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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

"This is kidnapping Nash. Antonio is on your tail right now following us." Nash knows differently and isn't worried about that at all. Jessica points out all the things that could happen to Nash. He just laughs.

"I will be back in a minute," Antonio tells Claudia. "I need to go and see Jessica." Claudia begs him to stay as she says she really needs to drink. "Don't leave me. I just …I feel so lost, especially with my father gone." She starts crying. "He was the one person who really cared about me. I need you to stay with me and give me a few minutes…"

Once her head is over his shoulder in a hug, she cuts the act as he can't see her face. The tears stop immediately. Antonio continues to hold her to make her feel better.

"What are you doing? ***Keeping me till Tess comes out?" That is exactly what Nash is doing.

Adriana screams after looking out the window. "He is out there." Rex jumps into action. "Stay right here!" he orders running out.

Cristian and Todd are arguing over Evangeline's condition. Cristian hits the man. "Evangeline could die because of you."

Todd gets off the floor as Layla is walking up. Cristian fills her in. She guesses right when she asks if they have been fighting and she tells them to grow up.

RJ arrives at the hospital, and finds Nora walking around. He catches her as she is about to fall over. She is grateful for his help.

"I don't know where to turn to," Claudia says. Antonio tells that Claudia is in trouble making friends with Nash, and that he is a disaster to Jessica.

Jessica gets angry with Nash and so he agrees not to talk if she doesn't want to. "This is crazy!" she says. "I was trying to fix things so that you could see the baby and now Antonio is going to make things difficult for you." He wants Tess and the baby. Jessica is angry that he is doing this. He will do it anyway. "I am calling the shots…not you. I will do anything for my baby and Tess."

Clint and Dorian enter her house. "You know when we were having our fight, I wasn't sure that I wanted us to patch things up but now I am glad that we had," Dorian says. "We will always defend our families." Clint talked to Viki about this and she thought that their family loyalties would break them up. Dorian loves to prove Viki wrong. She goes into the fridge and gets a six pack. She also grabs a bag of pretzels and throws them at him. "I remembered that you like to have a brew and that beer goes with pretzels." She bought these things for him and she guesses that is because she wanted to make up. She admits it. "So you wanted to have some beers with me and then have your way?" She smiles. "If I were thinking that, this would be the night for that. No one is around."

Rex returns and tells Adriana that no one has been around. "No footprints in the sand, or tire tracks on the road." She didn’t see someone, she saw something. "I saw a butterfly." Rex looks at her strangely. "Don't look at me like that!" she says. He understands what she is saying but knows that sometimes a butterfly is just a butterfly.

"You can't stop me from getting to a phone when we get where we are going. Are you going to lock me up?" he thinks about this. He starts reminiscing about Tess but she doesn't want to hear about the happy times of Bonnie and Clyde. He laughs at her. "You are not usually the sarcastic one."

"Relax Adriana. I will be here to take care of you." She goes to heat the pizza up for them.

Rex sighs.

Clint can't believe that Dorian is okay with Adriana being off with Rex. He wouldn't be her first choice for Adriana, but that isn't her choice. "Rex makes her happy!" Dorian says. Clint likes Rex but knows that Dorian is protective and that she objected about Adriana going out even with Duke. Dorian knows that she has been way too protective and that hasn't been a good thing. "I am going to try something new now." He wishes that she would try something new with Kevin but they don't talk about it. They pop their corks and holds their lagers high. "I am impressed Dorian. I find this new and improved Dorian to be very, very sexy." They kiss.

"Her heart stopped and we have restarted it," Michael explains. "I don't expect any permanent damage. No one will see her until she is doing better. Now that she is stabilized, Dr. Simmons will perform the eye surgery."

In the OR, Dr. Simmons makes his observations, remarking that both corneas are damaged… They operation is about to start.

"We met at a restaurant in New York," Nash said.

"She was sarcastic…"

"She stole my car…"

"I took her to my apartment as someone slipped her a roofie. She took off and I ran after her and found her. I fed her and took care of her. Then she threw a party…"

Nash came home and fo9und strangers in the apartment.

Jessica rolls her eyes as she listens.

The baby squawks but Nash will not let her feed her. He remembers that she fed her earlier. He tells that the baby is just fussing and that a little music will make things better.

Claudia says too much and in her explanation as to why she is okay with helping Nash out and being his friend, she says that she has agreed to… "What is it that you have agreed to?" Antonio asks.

RJ visits with Nora and helps her with her therapy, by willing her to walk to him.

