One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/21/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Layla and Evangeline are at the fight waiting for it to start. Evangeline can't see but she can smell the sweat. Layla loves taking in the sight of sweaty men. She has her fancy dress on hoping to look her best. She forgets her sister can't see and asks how she looks. When she realizes her mistake, she apologizes. Layla describes the dress that she is wearing and Evangeline is shocked that she would wear that gem to a place like the gym. Layla comments that just because her sister if off the market, doesn't mean that she is.

Cristian comes over happy to see that his good luck charm has arrived. She smiles at that. Cristian takes the ladies to their seats.

Vincent sees Cristian hanging with the girls and tells him that he shouldn't be out there in front but in back, keeping warm. Cristian works for Vincent and he will not let the man get distracted.

Adriana talks to Carlotta, promising to tell Cristian that his mother wishes him luck. She is looking for Rex as she talks. Suddenly, she sees him. "Hey, Carlotta, I -- I got to go. Yeah, I'll call you after the fight. You, too. Feel better." She hangs up.

She thought that he had gone but he was just spending time thinking. She wonders if she has been on his mind. She knows that she almost screwed up by talking about Claudia in front of Bo.

Claudia calls Rex to let him know that she is in California and that if he gets any dirt on Jessica, she is to call her cellphone right away.

Claudia hangs up and knocks on Nash's door. He is happy to see her, and she is early.

Viki worries that Tess is pushing herself to get well, and that she may not be ready for what she is about to do. She feels that she will be fine, and that in fact she has to do this.

The nurse recognizes Jessica on sight as she has been there before. "Then you know who I'm here to visit -- Norman Leeds," Jessica says.

Rex says that he isn't angry with Adriana for spilling the beans in front of Bo. She knows that he is hurt and that Bo will be asking him a lot of questions now about Claudia. Rex isn't going to be judgmental as he has made a lot of mistakes himself and she is important to him, so he will get over this. They decide to head to the fight. They have their cars with them, and so they plan to meet at the fight. Rex has something to take care of first. She walks off promising to save him a seat.

Rex gets on his phone. "Hey, it's Rex. Meet me at Rourke's, ok? Big fight tonight. Could be exactly what I need."

Cristian doesn't like being told that he can't talk to whomever he wants before a match. Vincent goes on about being focused and not distracted. Cristian tells that Evangeline is his point of focus and his inspiration. Evangeline smiles when she hears that. Cristian ignores Vincent and walks Evangeline to her seat.

Nash and Claudia catch up now that they have been reunited again. She sees that he is scantily dressed and makes note. It isn't anything that she hasn't seen before. She says that she isn't affected by him being dressed the way that he is. He used to be able to play her but not anymore, she promises. He denies trying to play her. He stares out the window and she wonders what he is looking for. "Are you concerned that my father's thugs followed me here?" She promises that the thugs have been taken care of and that no one followed her to this dump…uh…quaint little cottage. Nash knows that his place isn't all that much but the winery is great! He tells that he has gotten new equipment since the fire. She knows nothing about a fire. He is surprised about that as he father knows all about it. Claudia figures that her father just kept news about Nash's fire from her as a way to again protect her from him. Enough about that. Nash tells that the is going to get dressed and then show her around.

Evangeline is sorry that she will not get to actually see Cristian fight. Cristian knows that Layla will tell her everything as it happens. Evangeline kisses Cristian to wish him luck with his fight. Cristian fears that he is going to need a lot of luck to fight this particular guy. He is tough.

"Room 175?" Jessica asks the nurse. She is told that the room is the same as the one that she had before.

Viki and Antonio worry over Jessica and how she is handling things. She says that she is just fine. "Have you any memories of this place?" Antonio asks. "You should be warned Jessica that this guy is in rough shape, so don't be surprised when you see him." She worries that the man will remember her, and recognize who she is. Antonio wants to go in and see Leeds first, but Clint insists on he alone going in first.

Viki can't stand being left out of the room and she worries about what Clint might do if left alone with that man. She comes in shouting what a monster Leeds is. He lays with his eyes closed, looking pathetic and small. Clint shouts at the man to open his eyes. He has a mad look and Viki worries that he might hurt this man and cause trouble. She stops him from doing something foolish. Clint gets control of himself and sees that Viki is right about him keeping his hands off this son-of-a-bitch. He wants to go now and get Jessie out of this place. He will not subject her to this. Viki feels they have to allow Jessica to face the truth or they will be about as useful and helpful as Tess and Niki.

