One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/6/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Antonio has returned to the house, and has Jessica all to himself. He climbs on the bed to her. He starts kissing her. Thoughts of Nash and Tess making love come to her mind and she jumps away from Antonio, shocked and surprised.

Claudia makes Nash breakfast and wonders if Tess ever cooked as the kitchen is so spotless. All he can think about is getting back to Tess.

Evangeline and her tutor are working on Evangeline learning more about getting around and being blind. Cristian comes over. He would like to take Evangeline out to breakfast, but Evangeline won't go unless she can take Anna with her.

Blair comes over and is mad as hell. Todd comes downstairs and hears Blair ranting over his taking control over the children without any discussion with her. He has been making decisions regarding the children. He plans on getting full control of his kids.

David sees Paige and tells her that he is leaving town instead of facing prison time. He suggests that she do the same. Bo is walking the halls of the hospital, and he sees Paige and David talking far off. He stands and stares for a moment.

Evangeline can't stop her work now to go and eat but she will see Cristian later for dinner. She is learning to use a cane now. Cristian leaves.

Jessica picks up her baby and talks to her playfully. "Your real dad's away but it feels like he is right here."

Todd has taken steps to have the children stay with him. Blair says that Jack can't be immediately handed over to Todd like this. It will be too much for him. Todd thinks that over. "Okay then, you keep Jack, but Starr is coming home with me tonight."

"I am sorry but you are not going to split up our kids," Blair says. Todd tells Blair that Starr isn't stupid and knows that her mother has destroyed her family. "I am her mother!" Blair says. Todd has the same rights. "Do you know what she did when you were in prison? She got arrested and hooked up with some boy." Todd likes Ricky. Blair feels that this is just him trying to get back at her for all that has happened to him. When she starts bad-mouthing Evangeline, he will not hear it and shouts at her to stop that.

Evangeline works hard to find things using her memory.

Cristian works hard at the gym.

Evangeline has done it. She has found a book that she needed.

Cristian too, figures things out to work out more effectively.

Evangeline stumbles and knocks things over, onto the floor.

Cristian spars, but his hand is sore.

Evangeline gets on the floor and grabs her leather bag. "It is locked."

Cristian's coach eggs him on as the man punches.

Evangeline is able to open the bag and get her book in the bag. "There is no doubt in my mind that you can do your job soon," Anna says. Evangeline asks Anna to walk her somewhere.

Cristian asks his coach not to tell anyone that he has hurt his hand.

Antonio ends a call.

"Claudia has called in sick, and won't be at work." Antonio is getting ready to do something. He tells Jessica that he wants to find someone. Jessica knows that he is going to track Claudia down to make sure that Nash stays out of the picture. "See ya later," he says walking out.

Claudia has dressed for the day. Nash thinks that she looks great. He can't wait to get control of Claudia's father. She wishes that he weren't so happy about this. The man is her father and he is going to be devastated when she does what she is going to do to him.

The phone rings. Bruce calls and tells Nash that everything is set to go. He leaves the room. George enters the room now that Bruce has just left. He picks up a cellphone and dials. "I have a name for you, Nash Brennan…" Claudia arrives and Bruce hugs her. She has no regrets over what she is doing. She doesn't like the fact that her father is threatening a baby. Bruce can see that what is best for Nash is Claudia. George arrives and greets his daughter. George says that in one hour, the deeds will be handled at the lawyer's office. George notices the necklace that Claudia is wearing. Actually, Nash gifted it to her a long time ago. "When did you last wear that?" George asks. Claudia says that she hasn't worn it ever before. She walks off with Bruce. George gets on his phone. "I want you to get it done…NOW!"

Antonio and Cristian talk about their significant others and how they are doing…

Evangeline enters the hall with Anna. Bo calls out to Evangeline. Ann leaves them to talk. "I want to be your lead counsel," she tells him.

David updates Paige on what the situation really is. "John isn't going to let us lead a normal life." Paige has decided to turn herself in. "We are guilty and we have to turn ourselves in."

