One Life to Live Update Monday 8/7/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex and Adriana fight over control of the knife that she was holding on him in a menacing manner. He gets the knife from her and she grabs glass and whacks him in the back of the head. She runs out.

Rex gets up and can't go after her when he tries. He touches a hand to his head and sees he has been hurt. He falls unconscious on the bed. ***

John questions 'Lenny The Forger' about Spencer. Lenny denies all knowledge. "You are not going anywhere until you cop to what you did." Lenny wants a sandwich but John won't give him anything. "When did Truman approach you about Bo Buchanan?"

Blair is at the apartment. She finds some telling pictures of Spencer and his ex-cohorts.


Spencer has returned and is behind Blair. "What are you holding there?"

Todd finds Langston outside the examination room where Starr is. "I am sorry Mr. Manning…"

Todd enters the room.

Michael tells him that they are looking for signs of brain damage.

Adriana runs and runs on the beach.

She stops when she gets to the lifesaver's chair.

She thinks about seeing Rex with that black-clad man on the beach.

She sits quietly now in the dark, leaning up against the lifesaver's chair.

Rex is awake and holding his aching head now. He realizes what has happened. "Adriana! Adriana!" he shouts from the room.

He doesn't see it but the laptop is on and there is a message on the screen that is lit up.

Kelly sits smiling alone.

Dorian comes in. She learns that Hugh was at the house… She tells Kelly that she told Clint about her suspicions about Kelly being pregnant with Duke's baby. Kelly is horrified. "He knows everything," Dorian says.

Clint talks with Kevin and Viki about his time with Dorian. He doesn't say everything that he knows, as that is between he and Dorian right now. He is happy to hear that Kevin is trying to move on and trying to find a way to move on from what happened with Kelly and Duke.

"Starr… Starr wake up!" Todd shouts. Michael tells that Starr will be out of it for a while. Todd demands that he get the best doctors to work on his child. Michael wants Todd to go out of the room and fill out forms. Todd will take care of everything. "Blair isn't here. I don’t know if she knows about Starr or not. All she really cares about is her boyfriend."

Blair manages to hide the photo before Spencer can see that she has it. She gets Spencer into the bedroom for a massage and she sits on his back and massages him.

She looks over at he purse as she rubs his back.

"Ow!" Spencer shouts. "That was a little too hard…" She eases up.

Soon she is looking at the purse of hers, across the room again.

Natalie shows up and tells her uncle that she heard the good news about them finding 'Lenny The Forger'. She tells how she was arguing with Nash and Claudia and John didn't back her up. Bo knows that John needs some slack cause all he thinks about is getting the killer for his father's killer.

John comes out and says very little. "I thought that I would come by and help," Nat says to John. He looks at the floor and nods his head. Clint smiles faintly during the awkward pause. "Did you get anything out of 'Lenny The Forger'?" Bo asks. "I didn't, but I know someone who can." John walks off purposefully.

"Why did she hit me like that?" Rex wonders. He sees that she had called Bo.

Rex calls Bo and asks what Adriana called him about. Bo never spoke with her. "She is gone!" Rex says.

Nat hears her uncle on the phone.

Rex tells how Adriana hit him with the lamp.

Rex suddenly sees the monitor. He gets off the phone.

"I have to find her." He looks out the window shouting Adriana's name.

Michael tells Todd that he has to call Blair as she is the mother. "She is going to need both parents to get through this Todd and you are going to have tough decisions to make. we have no idea what she can hear. Maybe hearing her mother's voice will make a difference. If you don't call Blair then I will do it." Todd agrees to do it then.

He and Michael leave the room.

Todd leaves a voicemail for Blair. "There is an accident and you need to get to Starr at the emergency room."

Todd then calls Spencer's suite. The phone has 'do not disturb' on it but Todd orders it off. He gets no assistance.

Langston is there and Todd tells that he will be right back and to tell whoever needs him to call him on his cellphone.

Bo fills Nat in on what's been going on with Rex.

Bo and Nat hear a familiar voice and to go towards it.

John went to get David and is now bringing him in for a chat.

"I don't really know what it is that you think that I can do," David spouts.

Adriana sits huddled by the lifesaver's chair and she sees Rex in the distance looking for her. "Adriana! Adriana!" he shouts into the darkness as she watches him. She decides to get moving now. She rises from her crouched position and starts running in the direction away from Rex.

She runs right into the arms of… THE STALKER. He stuns her into immobility. She stares into his face like a deer does into the headlights. She doesn't move. She doesn't scream. He is totally covered in black from head to foot. Only a small area is open where his mouth is.

"I am proud of you son," Clint says. Kevin smiles. He knows that there will be rough patches ahead. Kevin heads to bed now. He will be heading to work in the morning. Kevin offers to walk his mother to the car but Clint will do that. Kevin leaves.

Clint closes the door after him. "That must have been some date with Dorian," Viki says. "I have news. I thought about not telling anyone but … Dorian thinks that Kelly is pregnant with Duke's baby."

