One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/20/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

David is in court.

John and Michael arrive.

David turns and sees them. David is being charged with murder in the second degree.

Dorian tells her friend at the agency that she needs information about the shoot. The two stand with their backs facing so that no one suspects that they are secretly meeting. The man has been paid by Dorian to watch Adrianna and Dorian gets angry when the man clearly doesn't know what is going on in detail.

Adrianna comes up to the two finding them suspicious. "Are you two spying on me?"

Jessica tries to make her family understand what watching the tape was like for her just now. She is sure that Tess is gone but the doctor tells her that doesn't meant that she will not be replaced by Tess at some point in the future. All they really know right now is that she is a lot stronger than before.

Todd is dressed.

Kelly comes into the room. She asks him what he is doing. "It is time for payback to all the people who wanted me dead!" Todd says. He keeps getting ready to leave as Kelly watches.

Blair is in bed with Spencer and she is upset. "What is it?" he asks. She had a dream that upset her, she says. "Is this about Todd?" She says that it isn't about Todd but Spencer.

Rex arrives at Viki's house to see Bo. He knows they were busy but he had no choice. ***

Rex and Bo go to talk privately. Rex tells that Adrianna has been having trouble again with the stalker and that he can't go to Dorian about this for help as Adrianna will not allow it. Bo is in the middle of a family situation right now but Rex can see that something more is going on. "I am being framed for Margaret's death!"

Kelly tells Todd that he shouldn't be leaving as he is still ill. He ignores her and keeps getting ready to go.

Spencer wants to know about Blair's dream just now. She starts telling him about it. She tries to leave the bed but he overpowers her. He starts kissing her neck and she reminds him that this is the day for David's arraignment. "I would think that you would want to be there…"

The trial continues. Hugh fights to have the trial in Llanview so that John and Michael can have justice after waiting for twenty-five years. When the lawyer asks for David's bail, Hugh is quick to remind the judge that David was recently picked up in Thailand. The judge quickly sets bail at one million dollars. Court is adjourned.

John goes to David looking very grim indeed.

David's mouthpiece comes quickly over. "What do you want?" he asks John. David answers for the man. "My head on a platter…"

Dorian and her hired man fake that their talk about other business besides watching Adrianna.

She says that she kept the man working of her and he is too busy to be watching Adrianna.

Bo tells Rex to stay out of his personal problem with being framed. Rex will not. He offers to help and warns Bo not to get in his way.

"I can't stand this," Jessica says. "I want to be integrated. It was a big step that I just took and nothing happened." Viki feels that Jessica isn't happy and she feels so bad for this. Jessica is sorry for the stress that her mother has been under.

David's lawyer orders John and Michael away from his client. David wonders if John feels better seeing David this way. "I want ten minutes alone with him," Michael says. Hugh finds this a bad idea. The request is granted and Michael and David are alone.

John decides that he wants to be anywhere but there and he leaves.

"I just want to know why you did it David. Why did you kill my father?" Michael asks.

"Spencer?" Blair whispers to the sleeping man. He doesn’t answer. She jumps out of bed and starts searching… She looks through his phone log quickly…She then heads to his pants. She takes out his wallet and starts rifling through it.

"What are you doing?" he asks.

Blair turns guiltily looking over her shoulder at Spencer who is very much awake, waiting for an answer.

Kelly tries to speak up for Blair, telling that she made a mistake like others in town. Kelly sees that he is determined to leave. He can hardly stand. Kelly reminds him that she should be under doctor's orders. "Which doctor?" he asks. Kelly is sure that Todd still loves Blair. He denies it.

Blair says that she was going to order some lunch for them. "How about I take us out instead though for a great meal." He thought she would be watching TV for information on the arraignment. She thought actually that he would be doing that. He leaves now to take a shower.

Blair knows that she just had a close call.

"My mother never got out of bed for a year and my brother never got over it," Michael says. "I never needed to know who shot my father until now. I am not going to hurt you David but I have to know…How do you sleep at night…Not just knowing what you did but who you did it to. You stopped him. How do you live with that?"

Dorian demands answers. "Is it Rex that is bothering you?" Adrianna says that Rex is just fine. "I heard that there was a fight at your shoot. What was that about?" Adrianna hates that her mother was spying on her. Dorian denies that. "I have to go," Adrianna says walking off.

She goes through the building…Someone follows her.

Dorian's henchman comes over to her. "You want me to follow her?"

Rex knows that Bo is innocent of the charges laid against him. Bo tells that there is a DNA report that has his signature on it. "No way! No one would think that you would do a thing like this," Rex knows. Problem is that it isn't a secret that he isn't a fan of Manning's. "My name is going to be dragged through the mud and I may go to prison. Look what happened to Manning?" Rex hasn't known anyone like Bo. He promises to help make this right.

