One Life to Live Update Monday 6/19/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Natalie, Clint and Viki go in the other room and wait.

Hugh and John tell Bo that he was the one who picked up the bodies according to the man from Kentucky.

Claudia wants Rex to investigate Jessica for her.  She wants to know more about the personality thing.  Claudia wants Rex to figure out what is going on with Jessica.  Adrianna wants to know why the interest.  Rex feels that Claudia wants Nash for herself.  Claudia looks at him surprised.

Nash is in his house talking to the air, telling Tess in his mind that she should be there with him and that they should be together.

The phone rings and Clint answers.

It is Nash.  Clint is happy to hear from him.  He tells that Brennan is fine and that Jessica is watching the tape as they speak.

Jessica is in the room with Antonio and Dr. Crosby.

"Tell everybody your name," a man on the tape says to a little girl.  "Tess," the little girl answers.

Jessica hurries to turn off the remote.

The man from Kentucky tells that Bo is the guy that picked up the bodies but Bo, John and Hugh doesn't believe him.  The man says that he met Bo before and that he was the one who signed for the bodies.  Bo pushes the man into a chair. He tells the man to look at him real good and then repeat what he just said.

Claudia didn't realize that Nash knew Rex.  She wants to know his connection. Adrianna tells that Nash is taken right now.  Claudia feels that Nash needs his friends since the Buchanans run the town. She gets her information from listening.  She reminds Rex that she pays very well if he would take the case.  Rex considers it and Adrianna is horrified by that.  Rex explains that he is Roxy's kid and Natalie's brother.  He is on the same side as Claudia though when it comes to Jessica and Tess.  Adrianna hates this but when Claudia offers $1,000 for his assistance, he can't very well refuse.

Nash learns from Clint what has been going on.  He knows that Nash is worried that Tess won't get to grow up with her mother.  Nash knows that Clint is hurting too, and Clint admits it.

Clint tells Natalie and Viki that Nash isn't coming back anytime soon.

Jessica thought the tape was a tape of her but it turns out that it was about Tess.  Jessica needs her memories, but the doctor explains that this seems to have had happened to Jessica at one time.  She agrees to keep looking at the tape and so Antonio and Dr. Crosby move away.

The tape starts and Tess is sitting there and being told that they are going to do what they did the last time.  They are going to make another movie.

Bo tells the man from Kentucky that he is going to give a chance for him to tell ht right story.  The man stays strong in his belief that it was Bo who picked up the bodies.  Bo grabs the man by the collar and lifts him out of his chair.

Claudia writes the cheque and Rex takes it.  Adrianna is very upset.

Rex drags her to a corner and they argue the point.  She feels that he will do anything for money, even sell out his family.  He feels that she is an heiress and hasn't any idea what it is like to be him.  He knows that Claudia will just get someone else to do this job if he doesn't do it.  Adrianna wonders if he will tell Natalie about this. 

Natalie feels useless just standing around.  Jessica is a part of her as Clint and Viki are.  She didn't feel that way before. She wishes that she could take back all the pain now.

She remembers telling Viki that she was stupid and that she thought that God made them better. She felt that she knew Viki and her rich daddy, her husband and her money…  she knows about Viki and her pigtails as a child. She revealed that she was Viki's daughter in the cruelest way.

Viki finally came around to the reality of being Natalie's mother. She was on Jessica's side and Natalie's as well. Her daughters mattered to her…they really did.

Natalie thinks about all that now and hopes to help her sister out of this.

Kevin arrives and learns what Jessica is going on.  He wants to know why he wasn't told about this.

Jessica sits now in front of the screen and watches.

Antonio wants to go to her but the doctor stops him.

The man on the screen says that she knows what she is to do now. 

Jessica jumps from her seat.  "I don't want to do this!" She starts moving away.

Behind her the child on the screen says, "I don't want to do this!"

Jessica freezes in her tracks and turns to face the screen in horror.

Nash is in the house alone. 

He sees Tess walk by casually.  Nash follows her with his eyes.  He smiles.  He has his back to her now.  He is afraid to look at her as he is sure that she will be gone if he looks right at her.  He looks.

"Oh course I am here…where else would I be?" she asks smiling.

The man threatens to sue if Bo doesn’t leave him alone.  Bo finally takes his hands off the man who quickly walks off.

John goes to Bo in his office. Now they have to prove that the man is lying.

Rex tells Adrianna how he is going to handle this case to everyone's benefit.

A crewmember comes to get Adrianna for her shoot. 

Adrianna walks off.

Rex approaches Claudia who is concerned about the arguing she just witnessed.  Rex tells her to worry about her own relationships.

Tess is worried that she could be killed.  Nash knows that she is strong enough to do this now.  Tess knows that Jessica might live if she relives the tape, and that will be that.

The tape is turned off.  Antonio and Dr. Crosby talk to Jessica now about the tape and how she and Tess said the same thing at the same time.  She is sorry that she couldn't handle this all at once.  The doctor knows that the only way that she will be able to do this is to watch the whole tape.  Antonio feels that she has had enough but Jessica insists on watching the tape.  The doctor will stop it if it is too much.  She goes to the TV again with the remote and points.

