One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/1/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex and Adriana are in bed. She leans over him and he is sleeping. She has s drink and gets the ice cube out, touching it to Rex's back.

He jumps out of his sleep from the cold touch. He threatens to do the same to her but she won't let him have the ice cubes. "I should be grateful to this stalker for doing this. If he hadn't have done this, I wouldn't be with you now."

Kelly is alone in the living room and she rubs her stomach as she looks sadly out the window into darkness.

Dorian comes in remarking that Kelly doesn't look fine although she keeps saying that she is fine to everyone. "I am a doctor and you need one." Kelly wants this dropped. Dorian won't leave it. "You are lying."

Kevin orders coffee and Clint is proud of him for trying to get his life back and keeping off the booze. Bo comes to meet his brother and nephew. He has asked them there to help him with something. "I am working on something unofficially. "

"It is payback time," David tells Spencer. "You shot Thomas and we both know that you did it. We are not leaving her until you start talking, so start talking now."

Nat can see that John isn't able to concentrate on anything that she says. They decide to shoot some pool

Bo calls John to tell him that he is working on something and that he wants John out of it so that he will not get in any trouble.

Michael and Marcie arrive and John and Natalie tell them the news. "David didn't kill your father Michael, Spencer Truman did.

"You are fainting, not eating breakfast and I can't remember when you had an adult beverage. You are pregnant!" Dorian says. Kelly denies that. "Please Kelly. You can tell me. If you are pregnant, you shouldn't have to do this alone." Kelly wants this dropped. "I am sorry," Dorian says. "If you say that you are not pregnant, then you are not pregnant."

"There is this guy that got a heart transplant the same time that Truman was working there. He is a master forger and he suddenly shot up to the top of the list for transplants." Kevin and Clint know what they have to do now. Bo leaves.

Clint asks the bartender if he knows a customer by the name of Lenny. The bartender says nothing but then offers to help when he sees money. He will let them know when Lenny arrives.

Clint and Kevin talk about Kelly for a minute…

"Hey Lenny!" the bartender says when the old man walks in. "Long time no see."

Michael has a hard time believing that David didn't do the shooting but John confirms that it is true.

"Are you wearing a wire?" Spencer asks. David pulls out his shirt to prove that he isn't.

Spencer remembers that night. He prepared the gun for David with the rubber bullets.

David came over that night and was uncomfortable. That was when Spencer pulled out the gun and handed it to the kid.

"Come on Spencer!" David shouts. "Confess!"

Spencer turns to David now and quietly says, "Okay, I confess…"

"I don't like thinking about our breakup," Rex tells Adriana. "I could have lost you for good." She really looks at him as her hero. He thanks her for that. "I want you to like me for who I am and not what I do."

Clint and Kevin talk to Lenny asking for help with documents.

Bo watches from the back office.

The old man says that he isn't in that market. Clint dorps an envelope of money on the counter and Lenny is immediately ready to talk.

"Bartender, get Lenny a beer," Clint shouts.

Kevin tells that the have an elderly relative who is kind of in the way. "We just want Power of Attorney so that we can run our company our way. We heard that you are the best in the business." Clint produces a sample of Asa's signature and Lenny can see that he is dealing with the Buchanans. "What the hell are you trying to pull here?"

Michael listens as John tries to explain why Spencer is the killer.

Paige enters the restaurant and goes to sit.

Michael goes to her and asks if she knows that Spencer has been covering up that David did this shooting all these years.

David is in Spencer's face about the shooting.

David remembers being told how to use the gun if he needs it. David thought that the gun was kind of old and might not work. Spencer told him that their father left them that gun and that there was another one just like it.

David turns to Spencer now. "There was a matching gun. You had it. Dad gave it to you."

"This smells like a setup to me," Lenny says. Clint tells that they all know how he set Bo up and he actually did them a favor. "We have been trying to get him out of the picture for years. It is okay Lenny; you really did a favor for us. So, what do you say?"

Roxy runs up and greets Lenny. "You know these guys?" Roxy says that she does. She names them off one by one. She runs to the back and finds Bo hiding behind the door.

"Oh hey! Bo! Don't worry Lenny, he ain't packing cause he ain't the Commish anymore but if these two have anything to say about it, Bo will be back to work in now time. The Buchanans really stick together."

Michael keeps pressing Paige for information but Paige knows nothing.

John comes over and tells Michael to leave her alone.

