One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/27/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Antonio is at home.

He lets Jess and the baby in. He missed them. She is happy that he had one on one time with Jamie to play for a while. Jamie is at preschool and his mother is picking up the child. Antonio would like to talk to her. He has news about Leeds. "He is dead."

Vincent has thought of a way that Natalie can thank him for helping her find the killer of John's father. "You are in Forensics and I was hoping that you could tell my how to commit the perfect murder…"

John wants the name of the person who heard David confess to his father's murder. Bo can't tell him that.

Spencer has asked Blair to move in with him. "I can't Spencer. What about Todd?"

Evangeline comes to see Todd. He wants his children from Blair but Evangeline will not help him with that.

Kelly is at the pool at Dorian's with Blair's kids. Jack runs off.

Kelly knows that Starr is bummed out about being at Dorian's, but she just feels that Blair is working things out. Starr knows that she is just being palmed off so that she can be with Spencer. Kelly tells Starr that you can't help who you love. Starr worries that her mother is in love with that jerk. "This sucks." Starr knows that their parents will work things out.

"Are you siding with Blair over me?" Todd asks. Evangeline will not risk her career for this. "I am trying to save you from yourself. I got your voicemail. 'I want you to sue for full custody…I want to fix it'. I hear pain and torment and hatred Todd. To want a mother to never see her children again? Those children are Blair's as much as they are yours. You want me to take those children and I will have nothing to do with this."

"Are you still in love with him?" Spencer asks. Blair denies that she loves Todd, but he is looking for ammunition to take my children. "Staying at Dorian's is the best move for me." Spencer offers to get a bigger suite for all of them. "The judge might not like that," she says. He can see her point and that is part of why he loves her. "There is a simple solution to this Blair. Marry me."

John presses Bo to tell him who the witness is to David confessing.

Bo remembers that is was Blair but says nothing.

"I can't compromise this person's safety," Bo says. "I am helping you by giving you information that no one knows that you don't have. You won't be spinning your wheels and I will continue to keep you up to speed." John doesn't understand how David is out and about then. "Are you willing to let Spencer walk to nail Vickers? We know that Spencer has been driving Vickers and Paige for years and I have my own reasons for bringing Spencer down. I will be following this new information but until I get this all wrapped up, I can't tell you who this person is." John hates it when friends start keeping information secret.

"You forced me down here to talk about forensics?" Natalie asks Vincent. "I am out of here. I don't have time to sit in a diner and talk forensics with you." He sees that she is busy and he is busy too. "Let's do this another time…over dinner." She feels like she is being asked out on a date. "Why not?" he asks. "I won't tell if you won't."

"Do you remember how crazy John was the other night? Are you crazy?" Natalie asks. "I will not lie about you and I will not go on a date with you." Vincent tells that his request has nothing to do with romance. "I find it very interesting that you were so eager to think that I wanted a date. Maybe you are attracted to me?" She denies that and reminds her that she liked someone else besides John once. He knows that she isn't done with him. "You will come back to me and I will not have to ask." She tells him to lose her number and not to call her again.

Bo asks John to trust him on handling things the way that he has been asked to. John is put in charge until Bo returns. John promises that the man will have his badge back before he knows it.

"Marrying me would make me the happiest man in the world," Spencer says. Blair says that is sweet. He finds this the answer to all their problems, and it would end the custody thing. Blair feels that this is too soon. Spencer knows that Jack would love the idea and that Starr would come around soon enough. Blair says that Starr would hate the idea and she doesn't want to push her daughter over the edge. "I think that it is me. I need time right now. Don't rush me."

"You were in the room when he died?" Antonio confirms that. "Tess is still with me and she can come out at anytime… She can still claim the baby…" Jessica says.

Asa wakes to find Matthew sitting with him. Asa makes the child stand back so that he can get a look at the boy. "You are the next generation of Buchanans…You will take my place one day." Matthew asks his grandfather if he is going to die.

Bo talks to the nurse about his father and how he is doing. Bo wants to see his father but lets Matthew have alone time with Asa first.

"This is our baby Jessica and once you get your memories, we will be able to raise our children in peace, and without Tess." Jess believes that Nash will be back to claim his child. "I love you Antonio." He loves her more.

Carlotta arrives with Jamie. She runs to her father and Jessica. Antonio takes the girl and takes her to the baby. "You can say 'hi' to her later, but isn't she beautiful? Just like you."

Jessica and Carlotta watch Antonio and Jamie smiling. "Jess," Carlotta says. "That baby is Antonio's in his heart. It isn't biology that makes a father or a mother…but the love that one has in his heart…"

Kelly sits alone and wonders if she should take the test or not.

Blair arrives and Kelly hides the pregnancy test in her purse. Blair thanks her for watching the kids. "Hey kids," Blair calls. "Your dad is home and he is doing well." Jack worries that his dad will be wearing that orange suit. Jack asks about Spencer and Starr freaks out on him, calling him a moron. Starr wants to go home, Blair tells her that they all will be staying at Dorian's. "Like hell!" Starr retorts.

