One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/27/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Adriana sits reading on the beach.

Rex comes over to her and stands before her lounge chair. She went for a walk and it was peaceful although she wasn't alone. "You tailed me the whole way Rex." He felt he had to do that although she wanted her space. "I think that we have made a huge terrible mistake," she says.

Spencer is practicing his golf.

Todd sees him and shouts to screw up his swing. He does and comes up laughing at Spencer over it.

Blair is at the restaurant where she finds Bo.

"Mind if I sit down?" She sits across from Bo. He warns her again to be rid of her plan to out Spencer. "I am going to stick around and see what happens to Spencer. Todd almost died because of Spencer. Don't you think that I would do something else besides what I am doing now?"

Paige has walked in the restaurant and she sees Bo holding Blair's hands over the table. She gets unhappy over that.

Natalie is talking to her friend Foster in the lab, and she is urging him to help her with the testing of the bullet.

John arrives. "This is it. This is the bullet they took out of my father the day that he died." he looks down at the plastic baggie.

"You?" Viki asks.

Dorian is at her door. "I want to clear the air about me and Clint."

"What are you doing here?" Clint says arriving.

"I have a lead on where Nash took the baby and Jessica," Antonio says running in.

Nash has Jessica and the baby stashed now. He can't get over how beautiful the baby looks when she sleeps. Jessica warns him not to wake her.

She points a gun in Nash's face. "Take me and my daughter home now."

"I think that we made a mistake about us," Adriana says. "You were angry. We had a fight." He says he was just frustrated. "It is all very difficult with the nutcase around the corner." She feels that things are not right between them. "We shouldn’t have secrets like this between each other."

"When I called Bartlett, he was sweating," Antonio says. "He is loaded and he has places that Nash could go to. "Maybe if we spent less time being nice we would get results." Clint feels that getting angry isn't necessary right now. Viki and Antonio go into the other room.

Clint goes to Dorian now and feels that she was taking advantage of Viki feeling bad about Jessica, and so she trotted over there to make trouble.

"No talk. You take me home." Nash tells that she can't hurt him with that gun. "It is a starter's pistol. Do you think that Bruce would leave that around?" She will test it out if she has to. "Shoot me! Shoot me!" He walks towards her. She doesn't pull the trigger and he takes the gun from her. "You claim to love Tess but you really don't. All this prodding caused her to loose everything that she held dear and now you are doing it to me."

Natalie catches John staring at the bullet that killed his father. He says that he is fine. "He thinks that he is invincible Spencer does."

John gets a call.

"John, I just got a call," Bo says. "Today has been a good day. I found something out about Lenny the Forger. These guys don't like to play by the rules. I feel like dropping the whole investigation. Let's grab Truman and get this over with." John wants that to be plan B.

Natalie wants to know what plan B is about but John tells that is too much to think about.

Spencer laughs at Todd who swings repeatedly at the same ball. "We should have e foursome," Todd suggests. "Me, you, Bo and John." Spencer doesn't like that idea. "What do you think Blair will do when the truth comes out? I don't think that she will stand by you. Time is running out my friend and so is Blair." Spencer wonders why he cares when he is obviously smitten by Evangeline. "Blair really couldn't give a rip what you do Todd. Keep paying for those expensive eye surgeries and you will be out of money in no time." Spencer is done and he leaves.

"You are losing your grip doc!"

Paige comes over to Blair now that she is alone asking what she and Bo were talking about. Blair has a deal to make with her. "You tell me what it was about Spencer you lied to Bo about, and I will tell you what we were just talking about."

"You are upset," Dorian says. Clint is more than upset. "I get upset when people set out to inflict pain. You wanted Viki to know that we almost made love. I think that the only reason that you want to sleep with me is so that you can stick another knife in Viki."

"I want to go home!" Jessica says. Nash wants that too. "You were in love before, and you have had a family before. Tess and the baby are the only family that I have ever had. That is my first and only love and you are ripping my heart out. She is beautiful! As beautiful as you, but that is not it. I am a grown man who has never been in love and she makes the stars dance for me. I love her so much that I was the one that forced her to do the integration and it's not fair." Jessica cries out that she is sorry. "No! I am the one that is sorry. You are the mother of my child and I am terrifying you. Come on," he says walking to the door. She grabs his arm. "Wait."

Adriana hates that Rex kept things from her. "It is nasty stuff," Rex says. "I just didn't want you to be scared." She is scared and she knows that it isn't his fault. "Let's make everything that goes wrong 'his' fault." She nods her head. "Is this fight over?" She confirms that it is. They hug.

John and Natalie are in the lab still.

