One Life to Live Update Monday 7/31/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Evangeline has her bandages off. She seems to be staring straight ahead. Everyone in the room is quiet. "Can you see anything?" Dr. Simmons asks.

Antonio and Jessica are at the club after the concert talking. He has great concerns about Nash bothering them. She wishes that he would drop it.

Nash has Claudia by the arm and he drags her out of the club to the back alley. He wants her to admit that she was the one that told Antonio about where he was with Jessica. She denies it.

Vincent and Layla are in the club going on about the concert and how great it was to be up front to see it.

RJ and Lindsay enter and realize they are too late and have missed the concert.

John sees Spencer talking to David and he wants to go over there.

Natalie stops him, asking him to think about what he is doing first. "You always tell me to thing about what I am doing."

Spencer, David and Blair are at the bar talking. David is trying to get his brother to see that he is only a short time away from being busted. Spencer tosses back his drink. He doesn't feel there is anything to worry about.

Evangeline stares straight ahead. The doctor poses the question to her again. "What can you see?" Everyone waits. "Nothing. My sight is the same as before." ''

Todd takes Dr. Simmons aside and is angry with him because he didn't get Evangeline's sight back. Todd throws things around the room angry that Evangeline can't see again.

"I distracted Antonio so you can run off with Jessica. Think about it. Why would I tell Antonio?" Nash knows that Claudia wants him. She admits that but mostly she doesn't want Nash to get hurt.

Jessica tells that Tess hasn't tried to get out and so he shouldn't hurry.

Kelly and Hugh talk about the concert. She is glad that she came out after all. "I never knew that you played college football." Kelly likes Vincent. "He seems nice." Hugh supposes that Vincent is in town because of Layla. He is surprised thought that Vincent knows RJ.

RJ and Vincent introduce themselves and seem to have a liking to each other.

John seems to be under the impression that if he sticks around Spencer, the man will trip up and John will get something.

Spencer still is cool as a cucumber as he talks to his brother who seems to think that he is about to get taken to prison at any minute. "Oh and here comes Little Johnny Law now," Spencer says.

All turn to see John walking up.

Dr. Simmons will observe Evangeline and decide what she needs. Todd tells that he isn't in charge of this anymore. Todd doesn't want this man in charge and tells that he will be taking away the man's room at the palace.

Chris goes to Evangeline and soothes her. Nora is there now.

"I want to be there for you as a friend," Claudia says. Nash doesn't thinks that they can be friends. She sees that she has been an idiot again. "You have only been using me again. You just wanted to use me to distract Antonio so that you could ride off into the sunset with her."

Antonio can't understand how Jessica can want Nash to have anything to do with that child. She can't stop it. "He is her father."

Hugh and Kelly discuss Vincent and his possible entanglement with RJ. Kelly reminds him that he said that Vincent was smart. "If that is the case, then Vincent should be able to figure out that RJ is someone to stay away from."

RJ and Vincent like each other and decide to talk business sometime.

Spencer asks John if he has a person of interest yet for the crimes that have happened. "Oh wait, you are probably pointing your finger at me. Maybe I should tell of my shortcomings? Twenty-five years ago I shot and killed your father and I did a lot of other things. Lately I have framed Bo, I caused Kevin Buchanan's sterility and I blinded Evangeline. I can't think of anything else." John doesn't care what it is. He will arrest Spencer for anything that he can get him on.

Claudia and Nash talk more about what she did that night and her motives behind it. He is sure that she sent Antonio to screw up the chance that he might have with Tess. That would ensure her a shot at him herself.

Antonio and Jessica are still talking about the situation they are in, and Jessica isn't comfortable with the stance that Antonio has where Nash is concerned.

RJ and Vince go for drinks. RJ would like to talk to the man privately.

Lindsay and Layla sit alone and Lindsay asks what type of business Vincent is in. Layla isn't interested in that. He is handsome and rich and that is all that interests her. Lindsay warns her to be careful of the man. Layla was having a good night but now she isn't all that happy.

Kelly brings Hugh to the dance floor and he is mildly surprised.

RJ had Vincent alone. "You said that you don't want to go into business?" Vincent confirms that is what he said and then he walks off.

Evangeline gets tired of Todd's theatrics and tells him to leave her alone. Todd only wanted to help but he keep tearing down her friends and she can't take it anymore. Todd leaves.

Cristian leaves too.

It is times Evangeline get some meds. Nora leaves but will come back.

Todd is sarcastic to Nora and she stands up to him. She wonders why all the women in Todd's life suffer so. He assures her that if that is the truth, then she has nothing to worry about. He leaves.

Cristian tells Nora that he hates the way that Todd controls everything in everyone's lives. Someone should stand up to Todd and he feels that he can be the one to do just that. "Bring it on!"