Todd is on the phone, arranging for an exciting new front page for the paper. "It should read 'Lady Lawyer Gets Second Sight'. Just hold it until I tell you to run it."

Layla, Cristian and Michael discuss Evangeline's chances.

Todd returns to them assuring that Evangeline will get her sight back. "It is going to work." Cristian just walks off.

Dr. Simmons has finished the operation and now they have to wait until the bandages are off.

Michael will not let anyone see her yet.

Layla goes to call her mother with the news.

Cristian goes to Evangeline's door and touches it…

In the room, Evangeline lies unconscious, with bandages…

Claudia ends up telling Antonio that she was to keep him out of the way for Nash.

Antonio tries calling Jessica but he can't reach her.

He remembers that Nash disconnected the phone before.

He calls a friend Paulie and asks the man to check on Jessica.

Clint and Dorian are quietly and kissing. He undoes her robe and kisses her again. "Why don't we take this upstairs?" They start walking.

The phone rings and they pause.

"It is Antonio."

"Clint! Nash took off with Jessica and the baby. The door was left open and Jessica and the baby are gone. She wouldn’t leave the door unless she was forced to." Clint also thinks that Tess would have left the door open.

Clint has to go. Dorian understands that.

Rex is looking out the window at a shooting star. Adriana starts dialing but Rex grabs the phone from her. "This creep is smart and can tap the phone lines. We need to lie low." She wonders how long they are going to stay there all locked up like this. "As far as I am concerned, we can stay here forever…"

"What did you mean forever?" He just likes being there with her. "In a couple of days, when we are sure that the stalker is gone, we will check to see if the man is gone." she hopes things work out that way.

Nora holds her hand out as she sits in her wheelchair. RJ has her letter and he will give it to her but she has to go over to him and get it. She goes through the motions and manages to get halfway before falling sideways into a chair. she hoists herself up and reaches RJ. He laughs when she actually snatches the letter out of his hand. "I knew that you could do it." She gets back in her chair and reads her letter. it is from Rachel.

'Mom…I can't leave Kenya right now. I am helping so many people…"

"She sounds very happy," Nora says. RJ got a letter too.

'RJ has kept me up to speed. You are always in my heart. Love Rachel!'

"What did she have to say?" RJ asks. "It is none of your business," she says.

"This is our haven," Rex says. "This is a dream come true and I never want it to end." They kiss. When he kisses her everything in the world comes to an end. He removes her robe and they kiss some more.

"Damn!" Clint says. "The police will not start looking for Jessica until all other options are exhausted." Dorian is concerned. Clint hopes that Nash will not do anything that is dangerous. "I have to go and let Viki know what is going on." Dorian u understands. He will call her if anything happens.

After he is gone, Dorian sighs. "Bad timing."

The door suddenly opens and Clint rushes back in to give Dorian a really passionate kiss. He leaves quickly soon after.

"If this doesn't work I will stop bothering you," Nash promises. "I will be content to be in Brennan's life in any way that I can. I will give up."

The memories come. Tess and Nash are at the house and Tess is telling him that he is her future.

"Nash has run off with .Jess," Antonio tells. "Oh no!" Claudia says. "Can I help?" He thinks that she has really done enough. "Go home!" he orders. He has to swing into action.

Adriana is clutching Rex's hand and he grimaces as he pries her fingers open to get his free. He goes to the closet and opens his laptop. He types quietly making sure that Adriana isn't disturbed.

"We need to stop soon for formula and diapers," Jessica says. He has already taken care of that. "You know…we made a beautiful baby. I know the night that we conceived. The look in her eyes…the smile… I hadn't met anyone like that."

Jessica gets the associated memory of Nash and Tess kissing and toasting to the future.

"You sure are quiet," Nash says.

"I am Nash Brennan," Antonio says into the phone. "Here is the number… " he holds up a receipt from his till. He gets the last ten transactions and hangs up.

Next he gets a metal box out and privately takes his piece out, concealing it under his jacket.

Cristian is pacing.

Todd comes by and walks to the door to open it. "You can't go in there!"

"Yes he can," Michael tells. "Todd just gave a big cheque to the hospital and so they are letting him in."

Layla isn't happy that the only person that can see her sister is Todd

"I am not going to leave you now. You didn't leave me when I needed you. I won't leave you now. I won't leave you now." He holds her hand and leans over to kiss her forehead.

Cristian has pushed the door open and he watches Todd with Evangeline.

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