One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/19/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Roxy comes over to Paige and makes a crack about her charges. Paige is offended and starts walking off. Roxy apologizes and get Paige to sit again. Roxy knows of Paige's problems and knows that John will never let her live it down.

Nash tells Jessica how to enjoy wine as an art. They are in her apartment

Jessica has some memories that belong to Tess. She remembers him teaching her how to savor wine like he is doing now.

Nash can see that she is remembering something that they shared. She won't talk about it. She will not tell him what she is remembering as Antonio is the only man in her life. He knows that can't be true.

Todd comes into Antonio's bar.

He sits alone after saying hi to Antonio.

Evangeline is alone at the apartment angry over the way that Todd and Cristian fought over her. "They can both go to hell."

Cristian shows up at the apartment, banging on the door. "It's me! I am sorry for what happened before." She shouts back at him. "I don't need to be rescued," she says. She makes no move to open the door and let him in.

John is alone at the office.

Blair shows up at the police station. John doesn't want to talk to her as he knows what is will be going on about. He feels that she should be off keeping her kids away from Truman. "I don't have a death wish. I need hard evidence against Spencer." John can see that Blair is rushing this thing all of a sudden but she will not tell why.

"You were there. In the alley when Thomas was shot!" Spencer tells his brother to keep it down. "You set me up. You gave me the gun with blanks. I bolt and I ran into you, so you were there. You shot John's father didn't you?"

High above David's cell, there is a tiny microphone.

Hugh sits elsewhere and listens to the siblings as they talk.

"You were great," Matthew says after watching his mother walk to him. She is making great advances. "I want you to come home." Matthew gets his mother's wheelchair for her so that she can rest for a second. Nora falls into the chair. Bo is happy to see how great Nora is doing. She is crazing a cheeseburger and onion rings, so she has to get out of there. Bo realizes that Matthew will be able to move back with Nora when she gets out. "I will miss my bunkmate and we were just getting used to being bachelors." Nora feels bad that she will be breaking up the band. Bo is fine with that as he isn't working and will be able to see Matthew more. Matthew suggests that his father get himself another roommate.

Roxy can relate to Paige's situation, she says. She got a second chance in life from her kids. Paige tells that she has no kids when asked. Paige finds Rex and Natalie to be amazing people. "You must have been something to parent them to become what they are." Roxy shouts for them to get a couple of drinks. They laugh. "To second chances!" CLINK.

"Did you shoot Thomas?" David asks. Spencer worries that someone may be listening somewhere. "Look me in the eye Spencer. Tell me. Did you or did you not kill John McBain?"

Spencer thinks back without speaking.

After David ran by…

Spencer got up from behind the dumpster and pulled out the gun that he had…

Blair tries to force John to help her with Spencer but he won't. He shows her the newspaper and asks her if what he read in there is true. She gets angry with him for this. She has to get this man for Todd. "I turned my back on him when he needed me the most and I stopped believing in him when he was innocent. I let Spencer manipulate me, so I owe it to Todd to get Spencer." John sees that she still loves the man. "I do and I need to get information on Spencer, or I am going to lose Todd. I think that Todd is falling for Evangeline."

Cristian begs to be let into Evangeline's apartment, but she will not open the door. "I was wrong from thinking that I should pay for the treatment for your eyes." She makes him apologize louder and louder until she is sure that all her neighbors hear. "You make me feel like a charity case." He wants to just help her and he feels some kind of responsibility to do it. "I don't pity you… I am falling in love with you!"

She opens the door now. "What did you say?" she asks. "I said that I am falling in love with you…"

"I got plenty to say David but you should just shut up!" Spencer says.

Hugh paces knowing that right now, he is very close to hearing what he needs.

"Would you shut up David?"

Hugh waits holding his breath.

"Are you not getting your medication in here or something? David just shut up. I am done with you David. You are on your own," Spencer says walking out. "Oh now I am on my own?" David asks. "I have been on my own for my entire life Spencer."

"Todd sure has a soft spot for the uptight defense attorney." John doesn't think that Evangeline is a bad person. He still cares about her. He worries that Manning will drag Evangeline into trouble. That is why Blair wants him to help her with this.

Todd's contact arrives. Todd and the man talk about the eye treatment that Evangeline may need. "I have to warn you Mr. Manning that my treatment may not be for this woman. She must mean a lot to you."

Claudia goes to Antonio and tells that she was in California and that her father passed away. Antonio instinctively thinks that Nash was a part of this. "Where is he now?" Antonio asks. "Where do you think?" she answers.

Nash tells Jessica that she can't shut him out and pretends that he doesn't exist. "We have a beautiful girl together. We made love. You know that your arms have held me and your lips… Your lips…" He moves closer to Jessica now…

Matthew wants Paige to move in with his father but Bo knows that it isn't time for that yet. Nora will have someone move in to help her at the house. Matthew runs out for a minute.

"How are you fixed for money?" Bo asks. He can help if she needs it.

