One Life to Live Update Friday 7/28/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

"You know what you have to do now, right?" Rex asks secretly to his 'friend'.

Kelly makes a call.

Hugh realizes that Kelly is calling and worries. "You're not calling to bail on Mary J. Blige tonight, are you?"

Claudia talks with Antonio over the phone and confirms that Mary J. is all set up to sing soon. Antonio is in the car. Claudia asks about Jessica. Antonio feels that Jessica is at Bartlett's Place with Nash. He can't worry about whether Jessica has turned into Tess or not now. He has to just find her and the baby first. He plans on getting Nash arrested as well.

Jessica is suddenly sorry that she offered to let Tess out so that she can say goodbye to Nash. She can't ask him to promise not to take advantage of the situation and she knows it. Nash isn't offended and he wants to try this. Jessica doesn't want to do it. She really wants to go home now. Nash doesn't want to take her home anymore. "What are you going to do?" she asks.

Natalie shows John what she has found after her tests.

John orders that Vickers be brought to him immediately. The officer heads out.

Paige and Blair really get into it at the bar and the fighting gets out of hand.

Bo comes over and stops the fighting. He separates Blair and Paige and tells Manning to get out of the way.

Spencer orders Blair to get up off the floor.

Bo threatens to handcuff both women and put them at opposite ends of the bar if they don't smarten up. Blair tells that Paige insulted her mother and she will not get away with that. Paige can see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Blair lunges for Paige again but Bo and Spencer hold the ladies apart. Blair shouts to be let go but Spencer can't let her continue like this. "Let it go Blair!" Bo asks what happened here. "Paige says that Blair was just talking about Spencer and she freaked out for no good reason." Bo asks Paige to cut Blair some slack as she has been through a lot lately. Paige will do her best then.

"I appreciate you standing up for me like that, but, I mean, there's better ways to show -- " She struggles to get away from his hold on her. "How could you have married her?" Spencer tells that Paige wasn't always someone that he didn't like being married to. Blair goes to freshen up now.

"Hey, that's a pretty good jab you got there. Now all you got to do is go down to Rourke's and see if Cristian Vega needs a sparring partner." Blair turns to Todd sarcastically. "Yeah, and you'd like that, wouldn't you? Get Cristian out of the running so you could have Evangeline all to yourself. "

Evangeline tells Cristian to go home now as he has been there since she was brought in. He will not leave until he can take her home with him.

Someone knocks.

Dr. Simmons enters the room and Cristian introduces him to Evangeline. She thanks him for the work that he has done on her eyes. He wants the thanks reserved for later when they actually know the results of the operation. The doctor wants to remove the bandages right now. Evangeline asks that Cristian be allowed to stay in the room so that if she is able to see, he will be the first face that she sees. Dr. Simmons is fine with Cristian staying and the get ready to see the results.

Marysol Castro arrives at Capricorn and has a reservation. Claudia recognizes the name right away. Claudia watches GOOD MORNING AMERICA and is overjoyed at meeting the woman. Claudia introduces herself and tells how she is a singer. Marysol is pleasant about that but really wants to get to her table now. Claudia gets back to work.

Todd can see that Blair is jealous of Evangeline. She tells that she is very happy with Spencer. Todd feels then she shouldn't worry about what he does with Evangeline then. Blair feels that she needs to know what is going on with Todd because of his connection to her children. "Well, I defy you to find one negative thing about that woman. She's kind, compassionate, beautiful…" She doesn't want to hear how perfect Evangeline is. She just wants to make sure that Jack and Starr are going to be okay, no matter what Todd does. She really just wants Todd to take things slow with whomever he ends up with. The kids will have trouble adjusting. He laughs at her. "What are you laughing at? I mean, she's with Cristian. It's not like she's even available." If that is the case, then he can't understand her concern that he is going to end up with Evangeline.

Bo and Paige talk privately now that they are away from the others. Paige really only wanted to hit Spencer just now. she wasn't really angry with Blair at all. Bo tells that there is a lead that he has gotten. It connects Spencer to a forger… Paige's face lights up. "John is checking the lead out right now." Paige looks hopeful. "Oh, Bo, that is great. That's great. Because if you can prove that Spencer paid that guy to forge your name -- " He knows how to end that sentence. "…we got him…" Paige smiles at the idea of Spencer finally getting his.