The man tells the girl onscreen that movie has a love scene…

John wonders how Spencer got the man to lie for him.  John has ideas but Bo feels they have a bigger problem.  He has taken a statement from someone accusing him.  He has to do the right things now.  Bo is going to have to take himself out of the mix on this one.  Bo can't deal with this anymore. He has to go to his family.

Kevin hates that he wasn't a part of this.  Clint asks if Kevin has been drinking.  He says that he isn't and wonders if that is why he wasn't told about this.  Viki tells that Jessica needs calm and quiet.  He points to Natalie.  "She is here."  Kevin wants to be there for the family.  He loves Jessica and needs to be there.  Viki is glad that he is there.  Jessie needs all the support that she can get. She is facing her abuse and that will be one of the hardest things that she will ever have to do.  Kevin apologizes for his behavior and hugs his mother.

Jessica sits frozen.  The tape is stopped again.  She doesn't remember the things that she saw. It was like someone else's life.  Jessica cries.  Tess went through all that stuff for Jessica.  Jessica thought that she hated the girl but she should have thanked her for saving her host.  Jessica ran and let Tess handle things.  She wonders what happens now.  The doctor says that Jessica is in shock.  Tess would be here by now so it seems that Jessica is handling it.  The doctor wants her to fully experience the reality of the abuse.  Watching the tape isn't enough.  Jessica needs to feel what happened.  Jessica feels nothing.  The doctor feels that she is just too afraid.  Jessica asks to watch the tape again by herself.

Claudia gives the orders for a full report.  Rex will give her what she wants.  She warns him that he should do a good job as she can get someone else to do it.

Adrianna is at the shoot and there is a male model there who is clearly smitten by Adrianna.  The crewmember orders him not to talk to her.

Rex arrives and talks to Adrianna.

"Don't distract the models," a crewmember warns. 

Rex talks to Adrianna anyway. She tells him not to distract her.  He moves away and watches her from the door.

She and the man who was trying to talk to her before remove their robes. They are both wearing bathing suits and getting ready for the shoot.  Rex watches everything from the doorway.  Adrianna freezes at the sight of the model's tattoo on his arm.  It is the tattoo of a butterfly. She looks at his face. He sees what she is looking at and smiles at her.

"What is wrong?" the man asks. 

Rex sees that something is wrong. 

He comes over and then he sees it.  He grabs the model and holds him in a chokehold with his arm twisted behind his back. 

The crew calls for security when they see Rex manhandling the model.

John is at the computer thinking that there has to be more that he can find to help with his case.

He calls Natalie and she updates him.  He tells her that things have gone from bad to worse…

While Natalie is on the phone, Bo arrives hoping to be of support.  Family comes first for him and so he needs to help get Jessica back.  Kevin knows that Tess has to be removed from their lives for good.

Nash tells Tess that Jessica is watching the tape and that means they have no control over how this is going to turn out.  Tess tells Nash that Jessica seeing that tape bothers her.  Nash knows that Tess was protecting Jess and is the reason that Jessica is the woman that she is now.  Tess knows that this time she could die and she doesn't want to disappear and miss out on her baby.  Nash hates that he is conjuring her up like this.

He turns and she is gone. He looks outside for her but no one is there. He sits on the bench on the porch alone now.

Jessica knows that anything could happen.  She feels that she is feeling safe as they are with her.  She feels that she has to be alone to do this properly.  Dr. Crosby feels that Jessica might have a point.  Antonio will respect her decision but will not like it.  He loves her and will be right outside the door if she needs him.  Dr. Crosby and Antonio leave. 

Jessica turns to the TV once more and holds the remote before her. She presses, 'REWIND'. 

The tape starts.  "I don't want to do this!" the little girl's voice shouts out.

Natalie and John catch up and then hang up.

Hugh comes to tell John that the man from Kentucky signed a statement.  Hugh doesn't want to have to charge Bo but there is too much evidence and Bo may lose his badge.  John may have to arrest him.

Antonio and Dr. Crosby tell the others that Jessica wants to watch the tape alone.  Jessica wants to do this and they have to let her at least figure this part out for herself.

Jessica watches the child on the screen.  She freezes the frame and then crawls over to it.  She touches the child's face through the glass.

Nash makes a call to Claudia.

He wants to know where she is.  He is in a hurry to…she knows that he wants to be back with Tess.  She tells that she will be there soon.

To herself, she hopes that soon there won't be a Tess to go back to.

The male model refuses to work with Adrianna after her boyfriend attacked.  He walks off.

Adrianna apologizes to the head of the shoot.  The man runs off to talk the model out of leaving.

Adrianna thanks Rex for standing up for her. He rushes off now to find out who is really doing this.

The family worries about Jessica alone in the room with the tape.  They all debate whether they should be with her or not.

"I'm right here," she says. 

Everyone turns to find a ragged, disheveled Jessica…or Tess behind them.


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