Matthew returns with a nurse to wheel her off. Matthew says 'bye' to his mother and she is wheeled off.

Bo and Matthew head out for burgers and fries.

Roxy and Paige look at the scam ads in the paper. Roxy believes in some of them but Paige knows most of them are scams. Roxy touches the woman's hair. "I got it! Come to work for me at Foxy Roxy's Hair Haven." Paige almost spits out her drink at the sound of the salon's name. "You wanna join?" Roxy tempts. Paige can't cut hair but she can do nails.

The bartender asks Roxy if she wants to make $50.00 for the night. A waitress hasn't shown up. Roxy is offended that he would ask them to do that. Paige is up for it. She grabs an apron.

"Forget it!" John tells Blair finally. She will do this with or without him. She starts walking out. He stops her. "Okay, what you have to do is get him to talk. You are his safe haven. Keep it that way Blair. Stay safe." She walks out.

John gets a call from Hugh. "I need to talk to you right away and it is urgent."

Evangeline isn't upset, she just didn't expect to hear what Cristian said to her just now. He didn't expect to say it. "It just came out… It is the truth Evangeline… That is how I feel. That is why I want to help you get your sight back. You make me happy and all that I think about is being with you. That is all that I think about. I want to help you. I am falling in love with you and it is as simple as that." She turns to him quickly. "I am in love with you too." There is silence. "Why aren't you saying anything?" He takes her in his arms and kisses her now.

Nash gets too close to Jessica and she almost gives into his advances but then she moves away from him. "What is upsetting to you?" She isn't Tess and she doesn't like to be told that she and Tess are one. Nash understands that and tells that it is hard to see Jessica and not think that she is Tess. "I want to just hold you in my arms." She isn't Tess. He knows that, but would still like to have some more wine with her. That is the only way that he can be near Tess in his heart and in his mind. She agrees to one more glass and then he has to go. She leaves to check on Brennan.

Nash sits and pulls the phone cord out so they won't get interrupted.

Antonio tries to call Jessica but he can't get through. He will have to go over and check on her. Claudia is glad to see that she still has her job back.

"I just want her to get her eyesight back," Todd tells the doctor. "That is all that matters."

Cristian and Evangeline are hot and heavy. They start pulling off their clothes and are almost into it when Evangeline stops him saying that she can't go through with this.

Hugh and John are together. "I just got through listening in to David and Spencer talking," Hugh tells. "I just overheard David accusing Spencer of shooting your father."

Claudia sings a song for the patrons of the club…

The doctor will want to see Evangeline soon. He can't stay in Llanview for very long. Todd has booked the man a suite and has a limo to take him to the suite.

Blair walks in as Todd and the doctor are leaving.

She introduces herself to the doctor and soon realizes what his purpose in town is. Todd drags the man off, leaving Blair alone.

Bo and Matthew are at the restaurant and they take a table.

"Welcome to Roadie's What can I get you?"

Bo turns when he recognizes the voice behind him. "I work here now. They asked me," she says.

"I just want to see you right now," Evangeline says. He tells her that feeling him is enough. "I love you." They kiss some more.

Todd arrives at Evangeline's place and is about to knock.

"He didn't deny it," Hugh says.

He plays the tape for John to hear how David was leaning on Spencer and Spencer was only interested in shutting him up. David reveals that Spencer was already at the shooting before it took place. "You shot John's father didn’t you Spencer?" David's voice rings out from the device.

Nash tells that holding the bottle of wine in his hand is a dream come true. "It is very rare. Tess made me splash cash on this. It all added to the quality of the grape for the wine. It adds oak-i-ness to the flavor. She smells and can sense it.

The door flies open and Antonio comes in. He goes to the phone to show Jessica that it has been disconnected. "He wanted to take time to get Tess out!" Jessica looks over at Nash horrified.

Claudia sings…

Blair sits alone and listens…

Spencer enters and sees Blair.

He goes over thinking that she looks upset. "I just had another run-in with Todd." He offers to do something about the man finally, but Blair doesn't want that. "I want to talk. I know nothing about you," she realizes. "I want to know everything about you…"

Cristian and Evangeline are kissing and half-dressed.

Someone knocks.

"Who is it?" Evangeline calls out.

"It's Todd!"

Cristian rushes to gets their clothes as they are not presentable. While doing so, he knocks over a nearby tray and it goes crashing to the floor.

"Evangeline! Are you okay?" Todd calls out. He wastes no time. He stands back and makes a run for the door, throwing all his weight against it. The door flies open.

A shirtless Cristian, who holds Evangeline's blouse around her brassiere turns to find Todd staring at the couple curiously.

John comes to see David in his cell. David moves to the bars.

John takes out the recording device.

He plays a few sentences for David to hear.

"You bugged my cell? Is that legal?" David asks when he realizes what he is listening to on the tape.

"Nevermind that," John says. "Did you really think that he shot my father or were you just blowing smoke?" David is clear when he tells John that he believes that Spencer shot the man's father.

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