One Life to Live Update Friday 7/21/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex and Adriana enjoy their evening making love at the secluded house on the beach.

Viki sees that Dorian has found her in an embrace with Clint.

"Should I tell her that this isn't what it looks like or should you Clint?"

Dorian walks off upset.

Antonio and Jessica spend a nice evening home with their child.

Nash and Bruce talk about Nash's latest plan to get his daughter.

Natalie arrives and is short with Nash, who she clearly doesn’t like.

She walks on…

Claudia is with John, stopping him from leaving the club. "Here is what I need from you," she says. She pulls him into a kiss.

Natalie walks into the club in time to see them kissing.

Todd and Cristian arrive behind Evangeline's stretcher as it is being pushed into the hospital.

Todd warns that if Evangeline isn't back to her old self, he will kill Todd.

Adriana and Rex talk. He seems to have some bad news… Adriana wants know what it is.

"I came over to see the landscaping that Réne had put it," Dorian says when Clint stops her from leaving. Dorian starts leaving again.

Viki comes out and stops her from leaving. She winks at Dorian as she leaves the pair.

Dorian finds it funny that Viki has winked at her on her way out. "I came to apologize. Lindsay suggested that I eat Humble Pie. That was a mistake. I find you hugging Viki when I come over? The next time that I hear advice like Lindsay gave, I will know that it is nonsense. Next time I will go with my gut. I came to apologize to you but you… Do not deserve it." She tries to leave but he stops her smiling.

"When is your next set?" the drunk guy that was bothering Claudia before asks. John can't believe the man has returned. He flashes his badge at the man who walks off.

Claudia hates what John has just done. "That isn't good for business."

"Is kissing other girls' boyfriends good for business?" Natalie asks walking up.

John walks off now. Natalie goes to Claudia. "Don't you ever touch him again!"

Nash and Bruce as talking about their plan…

Bo walks up to the two.

Jessica tells Antonio that she can't handle the fighting with she and Nash. "I can't live like that anymore…I can't."

Cristian and Todd are pacing in front of the OR, waiting for news.

Todd can't stand the waiting anymore. He starts walking to the OR door. Cristian grabs him roughly and pushes him away from the door. "You are not going in there!"

Michael comes out and both Cristian and Todd are immediately quiet and ready to hear the news.

Rex tells that the bad news is that they have no food and he is craving a pizza. She wants to go with him but he insists that she stay there and wait. "I will be gone for ten minutes. I will lock you in the house and leave you my gun." That makes her nervous. He decides then that he will not leave. She suddenly decides that she will be okay and that ten minutes is not a long time to be alone. He hands her his gun.

Clint makes Dorian stay in the house. "I accept your apology." She finds his acceptance very generous but still tries to leave. "I am sorry too," he says to her. "What you saw just now could seem insensitive on my part, but still, you were insensitive to Kevin." She meant what she said to Kevin but was upset that it get Clint upset. "I am apologizing to you Clint." He is angry now that she isn't sorry for lashing out at his son. She finds this has been a waste of time. She wanted a reconciliation but she doesn't see that is going to happen now. He finds her 100% wrong here. "This is such a mistake," Dorian says. She stomps to the door. He follows her shouting that she is right that this was a mistake.

"What is her problem? Good God…what is my problem?" Clint wonders.

"I am supposed to stand by and watch as Nash pours wine down your throat?" She says that it wasn't like that. "Tess didn't try to even make an appearance. What I am worried about more is you losing your temper and getting into trouble. If you are gone, then Tess will find it easier to get out." He promises that he will not give up on her. "If he touches you again, I will rip his head off."

Nash talks to Bo for a minute in greeting and then Bo is gone.

Bruce come out of hiding. "Meet me at this address Bruce in 45 minutes."

"Get out of my face," Claudia says. Natalie knows all about Claudia and that makes Claudia wonder which sister gave her the information. "Claudia explains that John only helped her get rid of a drunk guy."

Nash enters the club and sees Claudia.

She in turn sees him.

"I am not interested in the cop… He is not a good kisser," Claudia says walking off.

John is on the phone.

When he gets off the phone, Natalie is right behind him. "Who were you on the phone with?" She asks.

He turns to her quietly.

Michael hasn't really got much to tell at this point about Evangeline's condition. Todd has an idea. He knows that since she is in the OR, now would be a good time to get her eyesight back. Michael finds this a ludicrous idea. "No," Todd says. "Think about it. If it is to happen, this is the perfect time."

John was talking to Blair and she is way in over her head.

Bo comes to John and Natalie walks off. He gives Bo the message that Blair might have some information.

He leaves Blair another voicemail.

Claudia finds it funny that Nash has come to the bar that she works at to relax. She has decided that she will help him out. "I don't know if my father really wants me to do that though."

Viki comes to see Jessica. "It is a perfect time to visit. Antonio is on his way to the club."

