One Life to Live Update Monday 7/3/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Clint puts a blanket over Jessica when he finds her sleeping on the couch.

She wakes at his touch and is surprised. "It's you." He thought that she had gone home with Antonio. He did go home but then he got a call from Capricorn and had to go. Jessica returned to her parents' house with the baby. She is glad to be up as she was dreaming about Nash.

Nash rolls out of bed, and goes outside.

Claudia is outside on her laptop.

She is outside and jumps when he finds her there. "I was just online shopping." He looks at the monitor and sees she is reading up on personality disorders. She tells him that he isn't going to get Tess back anytime soon.

Lindsay makes a quick call.

She now turns to Nora's room and looks in.

She finds RJ on his knees kissing Nora who is in her wheelchair.

Kelly is waiting for the results of her pregnancy test while she sits in the bathroom.

Kevin comes looking for her in the house. "Kelly!"

Kelly hears him and is startled that he is in the house.

Claudia tries to explain that Tess is a figment of Jessica's imagination. Noah doesn't see things that way. He knows that Tess is trying to get out even now. Claudia wants to know what the status of the situation will be in the end. Nash tells her that eventually Tess and Jessica will be out together as one. He tells Claudia to stop with the fantasies that she is going to get her hands on him. "Go to hell," he tells her when she points out that Antonio has both women right now. She says that she understands but he can't see how.

Paige can't believe that Bo is giving her a second chance. He really wants to try with her. "I am so scared Bo for if we try again and you can't get pasty what I did, then that would be okay as I would be the same as you if the shoe were on the other foot." He sees that feeling guilty is a waste of time. "I made a lot of mistakes too and that is why I am still alone. I can't predict the future but I can do things differently if you are willing to meet me halfway." She wants a future with him. "I am such an idiot. I got caught up in the moment …thinking that this is possible. That would mean so much to me, but I see that there is no way that this is going to work."

Lindsay watches RJ and Nora a few moments longer and then she moves from the doorway.

Nora and RJ laugh privately over what just happened.

Hugh finds Lindsay in the hall and asks if she is okay. "I am fine," she says. He asks if Nora is fine. "Nora is fine physically," Lindsay says. He wants more info but she doesn't want to talk about Nora and 'that rat'. "Kissing! She is barely out of a coma and she is doing it again!"

"I am glad that you are doing so much better Nora," RJ says.

Kevin will not leave the house until Kelly comes to see him.

Kelly comes pittering down the stairs and dismisses the housekeeper.

"They said that you were sleeping but you don't look like you were sleeping," Kevin says. He carries two boxes with him. "I took a cab over here." He admits that he was drinking and that he enjoys it. "I found this stuff of yours at the house and felt like bringing it over." She feels that this could have waited till the next day.

She removes the lid of a box and sees that it is full of baby clothes. They kept the things with the anticipation of having another child. "You can't have another kid," Kevin says to her harshly. "It just won't be a Buchanan!"

"I might as well give up right now," Lindsay says. "What do I have to do to compete with that? Chop off a limb?"

RJ says that he kissed Nora just because he felt that he should. "I was thinking about life without you in it and I didn't like it and it scared me a little." She tries to understand then. They smile as they decide to pretend that it never happened.

"I thought that you wanted to try again," Bo says. Paige did want to try again and she loves her life with Bo and Matthew, but she can't see this working out. "The only reason that the police haven't arrested me, is that I am here. I will be released tomorrow and then taken to jail." Bo knows that things could work out for her. "I killed Thomas and I have to take responsibility for that. I can't have you wait for me, and that isn't fair to Matthew." That boy loves Paige and boy is going to miss her if things don't work out. "I will not break that boy's heart again," she vows.

"Well, Antonio, the baby and I were at the park," Jessica tells. " Then she was older and Antonio was pushing her and the baby was laughing and her hair was flying all over and she even looked like me. It was nice… Antonio was pushing her higher and higher and then I said, 'Isn't she beautiful?' Then Nash was there and I just woke up. I know dad that dreams are just images but this was pretty clear. The idea always was that if Nash was meant to be the father, the Tess was the mother, and the fact is that Nash is the father, so Nash is going to be a part of Brennan's life." Clint understands.

