One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/8/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Kelly comes to see Kevin at the house. He finds there isn't anything more to talk about but he lets her in just the same. She turns to him. "It is about Duke and me."

Bo tells Hugh that John is offering 'Lenny The Forger' a deal so they can get Truman.

"Take it or leave it. I know that Spencer arranged for you to get your heart," John says. "It your freedom worth being silent for him?" 'Lenny The Forger' says that if it weren't for Spencer, he wouldn’t have twenty years left in his life.

Todd and Blair are with Starr. She opens her eyes.

Blair gets Spencer and he checks Starr out. She stares at the ceiling. "Is she going to be alright?" Blair asks.

"I have been in and out of the joint for years. I got no dope on Spencer." John doesn't believe him.

David smiles through the window at Lenny who talks with John and then he walks off.

"Clint and Dorian were talking earlier about Duke and I," Kelly says. Kevin doesn't understand this. "I feel lost," Kelly says. He has no idea what she wants from him. Kevin… I need to say this to you." He suddenly thinks that he already knows what she is going to say.

Blair talks to Starr, but she doesn't respond. Spencer feels that Starr can't hear them. Dorian tells that just because Starr's eyes are open, doesn’t mean that she can hear them. Spencer confirms this. "Fight Starr," Blair says. Todd promises not to leave his daughter now. "I love you," Blair says. Dorian leaves the room.

Evangeline is there. "Is Starr alright?" She wants to be there for Todd in case he needs her.

Dorian turns to find Clint standing there. She goes to his arms and they hug.

"You can't give up Kelly. I feel the same way sometimes. We lost everything that night. We are both beyond redemption." Kelly tells Kevin that he isn't understanding her. "Yes I do!" She isn't talking about Duke dying. She is talking about Duke living on in her. She touches her stomach.

Nora does the crosswords.

Matthew comes to see her. He can't sleep. She can't either. She has been obsessing. "I have been doing that too. Over school and other stuff." Nora tells him that he shouldn't be worrying about her. He is concerned that she will fall down the steps when he is sleeping. A nurse is coming the following day and Nora promises to be good to her. She is so lucky to have a kid like him.

'Lenny The Forger' is taken out in cuffs. He asks what someone like Natalie is doing there. She tells that she does forensics. "If you ask me Lenny, I would take the deal." Lenny is led off now.

Bo doesn't thinks that Lenny is going to talk and tell them what they want to know. Guys like Lenny have a code. Hugh can see that Bo is well on his way to getting his badge back. "My first order of business is to help you solve your father's case John. Once and for all."

Evangeline stands by Starr's room…

Clint came as soon as he heard. Dorian tells how Starr was under for ten minutes and she could have died. "Her eyes are open but it could just be a reflex. I have to hold it together for Blair." Clint will help her do that. He takes her now for a cup of tea.

"You are the joy of my life and you have been from the minute that you were born. You've turned into a beautiful young lady." Todd tells Blair that Starr will be fine and they will be there for her.

Spencer gets off the phone. He is going to move Starr to the ICU and get her on some antibiotics. Todd doesn't want Spencer working on Starr. He has called for another doctor to come. "We are not interested in your opinion." Spencer leaves.

"How is she?" Evangeline asks when she sees him exit. He waves her away.

His phone rings.

"It is me," David says. "You need to see me right now Spencer. Lenny was just arrested for forging Bo's signature." Spencer leaves to meet him right away.

Evangeline pushes the door open and calls to Todd.

"You can see?" Blair asks when she sees Evangeline look straight at Todd. He goes to her quickly and they hug as Blair watches.

"You should be back behind your desk by lunchtime," John promises.

John wants to go and check on Lenny's processing now.

David goes to the docks to meet his brother. "Dangerous spot David. A guy could get killed down here and not be found for days." David tells all that has gone on with Spencer. "John threw me in a room with Lenny to soften him up." Spencer doesn't care about that, only if Lenny has given him up or not. Lenny hasn't. Spencer asks David where his loyalty in all this is. David tells that Spencer has always only protected himself. "John is going to come and drag you to jail in the middle of the night and that will be the end of Dr. Truman. Turn yourself in and maybe you won't lose everything. The jig is up and you have probably lost Blair as well."

Spencer thinks to Blair telling him that she loves him and will for the rest of her life.

His face is serious now.