The baby is asleep and that saddens Viki. "I was looking through my baby book and I was thinking that I don't need to look for tips when I have a mother to help me like you."

Antonio comes out dressed to go to work. "I will not be late okay," Antonio says. "Remember what I said," Jessica says. Antonio leaves.

"I don't think that I can do any of this…" Jessica tells her mom.

Adriana is alone in the beach house.

She hears a noise and gets the gun out, pointing it at the door…waiting.

"I can't think about Evangeline's eyes right now," Michael says. "This isn't about you!" Cristian shouts. "Stay out of it!" Todd shouts. "I don't have signed consent to do the operation anyway," Michael says.

"I do."

The three men turn to find the doctor that Todd had flown in, standing behind them in a doctor's robe. "I have signed consent from Evangeline's mother, and her sister is on her way down here…"

A nurse comes out shouting to Michael that Evangeline is in some sort of distress and isn't responding to treatment.

Evangeline has to be operated on now or they will be risking paralysis.

Jessica tells her mother how Nash kissed her and he couldn't help himself as she looks so much like Tess. She worries as she isn't fully integrated yet. "I feel so sad for him. He is so in love with this baby…sometimes, I wonder… if I am the best mother for her. Tess wouldn't breastfeed… It won't work now. I feel like I am letting my baby down." Viki knows that a lot of mothers don't breastfeed. "She probably didn't breastfeed so that she could give her up easily to you Jessica."

"Daddy is dead because of me," Claudia says. "He wasn't the best person in the world, but he was my dad…I don't know what to do now. I don't have a father and I don't have you. I can't drink either thanks to you." Nash needs her to help him but she feels like he is only trying to use her. "Think about it as helping a friend. Remember that I am the one that is keeping your secret." She is horrified that he didn't help her out of friendship alone. "I have a plan and I need you to help me with the plan. Keep Antonio busy for me…" Soon she understands that he is going to kidnap Jessica and the baby.

Antonio sees the pair talking.

Bo is at the club and so is Clint. They both talk with John.

Adriana calls her mother. "What is wrong?" Dorian asks. "Why are you whispering? Are you alright Adriana?" She is fine now but maybe not for long.

Dorian is horrified to think that Rex has left her daughter alone. "Tell me where you are!" Dorian asks. She is about to tell when the door opens.

Rex comes in with pizza. "I heard someone on the porch." Rex tells that it was only a fallen branch.

"Adriana!" Dorian calls. "I am still here!" Rex picks up the phone and shouts they are fine before hanging up.

"So the old Nash has come out to play," Claudia says. Nash wants her help. "You owe me." He walks off.

Antonio comes to Claudia and she tells that Nash has blown her off again. "I need a drink really badly," she says. "Why do I let him do this to me? Antonio can you help me? Can you help me stay sober?"

Natalie suggests that she and John go home and get into bed. "That sounds good." He will not turn the phone off but he will put it on vibrate. They walk out.

Clint and Bo talk about women. Bo can see that his brother is all riled up. "Talk to me. Maybe I can help." Clint still has Viki in his life as an important force, and their romantic relationship is done, but then there is Dorian. Bo doesn't want to hear anymore.

He sees Dorian entering the club.

"Good luck," Bo says walking off.

Cristian and Todd glare at each other as they wait for news on Evangeline.

In the OR, Evangeline is unconscious as the medical teamwork on her. She flatlines. The group move into action. "No pulse!" someone shouts.

Viki is ready to go but tells Jessica first that she has a wonderful little girl who has a great mommy. "I didn't know what was wrong with me when I was little and I had very few around that would help. I am convinced that you and Antonio and Brennan will be just fine." Jessica really needed to hear that. They hug.

"I am sorry," Claudia says. "I am making you baby-sit me and keep me from drinking." Antonio is glad that he can help. "If Nash and Jessica were together for a while, would Jessica turn into Tess?" Antonio isn't worried about that in the least. "I am convinced that Jessica and the baby will stay with me and not go anywhere." Claudia wouldn’t underestimate Nash if she were he.

Someone knocks on the door while Jessica is reading.

Suddenly the door flies open and Nash and Bruce enter. Bruce grabs Jessica and Nash grabs the baby. "Jessica! We are leaving town together."

Evangeline can't be revived. They used the paddles on her.

Cristian and Todd can hear that something is very wrong inside. Cristian turns to Todd, grabbing him by the collar. "You did this to her! You did this!"

Clint and Dorian talk calmly and nicely to each other. He suggests they go somewhere a little more private and she agrees…

Bo leaves a voicemail for Rex and tells him that if he needs help he is to call.

Rex and Adriana set the table for their pizza meal. He even has a candle for romance. He has gotten them some dessert as well. He goes to the kitchen now.

Adriana opens the curtains, and looks out into the night. What she sees makes her scream!

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