One Life to Live Update Friday 8/4/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Starr meets with her friend Langston. She strips down to her bikini and sprawls out on the ground. Her family has no idea where she is and she feels that they don't care.

Dorian and Clint are in bed together after making the most wonderful love ever. She feels wonderful. Clint doesn't want to think about anything but if he has to, he will think about her.

Viki is happy that Kevin has gone back to work. He feels it is spectacular. Viki asks about Kelly.

Kelly sits with her feet in the pool at the house. She stares up at the stars in the sky.

Hugh comes to see her as she has requested. She is staring at the night sky. He sits with her. She didn't call him to talk about the moon and he knows that. She doesn't take her eyes of the sky for a long time. He will listen if she needs to talk about anything.

Evangeline faces Todd and tells him that the operation worked and that she can see.

Blair goes to the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror. She gets out the picture of her family when Todd was head of it and she gets sad. She then turns on the shower and steps into it with her cellphone.

"I would like to have Dr. Truman paged for an emergency please… The doctor is on his way in. Please page Dr. Spencer Truman…"

Adriana whacked Rex pretty good. She goes to him now and checks to make sure that he is breathing. "Thank God."

Rex suddenly rolls over and she jumps out of the way. "How could you do this to me Rex? How could you?"

Starr is with her friend and she tells how her mother is so crazy over Spencer and how that is driving her crazy.

Blair returns to Spencer and asks why he is so amorous. It was that phone call that he got that did it.

Todd feels that he is the last to know the good news but Evangeline tells that she just found out herself. "You spent over a hundred thousand dollars on me. That was so generous." Cristian too finds this gift of his incredible. All of a sudden he is interested in helping people. "Not 'people'" Todd corrects. "Just her."

Hugh likes listening to Kelly and her problems. That way he doesn't have to think about his own. "I have horrible insomnia. My brain won't turn off. I only sleep three hours a night. My point is that you called me over to talk and I am here but I will go if you want me to." She doesn't want that. "I have made a decision," she says. "It is about my pregnancy."

"We've talked," Kevin says to his mother. "I don't understand women." Viki is willing to listen. "Kevin feels that Kelly is afraid of saying the wrong thing to him and setting him off." Viki knows that he has anger inside him and she wants it out so that he doesn't explode and hurt someone. He tells that everything that happened with Kelly has been his fault.

"It is strange that our families have fought and we end up here in bed together, holding on to each other." Dorian has to agree with Clint on this point. "Our families are self-destructing around us and here we are." Clint feels a little guilty but Dorian never feels guilty for feeling good. "Right now I feel great." He is glad. The past couple of months have been crazy and he has to wonder if he makes a difference to his family. Dorian sees that he is the one person that does everything for his family. "You have been a rock. You are head of the family now. You are holding everyone together… Jessica… Kevin…" Clint hates that Kevin only feels raw pain and nothing else. Dorian has always found Kevin a little shortsighted. He warns her not to tread in those waters tonight. Dorian won't do that. She sees now that she has been a little hasty in her opinions lately, especially about one Buchanan in particular.

Spencer wants to go again but Blair thinks that by now he should be tired.

His pager beeps.

He calls in and gets the message that Blair set up for him to receive.

He has to go in but will be right back as soon as possible. He goes into the bathroom to get ready but first he takes one last look at Blair who smiles at him from the bed.

After the door closes behind him, she wipes his kisses from her lips with utter disgust.

Cristian and Todd leave the room so that Evangeline can be checked out.

Cristian is glad to be alone with Todd in the hall. He has something to say to Todd.

Spencer kisses Blair goodbye and heads to the door. She watches as he walks out.

"I don't want to talk about my mom anymore," Starr says. Langston is cool with that. The girls talk about Ricky and his return to Puerto Rico. Langston asks about Ricky's email address but Starr says she hasn't got it.

Langston sees a kid diving and knows that a dive like that could seriously hurt someone. Langston says bye and heads out to see some other kids.

Hugh and Kelly discuss Kelly's options. She isn't interested in adoption… "I wanted a child and even when I was little I had this doll Lily and I carried it everywhere. So I think that I am going to have the baby and go away to raise it on my own. Kevin will never know that I had his grandchild."

Viki wants to make Kevin feel better about himself, but he can't feel that…

He remembers the way that he treated Kelly.

"I forced her away and threw her to Duke for comfort."

