One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/2/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

At the beach, Rex goes over to his secret friend, angry Iwate him for coming back.

Adriana is a ways off watching Rex.

Evangeline is on the bed laying with her back to Cristian, staring at nothing. He has a surprise for her and he takes her hands and puts them on his face. Her spirits are low and she wants to be left alone. "Thank you for trying," she tells him.

He leaves and Layla is outside waiting. Vincent is in the background listening as the others talk. "She is depressed," Cristian says. "Why don't you stay away from her?" Todd asks.

Natalie sees Nash and Claudia.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't get you arrested for kidnapping my sister and niece?"

Blair talks secretly to Bo in a booth. He tells her that there is another gun and that it was used by Spencer to kill John's father. "I gotta find it," Blair says determined.

Adriana sees Rex talking to the stalker on the beach. She hungers in the bushes at the sight.

Rex finishes his conversation and the two part.

On the way back, Rex sees Adriana trying to run from him. "What are you doing talking to my stalker?"

Matthew tries to stop the hired help from leaving…

"Let her go!" Nora says. "I will be fine. I can get out of bed myself, and I can walk. I am doing pretty good." Matthew knows that she needs help for other things. She will not have someone watching her do everything. "I am doing just great. The more that I do for myself, the more that I will be able to do for myself. I love you for worrying about me but Matthew you have to trust me. Now let's watch the DVD." He tosses it on the bed and leaves. He isn't in the mood.

Nat unleashes on Nash and Claudia. "Stay away from my sister and her baby and keep this psycho away from John."

Bo feels that Spencer will still have the gun as his father gave it to him. "It has to be stashed somewhere."

"You can't stay away can you?" Cristian asks Todd. "Evangeline only tolerates you as she is too nice to tell you to get lost." Todd tells that Evangeline wants him around. Layla tells the two to stop fighting. Todd walks off into Evangeline's room.

"I am not sure what is going on with you and Todd, but it isn't helping my sister." Cristian tells Layla that this is all about money and not whether Evangeline prefers Todd to him. Vincent tells Cristian that he might be able to get himself some money. Cristian walks off.

"Why don't you come and take a ride with me?" Vincent suggests to Layla. "Just half an hour and then I will bring you right back here."

"I have been processing what happened to me. I didn't believe that I would be blind forever. I thought that one day I would open my eyes and it would be all over." Evangeline knows now, however that this will never change and that this is who she is. "Todd, if you are my friend, then you have to accept this too." He won't.

"I saw you talking to the guy in the hoodie!" Rex wants to explain, but Adriana just wants to get away from him. He holds her tight as she is just trying to run. "Not! So! Fast!" he shouts into her ear.

Someone is at the door and Nora thinks that Matthew has returned.

"I am here to kick your ass!" Paige says walking in. Matthew called her and told her everything.

Matthew is at the door listening and Paige plays hardball.

"I talked to another doctor and I am going to - " Evangeline cuts him off ordering him to stop this. "Why do you care so much about me? You make me feel worse and I hate feeling hopeful that I can't see again. I am a blind woman and as my friend, I need you to help me embrace and not fight this. You don't have a choice. I am wallowing right now but I will bounce back."

Todd's phone rings and he takes the call.

"Fine…when? Okay thanks."

"I have to go and take care of something now," Todd tells Evangeline. "Get out of here," she says. This isn't over as far as he is concerned. He leaves.

Cristian enters. "I have made a decision. I am going to find you another doctor." She finds him as bad as Todd.

"I love Todd and now I have to make this up to him," Blair says. "I am going to redeem myself and then maybe I can live with myself again." Bo feels that there is a chance that Spencer could get away with this. "He is a sociopath and smart," Bo knows. "We just can't give him more time to figure this out." Blair is determined to get this gun for Bo. "You can count on that."

"That dude was wearing a hoodie and it was a hoodie just like the hoodie that the stalker wears, but this guy here is homeless. The guy sleeps on the beach and bums change. I saw him for the first time when I went for pizza and now I see him every time that I go out." Adriana calms. "The dude was lurking and he woke me up. I was just telling him to find another beach. Why would you accuse me? You are my life…the best thing that has ever happened to me." She leans over and kisses him. They then fall into bed…

"I am not an invalid." Paige knows that she has to need trouble going to the bathroom at least. "That is not any of your business." Paige tells that Matthew called her as he thought that Nora would listen to her. "Do we prove the kid right?"

Vincent has Layla at the docks. Layla is a little creeped out by their surroundings. "Drive me back," she orders. He takes his coat off and asks her what she needs as opposed to her sister. He kisses her. "Is this why you brought me down her? To kiss me?" He shushes her and kisses her some more.