Nash tells Claudia that she can help get his life back. She doesn't see why she should help him. He tells her that she can use this chance to do something good for someone else to make up for what she has done. She finds that an unfair trade. "Your dad may kill Brennan and that would be something that your conscience couldn't live with, could it?" She admits that she couldn't live with that. "Tess isn't real but if you want to put your life on hold…then you need to think about how long you are going to put your life on hold for something that you may never have…"

Clint knows that this situation with Antonio and Nash is complicated but at least Antonio is willing to share raising the child with Jessica. Clint can see that Antonio feels the child is his. Clint has felt that same feeling. "You, Kevin and Joey are not mine but it isn't possible for me to love you kids anymore than I do." Jessica understands that, but this is different. She knows that Antonio wants to adopt that child and keep Nash out of the picture.

Lindsay feels that she just acted inappropriately just now. Hugh is fine with her outburst. She tells Hugh to go and see Nora and to try not to be surprised. Lindsay tells how RJ has been to see Nora every single day. Hugh feels that maybe Lindsay is overreacting a tad. She admits that her insecurity has gotten the best of her before.

RJ tells that he asked Lindsay to marry him but he was actually a mistake. She thought he was going to propose but he wasn't going to, and then when he really was going to do it, she didn't believe him. "I still have the ring but something always stops me from popping the question." Nora wonders if the engagement hasn't happened because he and Lindsay are a mistake.

Kelly tells Kevin that the baby clothes were meant for their child, not for a child that she would have with someone else. "I think that it is best that you leave," Kelly tells him.

She picks up the box of clothes and turns to the stairs. Something falls. Kevin picks up the small white box and reads. He turns to Kelly now.

"It's not mine," Kelly says. "It's Adriana's and she asked me to pick it up to check to see if she is pregnant." Kevin says that he thought for a minute that she was having Duke's baby.

"I know that Matthew can handle all of this Paige," Bo tells. "If Matthew can handle this, then we can too."

"I want to get back to Tess and my baby soon," Nash says. He will be going back to Jessica but Tess will eventually come out, he says.

"Nash is the one who is suffering," Clint says. "He is missing out on this time and may never see the girl again. Nash has a great deal to deal with." Jessica can see that Clint really likes Nash and got to know him. "I did get to know him but Antonio may suffer because of the type of person that Nash is." Jessica feels Antonio trying to build a cocoon around she and the baby.

The baby cries through the monitor on the table. Jessica starts getting ready to go up but Clint takes over and leaves to feed the child.

Jessica gets her cellphone out and looks at the monitor.

Clint returns soon enough and learns that Jessica was about to call Nash but then she got scared that he would bring Tess out somehow. Clint knows that soon enough, Nash will get more news about his daughter.

Nash hears his phone going off. He looks at the phone and sees a picture of his baby girl. He smiles.

Hugh was going to see Nora but has decided now to come back later. Hugh warns Lindsay to stay away from RJ as he is very dangerous.

RJ and Nora talk about Matthew. RJ tells how Matthew has been doing really well with baseball. RJ has been going by to see Matthew a lot. "What would I do without you?" she asks. He assures her that she will never have to find out. He takes her hand.

Lindsay takes another stab at entering Nora's room.

When she sees them holding hands she backs out of there quietly.

Paige and Bo finish visiting.

Hugh enters and tells Paige that the authorities are outside the door waiting to hear what she has to say about Thomas McBain's death.

Bo offers to make some calls to get Paige a lawyer. He will not let her go through this alone. Bo leaves.

"So be honest with me Hugh What am I facing?" Hugh says that what happens to her depends on how the defender sees it. She could get probation or a long stretch if it is considered criminal.

"Whoa Nora!" Lindsay says making a grand, loud entrance. RJ stands when Lindsay enters. It is time for them to go. RJ and Lindsay leave the room.

Once alone, Nora uses her one arm to manipulate herself to try to stand. She falls heavily back in the chair.

Nash sees his baby definitely has Tess's mouth.

Claudia wants to talk business but Nash wants to do nothing until the next day. For now, all he wants to do is stare at Brennan's image.

"I can't hide behind pictures and text messages forever," Jessica knows. She will have to face Nash one day. She and Clint both know that Nash will not give up.

"Please don't say anything to Adriana about this as it is her private business," Kelly begs. "That is your problem," he tells her. "I just came to bring you the clothes. There is nothing else connecting us anymore," he says. He walks out.

Kelly takes the box of clothes and heads upstairs.

She goes to the bathroom and looks in the mirror. "Okay this is it."

She picks up the little plastic wand and reads the results.

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