One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/20/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer


"I wish that I could see you," Evangeline says. He and Evangeline are shirtless and facing each other. They decide to make love.

Todd arrives at the door and knocks.

"It's Todd!"

Evangeline and Cristian rush to get dressed and a tray with coffee cups on it gets knocked over.

Todd hears the commotion and breaks the door in.

He sees them with their tops off. Cristian tries to hide Evangeline's state of dress with her top.

Rex and Adriana are at their beach getaway and they are kissing in bed.

A sound is heard in the night. "Oh God!" Adriana jumps up nervous.

"Don't ever play another stunt like that again," Antonio says to Nash now that he has caught the man trying to bring Tess out. "I will go," Nash says. "However, I will be taking my daughter with me."

Spencer and Blair are at the table talking in the club as Claudia sings. "You know Spencer, there is so much that I don't know about you."

She thinks back to john telling her that she needs to get Spencer talking.

"What is the sudden interest in my past about Blair?" Spencer asks.

John is out and about looking for Spencer.

Todd has news for Evangeline about her eyes. Her face lights up.

Dorian is home alone and drinking. She is angry with Clint for treating her the way that he did when he found her shouting at his son. She smashes glasses against the wall from time to time.

"Who does that Dorian think she is?" Clint fumes where he is.

Dorian is not happy and continues her rant about Clint.

She goes into the main foyer and finds Lindsay in the house. 'What do you have to do to get past security around here?" Lindsay has a picture with her that Dorian is to hang in the house.

Rex and Adriana enjoy their time. The noise was just some animal outside. Adriana runs to the shower.


Rex checks the cellphone. 'You can't run from me Butterfly."

"Did you have a fight with Clint already?" Lindsay asks. "Come on! Are you and Clint an item Dorian?"

Clint is still talking to himself when Viki walks in.

"I just had dinner with Kevin and he is wonderful. I wish that you could have seen him Clint. He wants to honor Duke's memories and he is putting his life back together again. You worked some sort of magic on him." Clint hopes that Kevin keeps up the good work. Viki knows that he will and he has his parents to help him. "I hope that he is okay after the scene with Dorian." Viki has no idea about that. "Your relationship with Dorian is exactly that and I will be staying out of that." That will not be a problem anymore as Clint and Dorian are now through.

"Clint and I are through!" Dorian shouts as Lindsay listens.

Spencer and Blair talk still about her interest in his past.

John sees Spencer and Blair talking and goes elsewhere in the club to hang out.

Blair is coughing. Her throat is sore.

She remembers him straddling her and trying to choke the life out of her the night before.

"I am so sorry if I hurt you Blair. It was Todd's fault for drugging me," Spencer.

She thinks back to drugging the bastard herself.

She decides to tell some secrets of her own. "I faked a pregnancy once… I didn’t want to sleep with Asa, so that was very difficult to pull off." Spencer smiles at her as she talks. "Okay, now I gave up something. Now it is your turn! Tell me a secret about your past."

Not too far away, John sits with his back to Spencer and Blair but from time to time he turns and peers at the couple to see what is going on over there.

Todd is still in Evangeline's apartment and he can tell what was about to happen just now before he came in. "I think that you are making a big mistake Evangeline. I know that you are not feeling great lately…" Cristian gets angry. "This isn't any of your business!" Todd ignores him. "You don't have to jump into bed with this guy," Todd says. Evangeline gets angry. "Why is this any of your business? Why do you care who I sleep with?"

"Rex you better get in here for hot water!"

Rex comes into the shower and they start kissing.

Claudia is in deep thought.

A man comes over and comes on to her. He wants to buy her a drink but she doesn't drink. The man will not leave.

"Is there a problem here?" John asks trying to be of help.

Spencer tells Blair a story of his father on his deathbed trying to get his take from a job to his sons. He and David jumped through hoops to trying to get that dough. "Then there was Lenny…" Blair doesn't understand how this guy fits in. "Who is Lenny?" she asks. "He is a forger…" Spencer explains quietly.

"I care because I am Evangeline's friend." Cristian doesn't care what Todd was thinking. "Get out!" Evangeline doesn't want his advice on her personal relationships. "I just wanted you to know that you are going to get your eyesight back," Todd throws in.

"I didn't know that Clint would be so petty," Dorian says to Lindsay.

"Of course she would react like that," Viki understands. "The argument was Dorian's fault!" Clint shouts.

"He wasn't decent to me," Dorian tells. Lindsay figures that Dorian must have been screaming and shouting at Clint's family and that makes Lindsay understand Clint's reaction. "You should go to Clint right now!" Dorian will not grovel. That isn't what Lindsay meant. She just feels that an apology is in order.

