One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/5/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex is out the window shouting Adriana's name. She comes out of the bathroom. He relaxes seeing she is safe and not lost outside in the night. "Lock the door," she says.

Kelly talks to Duke at the cemetery. "It's not Kevin's baby is it? It's yours… I don't know how I am supposed to feel about this. This should be the happiest day of my life. What is Kevin going to do when he finds out? What will he do?" There is a noise behind Kelly and she turns. Kevin walks up behind her.

Nora is in her wheelchair, determined to stand. She pulls herself up and then falls hard on the floor. Michael rushes in to help her.

David has come to John's place as arranged. Natalie is there. "I want to know that story Vickers about how my father was shot." David said that he would tell about Thomas McBain's last day on earth.

Rex and Adriana hold hands as they walk to the bed in the middle of their room. "Make love to me," she whispers. He pushes her down on the bed and moves on top of her.

"It wasn't just your life and your family's life that was affected John." John isn't here to make David feel better and just wants the story. Nat whispers to John that he needs to get along if he wants the information. John turns to David calmer and says that he will listen to what the man has to say, but that someone else needs to hear this too. He walks off.

Michael puts Nora back in her chair. Nora wants to get better for Matthew. "I missed too much," she says. Michael tells that she needs to take it easy and in the morning they will step up her physical therapy. His phone rings. He goes into the hall. Paige is in the hall and she sees Nora there too. "Michael, it is John. Can you come over here?" Michael will be right there. John tells David that Michael deserves to hear this as much as anyone else. Michael makes sure that Nora is okay and then he leaves. "It is good to see you Nora," Paige says. Nora remembers fighting with Bo about Paige.

Marcie is holding Thomas while he cries. Someone is banging on the door. Roxy suddenly comes walking in. Marcie is frantic. She has done everything that she can but the baby won't stop crying. "I can't get him to shut up." Roxy asks where the vacuum cleaner is. She runs to get it and she dances as she plugs it in. Roxy and Marcie sing as well. Roxy plugs in the vacuum and the noise immediately stops the crying. Roxy remembers using this trick on Natalie. "For Rex all I had to do was throw him up in the air. I dropped him once or twice but it didn't hurt him." Marcie thanks Roxy for helping with her baby. "I have a newsflash for you Marcie. He isn't your baby."

Rex can't do this. Adriana says that she has taken care of 'protection' for them. It isn't that. "I really do feel like I would be a jerk if I made love to you right now. I lied to you Adriana."

"I had a plan," Rex says. "I told everyone that where we were going. I said that we were going somewhere else. My hunch was right and the stalker showed up. The creep took of and they are looking for him. I didn't want to freak you out Adriana. I am sorry. I didn't want the first time for us to be over some lie." Adriana doesn't understand what he did at all.

"What are you doing Kelly?" Kevin taunts Kelly now. "Are you telling Duke how much you love him? I was here before. I can't stop coming here. I come here everyday. I walk up to his grave and I think that maybe today, he won't be there. I might wakeup from this nightmare and Duke would still be alive. I wish that you hadn't slept with him Kelly." Kevin sits. "Mom was here and she was trying to convince me that there was meaning to Duke's death. All I can see is that he is gone and that there is nothing left." Kelly tells him that isn't true.

"I never intended to take you place with Matthew," Paige says. "I am sorry if I contributed to things going wrong." Nora tells that Matthew says that Paige was a help to him by telling the truth. "He said that you broke up with Bo." Paige tells that they are going to try and make things work again. Nora is glad about that. Paige is glad to hear this as she really needs Nora's help.

Natalie lets Michael in the apartment. The four adults sit for the confession. David speaks. "The first thing that you need to know is that… I wasn't acting alone…"

"I don't want to hear how Duke is going to live on Kelly…especially from you." Kevin tells that he calls Duke's voicemail to hear his son's voice. "I can't cancel the service. I paid the bill today. He will never have children… I will have no grandchildren. Just like me, there will be no one to carry on for him." Kelly has kept silent long enough. "Kevin, there is something that I have to tell you."

Roxy tries to make Marcie see things as they are, but she soon realizes that Marcie has no intention of giving the baby back.