Jessica faces the man who was her abuser as a child. She sees Leeds lying still. "Is he awake?" she asks. She can hear her own voice as a child in her head.

Vincent and Shaun discuss the guy that Cristian is fighting and how he is a nobody in the sport of boxing. After this fight, Vincent knows that Vega will be catapulted to a new level.

A reporter comes to Vincent mentioning that he seems pretty confident about his boxer winning the fight. Vincent tells that he can see that Cristian is a winner. Layla smirks that sometimes looks can be deceiving. Vincent finds that funny as she seems to have no problems when it comes to judging by what she sees. She admits it but also remembers that sometimes what is on the inside has little to do with what is on the outside.

Evangeline knows that Cristian should leave her now and get to warming up for his fight. He feels that is what he is doing by spending time with her. She is thrilled to be there, as he makes her feel so good when she is with him. He hears something in her voice. "What is it?" he asks. "Is this about Spencer?" She shakes her head. "It is about me."

Rex has arrived at his meeting place and wonders where his contact is.

Adriana is alone walking along and she feels that she is being followed. She finds that she is being followed and that the man is Daryl. He is sorry for scaring her. She is shaking from head to foot over him being behind her the way that he was. He explains that Rex asked that some cash be brought to him at the gym. Adriana didn't know that and wonders why he did that. Daryl has no idea and apologizes again for scaring her. She accepts his apology and starts explaining why she was so jumpy but then decides to keep that to herself. He offers his help if she ever needs it. They are both heading into the gym, so they do so together.

Cristian demands to know what is on Evangeline's mind that worries her so. She tells how some of her clients are leaving her for other representation. They don't like how she has been in trouble with the law lately. Cristian knows that has to hurt. "It does." The problem is that she doesn't believe that her being abandoned is the reason that her clients are leaving. "It is because I am disabled and I have to get used to that."

Daryl finally finds Rex and hands him the money he said that he needed. Rex has to find Barry now. That is the guy that Roxy made some dough with. She bet on one of Cristian's fights and won big. Daryl assumes that Rex is betting on Cristian, but he isn't. He is going for the other guy.

Adriana comes up hearing the end of the conversation. "You are betting against my cousin?" she asks.

Nash has made his pitch as to how the partnership with he and Claudia is going to work. She is to understand that all she has to do is front the money and collect cheques from her investment. "Sweet!" He has the papers all drawn up to start the deal. "Sign here," he instructs. She would love to, but says that she can't.

"What kind of person kidnaps a little girl, and video-tapes all the sick things that he does to them so the whole world can see?" Jessica asks the pathetic waste of flesh before her. "Five-year-old girls can’t defend themselves. Then they blame themselves. But it wasn’t my fault. And it wasn’t my parents' fault. It was your fault. Yours! God, look at me. Look at me! I watched the tape. And I saw the police reports. We were people. Rose and Emily and Lauren and Tess and Jessica -- we were children. We were just growing and learning and trying to discover the world around us. But we never should have discovered this. Now, looking at you, I can only imagine the pain that you're in. Trapped in a body that's slowing dying. Well, that's nothing compared to what you're going to feel when you're burning in hell. There's nothing else for me here. I said what I came to say. Ahem."

Viki finds her daughter was very brave facing her fear just now. "When I looked at him," Jessica says. "I remembered being at the bar. I was a little girl, and I just wanted to go home. And then I remember being led to the house. But I don’t remember the things that he did to me, other than what I saw on the tape. Why don’t I remember?" Viki feels that they have dealt with all this enough for one day and she wants to get Jess home. She refuses to go. She needs to get more information than she has. She wants to head to the bar and see what that does for her.

Daryl says goodbye and leaves Rex and Adrianna alone.

