One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/22/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

The nurse tells Todd that he isn't well enough to get out of bed.

Viki walks in and can see that Todd is being his old self and giving the nurse a hard time. Viki relieves the nurse who takes a well-deserved break.

"You are staying here until the doctor says you can go," Viki commands. He wonders where Dr. Truman's home is theses days.

Dorian badgers Blair to tell what is going on with her.

Spencer watches them as they talk.

Blair whispers for Dorian to shut up.

Spencer comes to Blair telling her that she looks sensational as always.

Natalie comes over to John feeling amorous and she kisses him passionately.

They see Spencer and wonder how the night is going to turn out.

Cristian is boxing. He gets knocked out.

Evangeline can't tell what is going on and she feels her way to the ring, past the people.

Rex and Adrianna are at the fight as well enjoying the action.

"Get up and fight!" Evangeline shouts at Cristian.

Slowly he moves his head to face her.

Paige is in bed.

She suddenly wakes and gets out of bed.

She finds Bo face down on the floor at the foot of her bed. "Bo," she whimpers.

A foot steps on her hand as she tries to wake Bo. "It is too late," Spencer says. "He is dead."

Paige gets up. She has been dreaming. Bo is by her bed and she learns that she has been out of it for many days. She panics until Bo tells her that Todd is fine. He tells her that now she can help them with the case.

Dorian, Blair and Spencer talk while John and Natalie watch.

Suddenly, John and Natalie decide that they don't want to be standing there.

Dorian comes to Spencer strong with her dislike of him clearly showing.

Natalie wonders fi John should just go over and come on strong with Spencer.

They turn their head and see that David has just walked in.

David goes over to Dorian's table to talk to Blair. He thought that she had made the biggest mistake when she was with Todd, but now he sees that he was wrong.

Hugh talks to Nora in her room about his case. "Start over," Nora says with her twisted mouth. "Don't assume," she counsels. He tells that all the evidence he has leads to Bo. "He has had my back from the start and I will not be the one to take him down," Hugh says.

Cristian finds the strength to rise and fight again due to Evangeline's urging.

Vincent sees that Evangeline is a very special lady. Layla says that when Evangeline loves someone, she gives him her all.

Cristian is fighting again. Evangeline can't see but she knows that the action is on again. She holds her face between the ropes and she smiles as she shouts for Cristian to win!

Natalie can't understand how this could happen. "What judge would turn him loose." They figure he got bail and want to know who freed him.

"How did you get out?" Blair asks. David tells that he got bail. "Doesn't Todd being innocent mean anything to you Blair?" David sits beside Dorian. Spencer feels that David is insulting Blair and he doesn’t like it. David says that he only pointed out that she is sitting with Spencer and not Todd who was almost killed by the state.

"She turned her back on me," Todd tells his sister. "She thought that I killed Margaret and my own child." Viki finds him stubborn for not enjoying his freedom. "You are alive! My grandson isn't. Duke is dead. He will never hold a girl's hand or raise a family while you have all of that Todd. You got a second chance! People would kill for that but you seem to want to use this chance to pay back a woman who loves you…"

Cristian knocks out his opponent and all wait for the ref to count to ten! Cristian wins! The crowd cheers.

Cristian goes to his girl and talks to her over the ropes. She can't see anything but she can feel the excitement and she smiles while he happily stares at her.

Adrianna laughs at Rex for betting against her cousin.

Derek comes over and apologizes for upsetting Adrianna before. She is fine with that. She walks off.

Rex follows her and learns that she felt she was being followed. Then she was told that Cristian floats like a butterfly and that freaked her out.

Derek is listening from around the corner.

Vincent decides that Evangeline has to get ringside seats from now on. He wants to go out with all of them for a celebration, but Evangeline has plans with Cristian. She and Cristian leave.

Layla asks about this celebration that Vincent was thinking of. He asks her politely to go out with him and have a couple of drinks, and she accepts his offer.

"Why didn’t you tell me about this?" Bo asks. She wanted to tell him but… Her voice trails off. "You were willing to let a man die to keep the truth from me?" He doesn't know her at all. "Spencer wanted to ruin you," she tells. He knows all about that. "The report came out and the D A has it." She begs Bo not to let Spencer destroy him. It would have all been for nothing. Bo asks if there is more that he should know but she says that she isn't holding back anything else. "He is guilty and I can prove it."

Blair asks who paid David's bail. He turns nicely to Dorian and remarks that they all know who did it. Dorian mouths the word 'no'. Spencer admits to being the one who helped his brother. "I promised father that I would take care of him and I didn't do a very good job of it, so now I am making it up to you. Now if you will help me, I will help you stay out of jail."

John and Natalie wonders now why things are so great with David and Spencer now.