Natalie wonders what is happening but Marcie has no idea.

"You can't kill a man with blanks so how did it happen?" David asks. "We should ask John to decide if this is all a fantasy. I am going to tell John about your matching gun." David turns to walk away and when he does, Spencer overpowers him and knocks him to the ground.

Someone dressed in black taps on the window of the bedroom. He has to do it a couple of times before Rex wakes.

Rex gets out of bed and points. Both Rex and the man in black leave the window.

"You did some work for Spencer didn't you?" Bo asks. "You forged papers that were related to Margaret's death? What about the heart transplant that you got. You crossed paths with Spencer then didn't you?" Lenny denies knowing having met with Spencer. Bo threatens to take the man to his place to check it out. Lenny knows that Bo isn't a cop anymore and so he knows that Bo can't hurt him. He walks off.

The Buchanans sit with Roxy now over a beer and talk about how slippery that man is.

Spencer has David with a metal pipe pressed up against his neck for a few moments. Finally Spencer lets him go. David isn't intimidated. He was under the belief that he was a murderer for twenty-five years and he needs Spencer to pay for that.

Marcie turns and can't believe her eyes. She walks over to the couple holding Thomas and asks then why they have that baby in a bar. They tell her that what they do isn't any of her business. Michael tries getting Marcie to leave the couple alone but Marcie won't be stopped.

Bo calls John now to tell him that things didn't work out. "Roxy showed up and screwed up everything."

John hangs up the phone with his head hanging low. "Is there anything that I can do John?" Paige asks. John tells her that she has done enough.

"Well then maybe I can help," David says walking up behind the group. I have news."

Dorian tells about why she was arguing with Clint over Kevin. Kelly feels that Dorian has overstepped and she really wants to work out her own problems. "He seems like he wants to move on and stop hating me." Dorian begs that she not let Kevin get close to her again. Kelly decides that she is going to bed. Dorian gets the girl's purse and can't help but see that there are shortbread cookies sticking out of it. "You haven't eaten those since you were pregnant that time…" Kelly grabs her bag and stomps off upstairs.

Someone's at the door.

"You look like you need to talk," Dorian says to Clint when she sees him. "I do need to talk."

Spencer stays out on the docks, looking at the water.

He promised David that he wouldn't need the gun that night. David was hopeful that he wouldn't. David left then.

Spencer went back to his desk and prepared his own gun now with real bullets.

Spencer phone rings, jolting him out of his thoughts.

"Whoa, take it easy! What happened?" he asks.

"I know something about the gun that Spencer used to shoot your father," David tells John.

Clint tells how the plan to help Bo just now flopped. Dorian is sorry things didn't work out. "The last time that we were together, I was sorry that we were interrupted." She has a few ways that he can make up for that night. "Let's take this upstairs and compare notes." He would like that. "I think that you are very special and I am glad that we cut through the bull of who we were, and who we are and I am glad that we are able to come together like this." She is glad too. She is very glad. They kiss now. He gets up and offers his hand. "Shall we?" She takes his hand and quietly they walk out of the room, and to the stairs.

Adriana gets up and finds that Rex isn't in bed with her. She calls for him but no one answers. She gets dressed and calls out some more. She goes to the door and leaves the room.

Rex is on the beach with the stalker who is dressed in black. "Don't you listen?" Rex shouts at the man. "I told you not to come back!"

Not far off, Adriana is making her way along the beach in Rex's direction.

"Would you like a drink?" That isn't what Clint needs right now. She hesitates outsides the door of the room. "What is wrong?" he asks. "It has been a long time. Are you sure that I can't fix you a drink?" He is positive that he doesn't want a drink. He is just happy to be there with her. They kiss.

Roxy is sorry that she screwed up Bo's plan to get his job back. "Don't worry. What goes around comes around," Roxy says. Bo tells her that she is right about that.

Lenny goes to see Spencer and he tells how he had a visit from the Buchanans. "They know that I forged those documents but I didn't tell them anything." Spencer likes his loyalty but unfortunately Lenny is going to have to disappear …permanently.

John is skeptical of the gun set that David talks about. David would have told them about this before but he completely forgot about it all.

Marcie is still laying it on thick with the couple who are out with their baby drinking in the bar.

Michael drags her off. She can't believe that he will not do anything to help get the baby from them. He will help but he can't do anything about this now. They have to leave it for another time.

"I know what it is that I have to do," John says. "I have to find the other gun."

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