One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/13/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Adriana looks at the 'do not disturb' sign and remembers her time with Rex at the inn. She sits curled up on her bed.

She can't help smiling at the thought of him and she and their first time together, having a wonderful time.

Dorian comes in and knows that Adriana is daydreaming about Rex. "I give you my blessing."

Rex comes up behind the two in the doorway, and then he hides again quickly without Dorian seeing him.

Dorian soon leaves.

"What are you doing here?" Adriana asks. "I couldn't sleep without kissing you goodnight."

Layla and Evangeline talk about Layla's date that night. Evangeline has questions about the guy. Layla doesn't seem to want to tell about it. She goes to get her special earrings for the evening.

Evangeline hears knocking and makes her way to the door to answer it, as she is the only one there.

"It's Vincent!"

Evangeline opens the door and then slams it in the man's face after she confirms that it is Vincent.

Dorian gives the okay for the visitor.

"She isn't here," Dorian says about Blair when Todd comes bursting in the house. He wants the kids. He heads to the stairs to get them. "You are not taking those kids anywhere!" Dorian says.

Blair tries her best to get Spencer to tell some of his dirty secrets to her. She wants to get something on him…anything. He doesn't talk. She says that he is honest with her, not like Todd was. "I hate lies, so why don't you tell me all of your secrets." She kisses the man's face as she talks to him sweetly.

Michael and Marcie returns home and the first thing they see is Thomas's crib. Marcie tries to keep it together. She tells herself that the baby is going to a nice home. Michael plans to pack up all this stuff and send it to Janice in the morning for Thomas. "It is going to look empty here when everything is gone," Marcie says. "I am not going to fall apart. Not for a few baby things. I think that I am strong." Marcie starts crying but Michael assures her that it is going to be okay. She knows that it is going to be hard, but she didn't think that it would be this hard.

Layla comes out ready to go and Evangeline says that she hasn't heard anyone at the door.

Someone knocks.

Layla lets Vincent and Shaun in the apartment. She learns from Vincent that Evangeline slammed the door in his face earlier. Evangeline admits it. She doesn't want him dating her sister.

"I will kill you before I let you take the children." Todd knows that Blair probably isn't at the house. "She is probably servicing Spencer at the suite. If she doesn't care about my children, then I will take care of them." Dorian tells him that he can't wake the kids now. He knows that she is right.

"Come on Spencer. You opened up to me before and I still stayed with you. The truth will set you free Spencer." Spencer is groggy but tries to give something up. "Todd…and crazy old Margaret…" Spencer coughs. "I feel sick." Blair tells him that he had twice as much champagne as she did. Spencer gets still. "Feels like I have been drugged." He looks up at her. "You drugged me…"

Layla apologizes to Vincent but he tells her that he doesn't mind Evangeline not liking him. He does mind her calling him a criminal instead of a businessman, which he feels, is what he is. He knows that Vangie doesn't want him to take her sister out and so he will compromise so everyone will be happy. "I will forget about taking Layla out and we can eat here. We will order out."

Marcie knows that they have to get rid of everything that reminds them of Thomas and they have to do that soon. Michael knows that this will all endup okay…well; maybe he doesn’t believe that. "How did I get attached to him so quickly?" Marcie wonders. "That is because of the kind of person that you are. You are attached to me. You have so much love to give. That is why I had to marry you. I wouldn't have been happy without you. Just thinking about you make my whole world. That is why I get up in the morning. I have a feeling that I will feel the same on the day of our Golden Wedding Anniversary. We should get started right now." She has no idea what he means. "I want to start a family with you right now."

Hugh comes up behind Kelly who sits alone. He grabs her glass and sniffs it finding that it is nothing but club soda. He hasn't been able to stop thinking about her since she told him that she is pregnant.

Rex and Adriana have a visit in the dark of her room. They have to be quiet so that Dorian won't hear them in there. She would bust a gasket! He tells that he has just hit a bucket of balls with Bo and he enjoyed that. She is glad for his connection with Bo. That makes him happy. He really looks up to the man. Adriana has news too. "My mother gave us our blessing." There isn't a catch either. "She is glad that you are keeping me safe." Rex is happy to hear that. "I really am Duchess". He wants to get it on with her but she can't do that. She would die if her mother caught them in bed together. She wonders if he wants them to get caught.

At the bedroom door, someone dressed in black walks up, and he puts his hand on the knob and pushes.

The door opens and the intruder can see Rex and Adriana on her bed kissing.

Hugh tells Kelly that he sympathizes with what she is going through. "You are so alone." She says that this is a walk in the part for her. He doesn't want her to suck it up for her but she is actually sucking it up for herself. She feels like a basket case. He finds her terribly sane. She will haven to tell Kevin the truth about the baby sooner or later as she will be showing soon. "I want to be a mother but thought that I would be doing this with Kevin. How will I tell him that I am pregnant with his son's child." She has to think too hard but knows that a part of her will always love Kevin. "Telling him this will send him over the edge." Hugh promises to keep her secret. "I have something that I have been hiding myself…from everyone…for years."