Rex tries to explain to Adriana why he is betting against her cousin so that she will not be angry but he is too late. She is already upset about it. He is betting on Cristian being humiliated and losing his fight. Rex feels that it is the right thing to do. Betting on Cristian losing makes sense as he hurt his hand in the last fight that he was in. Adriana doesn't see anything right about this at all. "Why even bet?" she asks. He doesn't think that it takes a genius to figure out that he is doing this for money. She gets that people bet for money, but with this new lucrative client of his he shouldn’t feel the need to risk the money that he already has to make more. He says that he has enough but like she pointed out to him before, he doesn't have a lot of money and he might want to do something special, like take a vacation or buy her some jewelry…She finds that a flippant excuse for his betting. "I only want to cut loose due to all the pressure that has been going around lately," he says. She can see that he hasn't matured one bit. He can't keep talking now. He has to get his bet in before the fight. "Go ahead," she says sarcastically. "Can't miss your big chance." He hopes that she understands that just because a person bets one way, doesn't mean that there is no respect for the other way to bet.

Cristian doesn't want to leave Evangeline's side, but she pushes him to go and get ready for the fight anyway. He doesn't want to go just yet, especially after what she just told him about her clients. She feels fine. "I am going to go back to the courtroom and show everyone that I am still the best defense attorney in the world!" He ignores that declaration and tells Evangeline to close her eyes now. She wonders why he is making her do that. "Just do it!" he orders. "Ok. Now, for this moment, I want you to forget that when you open your eyes, you can’t see. And I want you to put yourself in a courtroom, and I want you to try to remember what it's like to feel that jury hanging on your every word. Remember that rush?" She can feel it now. "The one you get when you nail a witness on the stand, when you get them to crack? And then -- then when you walk back to the defense table and you slowly sit down, poised and confident and in complete control of the situation? You remember that feeling? Well, that feeling has nothing to do with being able to see. It's all about what's going on in here and what's going on in here. And that is what's going to put you back on top in the courtroom again." Evangeline has to admit it. Cristian knows just what to say to her to make her feel better.

Vincent comes for Cristian now. He has to get going as there is only 2 minutes left to start the match. Vega promises that he is going to win this for Evangeline…

Vincent tells Layla that he will see her after the match. "One can only hope" she says.

Evangeline hears her sister's voice and there is something in it. "Is there something going on with you and Vincent? Do you know what you are getting yourself into?" Layla would prefer to have a supportive friend than a protective sister right now," she says.

Claudia tells Nash that there is no way that she can get her hand on this kind of money anymore. Her father is way too leery after what went on with she and Nash before. Nash isn't happy and expresses how he wishes that he had taken the man down properly before and left him bankrupt. "What happened to the new-and-improved Nash who felt terrible about stealing from me and my family when we were together?" Nash did feel terrible about taking money from her family but after George threatened his daughter, he decided that he doesn't care about what he did before. She tells that he keeps talking about his daughter getting threatened but there hasn't been any evidence of that shown to her. He pulls out the note that was left in his baby's crib and shows it to her. That should be all the proof that she needs, he feels, to believe that her father means to harm him. "Honestly, I need to stop your father from hurting my family Claudia. Now are you in or out?"

Jessica worries that Antonio wasn't around and is hurt by her just being with her parents for a while. Viki says that Antonio isn't hurt and that he understands. Jessica walks around the bar trying to feel something. She hears her child-like voice in her head. It is working. "God. I'm so close. I remember being in this bar, but everything that happened after Norman Leeds took me into that room, I just -- doesn’t exist. It seems that way, anyway." Viki doesn't want her to push herself too much to remember. She needs Jessica to take things slow.

Clint talks to Rose who he sees is in the bar. "Are you the girl that helped us find Norman Leeds' house? Wait, please, please. Listen, my name's Jessica. I was a victim of him, too." Rose doesn't want to talk to these people and tells them so. Jessica feels that she should talk to them. "I have seen him," she tells the woman.

Antonio talks to Leeds alone now. "Did she make herself clear? I spent the last 24 hours worried sick that she wouldn’t make it through this day. That the abuse you heaped on her and the atrocities you committed would weaken her and make Tess stronger, but they didn’t. She overcame Tess. She overcame watching the tape and she overcame you. And now -- and now she knows what I've known all along -- that she has the ability to beat the sickness you left in place of her innocence 20 years ago, you -- you have no more power over her, Norman. So now you're going to have to deal with me!"

