One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/28/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Cristian thinks back to recently with Evangeline…

He was teaching Evangeline to paint although she can't see.

Cristian takes a brush but he can't hold it properly and he gets frustrated and knocks his easel over.


Cristian hears Evangeline calling from the door.

He kisses her hello and she can tell that something is wrong.

Rex tells Adriana that he has been working on protecting her from the stalker. She has been researching stalkers and 77% of them are known to their victims.

Nash waits in the dark.

Claudia arrives and Nash is angry with her as she has been letting him hang now over the decision to go into business with him or not. Her condition is that he prove that her father was threatening Brennan.

Jessica, Antonio and Jamie arrive at Viki's house. Clint and Victor have a party set up for the family.

Dorian enters glad to find everyone at home.

Todd comes to the pool to see his kids. Starr runs to him and hugs him.

Jack walks up slowly. "Dad are you and mom going to hate each other forever?" Todd steals a glance at Blair.

Adriana can't think of who she knows that could be the stalker. She has stats on everything to do with stalkers. She hopes that she doesn't become a statistic herself. Rex will be getting her a bodyguard so that she will never be alone. He has planned a special night for them. "Tonight is going to be about us!"

Somewhere…someone has a wall full of pictures of Adriana that are being admired…

Evangeline comes in and tells that Bo is starting to look like the one who framed Todd and he might be charged. "Bo asked me to handle his case but I turned him down. I was great but not now. I appreciate that he trusts me but I can't be first chair. I told Todd the same thing. He wants to sue Blair for custody." Cristian doesn't care about Todd but feels that Evangeline needs to take Bo's case. Evangeline can't do the performance that Bo needs. "I can't see the notes or even approach the bench. I need to be focused on my argument and not how many steps it is to the judge. Everything is different now. My home is different and I have to learn everything again. that is just the way that things are." She feels like he wants to say something to her. He was just thinking that it were time that he saw the world through her eyes.

Blair wants Jack to know that his parents love him very much. Todd tells the child that he is back and he will not leave the child again. "Let's go out and have burgers and fries." Jack doesn't want to go and he asks his mother if he has to go. Blair encourages the kids to go with their father. "I guess so," is all that Jack says. Blair asks Starr to take Jack to change. The kids leave.

She thanks him for backing him up, but Todd tells her to enjoy it while it lasts. "I want my children." She says that she is concerned about him. "I died remember?" he asks her. "I was confused," she says. "Is it really over?" He tells that he will hate her forever now."

Nash thanks Claudia for coming out to see him. That means a lot to him. She knows that he knows that she can't turn him down when he asks for something. "I know where your heart lies," she says. "I care about you Claudia but as soon as this is over, I am going home."

Headlights appear in the window. Claudia runs to hide.

George arrives and bangs on the door.

"I just strolled around the grounds and you have invested in some new equipment," George says. "Careful Nash, this place could set on fire." Nash reminds him that he has done what he has been asked to do. George warns that he might finish what he started if Claudia is found around Nash.

Claudia is listening from the back and she makes a noise.

"What is that?" George asks.

Claudia tries to hide.

Jessica tells Dorian that Tess asked for help once and Dorian helped her. "Thank you Dorian." Dorian says that was the right thing to do. They hug.

Jamie sees that Brennan got a lot of presents but Viki has something for Jamie too and offers the girl a big present. "Did you happen to get a gift from me?" Dorian asks. Jessica has no idea of what she talks about. Dorian leaves to call Logan's to see what happened to the gift. She leaves the room.

Clint follows.

Viki and Jessica talk about the chaos in the family. They are glad that Niki hasn't made an appearance.

"I spent all those nights in prison and was beaten on a daily basis. You know what I did between the beatings? I thought about my life and now I see that you have turned my son against me. Blair! He wants nothing to do with me. I will get it all back and there is nothing that you can do to stop me. The second that you shack up with Spencer.." Blair blurts out that she isn't moving in with Spencer Truman. "I can't!" she shouts. "Why not?" Todd asks. "Aren't you in love with him?"

Cristian is blindfolded and he feels Evangeline's face and in that way he can see her. They kiss now. He removes the blindfold and tells her that she is really beautiful… She feels that he has been inspired. "I smell paint." He was painting but didn't get too far. "why don’t you let me paint you?" he asks. She is up for that. "When?" Cristian's has his painting hand in a fist and it twitches.

Rex and Adrianna decide to spend the night together.

His phone starts vibrating.

Rex talks to someone about a country club. He has to go there right away.

"I have a lead that could help Bo," he says. "Are you going to be okay?" he asks. She is sure that she will be fine.

The stalker has a picture of Rex and Adrianna and he cuts the pictures in half and puts the half with Adriana on the wall, tacking it up. The other half of the picture with Rex in it is folded and put in the stalker's pocket!