Todd, Blair and Evangeline stand over Starr. "She has been through so much…" Blair takes responsibility for that. Todd doesn't argue. "You and I were the only things that she believed in and now she has jumped off a cliff." Evangeline wonders if she hurt herself intentionally. Blair will not believe that. "I am so sorry Starr."

"Why did you come to my house so late that night?" Clint only wanted things to end on a positive note. They kiss now. "Afterwards, did you see Kevin or Viki?" Clint saw them both and he told Viki about the baby but they had decided not to tell Kevin.

"What Kelly? Do you like hurting me?" He starts ranting now. He is getting angry and starting to pace. "I am pregnant!" she shouts. "I am pregnant with Duke's baby."

"I knew that something was different almost immediately. Please say something. I took a home pregnancy test but I didn't need it to tell me what I already knew. I didn't want you to know. I was going to leave town and I might still do that. I want my child… My son… or daughter to live a rich and full life. I don't want the baby to feel pain, or shame or guilt. I want to give the child the life that Duke should have had as I owe him that much. Duke isn't gone Kevin… A part of him is here." Kevin holds his forehead in his hands. "I can't believe that I didn't see this. It never… It never occurred to me that you could be having his child.

"Viki seemed thrilled to be having a another baby in the family…at first. Then it hit her what would Kevin's reaction be?" Dorian knows that a child can change everything. She turns to Starr's room door now.

Evangeline has finished visiting now and she walks to the door. Todd follows her out.

Blair goes to her baby. "I have made some mistakes. I have made terrible mistakes, but I promise you that I will fix each and everyone of them."

"Spencer…it was inevitable. Blair hates a liar with the exception of Todd. There are mountains of evidence against you," David points out. "Lenny is as loyal as a Labrador but not as smart." Spencer tells David that he could learn a few things from Lenny. David can see that his brother's life is unraveling. "I used to know you and I thought that the sun rose and set on you and I wanted to be like you. There was a time when you were more of a father to me than dad ever was. You had respect and a career and it all went wrong and I went wrong right beside you." Spencer will not be responsible for that. David holds him responsible. "My marker with you is void. I don't owe you spit. When I confessed to Thomas's murder, although I didn't do it, I felt this overwhelming feeling of peace. Spencer. Do the right thing."

"We know who did this and there isn't a damn thing that I can do about it in court," John says. "You will get it," Nat promises. "You will get it!"

Matthew brings Hugh and Bo to the bedroom to tell his mother that his father is getting his job back. Next it will be Nora at the office again. She can't wait to get back. Bo heads out to get the first good night's sleep in weeks.

Matthew walks his dad out, reminding him that if he ever needs him, he will be there.

Hugh tells Nora how John is working hard on the case.

Lenny has been booked and will be arraigned in the morning.

"I talked to Spencer and he isn't budging," David says. "I told him to just come in and make things easier on himself." John gets angry. "You probably made things worse. Get out of here Vickers!" David was only trying to help. John threatens to put David in a bunk with Spencer for being an accessory. David doesn't understand what is with the man.

"It took a long time for me to say it aloud to myself. I wanted you to hear it from me first," Kelly tells Kevin. "Who else have you told?" he asks.

She thinks about how she told Hugh…

"No one knows. "Dorian knows… She figured it out. I know that you have mixed emotions about this." His emotions are not mixed at all, he tells.

"You have been a big help," Dorian tells Clint. "You are a very kind man." He feels that he is doing what anyone else would do under these circumstances. Clint leaves now.

Spencer and Clint stop and stare at each other when they pass each other.

"You are not supposed to be anywhere near Starr." Spencer says that he is there for Blair.

"It doesn't matter what Blair wants!" Todd says bringing up the rear.

"You are our heart and soul Starr… Baby girl… You fight your way," Blair tells her child.

"I didn't want to tell you Kevin. I am sorry. I didn't want you taking more responsibility for this than you already have." He tells her that it is too late for that. He walks off.

"I am so sorry," she whispers.

David offers to help some more if he can, but John will have none of that. He sees David out.

"It didn't have to be this way Spencer," David says to himself.

"I am sorry for this Todd and I know what you are going through." Todd doesn't believe that Spencer can relate at all.

"I would give anything to have you see me and your daddy together. I am going to make things right…"

Todd comes in now and stands by Blair and his daughter. Todd and Blair look at each other quietly.

Spencer stares in at them from outside the room, through the window…

He only stares a couple of seconds and then he is away from there.

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