One Life to Live Update Monday 6/26/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Adriana sits by the pool.

She remembers the man attacking she and Rex the night before.

Rex was almost killed.

Someone watches her now from the bushes.

Rex comes to see Bo at the station.

"I am out of a job," Bo informs him when he realizes that Rex is there for business.

John and Natalie meet on the roof for breakfast. She meets him with a kiss and tosses the newspaper over the roof when he tries to reach for it.

David comes to see Paige in her room. He tells her that he is doing much better now that he is out of jail.

Spencer comes to the doorway behind David.

"Spencer's reign of terror is almost over," David says smiling.

"Well, well, well well," Spencer says behind David "What have we here?"

David realizes that he has been overheard and regrets speaking out…

Blair is alone at home…

She thinks how she overheard Spencer and David talking the night before and how dangerous it was for her to be lurking about eavesdropping.

Todd shows up at the house. He tells Blair that he has decided to move back in his house.

"What about a motive," Rex asks. Rex knows that there isn't any for Bo to have done this to Spencer. Bo tells that motive isn't an issue at this point. "It is just a matter of time that I would have to go anyway. This is my call. Llanview doesn’t need another high-profile scandal. The mayor was going to make a move and so I beat them to the punch. It is important that I step back now Rex." Rex knows that Spencer is responsible for this. He will not step back and let this happen. Bo thought that Rex was busy working for Claudia anyway. "When are you going to learn not to burn the candle at both ends?" Bo wonders. It is killing Rex that Bo has to step down. This is bad news for the whole town. Rex needs his help at this time too. He shows Bo a baggie with a butterfly in it. "Someone left it for Adriana…right after he attacked her."

Adriana feels someone coming up behind her, slowly and she sees the shadow looming behind her.

She turns putting her body in defensive mode immediately. "What do you think that you are doing?"

It is Dorian only coming to see how she is doing. "Is something wrong?" Dorian asks when she sees the way that Adriana reacts.

Adriana thinks back to Rex telling her that this problem is too big for them to handle, and that they have to tell Dorian the truth.

"You are right," Adriana admits. "Something is wrong." Dorian immediately thinks that Rex is behind this. "Tell me what is going on." Adriana tells that someone broke in the area the night before.

Michael and Marcie sit in the diner with Thomas at a table to talk. They unhook the baby carrier to get Thomas out of it.

Vincent and Shaun arrive and go to the counter to make their order. The server recognizes them and talks friendly while taking their order.

Daryl is already there reading the menu.

"Can I read your paper," Vincent asks Daryl. Daryl is polite to the man flattering him and letting him know that he knows about his business prowess. Vincent smiles.

John and Natalie sit for breakfast.

John thinks back to the dream that he had the night before of David strapped to the gurney, ready to take the shot. "You got the wrong guy lieutenant! You got the wrong guy!" David was shouting at him.

Natalie feels bad about meeting up with Vincent the night before. John warns her to stay away from Vincent. She will do that. She has a request. She wants to work with him on his case. He won't allow it.

Her cellphone rings but he will not let her answer it. She threw his paper away after all. She can't stand the ringing and begs to answer it. He tells her to go ahead.

"Ms. Buchanan," Vincent says. "I need to see you right away."

Todd is reclaiming his life, and wants to sleep in his own bed. "The last time that I did that it was right before I was arrested for a murder that I didn't commit." Blair begs him not to torture her with the memories of all that happened. He knows that she wasn’t home the night before. "Were you with Spencer?" She admits it. "That wasn't so difficult was it?" he asks. "Now get the hell out of my house!"

"We love each other and I still love you," Blair says. Todd doubts that as she still sleeps with Spencer. "I am still with Spencer, but it doesn't mean that I don't care about you Todd." He tells her that she makes him want to puke. "Get out!" She goes to get her things but he will not allow her. "The kids will need some things, she says. He is as serious as a heart attack when he tells her that it will be a cold day in hell when he lets his kids live with Spencer Truman.

"If you two have any sense, you will keep your mouths shut," Spencer advises. Paige and David are not under this man's thumb anymore. Paige asks David to leave so that she can talk to Spencer alone. Spencer offers again to help David if only he would let him. David leaves.

"I told Bo everything," Paige says.

Bo can't help Rex with this. He has no badge. "Go see John McBain as he is the best cop that I know." Rex isn't all that thrilled about that idea. Bo wants Rex to do things through the police and not take any chances. Rex doesn't care how great McBain is; Bo is the best cop that he knows.

"Come and see me and leave your boyfriend out of it." Vincent demands that Natalie come to see him at the diner. "Make sure that you come or I will offer my invitation again, but next time will be in front of your boyfriend." She hangs up.

"Who was that?" John asks.

Blair will go but not without her kids. She tells that her kids have been spending time with Dorian. He wonders what a judge would say about Blair and the way that she acts with Truman. She promises that she will not move in with Spencer. "Don’t make promises that you can't keep Blair." She gets the keys and throws them at him.