John and Natalie are leaving when Vincent and Layla enter.

Vincent is chummy to John, and that surprises Natalie as she had no idea that the two knew each other.

"Knowing what it took for you to get to me is what got me to my feet," Cristian tells Evangeline.

Evangeline waits by the ring.

Cristian changes and returns to her. She is ready to go home. He thought that she wanted to go out and celebrate. She only lied that she wanted to do something alone with Cristian so that they wouldn't have to spend time with Vincent. He says that he can use her help with something. They walk off.

"I wanted to see Blair before getting executed and when I looked at her, she was staring at me with Spencer, and that was when I was done with her forever." Viki finds this stupid. He has done stupid things and she has forgiven him. "Maybe you should give a thought to how you pushed Blair away. She stood by you and defended you. Think about your children and not your ego. You are back to being the old Todd!"

"Everyone knows who John McBain is," Vincent says in response to Natalie's question. He starts playing dumb about knowing Natalie but she tells John that he was the one who helped her get information on his father's killer.

"I am so sick of this Rex," Adrianna says. "I am scared of my own shadow." He knows that they will get through this. They sit by her pool with their feet in the water. He lost a lot of money that night on the fight but he is sure that Claudia will make up for that loss. She knows now what to do when he gets hot under the collar…she hugs him. "What is that?" he asks. "I will just cool you off!" She holds him tightly now and pushes him into the water. They end up screaming and playing in the pool.

From the bushes nearby…someone watches them very closely…

Evangeline sips wine. He tells her that he needs her help to paint as the painting that she is going to do is going to be of her. She feels foolish as she won't be able to see the painting. He knows that one-day she will be able to see it. "You have too many rules in your head Evangeline." He takes her hand and makes her touch the canvas. He dips her hand in some paint and makes her rub it on the canvas. "What is that you just made," he asks. "An arc?" she responds. "Oh so you can see," he says. "Now we will move on from finger-painting." He starts getting his equipment together but he pauses. "What is it?" she asks. "What's wrong?"

Rex and Adrianna come out of the pool and she tells him to go get them towels. He leaves.

A man in a black ski mask runs up behind Adrianna and grabs her. She immediately starts screaming.

Rex returns and gets into a fight with the masked man. The man gets on top of Rex, holding his neck down, pinning the back of his head to the ground.

Hope starts filling in some blanks for Bo about Spencer.

Spencer and David are alone now in the restaurant. Spencer assures David that he meant it when he said that he would help the man with his case.

Vincent is confused. He doesn't understand why David is out on bail. He tries to be friendly but John wants nothing to do with him. John tells Vincent not to talk to he or Natalie. Vincent takes offense to John's attitude towards him. "You see…Natalie and I have an understanding." Layla begs Vincent to take her out of there but he continues talking. "I don’t like being told what I can and cannot do," Vincent says. "If it weren't for me, Officer McBain wouldn't be alive right now." John laughs.

Cristian is rubbing his aching hand, but tells Evangeline that he forgot to get supplies for painting that day. She has a worried look on her face. He wants to concentrate on her now. She offers to leave. "I want you to stay," he says. "I am so not tired." He kisses her passionately. She kisses him back.

"I have always had the feeling that Spencer had it in for my family." Paige tells Bo that Spencer never gives up and that he isn't to be trusted. "I need you to believe in me," Bo says. "I am stronger and smarter than Spencer and I will win. That is the truth. I know what I have to do now. I am going to take care of myself, my family and you."

Hugh tells Nora about Spencer. "You want to help Bo?" Nora asks. "By the book…Ask for his badge…"

Hugh leaves Nora's room.

He gets a call from Bo. "Meet me in your office. I have something for you."

"You don't understand something Todd," Viki says. "I feel like I am kicking you when you are down, but I don't want to do that." She walks out.

Blair tells Spencer and David that she is going to walk Dorian to her car. Dorian warns David to be careful how she chooses her friends. The ladies leave.

David knows that Dorian is right about what she says. "As difficult as it is for me to say this, I have to grow up. I killed a father who had two sons and I am guilty. That is how I plan to plead."

John asks for an explanation as to how Vincent saved his life. "There were thirty guys who wanted to smash your face in for free," Vincent says. "I called them all off." John says that he can take care of himself. "You had better take care of Natalie real well. She might just come across someone who might really appreciate her." John quickly grabs the man by the tie and drags him around while fending off others who try to get involved and help Vincent.

Over at the pool, Rex is having a really hard time. Adrianna has been pushed into the lounge chair and she is slowly feeling better from the push that she endured.

Rex was choked and has now been pushed into the pool. The thug leans over the side of the pool and holds Rex's head under in an attempt to drown him.

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