One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/11/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex and Adriana act like young lovers.

Clint and Dorian sit by her pool. They talk about secrets. He has one.

"Hey Bo," Blair says sitting with him. Bo wants to talk about Spencer and her spying on him. Spencer arrives and sees Blair with Bo at a table, looking cozy. He stays at the entrance to the club and watches. He stands far from them. "What is the matter Spence? Jealous?" Todd asks from behind him. Spencer turns to find the person he hates most gloating at him.

John is at the crime scene. He can almost see his father's dying body on the ground by the chain link fence. John has been transferred back in time, to the shooting. John hears a sound from behind him. He turns and draws his gun pointing it directly at Natalie's forehead in one fluid moment. "My God John! When is this going to end?"

Marcie apologizes for not being able to turn over the child as asked. The social worker has to take the child but she tells the couple that they should have filed the right papers. They didn't. Janice promises that the baby will be fine and well cared for. Marcie will not let the woman near the child. Michael stops Marcie's craziness but not for long. "I will be damned if you let this woman take my son!"

Rex and Adriana fall on the bed again. She is so glad to be with him. The stalker hasn't approached her since they were at the inn.

"It is serious," Clint says. "You deserve to know the truth. I kissed Viki and I wanted you to know about that Dorian. I want to be up front with you." Dorian wants to know more. What happened was that Clint and Viki got closer somehow and then after the kiss they both realized the truth. "It was still over and that was it. There have been so many problems in the family and so inevitably there was going to be a connection but now that there has been one, there isn't a connection after all." Dorian understands. "So that makes me Plan B?" Clint laughs. "If you were Plan B, would I have told you about the kiss? Are we okay?" She has something to unleash on him as it stands.

Spencer walks off from Todd.

Bo doesn't like that Blair is going to get involved with Spencer like this. Blair feels that she has to do this as she doesn't trust the system. "I know you want your badge back Bo, but why worry? No one believes that you did any of this." Bo called her there because he wants her to do something.

Spencer lets his presence be known by walking over by the table. Blair thought that the man had gone to see his brother. Bo walks off.

"Bo! I want to talk to you," Todd calls out. "Have a seat."

"Things are so different," John says looking at the ground where his father lay once. John keeps pushing for answers but he feels that he really might not want them after all.

"I have pieces of that night… Things that people thought they heard and saw. What sticks out to me are the clothes that the old man was wearing. He wore that silly brown windbreaker and he wouldn't get rid of it. It was his favorite. I remember him in the casket at the funeral home and he had this preserved look and they used makeup to make him look lifelike… I want to know what he was thinking about when he was staring down the barrel of that gun. He wanted to go back home and see his boys." Natalie says that means that he wanted to live. "My dad was honest. That was the kind of man that he was. I could hear him saying that." John walks along. Natalie follows from a distance. "I have dreams about the old man but this was real and the last words my father said were to the man who killed him." Natalie wishes that she knew the man. John wishes that she knew him too.

Blair tells that Bo is having a bad time now that he has lost his job. Spencer is sure that as a Buchanan he will be just fine. Blair knows that Spencer would die if they told him that he couldn't practice medicine. Spencer tells that Paige has been taken away. "Poor Bo," Blair says. "He really loved her." Spencer says that it can be devastating to find out that someone that you love has been hiding something from you for a long time.

Todd seems to want to talk about Blair but Bo isn't interested in listening to that. He walks off.

Rex lays with his head in Adriana's lap. They try to have a light night. They talk about their first night together. He just wants to kiss her but she warns him that her mother is just outside. The door. Rex tells that he hired security to watch Adriana's house. Dorian hired people too. He takes care of her because he loves her.

Rex's phone rings.

Todd tells Rex to meet him. "I am feeling lonely and want someone to talk to. It is important idiot! Get down here now!"

Rex tells Adriana that he has to go and see Todd but that he will be back to take her away wherever she wants to go.

"You are not the only one who has been kissing people that you shouldn't be." Dorian tells how someone kissed her and she kissed him back out of force of habit. "It was David. David kissed me Clint. Then he was gone. He said that it was goodbye and this time I believed it." Clint says that his kiss with Viki was a goodbye kiss. Dorian feels that maybe they should start kissing each other instead of others. "Wanna start now? No one is watching…" They slowly move closer, smiling as they do. Then they are kissing.

Adriana comes to the pool and finds her mother kissing Clint. She is so surprised. Clint feels that he should be going anyway. "I will see you tomorrow?" Dorian will be looking forward to that. he leaves.

Adriana apologizes again for busting in. Dorian tells how Clint brought her the lovely flowers and then they had drinks. "Tonight he told me that things are really over with he and Viki, and I told him that things were over with me and David." Adriana thinks that it would be great if they could be honest with each other. "I want you to know who I was with and where I was." Dorian tells her the information instead of asking for it. "You were spying on us?"

