One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/18/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Jessica cleans the house while talking on the phone but hangs up when someone knocks. "Nash!" He enters the apartment and kisses her full on the lips after staring at her for a couple of seconds.

"Cristian where are you? You are taking so long." Evangeline takes a chance and gets to her feet. She bumps into people and someone knocks her cane out of her hands.

Todd appears and picks up her cane for her, while she is still feeling around for it on the ground.



Kevin has come over to talk to Kelly about her passing out before. He talks with concern for her.

Blair gets a call from John. She wants him to help her with trapping Spencer. He feels that she really needs to stay away from the man. He still agrees to meet with her but it is only to talk her out of playing this game with Truman.

The doorbell rings.

Blair finds Spencer at the door. "I needed to see you. Someone drugged me and I need to prove it."

John goes to the meeting place.

His contact arrives and knows that someone is there.

"Come out! I know you are in here."

John comes out of hiding and tells the man that he knows that he has only been given part of the story that he asked for.

Jessica pushes Nash off her. "I am not Tess. Nash tells that he wants to see his baby. She lets him in and she shows him where the baby is. Nash stumbles out of the room.

She sits to wait for him to finish his visit.

Nora gets visitors.

Matthew is glad to hear that his mother will be getting out of the hospital soon. Matthew tells how he and his father have been spending time with Paige. "Everything is starting to go right. Now all we need is for dad to get his badge back."

Someone is watching John as he talks with the old man. "I know that you don't want my friends to find out about the criminal things that you have been doing. I tell you what…Why don't you tell your big friend to come from behind the door so I can see him." The old man who saw David with the gun calls for his man.

The henchman comes out. John has the gun to show the men. The henchman pulls his gun thinking that they are in trouble but they are not. John asks the old man to help him clear something up.

David will not stop shouting, although the officers warn him to shut up.

David will not shut up until they bring his brother there.

Spencer tells Blair that he is on probation because of the newspaper article. "Todd is a member of the back-from-the-dead club and now everyone listens to anything that he has to say. I will get a restraining order if he tries to start a smear campaign against me." Blair is sorry that this has happened. "What can I do to make this better?" Spencer wants to have a time out with her. He hands her tickets. She and the kids are to go out of town. "I can't go," she says quickly.

Evangeline tells that someone knocked her cane out of her hands just now. Todd hugs her.

Cristian walks up. "She is with me."

Antonio is working at this time. Jessica knows that she has to talk about Brennan with him but she can't do that right now. He only wants to stay until the baby wakes. "I will not kiss you again." She allows him to stay. "I spoke to Clint and he told me that you saw the tapes." Nash has seen the tapes. Jessica had some feelings and memories but not direct ones. "They were recent memories… Memories about you."

Kelly doesn't believe that Kevin cares about her. "I am dealing with something and I am dealing with it on my own. I am trying to forgive myself." Kevin would like to talk about forgiveness.

"The kids aren't in school and this is the right time to go away." Blair knows that would be like running away and Todd would love that. "Then there is Starr who will not get on an airplane with us. This is sweet of you and I would love to get away with you but I think that you need to wait until the time is better."

Spencer gets a call.

"Is something wrong? I will be right there…"

Spencer tells that David is causing a scene at the jail. "I have to go. Promise me that we will get our calendars out and make another date for a trip." She promises. He leaves.

"The only trip that you will be taking is to death row buddy," Blair hisses after he is gone.

Cristian explains that he went to get drinks for he and Evangeline. Todd tells that Evangeline almost took a nosedive back there just now. Cristian offers to take her home. Todd isn't sure that Cristian is fit to do even that. "I'll take her," he says. "Wait a minute!" Evangeline says. I am not going with either one of you."

Nora sends Matthew for some chocolate for her. He is smart enough to know that the grownups want to talk alone. Matthew runs off.

Nora tells that she spoke to Paige. Bo tells that Paige hasn't got any charges but she can't practice medicine. "All the evidence that framed Todd points to me still," Bo tells. Nora warns that she will get back to work and she just might have to handle his case.

Evangeline gets angry with Todd and Cristian and leaves on her own.

"What is wrong with you Manning?" Todd tells that he has a guy that will look at Evangeline's eyes for her. "I just want to be a friend to her," Todd says.

"The bullet hit my father and it came from this gun…" The man only saw the kid with the gun and hasn't got more details. "It has been 25 years." George goes over to the gun and looks at it. "Is that the gun the kid was holding that night?"

