One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/25/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

It is morning and Adriana is just getting up. "Morning…" She turns to Rex. Rex isn't awake. She calls to him and tries to wake him but panics when she can't.

Spencer and Blair are in the bedroom and she laughs over the stories that he was telling her the night before about his gangster buddies and what high jinx they got into back in the old days. He smiles. "These guys have last names?" Spencer says no. He is glad that she finds this all so funny.

She heads into the bathroom to take a morning shower. She takes her purse with her as she exits the room.

She calls John while in the bathroom.

"Are you going to tell me that you have stopped playing detective?" John asks with hope in his voice.

The door opens and Blair hangs up quickly while turning to the door. Spencer catches her with the phone in her hand.

John calls her right back to leave the voicemail that if she doesn't call back in one hour he will be coming over.

David is led into John's office and a box is in front of him. He opens it and looks inside. "I don't believe it."

Cristian and Layla wait for news on Evangeline, and they stop a nurse to ask about her. There isn't any news.

Layla heads to the lounge to rest a while.

Cristian turns to the door where Todd is still inside with Evangeline. He isn't allowed inside, as Todd is.

Inside, Todd speaks softly to Evangeline telling that when she wakes she will be able to see again. "I promise."

A woman stares longingly at Hugh as he works out with the weights. She just stands there smiling at him.

He sees Kelly and rushes off to speak to her, leaving the other woman alone. Kelly would think that he were following her if it weren't for the fact that he was there first. They bump into each other everywhere.

The woman who was staring at Hugh is upset thinking that he could have told her that he had a girlfriend.

Rex finally gets up. Adriana is relieved. She hears his stomach growling. He is hungry but wants to make love first. ***

Natalie has sent canolis for David as promised. He and John now talk about the case. David soon realizes that John is being nice because he wants something. John does… He wants Spencer.

"I was talking to Starr to get her to understand some ground rules about how things are going to be now that Todd wants custody of the kids. Spencer is sorry that she has to deal with all this. He hates that Todd has taken over at the hospital. "I tried to stop him once before but this time I will make sure that I succeed." Blair turns to face him quickly. "What do you mean? What did you do to try to stop him before Spencer?"

Marcie comes to Roxy who has a hangover and looks terrible. Marcie tries to feed her coffee but that makes her want to puke. "Tequila is evil! Tequila is evil!" she chants as she falls out of the chair. Marcie helps her up and drops something. It is a baby's soother. "What are you doing with this?" Roxy asks.

Cristian tries to get information from a nurse but there isn't any yet.

The nurse tells Todd that he has to leave the room for a moment.

Todd leaves and orders the nurse in the hall to get Dr. Simmons up to talk to him right away.

Spencer says that he tried to get to Todd by trying to get him arrested the other night and that is all. Still if he gets the chance to get one over on Todd, he will take that chance. She hopes that he will never do anything to hurt her or the children. He gets frisky and she cringes. "I just want to take a shower." He insists on getting in with her and so she lets him.

"Truman was in the alley and gave you the gun," John remarks. David knows that Spencer will never admit to doing this. "Spencer is cool and clever and investigating him will get you nowhere," David says. John isn't worried. David will help but he knows that he will regret this. "In Spencer's world, emotion is weakness. John is going after Spencer and he will never see it coming.

Hugh and Kelly workout and talk about David, but only for a minute. He shouldn’t really talk about it but only says that there is 'innocent', and 'not really guilty'. Todd is still not innocent but he isn't guilty at the same time. Kelly is tired and has to stop. She sits now. He knows that the pregnancy must be what is making her tired. Kelly knows that sooner or later she has to tell Kevin the truth about the baby.

"I already know the truth," Kevin says walking up, with his tote bag over his shoulder.

Kelly turns to him shocked to see him.

Hugh tries to intervene in case Kevin is going to freak out. "Mind your own business," Kevin shoots at him. "I miss you Kevin," Kelly says. "That suprises the hell out of me," Kevin says.

Rex had fun teasing Adriana by pretending that he couldn't get up. "Is this special for you? You have been with lots of women and have probably done this a thousand times." He has been with many girls but he can't even think of that right now. She is way more than special to him. She is uncomfortable with him staring at her the way that he does. He hand-feeds her now. She wants to go out but he makes a face. She insists on going out. She wants a tan…

The phone beeps.