Jessica needs to deal with all the bad things in her life. Viki will not allow her to blame herself for what happened to her as a child. Clint tells that he and Viki went to the place where the abuse happened and there was another girl who experienced the same thing. "Her name was Rose." Jessica remembers none of this. She wants to remember it. The doctor could try hypnosis and it may work this time. "Tess was in the picture before but now she isn't blocking you."

Kevin and Natalie talk about Jessica's condition in private.

Natalie gets a text message from John who wants to meet her. Natalie feels guilty though taking off, but Kevin tells her that Jessica will be fine.

Jessica decides that they should go ahead with the hypnosis.

John enters his place and turns on the radio…

"…David Vickers was arraigned today in the murder of Officer McBain…" John walks calmly to a corner of the room…he gets a bat that he has stored there and he demolishes the radio with one slam of the bat…

Dorian wants Adrianna left alone right now. She has something else to take care of actually.

She sees Blair and goes over to her and her doctor friend. Blair tells Dorian that this is the day that David is being arraigned for murder.

"You are sorry?" Michael asks David. "You are sorry? You will not admit to the crime that you just pled 'not guilty' to are you?" David has made a lot of mistakes and he admits it. Michael assures him that his life is over. "I am nothing like you. If I took a man's life, I would cop to it. You…You are nothing but a coward. Only a coward would look me in the eye and keep lying. Look at your life…the waste that it has been…you give nothing back and that is the balance of your life thus far… The rest of your life will be sent in a cell. You shot him and you left him to die so that you could continue on with your useless…meaningless life…" David shouts at him that it wasn't like that.

Adrianna arrives and finds Rex and Bo talking outside of Viki's house. Adrianna mentions Jessica and wonders why Rex is there. Bo wonders what Jessica has to do with anything but then quickly leaves to reenter the house.

"What were you thinking?" Rex asks Adrianna.

Jessica is ready to go to the next level and get hypnotized. Her family leaves the room.

"Okay Jessica…are you ready?" Dr. Crosby asks. She is ready.

The session starts. Jessica answers the doctor's questions while under the doctor's influence. She admits that she can't feel Tess right now. She tells that the tape made her disgusted and she hated the man. She feels that the things were terrible but she doesn't feel like the things happened to her. "I feel like now that I have see the tape…Tess is dead."

Dorian asks Spencer to let her talk to her niece for a minute. He has to make a call anyway. He leaves.

"What is going on between you two?" Dorian asks. "I know you. You are having second thoughts about him? Aren't you? That is because you are having second thoughts about Todd!" Dorian quickly leaves now.

Michael doesn't believe that David has made a positive difference to anyone. "I would have been happy had you never been born. My father died and a person like you gets to keep living?" Michael asks. David tries to apologize but Michael won't have it. "I lost my father…Do you have any idea what that means?"

Michael's time is up now. David's mouthpiece comes to his side. Michael is done and he leaves now.

David is being taken back to lockup now.

Hugh arrives. "There has been a development."

Natalie arrives and sees the busted radio. She worries calling out for John.

"I am here," he says. She rushes to him. He is sitting on the floor. "Something I don't like the songs on the radio. Vickers has been arraigned. I have wanted justice for my father and now…I don't feel any better."

Adrianna apologizes as she thought that Rex was working on Claudia's case when she found him talking to Bo. She came over to see Rex as things weren't left well with them and then she talked to her mother and she said again that they shouldn't be together as they are from two different worlds. She forgets that he hasn't got anyone to depend on but himself. "I know that you have to take the jobs that you get offered. I was acting like a spoiled brat and I am sorry." Rex is glad that she came to yell at him. He was worried that the creep was bothering her again. He warns her to stay around people. He has to go and take care of some stuff to keep the freak out of her life.

In the bushes nearby, someone watches as Adrianna talks to Rex…

The hypnotism didn't make any major difference. She decides that that she has to see the and she has to see him now

Todd has his last talk with a doctor and then he is left with Kelly.

Michael comes to see Todd before he leaves.

Spencer returns to Blair who now has a table. He worries about what Spencer might have said about him while he was gone. "I don't care what people think," she says.

David can't believe his good fortune. "Someone ponied up a million dollars?" the cuffs are taken off him.

David is walking out and his lawyer stops him to ask who did this. David really has no idea.

Natalie understands what John is going through. He knows that he has a lot going on but he just didn't want to be alone. She kneels before him. "You are not alone." They kiss. He looks at her meaningfully just once before climbing on top of her, after placing her gently on the floor…

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