "Someone like…Brenga! Queen of the Jungle". Jessica tries out "Burelle…Bran…" They laugh. "No wait! Bree!" Jessica loves that. "It rhymes with free and it is perfect for my little girl. I want her to be free!" Antonio agrees and so 'Bree' it is.

Jessica understands how Antonio must be feeling. He has fallen for the baby, he says and that will not change. He assures her that he isn't having any doubts. She doesn't either but she wants Brennan to have her biological father in her life. Antonio doesn't find that to be her responsibility. "I love you Jessica. You and Jamie and Bree. You three make me happy. I will not take our lives for granted. You are the love of my life." She loves him too. They kiss.

Nash paces outside the bar. Then he enters.

Marcie is talking to the bar staff telling about how the baby is in danger.

Nash watches fascinated as Marcie and the couple argue.

The couple return to get their baby and get angry that Marcie is hanging around them again. "I have picture of you endangering that child." The man makes a move to take the phone from her.

Nash intervenes and steps in front of Marcie to take control of the situation. Marcie is going to call Child Services right now. Nash forces the couple to sit while Marcie makes her call.

Lindsay sees maternal instinct in Marcie.

"I need someone today!" Marcie shouts into the phone. "I need someone now!"

Bo tells Rex that he shouldn't call Dorian yet. "She will use this to make sure that you have no contact with Adriana ever again." Rex has checked the whole island but he will keep looking now.

Adriana walks the street.

A car comes and she doesn’t hide this time.

"What are you doing walking out here? Does this have anything to do with that boyfriend of yours?" Adriana is confused. Why does he know about her? "That blonde kid. That is your boyfriend isn't he? I am staying not far from her with my wife and kids and I could give you a life if you want to head that way." Adriana thinks for a couple of minutes. She then smiles. "Okay… You are a lifesaver…" She gets into the car.

The man and Adriana drive off…

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