One Life to Live Update Friday 6/23/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex's head is being held under water, while Adriana screams for the man to stop hurting him.

Cristian and Evangeline are kissing at his place. She feels that she never gets relationships right, but this time she feels she is with the right guy. She tells him that if they kiss again they might… " ...make love?" he asks. He wants them to be more direct with each other.

John and Vincent get into it while out at the bar. The fight is stopped and Vincent draws a line in the sand.

Blair sees Spencer and David talking.

She comes over to them from across the room to see what they were whispering about. They clam up as she gets to them. "What are we talking about guys?" she asks.

John wonders now that the fight is over, and he and Natalie are outside the establishment… "What did I just do in there with Vincent just now?" She just looks at him. ***

Bo is alone waiting.

Hugh arrives and Bo tells that the should just hand over his gun and his badge. Hugh really doesn't want this. Bo does it anyway.

Evangeline is shocked. Cristian has taken her off guard by talking about them being direct about sex. "I have been thinking about us together for a while," he says. She admits that she has been thinking about that too. "I just think that things have been tough for you Evangeline, but just maybe we should think bout what we can control, and not think about what we can't." She knows that she won't forget about her situation at work. He finds that every time that they talk about things she turns it into lawyer talk, and yet he can't help himself as she is so beautiful. He whispers in her ear and she giggles.

"We have to fight this Bo," Hugh says. Bo feels that there isn't another way. They have to prove that he was set up. "Hugh you have to treat me as if I were any other suspect," Bo says.

Spencer and Blair decide that it is time to go. Blair tells David that he really shouldn't be anywhere near John.

Layla asks Vincent how he made the fight with John seem like it wasn't his fault at all.

Rex is losing consciousness as he struggles to get his head up and out of the water. Adriana walks over and pulls the man backward off Rex so that he can be free to rise out of the water. The thug runs off when he realizes that he can't fight the two alone.

Adriana grabs Rex and pulls him out of the water, holding him as he sputters for air.

John hates that he lost his control inside the club. He has no excuse for what he did. "I should know better. Bo is fighting for his job and I risk everything for nothing." Natalie has a theory that she offers him. "I think that you went off on him because you really like me…"

Vincent and Layla have champagne. "Has anyone ever told you that you are full of yourself?" Layla asks. He says that it isn't his fault that John went off on him in public. Layla doesn't really care about John and Natalie. "John used to date my sister and then Natalie broke them up and my sister was devastated.

Cristian comes on strong with Evangeline. "I want you… but there is no pressure at all. It is you and me…And I really want you." Evangeline really wants him too but she wonders if it would really kill him if they waited a little longer. "I don't want to repeat the past so we should take this slower and bask a while… Wait…" It has been a while for him, but he will wait as long as it isn't that long.

"I usually play by the rules," Bo says. "I don't make a move without thinking about this office and that badge of mine." Hugh will help him get his life back. They will have to prove that Spencer is the reason that this is happening.

Spencer goes to Spencer's place and he offers to give her a mild sedative. He gets water and pills for Blair. She admits that she hasn't been sleeping much. She takes the pills but then spits them out when he isn't around.

He goes into the bedroom and she holds the pill in her hand as she drinks the water that he has given her.

Cristian tells Evangeline that if they are going to wait to be together, they had better sit apart.

Evangeline's phone rings. There is a distinctive ring that tells her that the call is from the police.

"It's Bo. I need to meet with you tonight. Hugh has arranged to have you picked up. Is that okay?" Evangeline says that she can make it. "1534 Fairhaven street is the address. Are you alright Bo?" she asks. He tells her that he isn't. She will be there.

"I have to go," Evangeline says. "Bo is upset and he won't tell me why. I don't want to go Cristian… I haven't felt this good in a really long time and I want to feel this way again real soon. He knows that she will. "Come on Evangeline. I will take you downstairs."

Natalie wants John to admit how he feels. He skirts the issue. She finds him bull-headed. "Vincent was right. He said that you were protecting your woman and you were." He gets up refusing to have this conversation. She knows that she shouldn’t have gotten involved with Vincent but he is the reason that John found his father's killer. He tells her that the reason that he blew up is something else. "I don't feel better. I tried to find my father's murderer and we may get a conviction and I don't feel better. I have the emptiness still and I don't know why."

David listens at the door to his brother's place. He has come there as promised.

Spencer checks on Blair. She seems asleep. "Don’t you worry…I am going to take care of everything for us." He leaves the room.

Blair's eyes flutter open.

David knocks, and Spencer lets him in. "Blair is sleeping." David suspects that he killed her. Spencer denies that but will kill his brother if he screws up his plea in court.

