One Life to Live Update Friday 6/30/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex and Adrianna show up for the Country Club thinking they are going to find the stalker, or get information about him that night.

Blair arrives at Spencer's place using her own key to get in. She calls for him but he doesn't answer.

She goes on his computer and starts snooping.

"If I didn't know better, I would think that you were spying on me," he says from behind her, with a towel over his shoulder. She jumps out of her skin.

Clint and Dorian have a visit at her house. She pours him a drink and from the look of it, it seems like she is getting him drunk.

Viki arrives at the Country Club.

She is surprised to find others there that have gotten the same text message.

The boy from the diner arrives as well.

Cristian and Evangeline wonder who it was that summoned them there.

"I did!"

All turn to find Todd standing behind them.

Bo explains to Matthew that he will not be working for a while. "I don't want to get into the details of what happened to me, but I am being blamed for something that I didn't do."

The two enter Nora's room. "I will let you and your mom visit for a while." Bo leaves.

Matthew hugs his mom.

Bo goes to Paige's room to see how she is doing. "They are sending me home tomorrow. Doctors make lousy patients," she tells. "It is good to see you." Bo tells that Matthew is there to see his mother. Paige loves the big heart that Matthew has. He is like his father in that way. "I know that I really screwed up. Lying here makes me think about how I ruined everything and now you have lost your job anyway…the job that you love." Bo has lost more than his job. They both have. "The day that you couldn't trust me to know the truth Paige, that was when we lost everything."

"I was looking up a website for Jack's school." Spencer asks Blair what the name of the site is. She can't remember. "He tells her that he is starting to wonder about her looking through his things the way that she has been lately. It is starting to make him uncomfortable. ***She tells that she is there to show him her new red dress and take him to dinner. He will get ready.

She gets a weird text message. "What is it?"

Todd addresses everyone. He just wants to thank everyone there for helping to somehow save his life. David moves forward. "Wait a minute. What about Spencer? Why isn't he here? Didn't he save your life?"

Clint tells how things have been going with him lately. 'That incident with Duke…well it shouldn't have happened and now I try to focus on the living. Life goes on."

"It isn't that I didn't trust you Bo, I just didn't trust myself. I didn't think that someone could love me after what I did." Bo tells Paige that what matters is what they do now. "I want to nail Spencer and I need you to help me do it."

Blair tells Spencer that Starr wants to meet at the Country Club. Spencer offers to come with her but Blair insists. "I understand," Spencer says. "I hope that what you have said about this is all there is. Since Todd has been released form prison, you and I haven't been connected." She assures him that they are fine but Todd is back into the picture and that has to put a strain on things. "Don't worry Spencer. Nothing will affect us. You are important to me."

"Spencer has been left out of the guest list for the night," Todd tells. "This is a celebration…the new and improved Todd Manning. I have a second chance and I want to celebrate that."

David tells the waiter to bring him two drinks every ten minutes until he passes out.

"John," Todd starts. "I am glad that I didn't kill you when I had the chance."

Adriana finds Todd's manner of thanking people to be really strange.

"I am going to make things better for you Natalie and your mom. I abuse my sister but she sticks by me, even when she is falling apart."

Natalie whispers to John that if she had a brother who did all the stunts that Todd did, she would write him off.

"You Starr," Todd says. "You were the only person who never thought that I was guilty." .

Todd offers to help David out. "If you are innocent, then I am going to help you prove it."

Matthew tells his mother about Paige and how she broke up with Bo. "I just don't get it," he says. Matthew knows that he is a kid but he still wants to know what is going on. "I want to know what is going on with dad but he won't tell me." Nora tells that Bo is just protecting him.

RJ is in the door listening.

Paige will help if she can. Bo just wants her to trust him with the truth. "I have missed you Bo and I know that we can't pick up where we left off but," he cuts her off. "What we have is dead."

David will accept Todd's help if he can get it.

Blair arrives.

"Oh good," Todd says. "Blair's arrived."

Spencer walks in behind Blair.

"And oh look! She brought a date with her."

Blair is just as surprised as everyone else to see Spencer there of all places.

Viki gets it now. She was suspicious of her brother's motives for this party, but now she is starting to get where Todd is going with this.

Dorian knows that things have been bad for Clint and his family but hopes that things are looking up. She even expresses happiness that Viki is doing well. Clint knows that the two ladies hate each other. "You are like a couple of cats fighting over a can of tuna. I would like to have you be real with me, as Viki would be going off on you." She feels that he is enjoying this. He just wants her to be herself and not try to impress him. "Don't expect me to carry tales between the two women in my life." Dorian makes a point of the way that he says that. She wonders how he will ever start over if he is always around his ex-wife. "You said that you had two women in your life. Would the other woman in your life be me?"