Blair says that her only concern in all this is the kids that she shares with Todd. "Hmm. Well, thanks for setting me straight. I mean, it looked like you cared about me for a second," Todd says.

Spencer walks up wondering what was going on just now. "I am leaving," Todd says. "Good!" Spencer says quickly. "I am going to see Evangeline now." Spencer sends his best…

Hugh is hurt that Kelly is about to stand him up. She just doesn't feel like being around people right now. He jokes that he isn't a person, he is from the DA's office. He won't even talk if she doesn't want him to. She doesn't think that would make for a very interesting evening. He really wants her to be there with him, and besides it will be good for the baby. "They say that babies can hear music even before they're born. You don't want a tone-deaf kid, do you?" She is smiling now. She will go then but warns that he had better not expect too much from her.

Vincent drops Layla off at the hospital to see her sister on the way to Capricorn. she wonders if he will see Evangeline for a quick visit. "Oh, I'd better not. If your sister finds out we've been hanging out, it might set her recovery back a few weeks." Layla knows that in time, Evangeline will get used to having Vincent in he sister's life. He will trust in her judgment on this.

Soon Vincent is alone and he makes a call. "Yeah, it's me. Yeah, I'm at the hospital. I'm standing outside Evangeline Williamson's room. Bring it to me here. Good."

Hugh goes over to Vincent when he sees him. The two have known each other a long time, since before Hugh was a DA. Vincent is impressed by the way that Hugh has been doing over the years.

Layla enters her sister's room and learns that they are just about to remove the bandages on Evangeline's eyes. When Todd arrives, they will proceed. Cristian has no idea why they have to wait for Todd. Dr. Simmons tells that there is an agreement that was made to have Todd present when the bandages are to be removed. Cristian and Layla didn't agree to this, and they know that Evangeline didn't either, so what could this be about? Turns out the big wigs of the hospital were the ones that okayed Todd's presence for this. Evangeline doesn't mind that. Cristian does. It upsets him that she has to wait even a second to see if she will be able to see again. Layla feels this is pure torture on her sister to have to deal with this. "You know, he thinks he can throw his money around and get whatever he wants, when he wants it," Cristian comments. Evangeline wants the mood to lighten up. She really has no problem waiting for Todd in order to do this.

Jessica is afraid when she realizes that Nash wants to keep her there longer. He explains that isn't necessarily what he meant. He wants to talk to Tess. Jessica tells that she isn't around right now. Nash doesn't believe her and knows that Tess is just under the surface. He asks Jessica to look at him now… She turns away. She doesn't want to do that. he presses her. He knows that this will work if she will give it a try. She pleads with him to stop. She is finding this very unfair. "Tess, do you remember the last conversation we had before I went to California? Do you remember? You said that you understood. You understood why I was leaving. I was leaving to protect you." Jessica shake her head as he speaks. She tells him that this will never work. "And you said that you believed in me, and I believed in you, and I'm back. I made you a promise. I promised you that I would come back, and I'm back. I don't need to leave. Tess?" She shouts at him to cut this out now. He seems to be reaching her. "Tess, we can be together forever. Look at me. Tess, do you remember this? You remember this? Look at it. It's a note. You left it for me on my pillow in Napa. Do you remember? You went for a walk. Tess, you went for a walk in the vineyards because you couldn't sleep. You couldn't sleep during the night, you went for a walk, and you left this --" Jessica is shouting now for him to stop this but he won't. "Remember? Look, it's worn out. I take this with me everywhere I go, because I love you. I love you, Tess. I need you to come back so you can -- " Jessica is in trouble. she feels herself slipping away. Nash knows that he has reached Tess now, although she might not be out yet. "By a very thin thread here. I'm going to have a breakdown. It's my mental health at stake here." Nash ignores her pleas and continues to break down Jessica's walls. Nash is calling for Tess now to come out to him. Jessica threatens that she will fight if Nash persists and that will not be good for any of them if she has to do that.

