One Life to Live Update Monday 7/17/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Cristian and Evangeline are at Angel Square. Cristian brought her there to show her a good time. He will use his eyes and she will use her senses.

Dorian tells Blair that she has bumped up security and that she should stay there still with the kids as it is safer there. Blair asks if Dorian has seen the paper. She hasn't.

"You are such a liar mom," Starr says walking in brandishing the paper. "And she is the person to determine who I live with…"

Spencer shows up at the hospital early for the board meeting. Todd suddenly appears from nowhere and this presence unnerves Spencer.

John grills David about the shooting. David says that he shot the gun and then dropped it. John tells that the gun that he found had blanks in it.

Starr drops the bomb by telling what is in the newspaper, and then walks out against her mother's wishes. Dorian is stunned. She browses the article.

Kelly enters and Dorian starts in on the both of them. "Get yourself together and move on Kelly…And you Blair! Get some therapy."

Kelly wants to know if it is true that Spencer beat her.

Spencer isn't sure what Todd is doing there. He isn't on the board and can't attend those meeting. Todd says that he has information for the board.

David can't understand what John is trying to do here by suggesting that he wasn't the killer, after trying so hard to make the opposite true. ***"I confessed. That is it!" John TELLS That he found David's gun and he didn't shoot Thomas McBain. The person who did is still out there.

Kevin talks about the way that he has been treating his family. "I am feeling sorry for myself as I am alone in an empty house. I can't do it anymore. I am so tired." Clint begs him to let it go. "None of that is going to bring Duke back." Kevin knows that he doesn't deserve this but he would love a second chance. "You are my son Kevin, and so if your are sincere, you will get all the chances you need."

John and Natalie talk to David more about the shooting. "Is it possible that the shot was loud enough to cover for another shot? Were you followed?" David tells them to stop it. "I killed your father John."

Today is a special day. "He led a political fight," Cristian tells. "I brought you here Evangeline so that you could feel this celebration. This will be good for you." She thinks that the day is perfect.

Starr finds Ricky and her girlfriend sitting cozy together. Starr gets bummed out and starts leaving. Ricky calls to her and tells her to come back and hang out for a while.

Spencer is led into the boardroom.

The newest board member is led into the room. The door opens and Todd comes strutting in. He gives Spencer his biggest, brightest smile.

The concert starts. Starr and her friends watch

Blair denies that she had been beaten up.

She remembers Spencer on top of her that night choking her and calling her a bitch.

Kelly freaks out on Blair for all this. Blair can see that something else is at play here. "I have to tell Kevin that I am pregnant with Duke's child."

Clint shows Kevin something that the staff made up for him. It is a plaque with Duke's image on it.

"What a pleasant surprise," Dorian says to Kevin. "You destroy Kelly's life and now you want to go back into your comfortable life. Maybe if you had been a better father, Duke wouldn't have forced Kelly into this situation?"

David has no idea how he is to react to the news that John and Natalie are trying to make him believe. "I changed my name and I pretended to be a part of someone's family. I abandoned Dorian at the altar. She is the only woman who ever gave a rat's ass about me and I left her in shreds. Now you are telling me that I didn't even do it." John still isn't sure that David didn't do it. "Oh Good!" David says. "So even if I didn't do it, I could end up going to prison now for something I didn't do?"

The board apologizes to Todd for the treatment that he got for crimes he didn't commit. "Thank you for the generous donation that you gave to the ICU wing." Todd just wants to pay back what was given to him. "Now," the Chair continues. "We must talk about the newspaper article that has Dr. Truman on the front." Spencer intervenes. "That picture was not taken with permission. I was spending time with my lady friend and had the TV up too loud and that was the extent of it." The board seems accepting of Spencer's explanation. "Let's move on!" Todd interrupts. "I have a few things to say…"

"I am sick of the women in my family getting screwed over by men," Dorian says. Kevin tells Dorian that she is right but that he hasn't just strolled back into his life. "I am trying to hang on. I am sorry if I have caused you any pain." She isn't buying his act.

Cristian puts a flower in Evangeline's hair. The flower is red but when she suggests that it is a beautiful yellow flower he lies to her. "You look stunning right now," he tells her. He will go get food now. She promises to stay out of trouble.

Starr comes over to see Evangeline.

She looks over at Ricky and her friend and tells that life is a joke. Evangeline feels that Blair still loves her. Starr hugs her and leaves.

Evangeline's phone rings.

She answers "Yes! Oh my god that is wonderful! How much is substantial? Okay… I would love to come into your office. Would tomorrow be okay? Perfect! I will be there!"

Cristian returns as she is ending her call.

"They may have found a way to give me my sight back."

Todd touches Spencer's shoulder as he tells how he may never be able to repay Spencer for the good that he has done for him. "Still… I am a business man and if we lose the public's trust just one more time…that will be disastrous." The board puts the motion to a vote, but not before Spencer is asked to step outside.

John and Natalie tell that there is a guy named George who saw David with the gun. John knows that if David didn't kill his father, he meant to. "In the meantime, pray that we find this George…" John walks out.

Natalie tells David that this isn't over. "Oh you bet your sweet ass it isn't over," David tells her.

"I hope you drown in the self-pity that you wallow in!" Dorian shouts at Kevin.


She turns to find Clint standing behind them both.

Blair is sure that Kevin will see the baby as innocent and that she has nothing to fear from him.

Dorian tells Clint that Kelly is upset and sick over this. Kevin starts leaving but Clint says that Dorian is the one that should be leaving. Kevin leaves anyway.

"My relationship with Kevin has always been strained Clint, so can we just forget about it?" Clint feels that is the dumbest thing that he has ever heard.

Spencer is brought back to the room and told that he is being put on probation. "Meeting adjourned."

As the others are leaving, Spencer grabs Todd and hisses that this isn't over. Todd agrees. "Not by a long shot."

Evangeline fills in the blanks about the doctor's appointment. The problem is that the costs of the eye operation are too much, but at least she has hope. "There is a light at the end of the tunnel." Cristian has to run off. He says that he is getting Marguerites for them. He is gone.

Evangeline leaves a voicemail for her sister telling that she might get her sight back if she can come up with some money.

"I need you to nail down that title fight for me. I need the money," Cristian says into the phone.

"I thought that we found it, but it isn't right. I think that we are almost there but I can't see it." Natalie tells him to hold on to that idea with both hands and not to let go.

"You can't hear yourself?" Clint asks. "He is my son! Get out!" Dorian poo-poos Clint's outburst, but Clint is serious. "It was a mistake," Clint says. "Yes!" Dorian agrees. "It was a mistake. Because you are nothing more than a Buchanan."

Blair feels that it is great that Kelly is going to be a mommy. "Do this for you. Don't think about Duke and until you are ready, don't think about Kevin."

Kelly goes to the door and opens it.


Starr and her friends enjoy a little rough play at the park.

Cristian's friend comes to see him and tells him that his hand isn't looking very well, and that he shouldn't go hitting anything until he gets it looked at first.

"I am starting to think like you McBain." Natalie just knows with all her heart that John is going to find the perp that killed his father.

David shouts for the guard so that he can call his brother.

"You know this is going to blow up in your face Manning," Spencer says. Todd promises to make everyone in the town see what kind of a sick, twisted son-of-a-bitch he really is…including Blair.

Kelly goes to talk with Kevin.

Blair calls John to have him call her back about Spencer.

"I am going home now Todd, and I am going to make love to your ex-wife…" Spencer walks off.

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