Bo calls telling that the is trying to find leads on the other identities besides Lenny the Forger. "These guys have a low self image and they need to manipulate reality."

Bo sees Blair and Page talking at the table.

"John, things are going to get real interesting here…"

Blair tells Paige that if she can manage to get back everything if Todd and she helps. "You and Todd?"

"Well, hello," Spencer says walking up behind the two women.

Blair jumps up out of her chair and faces Spencer smiling. "I didn't know that you had come in," Blair says. "I know that you didn't."

Todd stands off to the side watching.

Blair says that she was just telling Paige that now that Todd is on the board, she may be able to get her job back at the hospital.

Todd comes over but Spencer tells him to get lost. Todd walks off slowly.

Spencer needs convincing about what Blair was talking about. "I think that Paige still has a thing for you," Blair says.

She turns to Paige. "Now just back off."

Clint tells Dorian that from now on he wants his private life to stay private.

Adriana secretly calls her mother, knowing that Rex doesn't want her to do that. "We had a fight but we worked it out. The real reason that I am calling is to tell you that I am really, really in love." Dorian smiles. "I am beginning to get used to the idea. I am changing.

Antonio decides that he has to go and find Jessica. Viki doesn't want him going alone and asks Clint to go with him.

"Ever since I started facing what happened when I was little… You think that you could scare me away if you got me alone." Nash laughs. "Who knew that it would take a foul-mouthed girl to make me the man that I want to be?" she can see why Tess would fall for him. The guy that was just about to take her home is the guy that Tess fell for, and for Jessica it is easy to see why.

"You sound happy," Dorian says. "I can admit that Rex has come through for you more than once."

Rex calls walking over.

Adriana gets off the phone quickly. "It is getting cold." She offers to make some food while he puts out the fire. She walks off.

"Why are you here?" Viki says when she finds Dorian still in the house. "Goodbye. Get the hell out."

"I think that what you did was wrong but I know that you did it out of love for Brennan and Tess." Nash and Tess only talked about this time when they would be with their baby together. "When we met we weren't good people but definitely not parenting material. I was so excited knowing that she was pregnant. Knowing that Brennan was coming made us closer and more in love." Jessica is crying now, not knowing what to say anymore. "Tess would tell me that we only had so much time. She knew that you were going to be bringing her up. I miss her. I love her and I didn't get to say goodbye."

Antonio finally agrees to let Clint come with him.

Antonio answers the phone. "What have you got?"

"If I could, if I let it happen? Would you promise me that you would be saying goodbye forever?" Jessica asks Nash.

John and Natalie work in the lab on the bullet. She worries that he is going to have a bad reaction if the bullet doesn't match the gun.

Bo calls to tell that Truman is across the room with Paige, Blair and Todd right now. "I also know that forger's name. It is Larry and he was a heart recipient in Cleveland. The guy was on a waiting list at 457 and then shot up the list to number 1. Who do we know John that could pull off something like that?"

Blair carries her act to the hilt. "Paige looks at you with those cow eyes Spencer and I know that she wants you back. Looks like you have been too busy kissing up to men." Soon Paige gets into the act too and tells Blair that she deserves Spencer. "I feel sorry for your children for all the therapy in the world isn't going to save them from you." THWACK! Blair slaps Paige hard in the face, causing her head to snap to the side. Paige looks back at Blair in surprise.

Dorian and Viki are arguing.

Clint and Antonio come out telling that they have found Jessica and the baby.

Antonio rushes off.

Clint tells Dorian that it is time to go. He and Dorian leave.

"Goodbye Viki," Viki smirks after her.

Nash wonders if she really would be willing to try to let Tess out so that he can say goodbye.

Adriana wonders if he is finished with putting out the fire.

He comes to her and they kiss. "You make me feel so loved and protected and I just needed to tell you that. I opened a bottle," she says. "Hurry and put that fire out. What do you think this is? A vacation?"

Rex goes back to the fire to put it out.  Rex sees a man dressed in black from head to toe, with a hood over his head. Rex walks towards the man and without saying anything, Rex hands the man money, and the man takes it.

John is on the phone while Natalie works.

"John! John! You got to see this!" Natalie shouts. John comes over and looks over her shoulder at the work that she is doing.

Blair and Paige are not finished their scene. The insults continue to fly. "Are you insane?" Paige asks rubbing her chin. "Or is that just your mother?" Blair seems to fly through the air when she lunges for Paige's neck. Unfortunately for Paige, she is on the bottom of that pileup. They crash over a table and some chairs and land on the ground. "You bitch!" Blair bellows.

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