Kelly can't believe that Dorian did this to her. "Kelly," Dorian starts. "Clint came over and we went up to my bedroom and he was talking emotionally about how he felt about Duke dying and he had nothing left anymore that belonged to Duke… I couldn't hide what I thought at that point." Kelly says that Dorian knows nothing. "I am not pregnant." She says it repeatedly until she slips and admits it. "Kevin isn't going to be happy and I can't believe that Kevin is going to find out about this from someone else. I have to tell him before someone else does. I have to tell him right now."

"'Lenny The Forger' and I weren't even that close. I was just a kid when he hung out with the family." John hopes that David remembers what he is supposed to do. David wants to be able to improvise if he wants. "Somebody say 'action'," David says. "Action," Bo says.

The door opens and David is pushed into the room by John.

Lenny looks at David confused now.

Spencer and Blair are play-fighting in bed when they hear knocking.

Spencer goes to the door.

"What?" Spencer asks. Todd pushes the door open and ignores Spencer.

"Blair!" Todd shouts. "She's busy," Spencer says quietly. "BLAIR!" Todd shouts louder.

Blair comes running into the room, pulling a robe around her. "What is it?" Todd looks her sternly in the eye. "I just thought that you would like to know that your daughter almost drowned tonight and she may have brain damage!" Blair's mouth falls open. "What?"

The man lets go of Adriana, and she pushes him to the sand, giving herself time to run off. she tears down the beach again.

Todd is angry with Blair, but now that he has delivered the message, he leaves.

"I should have been there, I should have been there!" Blair says repeatedly.

John, Bo and Natalie go into another room and watch and listen as David talks to the strange man that he has been left alone with. "You are little David," Lenny says. Soon they are talking about old times. "So you are 'the' Lenny," David says. "You are a legend. My dad used to call you the Da Vinci of forgers. you must be up to your old tricks if you are in here with me right?" Lenny laughs. "What did you do this time?" David asks. Lenny won't talk there. "Big rooms have big ears." David fakes getting upset. "Just talking to you makes me think about my dad and makes me miss him." Lenny knows. He is the only one running around free. "You guys were the best." Lenny wishes that he could tell this kid something right now but he just can't. "Do you have something to tell?" David asks. The old man blatantly winks in response to David's question.

"Oh my God," Viki says. "All the signs are there," Clint says. "It could have happened." Viki wonders what will happen if this is true. "We are going to have a great-grandchild," Clint says. she would like to be happy about this. "I can't believe this. Something wonderful has happened from a tragedy. Kevin has no idea does he? How can he get over Kelly and Duke if this is true?" They know that Kevin may go right back into the bottle.

"What choice do I have?" Kelly asks. Dorian feels that Clint will not tell Kevin. Kelly knows that this could easily slip out. "You are that baby's mother!" Dorian says. "You can do what you want." Kelly leaves.

The phone rings.

"Blair? Honey? Wait a minute… Slow down… Really? Where is she? Okay, I am coming to the hospital."

Bo doesn't think that David is getting anywhere. He leaves while John and Natalie stay and watch the surveillance.

"John are we cool?" Natalie asks. "We're cool," he confirms.

"Have you got a pen?" Lenny asks. David will give him one if he will sign Elvis's name on a T-shirt that he can sell. "Are you kidding? I can sign the commissioner's name…" David asks if he was the one who… "Maybe I did…Maybe he didn't."

The door opens. "Get out Vickers." David leaves.

"Did we get anything?" Bo asks.

John sits with Lenny now. "We know that you are the one who forged the commissioner's signature and set him up.

At the hospital, Todd is back outside Starr's room.

Blair and Spencer arrive and Blair is beside herself with grief. she is led into Starr's room.

Blair goes to her daughter and holds her hands. "Oh Starr…"

Todd watches her from a corner, not skeptical of the emotion that she is showing towards her daughter.

"He needs to be prepared," Clint says. Viki worries that Kevin might overhear them. They will talk about this in the morning and they will definitely tell Kevin together. "A baby in the family? That is a good thing, isn't it?"

"I am not going to hurt you!" Rex shouts.

He finds an accessory that Adriana was wearing that night…

Adriana is at the road now. It is dark. She is crying and disoriented. She doesn't know which way to go.

Someone is in the bushes. He watches her while she stands in the street.

Someone comes to see Kevin.

It is Kelly. "I have something to tell you."

David tells Bo that he can start shining his badge again…

"We have the whole thing on tape," John tells. 'Lenny The Forger' is upset that Little Davie set him up. "I can't help you with anything!" John will make sure there is no jail time if Lenny will only fess up.

Dorian arrives at the hospital and Spencer blames her for this happening. "Who was the one that was monopolizing that poor girl's mother?" she shouts at Spencer.

Michael comes out due to the shouting. "Don't you think that you should let that child have time with her parents alone?"

Todd and Blair talk quietly now about their child's condition. Blair continues to hold Starr's hand.

As they look down on her, her eyes slowly flutter open and she looks straight up at the ceiling. "Starr?" Todd calls out softly.

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