Todd drinks as he peers from time to time over at Blair's table.

Spencer tells that his brother did the worst thing that he could have. Blair disagrees.

Rex arrives. Todd wants him to earn the money that he is being paid. "I want proof that Spencer set me up, and I don't see anything." Rex has been using Rex lately and that has been keeping him busy. Todd tells the man that Bo doesn't matter, and that from now on he is the only one who counts. Rex tells him to forget the job. Todd tells that Bo was there earlier but had to go blow off steam. Rex runs out.

The scene plays itself out. David's shot goes off. His arm falls to his side…holding the gun.

John realizes something. "They never recovered the gun." Natalie doesn't understand. "The gun can mean something…" he explains. They move deeper down the length of the chain link fence.

Marcie feeds Thomas and holds him. She can't let him go.

Michael goes to Janice and asks for a couple more minutes. "If you could give me a couple of minutes, I could get Marcie to come around." Janice grants them that but warns to make it quick.

Michael returns to Marcie. "I am sorry. We have to do this. We have to give him up." She worries about the new couple and if they will take good care of him. "what if he doesn't like them?"

Dorian denies that she has been spying but he did hire security people to watch her. Adriana worries that her mother has details of what she did the night before. Dorian doesn't need details to know that Adriana was with her boyfriend in a place like the inn. Adriana finds this very strange coming from her mother. Dorian doesn't approve of Rex but she can't send the girl back to convent school. Since that is the case, Adriana tells that she and Rex are in love. Dorian isn't surprised to hear that either.

Rex walks up behind Bo as he putts. "Nice shot!"

Rex can stay but only on one condition.

John tries to figure things out.

David gets caught where he shouldn't be. Kid panics…fires…takes off. "Does he take the gun with him?"

Natalie sees where he is going with this.

David runs off…then what?

John is silent now and he looks around. He stoops to the ground and brushes away some leaves. There is a sewer underneath. John can see the grate, and beyond that…darkness.

Blair and Todd talk. He remembers when he was in death row and couldn't get a drink before bed like she does now with Spencer. "I blame the DA and your boyfriend over there," he tells. Todd tells her that most couples break up and then get on with their lives. "I think that you and I should give that a shot." She warns him that there is a point where there is no turning back. He tells her that there actually is no turning back for them. "What if you are wrong?" she asks before walking off.

"This is the law and we have to follow it," Michael says. "I know that they found Thomas a good home." Marcie isn't sure that they should trust Janice and the government. Michael asks her to please hand the baby over. Marcie kisses the baby's head and rocks him.

"We are very different people Balsom," Bo says. "I don't have the right to make anyone else be what they aren't. You have to be yourself." Rex wants to help with Bo's problems but he has to swear that he will not lie, even by omission. Rex does so. Bo then invites him to putt.

Dorian really just wants her daughter to be happy and Adriana thanks her for that. "I like Clint and that surprises me," Dorian says. I never thought that was possible after what David did to me." Adriana asks about David. Dorian tells that David came to her and said goodbye. "He is going away forever. It was difficult, but necessary. And then, suddenly, the light came into my life and that is all thanks to Clint."

"How's it going?" Clint asks Todd when he sees him. "Sorry about Duke," Todd says. Clint has a question. "You know how desperate it looks for you to be standing her and staring at Blair and her new beau?" Todd cares nothing about how he looks. This is his new profession.

Spencer wants to get going, but Blair wants to stay and have another drink. She has ordered them a bottle of champagne.

John and Natalie work on trying to see if anything is down in the sewer. John can't reach anything. Natalie tries next. She stretches her arm through the grate, deep into the black hole. After a few moments, she smiles. "John I got something."

Rex hits a ball that flies completely out of this world and Bo is really impressed.

"You have to say goodbye to Tommy now," Michael says. Marcie tells the baby to be a good boy and that she will always love him. She hands the child over to her husband.

Michael takes the baby to Janice. He kisses the boy's head and then hands him over. "You have a good life kiddo." The child squawks.

Michael goes back to Marcie and hugs her tightly as she cries.

"There is something about that guy that I don't like," Clint says. Todd feels the same.

Todd and Blair have their champagne delivered and Spencer is sure to smile broadly over Blair's shoulder at Todd who happens to be watching.

"It is nothing," Natalie says. She wasn't able to find anything in the sewer. John helps her up and they leave.

Dorian is alone at the pool and she has the radio on. She dances just a little bit over the terrific night that she has had. …"Accused cop killer David Vickers has changed his plea to 'guilty'…" Dorian stops moving and listens.

Spencer and Blair clink glasses. "Here is to letting go of the past."

He remembers that night again. Seeing David run by the dumpster, and then his coming out of hiding once David had gone..

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