Dorian brings Clint something to drink. She knows that he is pretending that he is worried about his family and she wants to help him with that. "Burying Duke was unbearable for me. I never knew that kind of grief existed." Clint gets his jacket now. "Duke had his whole life in front of him. He was the future of the family and now the future of the family is uncertain." Dorian thinks that Clint isn't seeing hope for the future. Clint finds Brennan a blessing but she isn't a replacement for Duke. "Now Kevin has lost two sons and he hasn't another chance and what would that do to any man?" Dorian asks him to think about Kevin and how things couldn't be over for him. Clint doesn't understand. "Oh Clint! I think that Kelly could be pregnant with Duke's baby."

Adriana has a knife on Rex. "You knew didn't you? I trusted you with my life..." Rex says that all that he did was protect Adriana…

Kelly is sure that her baby will mess up everyone's lives, and to so many people the child will be a painful reminder of loss, guilt and shame. Hugh doesn't believe that. "'This child will be both Cramer and Buchanan… he will bring the families together." Kelly can't make Kevin look at this child growing up.

Hugh suggests that they go swimming She doesn't want to but thinks that he really should go ahead. She pushes him in and they have a good laugh. He then gets closer to her and they almost kiss.

"I should have held her instead of sending her away. I sent her to my son. Now mom, I guess that I should just try to move on. What she did was in a moment of weakness and I know that it was only one time. It wasn't like she went out to get pregnant or that she is having his baby. That would have just killed me mom…"

Clint thinks about the possibilities of the new baby that Kelly might be having. The idea makes him happy. "I know that Viki would just love it!" Dorian gets angry that Clint is thinking of Viki now.

Adriana holds the knife on Rex. He gets up off the floor and denies all that she accuses him off. Finally he lunges at her and he grabs her wrist that holds the knife.

Clint tells Dorian not to be put out about Viki. He just made love to her twice. She shouldn’t spoil the evening. He has to go as he is too old to be climbing out of windows in the morning. "Tonight is the start of something good," he promises. "I will see you soon. I will look forward to it." Clint leaves.

Blair searches everywhere for a clue to the gun. She is in the living room and she tears the room apart looking while Spencer is away. She goes into some drawers now…

Cristian tells Todd that whatever his motives are for helping Evangeline, he will not let her feel like she owes him something.

Langston returns with two friends telling that they were in the water and it was great. "Why don't you try it?" Langston asks.

Without saying a word, or thinking about it, Starr gets up and runs to the end of the hill and pitches her body over the edge.

Her friends are in awe of her boldness. She didn't even think about it. Langston peels over the edge. "Hey Starr!" she calls out. No one answers. "Hey! She isn't coming back up to the surface." The two friends run down the hill.

Langston gets her cellphone out and dials quickly.

Dorian prays to god that it wasn't a mistake that she revealed Kelly's secret.

Hugh and Kelly almost kiss but they don't. She is sorry that things were leading up to that. "It isn't the right time," he knows. She can see that he is a good friend to her. "Has anyone else found out that you were pregnant?" She tells that Dorian suspects but doesn't know for sure. Hugh warns that she shouldn't make any emotionally-based decisions. They will keep this secret between them. She wants to pinkie swear and he wants to spit in their hands and shake. They compromise and drop pool water in their hands…then they shake.

Viki and Kevin are talking at the Buchanan house.

"What are you doing here?" Clint asks. Viki can tell that something is wrong. "What is it?"

Rex and Adriana fight over the knife and finally he gets it. He turns away from her and she nails him again in the back of the head with something else made of glass. Rex falls to the bed.

This time, Adriana runs for her life. She gets out of the house and tears it up the beach.

Rex manages to sit up for a couple of seconds, but then he falls unconscious back on the bed.

Cristian tells Todd that he is going to make sure the man gets all the money that he used to pay for Evangeline's surgery. Todd will accept that payment.

The nurse comes out of Evangeline's room and Cristian rushes in there to be with Evangeline.

Todd watches from the outside while the two hug and kiss like lovers do.

"Mr. Manning?"

Todd turns to a nurse who has come up to him. "Your daughter has been in an accident and she is in the ER." Todd hurries after the nurse who leads the way.

Blair is in the apartment looking through the drawers in the living room furniture. She finds a stack of pictures. She sees one that is interesting… It is of Spencer and another man who Spencer has his arm around in a chummy way.

"Hey… What 'cha got there?"

Blair's face turns white at the sound of that familiar voice talking to her from behind her.

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