One Life to Live Update Friday 7/14/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex goes to see Adriana.

Starr is there and not glad to see him.

Adriana comes down and greets him.

Dorian freaks out when she sees that Rex has been granted entry without her getting a call first.

The doorbell rings.

Starr goes to the door and sees her friend. She starts leaving but Dorian stops her. "I am going to the Country Club to lie around the pool." She walks off.

Adriana feels they should be patient with Starr.

David is in his cell.

Natalie comes to see him.

She is left alone to talk to David. "What are you doing here?" David asks. She needs him to draw her a picture of the place where he shot Thomas McBain.

John is at the office and finds Bo and Matthew there cleaning out the rest of Bo's things. They have a full box ready to go. Later they are going to go and beat some range balls.

Paige arrives and surprises everyone.

Blair gets the paper at the door and sees the picture of Spencer passed out in his bed.

She turns to enter the apartment. Spencer is right there. "I am so sorry Blair," he says apologetically. "What is in the paper?"

She shows it to him. He gets angry again. "Manning!"

Todd is in the hall and smiles at the anger in the man's voice.

Spencer gets upset at the article on him. It is front page. "What is all this mess?" he asks. She tells that he was very angry. He asks if he hurt her. She says 'no'. He needs to know who took this picture.

Matthew and Paige hug and catch up. Bo asks to talk to Paige alone for a minute. Matthew runs off.

"That is the greatest kid in the universe." Paige tells that the DA has decided not to press charges against her. Bo knew that. He has been checking up on her. He isn't too glad to be packing his things and leaving. She wants to talk to John but Bo feels that is a bad idea. She has lost her license to practice in all states. "I am sorry," Bo says. "I know how much your work meant to you." She feels sorry for Bo as he isn't responsible for what happened to him.

Rex wants to take Adriana off for a secret trip. Dorian will not allow that. "You are no match for this stalker." Adriana wants to be in on this decision. "I will not run Rex."

The doorbell rings. "What fresh hell is this?" Dorian asks.

Daryl is at the door. He is making delivery for Dorian. "I have something to show you," he says. "Adriana should go." He has found something tacked to the front door. He hands over a note.

Spencer asks if Blair had anything to do with this incident. Blair says that she didn't do anything. Spencer remembers that he accused Blair of drugging him but now he is sure that Manning did something to him at the restaurant. Blair backs up and Spencer is upset that she is afraid of him. "I just didn't sleep last night and I really need to get out of here." She starts heading to the door but Spencer holds her hand and drags her back to him. "I love you. I love you more than anyone else in my life." Blair knows that. She leaves now.

Once in the hall, she shudders. "I know you love me," she says under her breath. She walks off.

Todd is hiding down the hall, around a corner and he peeks at Blair as she walks off now.

Rex talks to the guards and returns to Dorian and the others and tells that there was a point where the gate wasn't being watched properly and that is how the stalker got in. Dorian wants to fire everyone and hire new people. "We will get background checks too." Rex says that Daryl should be checked out too as he came up to Adriana and freaked her out at the boxing match. Adriana is sick of all this and decides that she will go with Rex after all on the trip. "I won't be calling you." Dorian makes a face and Adriana tells her to stop that. She can't change Adriana's mind and so she warns Rex to keep an eye on her daughter. "I will hunt you down if you don't!" Rex and Adriana leave.

Dorian looks at the note that was left. She reads it and makes a face. "You will never get away from me," she reads.

Starr and her friend are at the Country Club. They look at the tractor that picks up the golf balls and they see Ricky. Starr had no idea that he worked there.

Ricky comes into the area.

Starr calls out to him. Starr's friend wants to go, forgetting about this guy so she can try to score a drink inside. She walks off.

Starr and Ricky talk now to catch up.

"You are the greatest person that I know," Paige says to Bo. He stops her from talking more.

Matthew comes in and is ready to go. "You want to come with us," Matthew asks Paige. Bo says that Paige is probably busy. She has golfed before and is pretty good. The three leave the station now.

Blair is there coming in when Bo is leaving. He tells that he is just moving a few things out of the office. She says that she is doing okay and that she will keep him posted.

Blair goes to John and shows him the paper. She confirms that this story is real, but she needs his help.

Spencer is dressed now. He leaves the suite in a huff, slamming the door behind him.

Todd comes out of hiding and walks up the hall.

David takes the paint and paper and starts drawing the scene where John's father died. He can't answer a lot of her questions as he hasn’t been at the scene in twenty-five years. "You probably dropped the gun David, seeing how you were young and scared at the time." He confirms that he did drop the gun and he shows Natalie on the sketchpad where he dropped it.

