One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/3/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Adriana holds the laptop.

She thinks back to strange times with Rex and how she can't help being suspicious of him when she knows that she shouldn't be. She feels guilty about her suspicions of him, but still the conversations that they had ring in her ears now.

"Cristian I can see. I can see." Evangeline tells Cristian what color shirt he is wearing, etc… Cristian starts getting up to go and get the doctor but she holds him to her. She wants to look at him for a while…to see his beautiful face.

Todd comes to see Starr at the pool.

She comes out of hiding to meet with her father for a talk. "I am afraid that mom is going to do something crazy dad…"

Bo talks to Blair on the phone. She knows now what she has to do to get Spencer and she is going to do it. "It has been way too long."

John has a beer alone in the bar.

Paige comes over to him and asks if she can talk to him for a brief moment. "I know that I am paying for my crimes. I am paying with the guilt that I feel every day of my life. I do want us to try to find a way to peacefully co-exist for Bo's sake. If I can help you with Spencer, then I will." John likes that suggestion. "Maybe you can help!"

Blair shows up at Spencer's place. He is glad to see her. "I think that it is going to be my lucky night!" she says.

"I am afraid that she is going to marry Spencer," Starr says. "Mom has been spending a lot of time with Spencer. Even when I needed her the most, she wasn't there for me." Todd promises that she will not be living with that man. He wonders if she wants to talk to her about anything else. She would like to talk about Ricky. Todd calls the kid her boyfriend. She tells that he isn't her boyfriend but he did give her his email. "He is going to Puerto Rico soon and I want to know if I am crazy for being crazy for someone who likes someone else.

Spencer shows Blair plans that he has for a house that he likes. He unrolls the paper and shows her the different rooms. "I will put an offer on the house if you like it." She has no idea what to say about this. He just wants her to look at the house and see if she likes it. "Wow," she says. "I have been living in foster homes as a little girl, and what about your background? Look at the man that you turned into? You are brilliant and smart. I bet that some of the guys that you worked with weren't that lucky. What about Lenny? What ever happened to him?"

Spencer remembers talking to Lenny and telling him that he had to disappear permanently because of the Buchanans connecting with him.

"So why the questions about my past Blair?"

John wants to know if his father said anything before he died. Paige tells that Thomas was out of it when he got to the hospital.

Bo arrives and John goes to get him a coffee.

Bo shows Paige a picture of 'Lenny The Forger' and asks if Paige has ever seen him.

Paige looks at the picture and tells that Spencer was very successful at keeping his life in compartments.

John returns with Bo's coffee and Paige leaves to get some food.

John tells that he has been checking for Lenny but can't find him anywhere. Bo knows that he will be found eventually.

Adriana takes the computer and sits in a chair by the bed. She sees that Rex has been doing research on stalkers.

Adriana types a message. "Thanks for keeping me safe… I love you…A." She sends the message and after she does, the computer goes automatically to the outbox and she sees a multitude of messages that were sent from this computer to her email address… "Oh my God!" she says quietly… "No!" She looks over at Rex now who is gently sleeping and hasn't any idea what Adriana has been up to.

"You look so good!" Evangeline says. "I was so sure that the surgery didn't work and I was going to be okay with that. I was trying to get used to the idea of living my life in a new way but a miracle has happened to me. It was the miracle that we were waiting for Cristian, and I have one man to thank!"

"She made her choice and she has to live with it," Todd says. Starr thought that she and her father were talking about Ricky. "Dad… I hate mom for what she did to you and I can't stand her with Spencer, but I could forgive her if you could. I know that you and she will not be together again but the time when I was most happy was when we were a family. Is there anything that mom could do to make it up to you?"

"We are both alike Spencer, and that is one of the things that I love about you the most… that is why I want to know about the guys that you worked with. Who was your favorite teacher? What was the happiest day of your life? I also want you to know the same things about me." Spencer understands. "There was Rudy and he stole money that was for a client and he was dealt with. I can tell you that he never made that mistake again." She is really glad that he isn't in that line of work anymore. "Lenny has been doing pretty good lately. He made some good deals and managed to invest. He doesn't live far from here." Spencer is standing behind Blair when he tells where it is that Lenny lives now. He watches her carefully as he speaks.

"No!" Adriana says. She reads the messages that were sent to her and they are the stalker ones.

She remembers telling Rex that it felt like the stalker wanted to possess her. He said that he wanted to stay there with her forever.

"Oh my God! Rex is the stalker." She goes to her purse.

"What are you doing?" Rex says, standing right behind her now. "I am leaving." He won't let her. "I won't let you leave!"

"Of all the men she would be with, she chooses the one that I hate the most," Todd says. Starr knows that things have changed but she can't get used to seeing her mother with Spencer.

