One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/29/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex tries to get info form a work associate. The woman will give him information but she wants cash or she is walking out the door.

Nash sleeps.

He dreams of Tess and calls out.

Claudia hears him as she is sleeping on a chair nearby and she comes to his bed. "I'm here."

He turns while still sleepy and starts kissing her. "Tess you came back to me."

Viki and Jess discuss Viki's problem with Niki possibly returning.

Antonio and Clint talk about Antonio's commitment to Jess.

Evangeline can see that something is wrong with Cristian's hand. He tries to avoid talking about it but she will not let him.

Natalie comes to see John at work. She was at school learning so much, so fast. They talk about Bo keeping the information about the witness to John's father's murder from him. John will get the info some other way, he promises.

The woman writes down what she wants for her info. Rex would be able to pay the woman but he lost a lot of money on a bet. The woman starts leaving. Rex stops her, telling that he is trying to help a friend. She finds that touching but not enough to help. He stops her from leaving again. She won't help him. He will not let her go. "You are giving m e a name," he orders.

Adriana works in the diner, not realizing that a darkly-clad man is behind her at a table.

The man takes out a picture of Rex that was previously joined to the other half that has Adriana's image on it. He holds the picture to the back his leather seat and he drives a blade through it, holding it up as one would take up a piece of paper. The man walks out.

Adriana has no idea what goes on behind her.

Someone comes into the diner and she talks for a while.

John looks over some papers to do with Bo's case. He can't figure things out. "Let me look at them," Natalie begs. "Maybe I can help." John is reluctant. "Well I am going to be working here soon enough," she reminds. He hands the papers over wondering how he can find something to free Bo from this accusation. Natalie takes the papers from him and turns her back for a minute to read them over quickly. Soon she turns back to John. "I got it! I think that I know how we can free Bo!"

Jessica knows that her mother would sacrifice herself for her children if she had to so why can't they do that for her? Viki tells that she assumed at times that Niki was gone but she was right there waiting. Jessica knows that her mother couldn't have known. Viki feels that she has failed her daughter. "When I found out about Norman and the videotapes, Niki reminded me of a memory." Jessica doesn't blame her for anything but Viki knows that since Tess is a part of her, there is blame to be handed out.

Antonio promises to tell Brennan that Nash is her father and that he loves her. Antonio would like things to be different but there is no way around that.

"Make love to me Nash," Claudia says while kissing Nash.

He opens his eyes and sees that he is kissing Claudia. He jumps away from her and asks her what the hell she thinks she is doing.

Natalie tries to explain. Natalie has an idea about proving the forgery but John has already tried that. Natalie gets her notes. "There is a guy who has the latest developments in this field." John gives Natalie permission to get in touch with the man

Cristian starts kissing Evangeline but he stops him. "We have a problem and you just start kissing me." He tells that this is his problem and not hers. She can tell that he can't hold a paintbrush properly and she finds that serious. He finds his problem a lot less important when compared to hers. "We can't do anything about my problem," she says. He tells her that she isn't a fling. "I think about helping you and being with you. I am talking about being with…" She stops him from finishing what he was about to say. "Don't say it!"

Starr's friend asks about her as he talks to Adriana. She remembers this boy how. He stood up for her once. He asks Adriana not to tell Starr's mother that they are still friends. Carlotta isn't there and the boy would like to write her a note. She goes to her back and sees the knife with Rex's picture impaled by it. Adriana freaks out. "I have to find Rex. Don't touch that."

Rex pushes documents at the girl to get her opinion. "This is authentic." Rex knows that can't be true. "I know the real deal when I see it," the woman says. Rex sees that the woman knows a lot more than she is telling. "Give me a name."

Evangeline starts getting dressed to get out of there. "You just got out of a marriage Cristian, and I am not ready. I am just getting used to being blind." He was only going to tell her that she was important to him. She demands her purse and then she tells him goodnight. He can see that she is scared and he knows why.

Natalie tells that the idea she had was a dead end. "Welcome to police work," John says. She feels the same way about helping Bo, as John does about his father's case. "Maybe I should give up forensics altogether," she says joking.

Clint gives Antonio some advice on being a father. Antonio feels that Brennan smiled at her that morning. Clint laughs. "Never forget that keeping Nash in Brennan's life is what a good father would do." Antonio appreciates that as he knows that he isn't the one that Clint would choose for Jessica if he could.