"I think that you are worse than Spencer," Dorian says. "Now get out!" "Todd vows to bring Spencer down and no one will get in his way, including Blair.

Spencer pushes Blair off him and gets angry. "I know what drugs do to a person." Blair denies that she is lying but he knows better. "Why did you do that to me? What are you doing to me? All I do is love you and this is what you do to me?" Spencer stars trashing the place and destroying furniture, turning things upside down and purposefully knocking the lamp over. Blair sees he is out of control and she stands quietly. He comes to her now. She runs back to the bedroom. He follows her and grabs her, throwing her to the bed. He climbs on top of her as she struggles and he puts his hands around her throat and squeezes. Blair screams and struggles but she can't get away from him.

Rex and Adriana have finished their lovemaking and she is grateful that he has been quiet so that Dorian will not be any wiser about his being there.

Rex heads to the shower now.

Adriana lays alone in the bed.

The stalker enters the room, quietly and swiftly.

Adriana has no idea that anyone is even in her room, until a black, gloved hand is placed over her mouth and a knife is held suspended in front of her face.

Vincent orders but Evangeline wants nothing. He is ordering Shrimp Cocktail. He sends Shaun to get the food.

"This isn't working Vincent. I am not buying your charm or sophistication," Evangeline says. Layla and Vincent like each other but Evangeline really doesn't care. "All I ask of you is not to judge me until you get to know me better." Layla knows that Evangeline is one who always talks of being innocent until proven guilty. Evangeline will be fair. "What is it then Vincent that you like so much about being a criminal?"

Michael is sure that he should have kids now. "My dad had time with his kids but that is because he didn't wait until the right time." She remembers him wanting to wait for the time to be right. She wants to plan this but Michael knows that you can also die unexpectedly and not get to be with you child. "Anything can happen but the only thing that I can be sure of is that I love you and I know that you have enough love for me and a child…our child. Let's do it! Let's make a baby." Marcie is on board.

"Are you coming?" Rex asks coming back to the room to get Adriana for the shower.

He sees the stalker who turns in his direction at the sound of his voice. Adriana is released and the stalker lunges for Rex. The men fight.

Spencer keeps his hold on Blair, trying to choke her…maybe to death. Suddenly, Spencer gets a wave of fatigue and he tires immediately. He falls to the bed on his back.

Blair takes this time to run from the bed. She is coughing and trying to catch her breath.

Someone knocks.

She opens the door to Todd. "Come on, get your kids. You have been neglecting them." He looks around the room at the rubble and the overturned furniture. "What the hell happened here?"

Hugh tells that his secret will undo him if people knew it. He takes off his glasses. "Put them on." She does. "They are clear glasses. I only wear glasses so that people think that I am smarter than I am."

Vincent is happy to tell Evangeline whatever she wants but not that night. "This is Layla's night." Layla suggests they have wine. Evangeline goes to get it.

"She is making me nuts. I know that I should be nice to her," Layla says. Vincent tells Layla that he will win Evangeline over soon enough. He wins everyone over eventually.

Rex and the stalker fight. The man overpowers Rex and back him up into a chair. Rex falls backwards on the chair and the stalker just manages to cut Rex's chest. Adriana is screaming for help.

Dorian comes busting in.

She isn't happy to see Rex in her daughter's bedroom. "He saved me!" Adriana shouts. "The stalker! He was just here!" Dorian finds that incredible that he was there in her house, in Adriana's bedroom just now.

Hugh and Kelly talk about his glasses and how he feels that he looks smarter that way.

Vincent and Layla are kissing.

Evangeline comes in and orders the two to stop doing whatever it is that they are doing.

Shaun returns with the food and Vincent takes it heading to the kitchen to dish it out.

Evangeline begs her sister to take things slower. "I like fast," she says.

Michael and Marcie are in bed. Marcie is uncomfortable. "Do you think that we could just cuddle?" That is fine with him.

There is no sign of a stalker on the premises. Dorian looks at Rex's wound and she is very grateful for what he has done. "I am so grateful that I am not even going to ask what you are doing in my daughter's room half-naked." She leaves.

"I thought that I was safe here Rex, but I am not safe anywhere am I?"

Todd makes his way into the bedroom and finds Spencer passed out on the bed. He also finds the tape recorder that Blair was using to tape her conversation with Spencer. Todd makes sure that she is okay and he takes a picture with his cellphone of Spencer and his disheveled suite.

He leaves the suite. "Stop the paper. I have a juicy headline for tomorrow."

Blair sits by the bed and stares down at Spencer. "How much is he going to remember when he wakes up?"

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