"The people in this town used to fear me," Todd says. "They used to envy me and then hate me and I want that again. I want them to say, 'Todd Manning is a force to be reckoned with…'" Evangeline will not help him with this. "Fantastic," Todd says. "You have turned on me too…" She finds him to be manipulative to put her in a corner and then beat her to death. "I would like to help you Todd, but not like this." Todd wonders how she helped him. "Were you helping me when you got me convicted? When you got me death row? Were you blind then?"

Natalie comes to see John at the station…she looks intense… She tells that she was with Vincent Jones.

"Why did you lie about Vincent?" John asks. She tells that he called to ask her about forensics. "He asked me out as well." John tells Natalie that if she lies to him like that again they will be over. She understands. John tells Natalie that Bo is protecting someone in this deal with the case about his father. "I will do anything to clear that man's name." Natalie is in. "I want to help."

"Everyone is going to die," Asa says to Matthew. "Living…that is what is important." Asa promised to teach the boy to ride a horse and he will. "No need to be scared. I am scared right now," Asa says. "Being in this bed all cooped up scares me. Being brave doesn't mean that you will never be scared. You just can't let it stop what you are doing in life." Nora told Matthew something like that once. Asa laughs. "I am counting on you boy to make this family proud again."

Bo knocks and then enters the room.

"Don't worry," Spencer says. "They just took Paige upstairs for some tests. I heard about your legal troubles Bo." Bo asks the man to confess to his crimes.

Evangeline tries to get out of Todd's place and ends up dropping the contents of her purse all over the floor. She feels around to get her things. Todd comes to her and tries to help her but she pushes him away. He sees now that he went too far and he apologizes to her for his behavior.

Blair tells Starr that she will not tolerate bad behavior from her. Starr can't help it as she just misses her father. Blair knows that and she knows that Todd misses her too. "Things are complicated and you have to trust me to do the right thing." Starr can't trust her as she chose Spencer over her dad." Blair says that she hasn't done that. "So you are going to pick dad over Spencer?" Blair doesn't answer. "I figured that," Starr says.

Evangeline listens to Todd now and they talk quietly like the friends they were once before. Evangeline has a request of Todd. "I want you to admit that you still love Blair…"

He wonders why she cares. She knows that if he admits that he loves her, he will remember that he loves her and deal with his real feelings. Todd can't get over what she did. "I can't say that I love her because I don't," Todd says.

Todd's phone rings.

"Dad are you really home?" Starr asks. "Mom is being so mean and she says that we have to live with Aunt Dorian." Todd will be right over.

Todd tells Evangeline what he is about to do.

"Everybody knows commissioner that you and Manning have been going at it for years," Spencer says. "You saw your opportunity and you took it." Bo smiles. "I am going to bury you," Bo says smiling.

"Did you know that I had nothing when I first started Matthew… I was a cowboy with just a horse. Oil was struck on a ranch not far from where I was working and I was as smart as you. I took off and went to work in those oil fields and I learned as much as I could. Then I suddenly owned the damn ranch and the oil underneath… Now my kids run my company and I keep an eye on 'em. They do a fine; good job but don't tell them that I told you that. Business has been good to me but if there is something else that you want to do…like be a doctor or a lawyer like your mom, or president…This family will back you and you will not, I will say it again…you will not fail." Matthew can see that being a Buchanan is a big deal. "As far as I am concerned," Asa says, "Being Buchanan is the only deal in town… What I meant to say Matthew is that I love you." Matthew loves his grandpa too. They hug.

Jess tells Jamie that she was little like the baby at one time. Carlotta tells Jamie to sing the song that she sung at school. "I don't want to do that," Jamie says in her child-like voice."

"I don't wanna do that," Jessica hears in her head. It is her own voice that has come back to her in a flashback. Jess reaches for her head to rub it as she looks to the ground. "Jess?" Antonio calls out to her. "Jess, are you alright?"

"Honey please talk to me," Antonio begs. Jess says nothing. "Mama," Antonio says. "Take the kids down for ice cream…" Carlotta leaves with Jamie and Antonio takes the baby.

"I don't know," Jessica says. "I could see myself for a minute at Jamie's age."

Natalie wants to know how she can help with Uncle Bo. "Maybe we can have dinner later." He will see. She sees he is upset and she apologizes about Vincent again. She kisses him and leaves now.

"Maybe you and Todd could team up and work together," Spencer says. "You both like to make threats. Manning likes to work outside the law and he can't accept that Blair chose me over him." Bo smiles.

Blair plays with the water in the pool.

Blair thanks Kelly again for watching the kids and then Kelly leaves.

Todd arrives. "Hi Starr." She runs to him, hugging him.

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