Starr apologizes for her friend being unfriendly to him. He is fine with that. He talks about liking someone and not having told her about it. Starr smiles.

Matthew arrives and says hi to Starr and Ricky. "Are you going to be here later?" Ricky asks. Starr will be there. He walks off.

"Are you guys together?" Matthew asks.

Bo and Paige talk at a table about their relationship and how it could be different.

Natalie wonders if the gun is still in the alley somewhere. She will have to go back and see if it is still there. David has questions, but Nat has to go now. She tells him that he really helped John out by doing what he did. "I hate what you did but like the way that you are handling things now." He feels like she is falling in love with him. She offers to get him something that he can't get there if he needs it. He wants Italian food. She will see what she can do.

"I talked to Bo about this but he is off the force," Blair starts. "Bo couldn't help me. I know that you are busy John but what I am hoping is that if I talk to you, you will be discreet." He worries that Blair was hurt the night before. She says that if she presses charges, that will be small potatoes and she wants him for something else…something bigger. John tells her to stop this and let him handle it. Blair will not.

"Dr. Truman what's happening?" John shouts over Blair's shoulder when he sees the man walking in.

Blair turns around and sees Spencer entering. "What are you doing here?" she asks. "I want to report a crime," he says.

Behind him, Todd walks in standing far away from the group.

Paige turns out to be a great golf player. She calls it luck. Matthew says that she needs a nickname and thinks that 'Missile' is a good one for her. "Hey dad, she can help you with your swing." Matthew runs off.

"I should go now," she says. Bo wants her to stay and help him with his swing. She likes that idea as she has a lot of time.

Starr can't stop staring at Ricky.

Matthew comes up behind her and can tell that she is smitten.

Spencer tells John that he had been drugged and he knows who did it.

Todd enters the conversation.

John gets a call from Barry in Records. "Your girlfriend was down here looking at records." John can see that Natalie doesn't know when to stop.

He goes back to the trio waiting and walks off, not really concerned about Spencer's problem.

"You are not going to get away with this Manning." Todd says that he could have written something worse, like he killed Margaret. "Shut up Todd!" Blair shouts. Todd walks off.

"What the hell are you doing here Blair?" Spencer asks roughly.

Dorian is upset. Everyone has failed in their duty to Adriana and now she has to depend on Rex. "I wish that I knew where he is taking Adriana."

Rex and Adriana are on the beach together and he assures her that leaving was the right thing to do and that they will be alright there. He promises.

Starr's friend returns and was unsuccessful getting an alcoholic beverage. She can see that Starr's face is brighter now. Must be because of that boy, she figures.

The friend's phone rings and she walks off.

Ricky comes over and asks if some other girl is who he really is interested in. He says that is right.

Bo and Paige talk while Matthew hits the ball.

"I did it!" he shouts triumphantly.

Bo and Paige turn to the boy and clap for him.

Blair says that she came to the station to complain about Todd and maybe press charges. "John says that the drugs probably have left your body already and there is no way to prove that Todd did it."

Todd returns to the couple and tells that the hospital board is upset about their surgeon being front-page news of the paper. "They have arranged a special meeting… This just isn't your day Spencer."

John and Natalie are at the crime scene again. They use David's drawing to make sense of what happened with the shooting.

John gets on the phone after putting two and two together. "Hi it's John McBain. I need to get a jack hammer down here."

Rex and Adriana walk on the beach. She is uncomfortable being out in the open like this. Rex was careful to have three different cars involved and he even hired people to drive the cars all over to confuse the issue. He didn't even tell Bo about this. He rented a place for them with a fake name. "How can I ever repay you?" she asks. He will think of something.

John gets the hole dug. He and Natalie peek into the hole. John gets his hand down in the dirt and starts digging around.

Bingo! He finds it! The gun is wrapped in a white handkerchief. "This is it! The gun that shot my father!"

The guard brings David something to eat but he doesn't want prison food. He is expecting Italian food with a file in it.

Blair goes to Todd shouting. She blames Todd for Spencer being drugged and she talks loudly. Todd tells Blair that she had better watch her step with this guy. "I only care about my kids, but you better get out too if you value your life." He leaves.

"I have tried," Blair says quietly. "I have tried."

John finds a bullet. He inspects it rolling it around between his forefinger and thumb. "What is it?" Natalie asks. "It can't be!" John says stunned.

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