Someone is banging on the door now.

Jessica asks what is going on. Nash suspects that Tess has found her way out. Nash demands that Jessica or Tess, whoever it is look at him. Jessica or maybe Tess fights…

The door flies open! Clint calls out to his precious Jessica.

Adriana shouts for Rex to hurry up. It doesn't take that long to get firewood.

Jack brings David to John as requested, and he leaves.

David will refuse to return the cannolis if this is what this visit is all about. "Sit down. Don't touch anything. I said don't touch anything I want to talk about the bullet that killed my father." Natalie is there and she confirms that the bullet in question didn't come from David's gun. David knows that. He is about to repeat that saying of shooting blanks like Kevin, but John cuts him off before he can put it out there. What has to be proven now is when Thomas was actually killed. Was it before or after David's gun was shot? David understands all that has been explained to him and asks when he can be freed now. John hasn't got an answer for that.

Rex presses for an answer as to his 'friend' agreeing to their plan of action.

Adriana shows up looking for Rex. He has no firewood and she finds that suspicious. He isn't sure what she is talking about at first but then remembers. "Oh, yeah. No, it's warmer than I thought. We don't -- we don't need a fire. Gosh, look at that. Nothing but sand and ocean for miles and miles. It's like we're all alone in the world." Adriana finds everything just perfect. Rex tells that it really isn't but it is about to be.

Antonio tells Nash that he is about to be arrested as the police are on the way. Jessica doesn’t want that. She orders Antonio to call off the dogs. "Jess, what are you telling me? That you came with him willingly? And if you are, I won't believe it." Clint cautions Antonio to calm down and keep himself under control. Antonio can't. A lot of people have been hurt by all this. "I know. I know you were worried, and I am so sorry, but I swear to you, I wasn't in danger the whole time. I just -- I want to go back home. I want to get the baby. I want to go home." Nash tells that he didn’t and wouldn't hurt Jessica. Clint heads over to call the police and cancel the call. Jessica just wants to go home. Antonio isn't finished with Nash though. Nash knew that Antonio would be like this. He ignores the man and offers to help pack Brennan's things. Antonio won't allow Nash to help. He will do it instead. Clint assists his daughter in getting her things together. Antonio gets in Nash's face now. "You know, I have no idea what the hell went on here. But you are never, ever going to be alone with Jess and the baby again. You got that?"

Vincent can't believe the way that Hugh turned out. They used to be roommates in college. Hugh heard about Vincent heading to the dark side. At first Vincent takes that as a racial slur but that wasn't what Hugh meant at all. Vincent knows that. "I don't know where you got your information from, but look, man, I'm a legitimate businessman." He tells how he manages Cristian and Hugh understands. He knows of Cristian. Hugh likes Cristian, but all that Vincent really cares about is the man's jab. He tells that Cristian is in the room with Evangeline right now. "Yeah, it's a full house. I was going to stop by to see Evangeline, but I'll just come back later, I guess." Vincent is surprised to see that Hugh is a friend to Evangeline. "Oh, colleagues. I mean, you know how it is. I mean, she likes me, and -- well, we play for different teams, you know." Vincent finds that interesting information and will tuck it into the back of his mind. "Yeah, hey, we should -- we should go throw a football around, you know? It'd be just like old times," Hugh suggests. "I don't know about that, butterfingers. You never could catch anything I threw to you back in college," Vincent playfully remembers. "Yeah, well, fortunately, the receivers didn't have that problem, Oh great quarterback. I did run some interference for you a few times, though," Hugh throws in for good measure. Vincent loves going over these memories and suggests they get a drink sometime. Hugh would be up for that some time. Hugh takes off now.

Vincent thinks now how interesting it is that his old friend Hugh is DA in this town.

Layla offers to make her sister more comfortable and Evangeline tells her that she isn't a nurse although she played one on TV. "Seriously, Layla, this could take a while. And don't you have to get to work? Isn't the Mary J. Concert tonight?" Evangeline wants her sister to go to work and forget about her for now. The concert is about to start and Antonio might not be there. "Go. Go, honey. I couldn't live with myself if you had to miss it, too, just because of me." Layla feels like she is being pushed out of the hospital, but that isn't what Evangeline is trying to do here. She promises to call if there is anything to tell later on. Layla will go then. Cristian and Evangeline say goodbye to her now.