Spencer arrives thinking that David suddenly has realized that he shouldn't have confessed. "John paid me a visit and he found the gun that I dropped in the alley that night. I was shooting blanks just like Kevin Buchanan! But you knew that didn't you? Cause you were the one who gave me the gun!"

Nash wants to learn more of what Jessica has been dealing with but she doesn't want to delve into it anymore. "Can you feel Tess being in love with me?" She doesn't answer. He has a bottle of wine for Jessica that he brought. She looks at it. He misses Tess. "She was out once," Jessica tells. "She thought that you were in trouble. She was only out for a moment but I have been stronger than I have been for a long time." He decides they should have a drink and so he opens the bottle of wine with his teeth. She can't help but laugh. "I haven't really had the chance to taste the fruit of my labor. She agrees to having one glass with him. He pours. "They clink glasses and drink.

"Kevin we have hurt each other in so many ways. It really all can't be forgiven." He can see that the pain isn't going away. He has been hurting himself and his family and everyone that he comes into contact with and he hates himself. "I stopped drinking. It is harder than I thought. I am trying though. I am going to go back to work and put my life together." She has no idea why he is telling her this. "What do you want from me?"

Blair watches as Todd talks to Cristian.

Cristian knows that Todd wants to be a friend to Evangeline but he feels that he can offer her something more important. He leaves.

Blair comes over.

"What are you doing here?" Blair tells that she heard the conversation just now. "You are pulling out all the stops for Evangeline." Todd says that Evangeline has been a very good and loyal friend to him. Blair smiles superficially. "You falling for her Todd?"

Nora gets more information about Bo's case. "Do they have proof that you were even in Kentucky?" Bo tells there is nothing. He laughs. "There was nothing."

Matthew returns. Nora has a surprise for him.

George remembers the night and seeing the kid.

"These are the same scratches on the barrel that the kid was carrying that night."

"I could have been the one that ended up dead that night Spencer." Spencer points out that he didn’t die and has been surviving just fine. "You knew that I didn't kill anyone and so you let me believe this lie all these years. You knew the truth. Now I am going to find out the truth. I am going to find out who really shot Thomas McBain."

Blair wants to talk to Todd but he wants to go.

Something has his eye.

Blair follows his line of view and sees that he is staring at Evangeline.

Cristian is with her and he tells her that he has a chance to fight and make a lot of money…enough to get her eyesight back. "I don't like being controlled by you, or Todd or anyone else."

Blair asks Todd what exactly it is that he is going to do to get Evangeline to be his. "You think that I am going to tell you what my plans are?" Todd walks off.

"You think that I am going to sit by and let you go off to be with another woman?" Blair says quietly…

"We are done here," George says. John asks if the man saw the gun get fired. "I heard the shot," the old man. "I looked out and the cop was laying on the ground… It doesn't take a genius to know what happened." George leaves now with his cohort.

"The killer is still out there."

Nora shows her surprised. She manipulates her wheelchair and stands after a little effort. Matthew claps. "Wait!" Nora says. "I am not done yet." she then takes a couple of steps to her son. Matthew holds his hands out for her when she reaches him. Bo smiles from behind.

"I just want you to know that I don't want to hate you…I want to accept… Well I hope that I can accept what has happened. I want to make sense of this," Kevin says. Kelly wonders if he really means this. "When I look at you Kelly, I see you naked… With my son… and uh…I don't know, I don't know if I can ever make that image get out of my head. It is something that will always remind me of that. I just want you to know that I am trying." He hurries to the door now and walks quickly out.

"How is Kevin going to ever accept you?" she asks her stomach as she rubs it. "You are a constant reminder of what Duke and I did."

Jessica and Nash have their glass of wine. He tells that wine is supposed to be for all of your senses. "Swirl it gently in the glass… Bring it to your nose… Close your eyes…Take a deep breath… Smell the ripeness of the fruit. The layer upon layer of taste. Take a sip… Let the textures fill your mouth…Now swallow. Do you get it?"

Jessica has a memory. Tess was with Nash and he was teaching her the same thing.

Nash sees her face. "You're remembering."

Jessica snaps out of her thoughts.

Evangeline gets upset with Cristian and tells him that she doesn't need his money.

A man comes over to see Evangeline. "Reuben? Can you take me to a cab? Cristian! Don't follow me."

David thinks about it. "Wait a minute. I know where you were that night. You were with me. You were in the alley the night that McBain got shot."

John returns to the office and the phone is ringing.

"It's Blair. I need to dig up some stuff John. I need your help cause I am running out of time."

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