One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/12/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Jessica comes to Antonio now that Brennan is asleep. She wears a sexy red dress that is already partly off. She figured that they could take advantage of their situation. "Jessica?" Antonio calls. She is surprised that he has to check to make sure that she is Jessica. "Why would you ask?" Antonio find that she is acting just like Tess.

Nash makes the call to the authorities.

Claudia is sitting over her father. She cries. He holds her. He will take care of this for her.

Dorian comes to see David and is surprised to find that he is still in town like the radio said. "Thanks to you Dorian, I decided to do the right thing." She is so proud of him. "You sacrificed your freedom and the victim's family can have peace." David did it for himself but there is more to the story than what he told John.

John and Natalie are at the restaurant now and they discuss the shooting.

Spencer sees John and Natalie over Blair's shoulder. Blair is cold and asks Spencer to go and get her jacket out of the car. He would prefer to just go upstairs with her. She wants to keep celebrating the fact that it is time for them to take their relationship to a whole other level. Spencer goes to get her jacket now.

Todd watches him walk out.

Blair is alone at the table and she drops a little something in Spencer's champagne when no one is looking in her direction.

Jessica gets her back up at the way that she is being treated. Antonio tells that Tess uses sex to get what she wants and Jessica just did that to him. "Don't be defensive about this Jessica." She feels that he is shutting her out right now. He is scared that Tess is going to come out at any moment. She gets angry now. She knows what he means. He seems to like her without a backbone as that is how Jessica would act. "I have needs and feelings and there are things that piss me off. I have defense mechanisms, still I wanted to make love to you, so if that sounds twisted and crazy to you…" He apologizes and tells her that he doesn't find her crazy at all. He just can't help thinking that maybe the timing of this is strange. He thinks that she is doing this as she can't help thinking about Nash.

George is on the stretcher getting wheeled off.

Claudia comes running to the stretcher before it is totally gone. "I am going to find a way to make you proud of me daddy," she cries to him. She looks into his face.

George is taken off. "I want to go with him," Claudia calls out.

A cop comes over to the couple and asks about the gun that he found. "I ran a background check on the both of you and have learned that one of you had a lot to gain from Mr. Reston's death.

Viki is at a table alone. Clint sits with her. "That look on your face, I have seen it before. I think that I know what is going on with you." Kelly panics. "Oh my god! Does Kevin know?"

Todd tells John that he plans to search for his baby and so he will have to do some investigating. Natalie finds that funny as Todd didn't want this baby. "Do you want to be the child's dad, or do you want to punish Blair?"

Spencer returns to Blair and drapers her shawl over her. "Let's have a toast," Blair says. "I am looking at you with new eyes, and hope that everything stays very, very special." He'll drink to that.

"This doesn't have to tear us apart if you don't want it to," Jessica says to Antonio. He is sorry that she feels that she has to prove her love to him by giving him this explanation. He can see that she is getting strong enough to take control of her life. She knows that regaining the memories will be painful for the both of them. He is sure they will get through it. He promises not to lose her. " After all this talk about us making it through this and finding our way back… I still have a part of me that doubts that. I don't know what will happen when Tess and I integrate. I don't know if you will be able to love the part of me that is Tess."

The detective tries to get the whole story from Nash and Claudia. Nash says that George fell on the broken bottle. The cop already knows about Claudia's addiction and the past that they have with George. Claudia starts ranting and Nash has to tell her to stop talking right now. "I will tell you the whole truth. Mr. Reston is dead because of me," Nash says.

David tells that Thomas McBain called him kid and that he had his whole life in front of him and in that one moment that stranger was more of a father to him than anyone else. "I couldn't do it. I should have stopped but I was brought up to run and I did that. He shot a warning shot and I instinctively turned and shot back. My hands were shaking and I didn't even aim. I can't believe that I hit the guy. He fell and looked up at me and that was when I ran. I went to the hospital to see about him… I found out that he died… I had never fired a gun in my life. Spencer took care of me and shipped me out of the country… Dorian, we already had our goodbye. Can we leave it at that?" She will not. "Look at me! I am not going to turn my back on you." David knows that Clint is going to hate this.

Kelly realizes that she has talked out without really wanting to and Clint's interest is peaked. She says that she only meant that talking to him feels wrong after everything that has happened with she and Kevin. Clint sees an emptiness in Kelly's eyes like Viki used to have and nothing could fill it up for Viki when she got like that.

Todd sees that Natalie and John are not sympathetic to his cause and he leaves.

Spencer has no idea why he and Blair are still in the bar with all those people when they could be alone. Blair agrees that they should leave now. Both get up and head out the door.

Todd watches their every move, until he can't see them anymore.