Viki admits that she did know about the abuse. "I did. I knew about it Jessica and I did nothing about it."

Cristian makes Evangeline sit. He used to be crazy but he feels that he has calmed down now. She finds this situation to be crazy. "A blind lawyer and a boxer…" He feels that what they have is very real. "I am not John… I think that you deserve more than that. You are dealing with a lot and I can wait, so when you are ready, you let me know." She has no idea when that will be. He finds that she thinks too much. "Think too much? Talk too much?" He tells her to shut up and let him show her how he feels. They kiss.

"Yes, I like Nash and I like that he has backed off when he had to," Clint says. Antonio fears that Nash could come for Brennan at anytime. He knows that Clint would back him if he could. Antonio reminds him that if Nash gets his way, they may never see Jessica again. Clint sees things differently and feels that they can have both women at the end of this. Antonio will try to see things Clint's way.

Nash gets dressed and heads to the door. Claudia calls to him. "Don’t leave. I was sleeping too and I have no idea how I got into your bed. I thought that you liked girls that pretend to be someone else. Tess doesn't exist." Nash wants to go to Llanview right now. Claudia stops him. 'I don't want to hurt you and I don't want a commitment. I just thought that two old friends could have a little fun. You remember? Fun?" He moves closer to her now.

"My mornings would be the same," Viki says. "I would find you under the covers fully dressed Jessica. I thought that you had gotten dressed while you were asleep, or that you were sleepwalking. I never wondered why we were always so exhausted. I woke up with makeup on and wouldn't face it. I was losing time again. All those nights, after you had been abused, I made you get up and go to school. I can't stand this Jessica. If only I had spoken about the blackouts and told Clint, he would have known and your whole life would have been completely different. You went through hell because I was falling apart and I couldn't admit it. I don't know how you could ever forgive me."

John counsels Natalie about how to deal with 'not' cracking a case. "You just go over the same things again and again to break the case. John shows her a technique. "Write something." She writes a phrase. "Look here," he says. He holds his hand over hers and writes. The technique that he wants to use to prove the case measures the pressure points of the writing. "It is like a fingerprint." She can't be his partner but she can work with him every once in a while. She wants to spend some time with him seeing as she doesn't have to do any schooling for the rest of the day.

His phone rings.

He shows it to her and her face changes.

Rex tries to seal his deal by making some sort of offer.


Rex turns to find Adriana there. The woman with him suspects that this is a client. She walks off.

Adriana starts telling him the story of what happened to her at the diner.

His phone rings.

He looks at the display and falls silent. "What?" she asks. He shows her the monitor on his phone and is confused. "What does this mean?"

Cristian and Evangeline are kissing again.

Her phone starts ringing.

They try to ignore it but eventually, Cristian fishes it out of her purse. He can't tell who is calling from the display on the monitor.

Jessica begs her mother to be strong and not to agonize over what happened. "Those horrible men did this to us. We have to be strong." Viki is so proud of her child and the woman that she is.

Clint returns and asks if everything is okay. Viki smiles. "Absolutely." The baby is tired, so Antonio and Jessica decide to take the child home. Antonio enjoyed talking to Clint. Clint really meant what he said, he promises. Jessica will call her mother the following day to update her on how they are doing with the baby. The new family leaves.

"That is a very happy baby to have a mother like she does."

Viki's phone rings.

She looks at the monitor. She shows it to Clint.

"I want to make something clear Claudia. If you ever do anything like you just did, I will toss you out of here." Claudia understands and hopes that Nash better understand that Tess is off limits. "Do you really think that you can raise the child alone Nash? At least I am real." Nash moves very close to her, as if to possibly kiss her and he tells her 'goodnight'. He leaves her now and hops back into his bed.

"Country club, half an hour, come alone." The boy who works at the diner gets the text message on his phone and rushes off.

Viki tells Clint that she is going to the country club. He wants to come but she finds that silly. " I am going to the country club for heaven's sake!"

Evangeline insists on going to the club alone. Cristian won't allow it and he goes with her.

Natalie wonders if this text message has something to do with the case.

Natalie gets the same message and so she and John head out together.

Adriana tells Rex what happened at the diner. He is sure the message he got is part of this case to do with Adriana.

"I have sent out all the messages sir." Todd sits behind a desk, rubbing his palms and being calm. Things are working as he has planned them to.

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