"I am perfectly capable of getting my own doctor if I thought that it would do me any good!" Evangeline is facing the facts and she doesn't want Cristian to get her a doctor either. "There is no cure. I am not going to try to fight reality. I am okay with this. I am not giving up. I am a fighter." He knows that. "When you help others, you are unstoppable, but when it comes to you, you don't want to lose. What the hell is the matter with you? What do you have to lose?" She wants the conversation over. "Will you get out of my room? Just get out." He leans over her. "You are a failure if you don't try."

"I was completely out of line treating you like that," Adriana says. "I love you Adriana … More than anyone. "They are in bed kissing now.

"Do you understand anything about the disease that Jessica has?" Nash understands that but that baby is his and he loves Tess. Nat understands now. "You force the mother of your baby into a situation that is dangerous and then you come back and hit on your ex?" Nash orders Natalie to go away. Claudia can see that she is super-insecure.

"I fired at the man," David says to John. "It doesn't matter that I wasn't the one that killed him."

Bo leaves Blair now.

She gets a call.

It is Starr. "No sweetie, I am not coming home tonight… I don't have to answer that… It doesn't concern you what I am doing and who I am with… Starr don't talk to me like that! Starr!" Blair hangs up.

Todd comes by and sits in the chair across from Blair.

"Are you following me Todd?" Blair asks. She goes to the bar. " I really don't care what you are doing." She used to always know when he is lying. He knows that she is lying to him. "You are lying about us."

"You are sad hanging around with Nash after hanging around Nash after he dumped you," Natalie smirks. "Leave her alone," Nash says.

John comes over ant tells Natalie to leave this alone. Natalie walks off.

"Natalie loves her sister and that is what this is all about." John leaves.

"Thanks Nash. I didn't expect you to stand up for me," Claudia tells Nash.

John goes to David again. He tells of his regrets that he didn't tell anyone when his life was going down the toilet after Thomas was shot.

"I brought you down here so that you could get away from the hospital for a while." Layla is grateful. He is good at finding solutions to problems.

"Can you see any change at all?" Dr. Simmons asks Evangeline. She can only see darkness and she doesn't expect to. "There is still some swelling and before we can say that you can see… She wants this stopped. "I will come and see you tomorrow," the doctor says. He leaves.

Cristian turns to Evangeline now. She is so tired. She is so tired of people being careful with her and trying not to dash her hopes. "I bet you are tired of me feeling sorry for myself. I should be grateful that I didn't lose my life in that tornado and that I didn't kill myself falling down the stairs. I should be grateful."

"You have been very kind to my son," Nora says to Paige. Paige finds him a great kid who misses his mother so much.

Matthew enters the room and his mother calls him over. "Are you mad at me?" He isn't anymore. He was more worried before than mad. "Did you watch the movie?" he asks. She can't watch that movie alone. He can't watch it alone either. Nora offers to call for another nurse the following day, but Matthew has already done it. Nora promises to be a model patient next time. "You'd better be," Matthew threatens.

Layla unloads on Vincent. "You are going to think that I am such a bitch… " He promises that he won't. "I was thinking that if I were in trouble and Evangeline were my defense, I would fire her and I hate thinking that but she is only a shadow of what she used to be… What if she can't work?" He tells her to wait and see what happens next.

Cristian watches Evangeline as she sleeps.

Adriana calls to Rex but he is sleeping. She gets out of the bed slowly and quietly.

He rolls into her warm space where she was, but he doesn't wake.

"You wouldn't have anything to do with my apology or my friendship." Todd finds that rich. "We had everything Blair… didn't we? That was until you decided to go with Spencer. Where is Mr. Truman anyway? Why are you by yourself?"

Bo comes over and Todd jokes that she is cheating with Bo now. "What is going on here?" Todd asks. "Why are you meeting with Bo?"

Adriana has dressed quietly and she gets the laptop now and opens it. She sees that Rex is still sleeping.

She remembers what she saw that night… Rex talking to the man dressed in black.

"I do trust you Rex," she whispers. "I do."

Claudia knows that the Buchanans are not going to forgive Nash for what he did. "Take care of yourself," is his response.

"I don't know why Bo is here," Blair says. "He isn't here to see me." Todd doesn't believe that. Blair leaves.

"Small world isn't it?" Todd comments… "When you brought me in for the murder, you tried to prove it and you found me innocent but that woman that just left, she didn't do any of that."

Bo knows that she is trying.

Evangeline gets a strange look on her face…

"You are awake…"

"Cristian…Cristian…I can see you…Cristian I can see you…"

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