One Life to Live Update Monday 7/10/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Spencer towels Jack off at the pool after their swim. The two play happily together. Blair comes over to tell the guys that it is time to eat. Jack and Spencer head inside the house. Blair goes to Spencer's leather bag and opens it to snoop around. Someone watches her from the bushes.

David gives his story of his guilt over Thomas's killing. John isn't so sure that this is a good thing.

The doctor has encountered Tess and she is determined to go to Nash. She rushes to the door. Antonio stands there.

Claudia is over her father upset at his injury and all the blood. "He's dead," Nash says. Claudia won't believe that and tries to revive her father.

Antonio can see that Tess is back. Jessica talks to Tess telling her that she will be back. Antonio tries to talk Jessica out. Jessica arrives. "She is gone."

Claudia gets hysterical over her father dying.

"What are you doing?" Starr says walking up to her mother. Blair denies that she is doing anything.

Spencer and Jack arrive with the food to have a picnic outside instead. "Anything wrong?" Spencer asks. Starr has a guest with her. "What a nice night for a swim," Todd says from behind the group.

The judge cautions David over his confession. Hugh wants David put in jail now until trial but the judge doesn't want to do that. Natalie stands and tells the judge that David will change his mind about all this and run if given the chance.

Jessica sits and tells that she remembers the bar…She remembers the room and the smells of the house. Antonio feels that they should back off this for a while. The doctor is concerned bout this and probes more. Jessica got scared all of a sudden and then nothing. "The life was drained out of me and I was Tess and everything slipped away… Then all I could think about was Nash…"

Claudia has calmed somewhat. "Daddy always gets everything that he wants. I am the failure and he fixes everything and what did he get for it? He is dead and I killed him." She sobs now in Nash's arms.

"How can you be lenient with David?" Natalie asks the judge. She is in contempt of court and fined $1,000. The judge doesn't care that she is a Buchanan.  Marcie gets the baby out of there. John whispers to Natalie to stop this. She will not and is fined another $1,000. She is warned that if she says another word, she will be in jail for the night. Natalie sits. Hugh tries to intervene but the judge is done. David offers to be put in jail right away. He has said goodbye to everyone that he cares about.

Blair isn't' happy that her daughter has brought her father to the house like this without asking. Starr doesn't see what the big deal is. "It is time that we had a family gathering." Todd doesn't see what the big deal is anyway. "Spencer was just leaving." Spencer smiles at him. "I am not going anywhere."

Todd tells Spencer that he will be in trouble soon. "I have all kinds of evidence on you and your brother. Don't worry, I don't think they will give you lethal injection." Blair asks Spencer to leave and he goes. "Did UI make you look foolish Blair? Seems like you love him to me. Why don't you say it?"

David is in cuffs and led off. Natalie knows that David will never be able to make up for what he did. Marcie and Thomas are in the hall when David is led out. "You did the right thing David." After he is gone, Michael comes to Marcie. "We should take the baby to social services now." She can't do that. John isn't happy with what Natalie just did. She didn't want him to go through the suffering again. "Why can't you just be relieved John?" He can't understand how this can be over so easily. She feels that he just doesn't want it to be over.

The doctor explains to Jessica that she is going to be exposed to Tess's feeling with Nash now that she is working on her condition. The doctor leaves for another appointment. Antonio turns to Jessica smiling. She starts to apologize, but he will not hear it. "We are going to beat Tess together." Jessica fears the strong hold that Tess has on Nash's memories.

Claudia goes looking for a drink. She can't find any anywhere. She tears the place apart. Nash tries to stop her from acting irrational. She finds a bottle and Nash smashes it on the ground. "Damn you Nash!"

David is on his cot and he doesn't notice that his brother has entered the area until something is thrown at him. "Why did you make these stupid decisions David? I am not going to be able to save you. In fact, no one can."

Todd yells at Blair to answer his questions. "Do you love him or not?"

Starr and Jack listen to the shouting.

"Will you two stop it! Don't you see what you two are doing to Jack, or don't you care?" Starr asks.

Spencer feels that David has really screwed up. David says that his brother shielding him from his crime has been the thing that has screwed up his life. "I could have ended up in juvi!" Spencer feels that David would have been locked up for the rest of his life. "It is over Spencer. I am through running!" David shouts. Spencer tells David that he doesn't have to do this to himself. "It is too late. I owe it to myself to do this as much as I owe it to the McBains."

Michael gives in and agrees that they should keep Thomas one more night. "But we have to bring him in for sure tomorrow."