Rex is feeling much better. He stands now and faces Adriana. She is so upset over what has happened. "We have to call the police!" Rex says. She tells him 'no', she doesn't want him to do that.

Rex says they have to call the cops on this. He will not take the chance. "We can't handle this on our own." She knows that he is right. "We have to stop this guy. I will talk to Bo," Rex promises. "Maybe he can keep it low profile. I am so sorry Adriana." She only saw that he could have been killed that night. The problem isn't going away.

Evangeline is led into the office. Bo tells that he needs a defense attorney and he needs the best that he can get. "I want you."

"All those years you thought of your father's killer as a sick monster," Natalie says. "Turns out that it was someone that you know who was very young, stupid and scared and running from it ever since." John has thought a lot about it and things are not adding up. "It is too neat and simple. We don't have the whole story. This isn't over and I don’t know why."

Spencer tells that if David goes guilty that will ruin everything he has been covering up all these years. "Have a little faith and you will be a free man. Let your attorney do the work. They have enough to arrest you but not convict." David knows that he killed the man. "I am not going to live with the secret anymore. When I confess, I will not use your name. I will leave you out of it."

John and Natalie sit on the floor and she gets a bottle of wine but he is fine now. She offers to help him somehow, but he is fine. They lay on cushions looking up through the ceiling. They look at the stars. "I wish that I could be like this…happy like this all the time," she says. "What about you? Make a wish.." He says that it is too late for him. "It is never too late," she says. He rolls over and kisses her.

Cristian's phone rings.

"Hey! It's your boss," Vincent said. "I got you a fight. It is a title fight. This is your big chance. You are going to fight Rick Abbot." Cristian is excited. "Thank you."

Vincent gets off the phone and Layla is there smiling. "Keep working hard for Cristian." Vincent can see that Cristian has a lot of fans.

"So I turned in my badge and my gun to Hugh," Bo says. Evangeline finds that premature and she doesn't feel that Hugh should be there. "What about the morgue guy? Does he have any strange deposits to his account?" Hugh confirms that the man hasn't received any large sums of money. Evangeline feels that she wouldn't be the right choice for Bo's case.

Hugh gets a call.

The judge has denied his request for a court order to get more information.

David and Spencer talk about his case. Spencer keeps bringing up what he did to protect David. "You were just a kid and you wouldn't have had a life if I hadn't stepped in. you think that you can't trust me now after all that I did?" David doesn't trust him. "You want me to trust you because you think that you helped me twenty-five years ago?" Spencer reminds David that he has no place to turn. "You will spend the rest of your life in prison with me, if you don’t do what I say, but if you do what I say then you will be a free man!"

Blair is in the doorway, keeping hidden from view and she hears Spencer and all that he says.

Adriana begs that Rex keeps the secret a day or so. "My mother will hover over me day and night. I would rather be scared than totally trapped." He gives in but will not let her out of his sight. He will sleep on the couch. She has rooms that he can use. They will work it so that Dorian doesn't know that he is around. He looks down and finds a butterfly with a pin pushed through it on the ground. "What does it mean Rex?"

Layla and Vincent talk a while and then she walks off.

Shaun asks Vincent about the title fight. "You know I wanted him to go down but the angel of mercy changed everything. I will have to fix things so that doesn't happen again. He will go down the next time. Have I ever had a problem before Shaun? I won't have a problem now either."

Cristian grabs a paintbrush and tries to paint… His won't let him… He stares at it.

Evangeline decides that she can try to help Bo but she can't be the head attorney on his case. She can't read and therefore taking the case by herself is not possible. "You need the best attorney that you can get Bo." He thinks that is Evangeline but she tells him that he is wrong. "Call me and get me the name of whoever you hire. We will pray that you don't go to trial." Bo thanks her for coming and Hugh sees her out.

Hugh closes the door behind her and turns to Bo. Bo isn't sure what to do next. He does know that he will use everything that he has and he will fight this.

David gives in and agrees to trust his brother after all. "Good David. I did what I did because I care about you."

Blair is still listening closely.

David leaves.

Spencer starts making his way back to the bedroom.

Blair high tails it to the bed, faking her sleeping again.

Spencer enters the room and gets ready for bed.

John is sleeping. He dreams.

He sees the stretcher in the chamber where the death row inmates last go.

"You looking for me?"

John looks up and sees David strapped to the table and ready for injection. "I can't hear you!" John shouts at the glass to David. "I can't hear your!"

"You got the wrong guy you know," David says. "I didn't do it!"

"I can't hear you!" John keeps shouting.

Suddenly, John jumps out of his sleep. Natalie is in a dead sleep beside him. He looks around the room, shaken from his nightmare.

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