"Are you two serious?" Nora asks Cristian about Evangeline. He tells that he is very serious about her.

"My neck is just fine," Evangeline tells Nora who has reentered the room. "Don't give up Evangeline." Evangeline can't do that and Nora wouldn't let her. Nora knows that Cristian wouldn't let her give up either.

Cristian continues to stare at the ladies through the hospital window.

"Natalie…What convinced John that David was innocent?" Nat tells that David's gun didn't shoot the bullets. Spencer knows that. "The guns had rubber bullets." David tells that another gun was shot in the alley that same night. Spencer knows that without the gun they have nothing.

Nash knows that Claudia wants him but she tells that getting involved with him would be the biggest mistake that she could ever make.

Vincent is at the table with Lindsay and Layla now. He has returned quickly so that he can spend time with the two beautiful ladies.

RJ walks by Hugh and Kelly and Hugh asks if RJ knows Vincent. They don't seem to know each other it seems.

RJ gets a call from Nora. She is leaving the hospital.

"I will be right over to get you."

RJ tells Lindsay that he is heading to the hospital to get Nora and asks if she would like to come with him. She will stay. Evangeline decides to go to the hospital to see Evangeline. She leaves with RJ.

Vincent sees that it is just he and Lindsay now at the table. "Actually, I think that I am going to just head home now." She gets out of her seat and leaves.

Vincent whispers to Shaun telling that he is going to make a huge bet on Vega's next fight. "You think that he is going to win?" Actually, Vincent thinks that he is going to lose.

Vincent remembers the orderly who gave him the news that Vega can't win a fight with his hand the way that it is.

Shaun knows that Vega won't take a fall.

"You are finally going home and it is about time," Evangeline says.

RJ arrives and greets the ladies. "Matthew is home getting things ready for you Nora. Matthew has agreed to do all the cleaning and cooking. Miracles happen." Nora turns in Nora's direction. "Yes they do." Nora and RJ exit now.

Layla comes into the room now to see her sister. "How are you feeling?" Layla chokes back the tears. "I am so sorry."

"I was going crazy when I found that you and the baby were gone." Jessica is afraid of that craziness. She doesn't want Nash in jail. She just wants to get the baby and go home. They leave as Nash and Claudia watch.

Kelly isn't ready to go yet. Hugh suggests they have some tea.

John talks about the gun and whether they will find it or not.

Starr runs into the nightclub.

Blair comes to her asking what she was doing there. "I was outside listening to Mary J. Blige."

Todd is there and he doesn't find Starr in the club such a big deal. "It isn't like she is a whore like some people."

Spencer decides to go and save Blair.

He talks to her and learns that she is going to head over to Dorian's and check on Jack. Spencer leaves.

David heads out.

John is fidgety. Nat grabs his arm. "You might not like it, but David is on the same team," she says to him. "You are right Nat. I don't like it."

"Oh my god!" Nora says as she drinks coffee with RJ in the park. "Matthew wouldn't even bring me coffee. I should have asked a master criminal like you." She looks up at the stars and feels bliss. "I never thought that I would ever be able to do this…To come out and feel this. RJ knew that she would be out again. He doesn't look up at the stars enough. "You know Nora, I missed you like hell." She missed him too. "So are you ready to go?" She is. He offers to go and get her chair but she will not have that. "I will do this myself." She positions her legs and then slowly makes her way to the chair.

"Goodnight my sweet little girl," Jessica says.

She goes out to the patio to the apartment. " Sorry," Antonio says to her for the way that he acted that night. She really doesn't want to talk about it. "It is such a beautiful night," Antonio says.

Jessica has a thought of Nash with his baby under the night sky.

Antonio kisses her now.

"I wanted to blame you or anyone for Antonio finding me and Jessica with the baby. Thank you Claudia." She owes Nash. He protected her when she needed him. "I loved my dad and I really missed him. Nash takes her hand.

"What did the doctor say?" Evangeline tells her sister that the doctor didn't have much hope. "He is the best there is and I am tired. I pray that I am going to get my sight back but then I hear maybe and then never. I got my hopes up and it was for nothing. It didn't work and I am going to accept it and move on."

Vincent and Shaun catch up. Shaun has made the bet for his boss as instructed.

Cristian arrives and greets Shaun.

Vincent is glad to see him. "Are you up for that fight?" Cristian is. "That is going to be my biggest payday yet." Cristian tells him to count on it.

Todd takes a couple of shots at Blair…

She turns to Starr and tells her that it is time to go.

Todd tells the kid that he is going to take her for French fries and they walk off.

John is uncomfortable and unable to stay still. He wants Spencer bad.

David and Spencer are outside alone now. Spencer wants to know what this is all about with David on him all night. "For twenty-five years you lied to me, you let me think that I was a murderer. What is this about? It's about payback time!"

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