Adriana doesn't understand Rex. She doesn't care how they got to where they are; she only wants to be with him. "Just give me you. Life is short and I don't want to waste another day or minute, not being with you. I love you Rex…I really do. I want to show you how much… " Rex is blown away. "I love you too, and I didn't think that I could love someone again like this. But the thing is that with you, I just don't want to screw it up.

Paige tells Nora how Bo is trying to help her out. She tells that Spencer is really smart and it will be difficult to trip him up. "I know that Bo can do this," Paige says. "However, I will not be here probably to help Bo figure this out as I may be going to prison."

"You guys may have grown up trying to be like your dad, and I was the same but our family was different…" "I went on a collection run for my dad and I carried a gun…" "I took the money and your father arrived and I got scared. I ran out and your dad followed." "I didn't mean to kill him." John wants to know if his dad said anything before he died. David tells that Thomas did say something about his sons… "He told me to freeze…" "I stopped but only for a second. I was trying to figure out where to go…" "I stopped and he told me about you. He said he had two kids just like him and he asked me not to make him do this. 'Drop the gun!' was what he said." David turned quickly and the gun went off. In a while, David could hear sirens, and that was when he ran off. "That's it!" David concludes.

Roxy and Marcie finish their talk. Roxy will miss the little child when he goes. Marcie admits the same thing when alone with Thomas.

Paige asks Nora to forgive Bo. "You love him don't you?" Nora asks. "Yes I do," Paige admits.

Rex and Adriana make love finally. They give in… Rex and Adriana fall back on the bed panting now. "That was worth the wait!" He promises to make sure that nothing bad happens to her. His phone rings. He grabs his pants and answers the phone. "Yeah? No… Okay… Yeah, I understand." Rex tells that the stalker wasn't caught. He was hoping for a bust. "I wanted to get this guy tonight. I wanted you to feel safe again." She did feel safe that night, when she was making love to Rex. "You want to feel safe again?" he asks. They kiss.

"I am going to have to deal with this…with Duke's death and the way that this happened for the rest of my life," Kevin says. "So will I," Kelly says. Kevin walks off.

Paige tells that she is worried about Matthew and how he will deal with Paige going to prison. Nora likes that Paige is thinking about her son. Paige tells her to keep trying to walk… Then she walks away.

"Everything that happened after the shooting was a blur, and I ran," David says. "I have been running ever since." David gets up to leave. "What you need to do now," John says, "…is change your plea to guilty." David didn't agree to that. John tells David that he has to be a man. "I will deny this if I have to." John tells David that he will be at the courthouse the next day at 1pm and he thinks that David should be there too. David will not make any promises. He walks out of there.

The three left wonder if David will do the right thing or not. Michael is quiet. "This is so real…all over again… I need to be with my wife." John tells him to go ahead. Michael tells that he will be at the courthouse the next day. "Promise." Michael leaves.

Michael hears the vacuum going off before he enters his home.

He enters and walks up behind Marcie.

She turns off the vacuum and tells him that Roxy taught her a trick to keep the baby quiet. Michael reminds her that there is the social services appointment the next day. He tells of the meeting that he was just at. "It was good to be able to put a picture to what happened…for me anyway…I don't know about John though."

Natalie knows that John is worried but at least he has the information that he wanted. "I am not sure that was all of the truth," John says.

"I can feel it. There is something more," John says. Natalie can't see that anything more can be done before court and she asks him to forget about this stuff for the night. He isn't sure that he can do that. She begs him to try and soon they are kissing. She takes his hand and pulls him to her. They kiss some more. Then they are pulling at each other's clothes.

Kelly sits at Duke's grave and rubs her stomach… She gets up now, and walks out of there. She looks back once and then is gone.

Nora tries again to get out of her chair… she gets to a standing position and stays there… she pushes the chair away…

Michael and Marcie get in bed with Thomas and they play with him…

Rex and Adriana make sweet, sweet love again, and again…

David pulls his clothes out of his drawers and packs them in a suitcase…

Nora takes steps…One…then…Two…She smiles triumphantly…

John and Natalie are in bed now making love, feeling passion…

David sits on his bed, thinking…

John and Natalie lay together thinking quietly, each to him and herself, and then he turns out the light…

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