"Go ahead and say it Viki. Say that you told me that this would happen." Viki might think it and write it in her diary but she wouldn't say it. "I might even sing it in the shower. Saying I knew this would happen would be rubbing it in. I am not going to do that. You want me to justify what you did by bashing her but I am not going to fall for that. You will make up with her and then I will feel bad." Clint vows that he will not be making up with Dorian.

"She is my daughter…I am her father," Nash says. Antonio cares nothing about that. Antonio wants to get physical but Jessica pushes him out of the way. "I am the baby's mother!" Jessica says. "I would like my baby back. I will get a court order if I have to." Antonio tells him to go ahead as he knows that there is a judge who would be interested in the fact that he murdered Claudia's father.

John kicks the guy out if the club.

Claudia goes to John and tells him that she can handle herself just fine. She is in a bum mood. Soon she calms down and tells that her father just died. "I lost my dad too," John says. She finds it funny that is all that he has to say about that. He offers to refer her to a shrink. She has been to many shrinks. "Why don't you screw up your life as much as I did and then come back to talk to me. Right now, you are hassling me more than that drunk guy was." He feels that the money spent on her doctors were wasted.

Spencer tells Blair that the forger was pretty good and he could do anything.

Spencer gets a call.

Blair leaves to get drinks… She actually goes to a corner and dials. "Come on John… Answer the phone…"

John is three feet behind her…watching her.

His pocket starts ringing.

He walks over to her… "Are you calling me?"

She turns hanging up. "What are you doing here? How am I supposed to get Spencer talking if you are here?" He reminds her again that she is playing with fire here.

"Oh no!" Dorian says. "I will not apologize in this particular instance." Lindsay is fine with that but Dorian has to understand that she will be alone. "Clint is a catch and a half and if you don't want to lose him you better cut off a piece of humble pie and start snacking!"

John has news on how he knows that Spencer is the guy that killed his father but he can't get into that right now. Blair leaves. She has to get back to Spencer before he gets suspicious.

She arrives at the table just as Spencer is hanging up from his call.

John repositions himself in the bar so that he can watch Spencer and Blair from afar.

"I wasn't just babysitting," Jessica says. "I am that girl's mother." Nash doesn't want to hurt anyone but he will not give up on Tess and Brennan without a big fight. Antonio is ready for a fight. "Once Jessica is integrated…Things will be different." Antonio and Jessica want him out, but he would like to say goodnight to his daughter first. "You have stayed long enough as it is," Antonio say. "Now get out!"

Nash walks out.

Antonio moves to comfort Jessica.

In the hall, Nash has a meltdown… Swinging his fists as if fighting someone. He gets red in the face from anger.

He gets his phone out and dials. "It's me Nash! I need your help!"

Viki sees that Clint does the same as Dorian does. "You both do the same things. You defend your families. You were bound to tear each other apart. Better soon than later…"

"I am sorry," Lindsay says to Dorian to display what she is to say to Clint. "You are lonely and you will be that way until you learn to get over yourself a little bit. RJ and me have our share of problems. I caught him kissing Nora the other day." Dorian would rather get back to her problems. Lindsay decides that it is time for her to leave. Dorian writes her a cheque for the painting. Dorian is sorry but eating crow isn't for her. "You just swallow it down with some wine."

Rex and Adriana are ready for bed. Rex has to go and lock up.

Adriana is alone. She suddenly freezes in her tracks.

Rex returns. "Did you see that?"

"I found you a doctor and he is putting other patients on hold." Evangeline can't believe that he did that. "I wrote the man a cheque and now he is here." Evangeline can see that Todd hasn't heard anything that she has been saying. "I make the decisions about my life!"

Adriana sees the message that was sent for her. Rex saw the message but didn't want to alarm her. "My plan to hide you worked. He has no idea where we are." He really has come through for her and she knows that if it weren't for her, she has no idea what would have happened to her. "You are my hero." He hasn't ever been anyone's hero before.

"I promise that I will not say another word about you and Dorian." Victor understands Clint's understanding of Kevin's situation and she is grateful for it. She hugs Clint now.

Dorian enters and sees them in an embrace.

"What were you doing with John?" asks Spencer. "I was just saying hello," she says. "Shall we go?" She gets her coat and pulls Spencer out of there.

John starts heading to the door.

"Where do you think that you are going?" Claudia says holding John back by the arm.

"I need you to help me with a kidnapping," Nash says into the phone.

Cristian gets angry and shoves Todd. The men start arguing. Evangeline starts shouting for them to stop but they will not.

She walks out of there as fast as she can. She stumbles on the way, but plods on. She brushes by a plant in the hall and keeps going. She comes to a door now. She opens it and ventures through.

Her foot doesn't land quite right when she puts it down but by the time that she realizes that, it is too late. She goes toppling, head first down the stairs…

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