An orderly comes to Vincent and tells him privately that Cristian's hand is damaged and that he won't be able to fight effectively. Vincent smiles. That is what he wanted to hear.

Layla comes to Vincent now. He smiles broadly. She wonders what he could be so happy about. He tells that he just got some really good news.

Cristian tells Evangeline that he doesn't like the way that Manning is behaving around Evangeline. Evangeline has something that she want to say about that actually.

Layla sees Kelly and asks how she is feeling. Kelly is thrown off by the question but then realizes that Layla is asking about the surgery that she recently had and nothing else. Kelly tells that she is trying to find Hugh. Layla gets her seated now knowing that it is going to get real busy, real soon.

Vincent happens to have heard Layla talking to Kelly. He approaches her now.

"I'm sorry, but I couldn't help overhearing your conversation. Are you waiting for Hugh Hughes?" Kelly admits that she is. "Oh, well, he was my roommate in college all four years. I bumped into him today. You know, he's really doing that strait-laced DA. Thing these days. But I can tell you, he was quite a character back in the day." Kelly seems suddenly interested in what this stranger has to say about her date for the night. Vincent offers to buy her a drink…

"We both know that Truman was the shooter, so I need you to think. I know I'm asking a lot. Did he have a gun?" David knows that Spencer had to have had a gun as he had to have been the shooter. John needs to know about that gun. "Someone else was there, Vickers, all right? Someone with a gun, the same make and model. It's too coincidental, all right? So think for a second." David can't remember if David had a gun after the shooting. He freaked out and his thinking wasn't clear. John pushes for answer but Natalie can see that David is doing the best that he can and that is all that he can do.

Hugh listens to the new evidence and realizes that he can't hold David anymore. David is glad to hear this but John doesn’t seem that thrilled. "Get him out of here, come on. Hey, Jack, do me a favor. Start the process on Vickers -- get him released."

The officer appears and starts working on David's release.

John and Natalie continue working now. Natalie checks his email for him. "We're getting close. We're getting close. We're going to find something to incriminate Spencer soon." John has news. It looks like there has been an ID on the guy who set Bo up.

Bo is on the phone.

He tells Paige that Matthew thinks that he has forgotten his homework in Bo's car. Matthew also wants to talk to Paige.

"Oh. Hey, Matthew. Yeah, sure, I'll give you some pointers. I won't rat you out to your dad. I had so much fun on the driving range with you. Hmm. Oh, you found it? Ok, great. Well, I'll tell Bo when he comes in. All right. See you soon. Bye.

The bartender lets Paige know that there are no more ribs if anyone wants them. She thanks him for that news and moves on.

Spencer and Blair decide to get a glass of wine to unwind.

Spencer hears Bo's phone ringing and answers it.

Spencer takes the call, somewhat disguising his voice.

John is on the phone and he has something that Bo might be interested in. Spencer falls silent. John calls out to him but Spencer doesn't answer.

Paige sees Spencer with Bo's phone and demands to know what he is doing. Spencer starts explaining.

Bo walks up and sees Spencer with his phone in his hand. He too would like to know what Spencer is doing with it. "I don't know, I just found it on the bar there. I was just going to find out who it belonged to. That's all."

Blair comes up asking what is going on. Paige directs her to her boyfriend. "There's no problem at all. Paige has always been a little forgetful as a matter of fact. I mean, let's -- let's just go. Come on, let's get out of here." Blair leaves with Spencer.

Paige fills Bo in on what Spencer did while the phone was left unattended. Bo checks the phone and sees that John was calling. Paige can see that Spencer is losing it and fast.

Bo calls John now to find out what he was calling about.

Antonio fusses over Jessica but she insists that she is fine. Clint and Viki adore watching the child for the couple and they are glad of that. They have taken the time to go out to the Capricorn to catch the concert. They need a date.