"How couldn't you have told me that?" Dorian asks. "You were attacked Adriana? I am going to fire the security. And you got hit on the head? Maybe you have a concussion. My main concern is you." Adriana worries about Rex but Dorian only cares about her daughter. She will however thank Rex for keeping her daughter safe the night before. Rex arrives and Dorian turns on him. "What in the hell were you thinking not telling me that my daughter was attacked?"

Michael finds it funny that social services hasn't called to place Thomas yet. Marcie admits that there was a call for an appointment that day but she canceled it as she said that they were very busy and didn't have time. She said she had to go shopping. Michael says that they could have done this shopping the next day, but she has an excuse for that too.

David walks into the diner.

Marcie can't believe this. She hands Thomas over to Michael and goes over to David.

"Do you not have any shame?" Marcie shouts at David.

Natalie tells that she has to go and meet her lab partner for a quick meeting. She kisses John and walks away.

Blair goes to see Bo as she has heard about the change in his status. "You think that Spencer set you up don't you?" Bo can see that Blair is fishing for info. "You are going to end up getting hurt," Bo says. Blair tells that things are getting worse for her by the minute. "Todd wants to sue for custody but I still wont' tell the truth. I have to get Spencer to open up but I can't leave Spencer to do it. I am doing this for Todd but also for me. I am going to make things right. In fact, I have some good information." Bo doesn't want to hear it. Finally, he wants to hear. She tells how David came to the room and confessed to killing John McBain's father.

Todd calls a lawyer to ask about suing for custody. He sees a picture of Blair on the table and tosses it into the wastebasket.

Paige tells Spencer that she has told everything. "It doesn't matter Paige. My hands are clean." Paige smiles. "Between what David and I know, you are going to burn." Spencer knows that with the reputation these two murderers have, no one will believe them.

David tries to leave the diner but Marcie stops him. "You deprived my husband of a lifetime of security. His entire family suffered."

Michael comes to stop her rant but she will not be stopped. "You made them suffer the worst possible pain they will ever suffer." David apologizes to the couple but Michael tells him that it is too late. Michael and Marcie walk off with the baby.

David gets a call from Todd. "We have some unfinished business to settle."

Adriana tells Dorian that Rex wanted to tell her the truth about the stalker but she was the one who wouldn't allow it. Dorian says that she is going to see Bo and get this straightened out. Rex tells that Bo has stepped down and that John is the one to talk to now. Dorian will hire bodyguards, but Adriana doesn't want that. Rex promises to still watch Adriana for Dorian. Dorian admits that Rex has been helpful and she says she will not fight him being in Adriana's life anymore. Adriana has a meeting and Rex offers to go and watch her while there.

After Rex and Adrianna leave, Dorian goes to the phone and calls Darryl to meet with her.

Bo gets the phone to call a judge, but Blair slams the phone down. She can't let out that she finked on David as that will spoil her plans for getting Spencer. She will do it, she says, but just not now.

Michael and Marcie get Thomas into his baby carrier. Marcie hopes that Michael isn't angry with her. He isn't. He loves her for what she did. She is so loyal. "Marcie…I know that you are falling in love with this baby." She denies that but only for a minute. She says loves the child but only lied to the social worker because they really do have to do some shopping.

Natalie arrives and meets with Michael and Marcie for a minute.

Vincent watches her as she talks with her friends.

Afterwards, Natalie comes over. "Okay, what do you want?"

Bo takes one last look at his office before walking out with the ceremonial box of personal items.

John is there and he hates what he sees. John assures Bo that they are going to find something. John will help in anyway that he can. Bo has something to tell John…

David arrives for his meeting with Todd. "Were is the two million dollars that you promised me for saving your life?" Todd says that the money was to get evidence on Spencer. Todd wants to know about the case and Margaret. "Where is my kid?" I will pay you for that. David tells that Todd will have to talk to Spencer to find out about his kid.

Spencer taunts Paige when she stands up to him. He leaves her room smirking.

The man from Kentucky calls. "Spencer? You are going to take care of my sister like you promised," he says. "Mum's the word. The cops will not hear the truth from me." Spencer is pleased to hear that. "Good man…"

Daryl arrives for his meeting and learns that Adriana is being stalked and will not let her be left alone. She wants someone that can protect Adriana. Daryl offers to handle it. She isn't sure that he can do it. Daryl says that he knows six different ways to kill a man. He hasn't done it yet but is open to new experiences. "Do it then!" she orders walking off.

Daryl makes a call while he smirks.

Bo tells John that he talked with someone who has confessed to knowing that David killed McBain. John wants to know who that person is.

Blair tells Spencer that Todd has kicked her out and that she has to go to Dorian's. He offers that she and the kids come and live with her.

David tells Todd that Spencer is his guy. "Give me one million and we will call it even," David says. Todd will not pay up. David knows one thing. When this is over, only Todd or Spencer will be left standing, and not both.

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