Natalie wants to go and figure this thing out with John but he won't work on it with her. He wants to go off and handle things on his own.

"Are you okay?" Michael asks. Natalie isn't sure that things are ever really okay.

"When you are fully integrated, then all that belongs to Tess will belong to you," Antonio tells Jessica. "I haven't told you everything Antonio. I called the doctor because I can't stop thinking about Nash. As Tess…I am having her memories of them being together and them having sex…and being in love."

"Daddy's dead because of me and all I want is one shot and you will not give it to me." Nash knows that there isn't one shot with her. Claudia is angry with him now. "At least you got what you wanted. My father is gone. You are just out of my life now. Daddy's dead now. I have nothing left." She kneels by her father's body and cries. Nash holds her.

"I didn't know how to tell you about the memories." Antonio knew somehow that was going on. "I wish that I could stop these m memories but I can't. I worry how I am going to be when I have her feelings inside of me. What kind of person will I be, and how will Nash fit in the picture. I am starting to feel her love for him too." Antonio doesn't understand what she is saying to him.

"I care about you," Nash says. "I am going to help you through this. You were not responsible Claudia. I am the one who started this mess. You were so different. You were sweet and I messed up your life. He was trying to protect my daughter and I was trying to protect mine. You didn't do this Claudia." She did hit him over the head with a bottle but Nash won't let her lose it because of that. "he tried to be a good father to me. What do I do now that I can't make it up to him? How do I say goodbye?" Claudia sobs.

Todd and Blair settle down and the kids get calm. Jack says goodnight to his mother but stares blankly at his father before leaving.

"I wasn't trying to be a wise ass by just bringing my father here. After tonight, I guess that I won't waste my time anymore. You can't hold it together long enough to apologize to Jack for scaring him." Starr walks off.

Michael and Marcie are together and Michael finds reminds people that he and Marcie are not Thomas's foster parents when they are thought to be so.

Natalie talks to the judge alone. The judge tells Natalie that she shouldn't give up on John, as he will need someone like her in his corner.

Natalie vows to help John get over his life one way or the other.

John has returned to the sight of the crime…

"The nightmare isn't over," David says. "I used to dream about the dead cop and how I turned and ran away. The reality is that there was a brick wall there and I would claw at it.

The memory comes back. David is a young kid again and he sees that he has shot Thomas. He turns and runs alone the length of the chain-linked fence.

David can choose the memory now. The memory won't choose him.

John walks along the length of the chain linked fence and comes to a place that catches his attention. He stops, and stoops. He puts his hand to the ground, touching it.

The social worker arrives to see Michael and Marcie. "I have some perspective parents who wish to see the baby. I need to take him."

Claudia cries over her father while Nash thinks alone.

He comes to her now. "We have to call the police."

"I am sorry that we have to have this conversation. I have hurt you so much already Antonio." Antonio doesn't care. He is still there. "we have been together for years and Nash and Tess have only been together a short time. They can't compete with us."

Marcie tells Michael that they should let Thomas sleep as he didn't sleep very well the night before. She feels that they should just tell the social worker that when they return for him. "We can't just let her take him and let him wake up with strangers. This is crazy. She came here like she hunted us down. We are his legal guardians Michael." Michael understands but their time is up now. "It wouldn't be right to keep these people waiting. You knew that we wouldn't be able to keep him."

The social worker returns. Her department will not listen to another excuse from her. "Give me the baby."

Blair and Todd try to work out their differences. "You dump Truman, I will leave you alone forever… You stay with him, I will hate you forever." Todd leaves.

Blair gets a call. "Oh sure. I will be there."

She hangs up. "I have less time than I thought I did."

David knows that Spencer was looking out for him in the past, but that is over now. "I don't owe you or anyone else anything, anymore." Spencer tells him that things are not that easy. "I know that better than anybody." He walks out.

Natalie makes a call to get directions.

"Okay John. Atlantic City, here I come."

John sits in the corner by the chain link fence.

He closes his eyes and suddenly, he is seeing it happen.

David runs by him as a kid and has to stop at the end of the fence.

Thomas arrives and begs David to stop. David tries to climb the fence and Thomas lets off a shot into the air. David turns and fires one off without thinking. Thomas is hit. David runs out of there.

John returns to the corner.

Spencer is leaving the jailhouse now. He thinks…

He remembers that night. He was there… Behind a dumpster…

He saw David run by.

When David had gone, Spencer came out of hiding.

John has tears in his eyes now. He stoops again to the ground and rubs his hand on it. He stands now. "Something is missing." He walks off with purpose now.

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