Claudia comes over to see if Jessica is okay and to find out if she was at Bruce's place. She learns that Nash did stash Jessica at Bruce's and that Nash followed them all the way back to Llanview. Claudia walks off to take care of business.

Jessica worries about Antonio. He has been saying very little ever since they got in the car to return to town. He just can't stop thinking about Nash. "I feel sorry for him. I mean, he has nothing. You and I have everything. Ok? I just want tonight to be about us. Ok?" Antonio agrees that they will just forget everything and have a great night.

"You know, I don't think anything could make this place more perfect -- well, except if we didn't have to hide out. I hate being scared all the time." Rex tells that he feels like their trouble with the stalker is soon coming to an end. She wonders what he might know that makes him feel that way. She suddenly feels chilly and thinks that maybe he should have gotten the firewood as they originally planned. He has a better way to heat things up and he moves towards her. She can't believe that he wants to have a go at her again, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't want to…

Blair doesn't really feel like watching Mary J. Blige… "What do you mean? This will be great. Mary J. Blige -- she's awesome. No, you'll see, come on. It'll be fun, take your mind off things."

Hugh asks Kelly about her talking to Vincent when he was coming in. "Yeah. Yeah, he told me a lot of interesting stories about you, some of which I could sell to "The Sun" for a pretty penny." He smiles shyly. He is so glad that she decided to come that night. She is glad that she came too.

Antonio addresses the crowd now.

They cheer… "And welcome to Capricorn. We have a very special guest with us this evening. She is currently on her "Breakthrough Experience" tour, but has taken some time out of her busy schedule to join us. So please put your hands together for the very beautiful Mary J. Blige.

The crowd cheers some more…

Mary thanks everyone for the applause… The crowd whistles.

Mary sings and for the next three-and-a-half minutes, she belts it out.

Cristian expresses his feelings to Evangeline about doing his best for her, although he can't do as much as Todd can do for her.  "Stop it. Cris, I didn't ask Todd to pay for this eye surgery. I didn't even want him to. But he did and because he did, I might be able to see again."  Cristian isn't sure what all that means exactly.  "I'm saying that I wanted to wait for him because I want to tell him that I intend to pay him back every penny he spent on me. I'm -- I'm grateful. I am so grateful for him and for his help. But you're the man I'm falling in love with.

Todd walks in sorry to be late, and hoping that he hasn't missed the big moment.  They have to get Dr. Simmons now to remove the bandages. 

Dr. Simmons arrives and gets ready to move things along.  Evangeline calls out to Todd to make sure that he is there.  When she is sure that he is, she gives the okay to start the undressing.

"Well, this song is one of my favorite songs -- thank you," Mary tells the crowd after her first song.  "-- because self-acceptance to me means so much and this song is called "Take Me As I Am."

Mary sings her second song now and mesmerizes the crowd.

When the song is over, the crowd cheers and whistles at her…  "Thank you," Mary shouts!

"Guess who got a get-out-of-jail-free card, Spencer? You know what this means, don't you?" David says, taunting his brother.

Natalie and John separate. John has a lead to check up on.

The bandages are removed.  Todd turns to Dr. Simmons.  "Well did it work?"

Rex's phone rings. Rex looks at the display but decides that discussing a liquor delivery isn't important right now.  He ignores the call.  Adriana relaxes. She has to learn to stop jumping every time the phone rings.  Adriana can't understand why the guy never hurts her when he gets the chance.  Rex suggests that maybe hurting her isn't the guy's thing.  She thinks about that and has to agree.  Perhaps this guy just wants to possess her somehow.

Bo tells Paige about the forger and how he has information on who he might be.  "Bo, just be careful, because if this guy's involved in this frame-up, spencer's probably holding something major over his head."  Bo nodes his head.  "Yeah, I know, you're right, and I think I know exactly what it is, and this guy -- he's not going to give up without a fight, but that's ok."

"David, it is so good to see you. Looks like we have something to celebrate. Bartender, a Mai Tai for my brother, please. How did you get out of jail, David?"   David darkens the mood somewhat with his explanation.  "The cops know I didn't kill Thomas Mcbain and you did."

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