Cristian understands that Evangeline feels that she owes her sight to Todd. She wasn't owing her thanks to Todd the most, she was thinking about Dr. Simmons when she said that. "You mean a lot to me too, the most actually. You were with me when I couldn't see."

"I am so glad that you are free," Paige tells Daniel. He is relieved not to have the guilt anymore. "We have to get back at Spencer for torturing us all those years. " Paige doesn't care about getting to Spencer. She just wants things to work out for Bo, John and Michael.

Bo and John discuss Spencer and how he knows how everyone would react in the different situations. "We have to think like he does. He is proactive," John says. Bo feels that Lenny is their next step. He has to tell that Spencer set him up. "Truman must have the goods on him."

Spencer smothers Blair with kisses, but Blair really wants some chocolate gourmet cookies. He offers to go and get them for her but she wants to go and get them herself.

She goes into the hall and dials.

"He Bo! I don't have information on the gun but I know where Lenny lives. I know where his condo is…"

In the apartment, Spencer is on the phone. "Just get up to the condos and watch… I have set a trap and if cops show up there, I want to know about it."

"I got him to open up about Lenny and he told me." John tells Blair to get out of there. She will not do it. She has to find the gun next. She hangs up.

John is going to send Lenny's mugshot over to the manager of the building to see if Lenny can be recognized that way. John will send a man over to Spencer's room to watch it. "We can't blow Blair's cover."

Blair returns to the room with her cookies. "All this talk about my past is very strange. I remember the old man used to say all the time that there is no worse crime than betrayal…"

"I think that I am going to have a chat with your friend Ricky. I will get my brass knuckles first," Todd jokes. Starr would die if he embarrassed her. He knows that she will have dozens of boyfriends and that she will have to beat them all off her with a stick. "I love you more than anyone else in the world. Don't worry about boys Starr. You were meant to be with me." Starr asks if a person can love more than one person in their life. Todd says that Viki can, but he isn't sure that is for him.

Cristian really wants to go and get the doctor now. He and Vangie kiss before he leaves.

"Let me go Rex!" he demands to know what is going on. "I know!" He says that it is too dangerous for her to go out into the night. "It is a lot more dangerous in here!" she spits. He doesn't understand.

"I need to get some fresh air!" Adriana says. He will go with her but she doesn't want that. "I had a bad dream and I want to go home now." He says they can't do that until the stalker is caught. She can hardly stand the touch of him. "Will you get me some water?" she asks. He goes to the kitchen.

"How am I going to get away from him?"

"Why do you think that I know anything about betrayal Spencer?" Spencer tells that Todd has done that to her. He has fooled her and put a knife in her back many times. Blair admits it and knows that Spencer wouldn't like to her. "Would you Spencer?" It is just like he knows that she wouldn't lie to him. "Would you?" She answers with a kiss.

Bo tells how he and Paige are working things out. "You know John, she is a good woman who made a horrible mistake a long time ago." John was thinking about Spencer and how he sent David out of the country.

He and Bo go to David and they ask how Spencer got him out of the country. "Spencer paid some guy to take me away on a boat."

Lenny is waiting to take off. He is at the docks. He is mighty anxious to get out of there. The driver of the boat can't go yet. He has to gas up first.

Bo and John figure that Lenny might be exiting the same as David did… They head out to pier 48.

"I know that you are nervous and everything but you are safe here. No one knows that we are here…" Rex has his back to Adriana now and she grabs the lamp and clocks him on the head with it.

Starr is on the phone. Her friend wants to meet up with her to go out and she agrees to it, knowing that her mother won't even notice that she is gone.

She hangs up and runs off.

Cristian and Evangeline are still together. She plans to stay up all night and start at him. She could still see when she was blind because of him. He helped her to see when she couldn’t'.

Todd arrives and is put off by the sight of Evangeline kissing Cristian.

"Hi Todd," Evangeline says. "I need to talk to you."

Blair is making love with Spencer. She can't stand it.

She suddenly looks up at Spencer and sees Todd's face instead. She gets excited suddenly. "I love you," she says. He stops what he is doing and looks into Blair's face.

She looks at him and sees Spencer's face again.

The phone rings.

Blair goes to answer it but Spencer tells her to ignore it. She won't. She picks up the receiver and hands it to him.

He gets word that he doesn't have a leak after all. The cops never showed at Lenny's.

Spencer hangs up.

"What was that?" Blair asks. He tells that he was worried bout a patient. "I thought that I was going to lose her," he says. "But it looks like she is going to be okay." He kisses Blair now will all the passion he can muster.

Down at the pier, Bo and John have arrived just in time. They find Lenny and the driver of the boat heading out.

"Hold it right there!" John shouts.

Lenny and his friend stop dead in their tracks.

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