"You said what we have is dead Bo." He said that because what they had was based on a lie. She wonders if he thinks they can start over. "I know that I have this reputation for following rules, and maybe I don't feel differently about that, but maybe about this…" He takes her hand. "Us…"

RJ brings Nora some magazines and books and he even downloaded songs legally for her. "We are going to have your spirit and mind moving along with those legs. She wants to go home now. "Matthew needs his mother. I need to go home. I need to make things up to him."

Todd tells Starr that he didn't invite Spencer when he is asked about it.

Blair whispers to Spencer about his showing up like this.

David tells Evangeline that he is going to need a good lawyer soon. Todd tells her that she has more heart than anyone else. "No one has ever done what you have done for me, ever. You are such a good person and a hell of a woman." Evangeline knows how he feels. He will not stop. He tells her that she never abandoned him and she never cared what people thought. "You are brilliant and kind and beautiful…inside and out. I am happy that you are in my life." Todd makes a toast to her.

Todd now turns to Spencer and Blair. "Thank you both for setting me free." Spencer tells Todd that he is making an ass of himself. "You started this war and you can finish it. Take Blair but you can't have my children." Starr tells her father that is enough and he agrees.

"All the drinks and all the food is on me!"

The music starts.

"Evangeline do you want to dance?" She will not do it if it is to upset Blair. Todd wants to do it because she is a beautiful woman.

Cristian takes the glass from Evangeline and she and Todd head to the floor. "I like to lead," Evangeline tells.

Starr talks with her mother privately. She isn't happy that her mother brought that man with her. "I didn't bring him with me," Blair says. "He followed me." Starr rolls her eyes. "Yeah right… Like anyone would believe anything that you say."

Blair pulls Spencer to the dance floor.

She can see Todd over Spencer's shoulder while they dance.

Todd looks up their eyes lock.

"We will get passed everything that has happened," Bo says. "Actually, I want to say all those things and mean it but I get stuck. This is all new for me. I can't admit things about myself sometimes. I am unforgiving and that has caused me a lot of problems and a lot of heartache. There are so many things that I want to tell you." She wants him to tell her everything. "I miss you too Bo and I will do anything that I can to make it right but if we can't forget the past, how can we have a future?"

Cristian watches while Todd and Evangeline dance. He talks about Blair while they dance and she sees he is using her to make a point.

David asks Adriana to dance.

The stalker is watching from inside the building.

David tells Adriana that he has no idea what to expect anymore after this. He wants to know what is up with her. "As your former stepfather to be…I demand to know what is going on with you." She wonders if he is happy and he tells that his happiness hinges on Spencer and Todd.

Spencer has memories of falling in love with Blair at this very place. "Lately Blair, I have been thinking that things are not good between us. I only know that I love you and that there will never be anyone else."

David can't believe that Todd is going to help him. Viki tells David that Todd will help him, the reason is 'why'?

John and Natalie watch Evangeline and Manning dance. Natalie is concerned that watching them bothers John but he is fine with it. John leaves to check in with the station but he will be back.

Natalie goes to David and asks him to do something. "I love him and he will not get over his father's death unless you tell him. He cant' use it against you and it won't hold up in court." He can see that she is assuming that he did it. "Well, didn't you?"

RJ tells Nora that she is a good mom. "We just need to work hard and get you home fast." She appreciates all that he has done for her. "Why do you care?" RJ likes Matthew and Nora is a pretty great mom. "I am just trying to get you back in great form." She knows that she is a lot of work and he has to agree with that. "Thank you," she says quietly. He puts his forehead to hers and then… he kisses her. She looks at him with new eyes.

"I don’t know what the future holds Paige." She hasn't any idea either. She doesn't think that she even deserves a second chance, but maybe they both need one.

"You have been dancing around the thing with Viki all this time," Dorian says. "It drives me crazy." Clint grabs her and kisses her hard on the lips. "You stubborn, edgy woman," he says smiling. They go for another round of kissing, and then he holds her back from him. "No more dancing…" He walks out.

"I got us that room at the inn," Rex tells Adriana. "I want you to know what you are getting into." They leave the club holding hands.

The stalker is hiding behind a plant when they exit the room.

Cristian warns the boy from the diner not to trust Todd.

Starr comes to her friend and he tells her what Cristian just told her.

Blair's feet are killing her and she wants to go home but Spencer forces her to stay. He wants people to see them together and see how he loves her. She feels that he is making a show to make a statement. "Don't we want the same things anymore?"

David goes to John and tells him that what he has to say won't hold up in court. "Spencer wasn't the one who killed your father. I was there. I want to come clean. I killed your father."

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