Antonio says that he isn't that easy to live with either. She might not have an easy time with him in the end. "I love you," she says. He knows that and that keeps him strong. "I will love the Tess part of you Jessica."

Nash tells the cop a story.

"He found us together…

He tried to shoot me…

That was when I picked up the bottle…

I hit him over the head and he fell on a shard of glass.

When I found out what I had done, it was too late." Claudia says that Nash is telling the truth. The cop will have an autopsy done and cautions the couple not to leave town.

The cop leaves, but stops to think about this for a minute.

Claudia doesn't understand what Nash is doing. "I just recast the roles." She sees that he could have told this story differently to make things easier for himself.

John and Natalie are in their bedroom.

Natalie has been looking at things forensically and sees that the shot would have to have been made from another place than where David was actually standing. John just loves it when she uses big forensic terms.

Spencer is like a demon on Blair when he gets her in the room. She sends him off finally to change for bed.

When alone, she puts her purse by the bed.

Spencer returns stills dressed and decides to help her get her clothes off. She smiles at him but shies away from him when he paws her to get her clothes off. He can feel her resistance. "What is this? What is going on?"

"Thanks for covering for me," Claudia says. "It would have been too much for me to handle. Smashing that bottle… Thanks Nash. It was because of you Nash. When you go through something like this, it bonds you…forever."

Clint says that whatever it is that is bothering her should be let out. "Not like Kevin is handling things." Kelly will not burden him with her problems. He would like to still be there for her though. Kelly gets up and teeters. She suddenly drops to the ground before Clint can get to her.

"You and Clint," David says. "That is weird Dorian. I am happy for you. No I'm not. I am jealous. I wish you the best, but not him." She finds that he is starting to sound sane and mature lately. "I will remain positive in your behalf and I am grateful that our last goodbye wasn't our last goodbye." They know that the only good thing about David running would have been Spencer losing his million dollars. They laugh and she leaves.

David hopes back into his cot.

"Rise and shine Vickers," Todd shouts. "We have to find out what your brother did with my son."

Spencer has his shirt off. Blair pushes him to the bed. "Roll over…" He does as he is told. She sits by him and tells him to close his eyes and she starts massaging him. "Let that mind roam free." Spencer jumps to a sitting position and turns to her. "Get that dress off." He can't wait. His head suddenly falls forward and he has a hard time pulling it up. "What's wrong?" Blair asks. "I don't know he responds. His head drops loosely forward again. "I don't know…I feel funny," he says.

Blair reaches for her purse and pulls out the mini recorder, just a little bit. She then hits the button.

"You fainted," Clint says. Kelly gets up and says that she is fine.

Dorian comes over and hears that something is wrong. "I think that you should go to the hospital." Kelly will not allow that. "I haven't eaten and that is why I fainted." Dorian finds that it wasn't smart of her to drink on an empty stomach. Dorian's face changes when she hears that all that Kelly had was a club soda. She will not leave and she sits at the table.

Clint walks off with Dorian now. She tells that her visit with David was okay and that David finds their relationship very weird. Clint doesn't give a damn what others think. Dorian doesn't give a fig either.

"Let's say that David is standing here and that he is right-handed." Natalie is trying to show John what she is suggesting about the shooting but John just wants to talk about something else that night.

"What am I going to do Vickers?" Todd asks. "I could go to Thailand and do the work myself." David says that he didn't mean to find Margaret when he was there but then he got sidelined and he found a guy that helped a little bit.

Blair tells a very sleepy Spencer that he should just lie back and talk. He will do that. "Did you play sports?" Blair asks. He did. "Did you get straight 'As'?" He did. "Was David smart? Spencer laughs. "I gotta protect him. He is all that I have and I have to protect him." Blair would now like to stop talking about David and talk about Todd instead. "What about him?" Spencer asks.

Antonio and Jessica lay in bed and talk about when they can properly start their lives together.

Nash knows that the autopsy will support what he told the detective. "Then I am going to return to Tess and the baby." Claudia will return to Llanview too. There is nothing for her where she is now. Nash leaves for a walk now but he says again first that he is sorry.

She thinks to herself how he isn't sorry. "It has worked out perfectly for him."

David tells that there is a bartender in Thailand. "His name starts with a 'P'. The man said that Spencer was with a woman." Todd will get right on it. David knows that Todd can find this information but that he will need Spencer to confirm it and he ain't talking.

Blair has groggy Spencer talking about her and how he fell for her and had to have her. "I am so glad that you made that happen," she tells him. "You did, didn't you?" He smiles. "If you only knew the things that I did to get you…" he laughs again. "Tell me Spencer…Tell me. What are the things that you did to get make sure that you would get me?"

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