Adriana looks at the phone. "It is another message from the stalker."

"That was so wonderful," Spencer tells Blair. She decides to do her makeup in the bedroom so that he can shave. "Try Starr again," he tells her.

John is in the office when Blair calls.

"He mentioned a forger named Lenny," Blair says. John wants her to stop this but she will not. "I am going to do this," she whispers while sitting on the bed. I am going to do this for Todd!"

"Are you going to share?" David asks when John hangs up the phone.

"It is an email. How does he keep finding me?" Rex will re-filter her addresses and this won't happen again. "He doesn't know where you are Adriana. You are safe. I am not going anywhere. Do you trust me?" Of course she does. He promises to do whatever it is that she needs to keep her safe. "No one will ever take you from me."

"I am so sick of fighting," Kelly says. Kevin is too actually. He didn't sleep well the night before. "I stopped drinking and I am going back to work." She knows that. She leaves. Kevin calls to her again but Hugh tells him to leave her alone. Kevin finds his interest in all this strange. "I am her friend."

Dr. Simmons tells that they will not have any idea what has been the result of Evangeline's operation until time has past.

"How is Evangeline?" Blair says walking up. "What are you doing here?" Todd asks. She heard about the accident and came to see what happened. "Why do you give a damn?" Cristian kindly gives Blair an update on Evangeline's case. Blair goes over to Todd asking what he is being so mean about. "You are not the only one who cares about her."

"It's Tommy," Marcie explains. "They took him away. It wasn't like we were bad parents…" Roxy was there at that point once. "We were only supposed to keep him for a while until they found foster parents. Roxy tells that the kid leaving is a good thing as now she and Michael can do it on the kitchen table. Marcie just misses that kid a lot and it isn't even her baby. "Look Marcie, sometime you have to do what is best for your kids…Even if they ain't yours."

Cristian gets his chance to talk with Evangeline. "I promise that I will not let anything happen to you. I will keep you safe from now on. I love you and I want you to come back to me." Evangeline breathes deeply.

"I don't remember anyone that was named Lenny from the old days," David says. John keeps asking questions. He learns that the man might have been a part of the gang, or a member of the family. "We got called in by the cops for all kinds of bad things… cheques, gambling… Wait! There was this guy Lenny… If we can find him…" John doesn't want him to have any false hopes before their time. "I told you John, I was shooting…" John springs into action rushing to the door. "I told you not to tell that joke anymore."


A man comes running. "Take Vickers back to his cell!"

David tries to grab the crime scene gun off the table but John stops him cold. "Drop the gun Vickers… Take the cannolis."

"This is perfect," Adriana says. "So many new things to do. Never made love in the water…" Rex hasn't done that either which shocks her. Rex is starting to thing that the stalker pushing them out of town was a good thing. He kisses her and gets sand in his mouth. "Only one thing to do about that." He picks her up and carries her to the water.

Kevin has come to see Kelly and she can't think what he has to say to her now. "I am tired of fighting Kevin." He is too. He thinks that they should lead separate lives.

Hugh tells David that if he gives something solid on Spencer, he will get free. David feels that Hugh wants to throw him to the wolves.

Hugh remembers talking to Kelly who hopes that David will get a fair shake in all this.

Hugh will give David that chance.

"Cristian…" Cristian tells Evangeline not to talk. "You had an accident and you hurt your neck."

Todd and Blair hurls hurtful comments.

Spencer arrives and Todd urges the man to do something about him if he doesn't like the way things are going for him. "Let's go," Blair says. Spencer walks off…

"I should have backed off from Todd," Cristian says. Evangeline knows that it was all an accident. She feels the bandages on her eyes and tries to move them but Cristian tells her not to do that yet. "I will be here for you as long as you need me. I love you." She tells that she loves him too.

Todd is at the door listening.

John is searching the name Truman in the police database. He will cross-reference that with words like 'fraud'. Pay dirt! A name pops up. "We have a winner…with any luck we will get what we need to clear Bo, and convict Spencer." Hugh is concerned that it might not be enough for John to just get Spencer for the case involving Margaret. "Are you going to go on with this until you can prove that Spencer killed your father?"

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