Bo smiles at the news that Evangeline will take his case.

Blair feels that Todd still loves her and cares about her. "I can tell as you are so desperate to hurt me. I want you to see Todd that everything that I have done was for you." He thanks her for sleeping with Spencer for him. "I will make your life a living hell if you try to take my kids from me." He laughs at that.

She goes into the elevator and starts banging on the walls in frustration. The door slowly closes.

Todd calls Evangeline and leaves a voicemail. "I need to see you right away."

Someone's at the door.

"I am in trouble and believe it or not, you are the only one who can help," Jessica says. She walks in carrying her baby.

David tells Paige that she is naïve.

Bo is nearby and listens to the two secretly.

Paige tells David that he needs to do the right thing and face what they did to Thomas McBain. "I will face this with you," she promises. David tells her good luck.

He turns and Bo is behind him. David pauses and then slowly walks off.

"Is it true that things have been stepped up?" Bo asks. She tells him that this meeting is probably their goodbye.

Claudia returns to Nash to tell him that the deed has been done. They hug.

Outside the house, one of Reston's men is outside the house looking in.

He makes a call to George. "I got what we wanted."

George logs on and sees a picture of Nash and Claudia together upload to his screen.

Jessica tells Todd that she feels bad as everyone is happy but Nash. She worries that she is becoming a part of Tess, instead of Tess becoming a part of her. "I am losing Todd. I am losing everything." They hug.

Antonio worries how much of his girlfriend is Tess and how much is Jessica. Cristian understand. The brothers spar and Cristian grimaces. "It's alright Antonio. I just caught the punch the wrong way that's all.

Claudia and Nash talk about her life growing up with George. "He paying attention to me is throwing me in rehab and beating up my boyfriend. He is really going to love me after what I do this time," she says.

Todd manages to make Jessica smile and feel better.

Evangeline comes over and Todd is glad to see her. Her friend brought her and is downstairs.

Jessica tells Evangeline that she is really glad for she and Cristian and that she deserve to be happy. Jessica grabs her bag and baby and leaves.

Todd tells Evangeline that she was his emergency and why she had to come over. He promised her that he would take care of her eyesight and he is going to do so now. She tells him thanks but no thanks.

Bo wants to come with Paige but she knows that he can't leave the state. "I will take care of this. I was arrogant and I killed a man. Whatever happens, I need you to know that no man has ever made me feel more loved."

The authorities come to get Paige now. She gets up. Bo holds her hand, turning her to him and he kisses her passionately. "Don't fall for any doctors while I am gone," Paige orders smiling. She turns to the officers and walks out with them now.

Bo sits alone.

"I just saw Paige being led out by the cops," Blair tells Bo. "We can stop Spencer from hurting anyone else."

George gets his gun. "It is a bad idea to screw with me Brennan…" He walks out of his office.

"I am doing this for us," Claudia says to Nash. "Tess isn't coming back. You'll see."

Jessica makes a call to Dr. Jamieson. "I need to see you right away. Something is happening."

Todd doesn’t know what is best for Evangeline, but he still wants to help her. "I don't know what you see in Cristian," he says suddenly out of the blue. "This hasn't anything to do with Cristian. I will not be the pet project that you use to get over Blair." She turns and finds her own way out.

Antonio gets the information that he wanted. "Claudia seems to be with Nash in Napa!" Cristian knows that is great news for Antonio. Antonio leaves.

Cristian gets a call from Todd. "I think that you and I need to talk about Evangeline." Cristian feels that they have nothing to talk about. He hangs up.

"Oh yes we do have something to talk about Vega!"

David has his bags packed.

Paige's voice rings in his ears. "It is time to give up!"

He picks up his bags and flings them at the wall.

Blair wants Bo to do something…work with her to get Spencer. "No," Bo says. "I won’t do anything until I have my badge back." He walks off.

"Fine," Blair says to herself. "Fine. Then I will have to find a way to do this myself, and save my family."

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