One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/4/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Kelly realizes that she is pregnant with Duke's baby.

Kevin sits outside and drinks his booze.

He hears someone behind him and he calls out that he just wants to be alone with his son. He doesn't even bother to look around to see who is there. He doesn't care.

"That is just fine," Viki says walking deeper into the cemetery. "I just want to be with my son too, and that is why I am here." Kevin has been drinking and he looks a mess.

The stalker makes a call to the inn where Rex and Adrianna have gone for the night. He has been tailing them from the Country Club… While he waits to get assistance, he takes the ripped picture out of his pocket and holds it up. It is the half of the torn photo with Adriana's picture on it. He fingers it longingly.

Rex and Adrianna arrive at the inn as planned. They have planned a special night in spite of the trouble recently. He has her blindfolded when he brings her there.

While she is blindfolded he checks the place out to make sure that nothing funny is up in any of the room, and that no one is there. When he is satisfied that things are okay, her returns to her.

He takes the blindfold off and makes her keep her eyes closed for a minute. She hasn't any idea why he is doing this. He is trying to surprise her. He kisses her.

"What's going on?" Evangeline asks Todd while they dance. She is sure that he is using the party to do something other than thank everyone for saving him. He is jokes and lightens the mood.

Cristian comes to cut in.

Spencer and Blair talk at a table at the Country Club.

Todd walks up behind her. "Blair! We haven't had our dance yet."

Cristian tells that he was a little upset that Evangeline was dancing with someone else just now. He is glad that she did her job and saved the guy but Cristian still doesn't like him. Evangeline knows that. He can't help how he is feeling over her. "The jealous part of me is the boxer but the painter gets jealous too."

Spencer stands while Todd and Blair go to dance.

Natalie comes over and learns that David confessed to killing Thomas McBain. She had asked David to do this but still looks surprised to hear that David actually did it.

"How could you? How could you do this to us?" Todd asks Blair now that he has her alone with him on the dance floor. She stands back staring at him quietly.

Rex has the lights off in the room now and Adriana can't figure out why. Adriana wonders if he is worried about something but Rex says that he isn't and only wants to think about her right now. "I have other things on my mind," he says. They kiss. Adriana takes off her top and the passion really comes out now.

The stalker pretends to be Rex and gets information on Rex and Adrianna's visit to the inn. When he gets what he needs, he drops the phone in anticipation and runs off quickly.

Starr's friend thinks that she is mad. She is upset. She feels that people still thinks that her dad is a bad person. Starr watches her dad and mother and knows that they are soul mates.

"I wish that you knew how much I could go back and change the things that I have done," Blair says. "I am doing everything that I can to fix the things that I have done."

Blair looks over at Spencer and Todd reads that as Blair lying to him in order to still please Spencer.

Spencer peers at them…

"I don’t' think that you are over me yet Todd," she says. "You can do what you want but you are not fooling anyone." He finds her to be nothing but a puppet. "I am no one's puppet Todd!"

Spencer gets concerned when he really looks at the couple now and sees that something intense is going on over there. He starts making his way over to the pair.

Starr appears in front of him. "I want to talk to you."

John will accept David's confession but if it is true, he should be able to give every last detail of the shooting as it happened. David can do that but not in that place.

Kelly is running and she stops in the park. She is crying now…

***She remembers Kevin upset and telling her that she should run out and find Duke so that he can give her what she wants.

"Kelly… Kelly… Are you okay? Are you hurt from running?" Hugh asks.

"I am feeling no pain," Kevin tells his mother. Viki knows better. He admits that she is right. "You are right…I came here tonight because I am so mad…I am just…mad as hell…at my dead son…And I don't know what to do about that."

Rex would do anything to make Adriana feel safe again. "I am going to make sure that you always feel like that." They continue kissing now.

The stalker is in the inn. He is at a door. He takes out a tool and holds it over the lock under the doorknob.

Kevin is torn. He is angry with his son.

Kelly tells Hugh that she is pregnant and that she has only known for an hour. He can see that she is hurting badly. She touches his hand.

Starr tells Spencer that her parents are getting along and may get back together. Starr says that she is going to get exactly what she wants, unlike Spencer. He tells her not to be too disappointed when things don't work out.

"I understand that you would be angry but I am doing everything to make things right for all of us." Todd doesn't believe a word that she says.

Cristian tells Evangeline that there is a glass of champagne in front of her. She likes that he doesn't hand the glass to her. He will help her with her blindness but wants to investigate everything that they can to get her sight back. She asks for his hand and when she has it she talks about how close they were getting before Todd called. "This isn't how this evening was supposed to end," she says. He assures her that this isn't the end of the evening.

David will talk but not tell the story of Thomas's death in a room full of people. John will accept that. He tells David to come to his room in a few minutes. John leaves.

David makes a move to leave the room, but Spencer is suddenly there.

"Where are you going?" he demands to know. "If you go anywhere near that man, you are a dead man."

The stalker has his gloved hand at the lock to the door.

Rex and Adrianna are in bed and they start making love.

The stalker has the job on the lock done. He pushes the door open ever so slightly with the tool used to open the door.

"Rex!" Adriana calls from beneath him. "What's that?"

Rex listens and then runs to the door. "Rex!" she screams.

David says that he is just leaving and nothing more is going on. Spencer is suspicious that David is up to something with the cop.

"Let's go sit down," Blair suggests. Todd likes standing in the middle of the floor with her. "Why are you trying to hurt me?" she asks. He tells her to say twenty Hail Marys and all will be forgiven.

Spencer comes over to the couple. "Are we all finished here Blair?"

Rex gets up and grabs his gun.

The lights go on and three kids are before him. He holds his gun on the kids. They have been drinking and hold bottles of alcohol in their hands as they talk giddy, silly talk. The fact that Rex has a gun on them doesn't phase the kids one bit.

In another room in the inn, the stalker has entered a room. Something is wrong!

There is a man in the room and when he sees that the room has been broken into, he gives chase. The stalker runs out of the room with the man following.

Rex is confused but holds the gun on the kids anyway.

Later Rex is dressed and out of the room. He returns and finds that Adriana isn't there. He sees the window is open and he runs to it. "Adriana!"

Hugh tells Kelly that if she goes home and gets some sleep, she should be able to think more clearly. She thanks him for his advice. "I could use a friend right now. Oh my god, what if Dorian finds out?"

Hugh gets her cellphone and punches his number into it. "You can call me now day or night."

Kevin dumps the rest of his booze on the grass and then looks at the tombstone, touching it lightly. "Why? Why?"

David tells Spencer that he needs to get some sleep. He is meeting with his lawyer the next day. Spencer makes the man promise that he will not talk with either Michael or John.

Blair comes over and tells that Starr will be staying with her father that night. Spencer is grateful as he would like to spend time alone with Blair. They walk out.

Todd raises his glass to them as they leave.

Starr and her friend come over to Todd. The boy says goodnight and leaves.

"I think that he likes you," Todd says. "Kid has good taste."

Rex shouts for Adriana, but she isn't gone.

She walks out of the bathroom. He is so relieved. "You want to go home?" he asks her. She drops her robe. "I don't want to go anywhere." He smiles.

The stalker has returned to the phone booth and the phone still swings freely, hanging upside down, out of its cradle. Sudden rage comes from the man and he kicks and beats on the phone booth in anger. Then he leaves as quickly as he came.

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