"What is complicated about your relationship with Spencer?" Todd asks when she can't explain why she can't move in with the man. "He will get his." Blair tells Todd that he is jealous and that when he gets like this he gets stupid and dangerous. "And that is why I am not going to tell you what I am doing!" He turns and laughs at her. "What are ya doing?" he taunts.

Cristian takes a dry paintbrush and runs it along Evangeline's face and arms. "I am painting you."

George goes looking through Nash's place but finds nothing.

Claudia hides behind a door in a room that George has left open.

Nash quickly closes it.

She hears when her father warns him to stay away from Claudia or Brennan will pay.

George leaves.

"You can't come out now. You heard him! He threatened to hurt my daughter." Claudia comes out and says that she did in fact hear everything.

"I am not integrated I know realize and I never was," Viki says. "I don't want you to worry about this Jessica, I will be fine. This is Brennan's night. Let's have fun." Antonio has to get going but he will be back. Jamie thanks Viki for the present and they hug. Jamie hugs Jessica too. Clint takes the baby from Antonio and Antonio takes Jamie out.

Dorian is on the phone ordering the largest stuffed animal that they have.

She is on the phone when Clint walks Antonio and Jamie out.

"I hope that I didn’t upset you by implying that Tess might not be gone," Viki says.

"yeah! Right!" Niki says in Viki's head.

"What is it?" Jessica asks. "Oh it is nothing honey!"

Viki hears the voice but this time says nothing.

"It is Niki isn't it?" Jessica asks.

"Yes it is Niki says in Viki's head! I am never going away! Never! Never! Never! Never!"

Viki holds the sides of her head now, and Jess can see that this isn't a good scene! She would like to go and get Clint but she is afraid to leave her mother. "Fight it mom! Fight it!"

Todd comes up to Blair. He is angry with her and he wonders what she has to say about what she did. "You love him? Is that it? Is it Blair?" He shouts at her for a few moments and then he kisses her hard on the lips.

Rex arrives at the country club and finds a girl that he knows there. They catch up. He needs help on a case. It has to do with forgery. "I need the person who dummied up the documents. The police commissioner is being set up and he is a friend of mine. I figure that you have heard something." She says that she might have heard something.

Adriana is reading about Bo and the server comes to her and sees what she is reading.

The waitress finds what happened to Bo to be tough luck.

Adriana is about to leave but then remembers that she promised to stay at the diner until he gets back. She decides to get some work done and she goes to get her laptop out of her bag.

Through the window, someone watches Adriana as she works.

Nash and Claudia are ready to go to bed now. She heads for the bed but he kicks her out of it. She got the bed the night before but not tonight.

He thinks of Tess and how they too shared a room once in much the same way as he shares a room with Claudia this night.

"Soon Tess… Soon," Nash promises.

Viki is sure that she is done with Niki and that soon she will be rid of the personality.

"That is what you think!" Niki spits internally.

Soon it is quiet. "She is gone," Viki says. Jess worries now, feeling that she will never be rid of Tess.

"Why did you do that?" Blair asks. Todd says nothing.

The kids return and Jack is dressed in scrubs for his size… It is an outfit much like Spencer would wear. Todd moves away from Blair and the kids as Blair tells Jack that he can't go out like that. He really wants to wear this outfit. Blair will not have it and she sends Starr back up to the house with Jack to get him to change.

Todd comes closer to Blair now. "Well?" she asks. "I guess that I still have some feelings for you," he says.

Dorian has helped Clint change a diaper and he thanks her for that. She brings up Duke and how it was when he was little but then she regrets doing that. "If you ever need someone to talk to…" He knows that she is there and he appreciates that.

"Tess will always be a part of you as Niki is a part of me," Viki tells. "You will get through this as you have your family, Antonio and Brennan. You most of all have the strength that is inside you. I am glad that you don’t have Tess anymore but it seems that Niki and I have unfinished business still."

Nash sleeps while Claudia curls up on the chair by the wall.

Nash dreams of Tess.

"I need you," he says in his sleep.

Claudia hears him. She walks over to him and gets in bed beside him. "I am here."

Nash turns and starts kissing and hugging Claudia while still groggy.

Adriana is working at the diner…

The door opens behind her and someone walks in. He is dressed in black and he sits at a table behind her.

Rex digs for information from his friend.

Cristian has Evangeline laying on her stomach and he traces her body with the dry brush. "why are you using your left hand?" she asks.

Todd and Blair still talk. He still treats her like he hates her.

The kids arrive now, ready to go to dinner with their father. He walks off.

"You are such a liar," Blair says talking to herself. "I am going to make you pay Spencer."

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