"We didn’t do anything wrong," Jessica tells Rose. "It was Norman Leeds -- he did this to us. God, he took away a piece of our childhood. Rose, he doesn’t have to take away our future. We have to stop living in shame. We have to stop pretending that we're ok because we're not. But we will be. Oh. We will be. You have to try to talk to someone, ok? Your father or a doctor or some friends. I know how scary this is. You just have to stop hiding." Rose listens and actually thanks Jessica for her kind words. Rose leaves now.

Jessica finally feels that enough is enough and she tells her parents that it is time to head home.

Antonio continues his speech to Leeds… "You know, a year ago, I would've strangled you with my own hands. But if Jess can look you in the eye and turn around and walk out of here with her head held high, then so can I. I'm going to go home to my family, to the woman I love and to my two beautiful daughters and I'm going to leave you here alone to die by yourself with no one to hold your hand, you filthy son of a bitch. And you can die now, old man, anytime, because Jess has learned to live again."

At the end Antonio's speech, Leeds flatlines…

Nurses rush in to save the man… One of them goes to get the doctor.

Claudia gets angry when she looks at the note. "This is fake!" she shouts at Nash. He finds that laughable as that would mean that he got up and left his newborn for no good reason. She doesn't find that such a stretch. She remembers that he abandoned her once. "You're not my daughter. If your daddy hurts my daughter, he'll be hurting an innocent child because of what happened between us. Hmm? Can you really live with that on your conscience, Claudia? Are you in or out?"

Claudia gets a call that she has to take. "Yeah, it's Rex Balsom. I was just at Llanfair, then I spoke to one of the Buchanans' housekeepers. No sign of Tess." She thanks him for the update and hangs up.

Nash: Who was that?

The fight is about to start. "Welcome to Rourke's, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight's premier bout -- introducing from Brooklyn, New York, wearing blue trunks, weighing 190 1/2 pounds, Coby "The Conqueror" Cates!" Cristian's opponent comes out bouncing and jabbing at air.

When Cristian is introduced to the crowd and comes out, the crowd goes wild.

Layla and Evangeline cheer for Cristian and the crowd too obviously loves him. Layla is particularly vocal.

The bell rings and the fight starts. Layla gives her sister the blow by blow details of the fight. Cristian is doing great and Evangeline smiles in spite of not being able to see anything.

Daryl is standing near Adriana. "Well, so much for floating like a butterfly," he says. She turns to him sharply. "What did you say?" He is surprised she doesn't get it. "You know…Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!"

Evangeline and the others in the crowd shout for Cristian to knock the guy out!

Layla tells Evangeline that Cristian is up but his hand seems to be hurting him.

Antonio talks to the doctor after Leeds is pronounced dead. Antonio tells that the man was conscious right before he went. The doctor says that the man has peace now finally after being sick for so long. Antonio knows that even in death, peace is the last thing that Leeds will know.

Jessica talks to her little girl now that she is back home. "You sweet girl. I know you don’t understand what's been going on lately. There's been a lot of tears and a lot of pain. But Mama faced the bogeyman tonight and she survived. Now, I can be your mama with all my heart and all my soul. And I promise no matter what, I'll protect you. That's what mommies are for."

Claudia tells Nash that she was talking to someone about an apartment that she was interested in just now. Claudia makes a decision but it has a condition. She will support Nash's business idea if he gives her more proof than the note he showed her actually came

from her father. Nash tells her that will not be a problem. She wants to go out and look at the stars now. He isn't in the mood to go out. She will accept that. She leaves stopping just outside the house.

She plans to get Nash back at any cost, even if her father gets screwed over in the process.

Cristian gets hit badly. Daryl tells Rex that he sure knows how to pick 'em.

The ref starts counting to ten.

Adriana tries to get Rex's attention but he is focused on the fight!

The ref continues the countdown.

Rex shouts for Cristian to stay down when he sees the man rising from the floor.

The ref makes sure that Cristian is okay before okaying the continuation of the fight.

The crowd screams for Cristian when they see him rising to the occasion after the beating that he just took.

Cristian gives as good as he gets but then…BAM!&# 9;"Oh no!" Layla shouts at the sight of Cristian getting hit.

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