One Life to Live Update Friday 6/16/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

An officer mentions that Natalie's popular when he sees the flowers sitting on her desk. "Who are they from?" John has no idea.

Rex is on the phone.

Adrianna gets up when he finishes talking. "You aren't scared anymore?" She is but not now that she is with him.

Antonio tells Jessica that they can deal with the tape another time if she wants to postpone seeing it. She wants to get it over and down with. Antonio takes the child and walks her to her room.

"I know that you are watching Tess and you know what I am going to do. Let me do what I have to do. Let me watch the tape…"

Hugh comes to see Todd. "I thought that you might want something to read." Todd smiles and waves the book that he is reading to show he has something already. "I brought some magazines. Todd I wanted to look you in the eye and face what I did. You almost died because of me…"

Blair goes to see Margaret's dead body. She removes the sheet and walks around the steel table. She looks down at her face…

She remembers this woman with the gun in her face back when she was alive and kicking…Margaret tossing her into the trunk in an attempt to kill her and steal Todd from her… ***

"You crazy bitch!" Blair starts.

"What did you call me?" Margaret asks jumping up and grabbing Blair's wrists.

Natalie thanks John for the flowers but he tells that he didn’t send the flowers. "Well whoever did send them did a very romantic thing," she says.

Rex can tell that the guy isn't giving up. Rex wants Adrianna to tell her mother what is happening. She won't do that as she will be a prisoner in her home if Dorian finds out. Rex agrees then to do things her way. He is going to make her breakfast from scratch. She is surprised. He doesn't usually do that. He heads to the kitchen. He grabs some toast and egg. HE looks absent-mindedly at the eggbeater. She can hardly keep from laughing. She runs over and gives him some quick instructions. He tells her to go and get the paper and he will start breakfast.

She goes to the door and finds a wrapped gift on the doorstep. The card reads, 'To my Butterfly'.

"I learned so much you wouldn't believe it," Natalie says. "So John who sent those flowers?" John says they should dust them for prints. He fills her in on what happened with Margaret. "She was about to say something and then the crash ended her life. There has been other complications. There is new evidence. Bo is implicated now."

Victor comes to Bo with Clint to find out how he could be set up like this. He gives them the videotape that they have come to pick up.

Jessica tries to hold it together. "I am so scared Antonio."

Blair fights Margaret who holds her wrists…suddenly she is standing behind Blair and taunting her. "You were in bed with him lady…so stupid…letting Spencer slither into your life…Blair and Spencer sitting in a tree…you slept with the man who tried to execute your husband… Did it feel good Blair? Did it?" Blair is screaming as dead pale-faced Margaret taunts her like a child in the schoolyard. Blair runs to the door screaming to get out of the room.

She opens the door and Spencer is there. She cries out in surprise and then she leans on him crying and sobbing like a child.

"Kelly? What is with your outfit? You look terrible," Dorian says. "I heard that you were in your old room last night. What happened?" Kelly doesn't want to talk. Dorian pushes. "Kevin kicked me out of the carriage house as the house is Viki's home. He also fired me and put all my stuff outside. I slept with his son." Dorian felt that she was pushed to do that. "It isn't your fault that you are in this condition. I know that you are pregnant." Kelly feels this isn't her business. Dorian wonders how she is going to explain this to Clint.

Clint and Viki talks some more with Bo.

Natalie comes in and greets her family. She wants to know why they are there.

Claudia is in the station being held. She goes to John and asks why she is being treated like a criminal when she was attacked. John can tell that she is lying to him.

"I made a mistake and let the case get personal. I did it for justice," Hugh explains. "I hope that we find the child. I will find out who set you up as well. If Spencer was behind this, I will do everything in my power to get him." Todd feels that Spencer has already gotten away with this.

"What has you so jumpy?" Spencer asks. "It is the morgue," Blair says. He notices that she has been a little distant. "Margaret tortured me and now that she could have helped me, she is dead." He offers to take her to breakfast but wants to check on the body first. She could be accused of tampering.

Spencer goes to Margaret's body and leans over it. "I didn't want you dead…just out of the way. I have Blair and will keep it that way." He strokes her hair and then walks out of there.

Adrianna brings the gift into the apartment. Rex worries that it is a bomb. She has to open the box. "I have to do this." There is a note in the box. She orders him to read it. 'Spread your wings Butterfly. Be careful because they are delicate'. She has a shoot to go to and she will not be afraid to go there. He tries to change her mind but then sees that he will have to go with her to keep her safe.

"I am not pregnant," Kelly says. Dorian accepts that. "I know how much you want a baby of your own but thanks goodness… That would have been a scandal for not only you but our entire family." Kelly wants to eat now. Dorian leaves to powder her nose and she will get a waiter on the way back.

Kelly goes into her bag and takes out the pregnancy test again to look at it.

Spencer and Blair enter the restaurant but Spencer decides that they should go relax first and then eat.

Blair sees Kelly and goes rushing over to say 'hello'.

Spencer sits alone near the doorway.

Kelly finds it strange that Blair is still seeing Spencer now.

John tells that the men that were watching Claudia were sent to take care of her. He wants to know now who is lying to him. "I am trying to be understanding here but you could be charged with filing a false police report." She stands by her statement. "I am out of here. I can't believe that I stayed up all night for this." She stomps out.

Bo and the family come out of his office.

Natalie tells John that she is going to see Jessica and help her with some things. "Hey! Thanks for the roses…"

Viki, Clint and Natalie hope that the tape they have will make their little girl whole again.

Jessica has been banning this thing on the tape her entire life. "It could break me into a million pieces and you will not be able to stop it Antonio. You have been so great to me. I have made a decision. I am not going to watch that tape Antonio. I am not going to watch it ever!"

Antonio knows that Dr. Crosby and the others are going to be there any minute. He knows that she is scared and he is too. He knows though that this is the only way for her to heal. Jessica hasn't got that sure feeling that she can come out of this okay. "You will not be alone Jessica. I will be here, the doctor will be here…the family." Jessica says that if she doesn't come back he is to tell Brennan that she loves her. Natalie knows that she will be able to tell the baby that herself.

They turn and the family is filling in.

Blair asks why everyone feels she should stop seeing Spencer. "Todd is innocent and you know that," Kelly says. "Todd hates me," Blair says. "I went to Todd and asked him to forgive me but he doesn't want to see me anymore and he wants nothing to do with me." Kelly knows that in time Todd will come around. "I am not really with Spencer…" Blair starts. "What do you mean?" Kelly asks. "Nevermind just drop it," Blair says.

"Everything okay ladies?"

The girls look up to see Spencer peering down over them.

Hugh tells Todd that he wanted to ask for his forgiveness. "You go to hell!" Todd spits. Hugh walks out.

Blair lies to Spencer saying that she was just worried about Kelly and how she is doing as she looks terrible.

Claudia enters the restaurant leaving a voicemail for Nash about how she is doing in town.

Rex and Adrianna enter the restaurant as well and they talk with Claudia about the man who requested the son for Adrianna. "I would be terrified all the time if I had a stalker…" Claudia says.

"Excuse me," Dorian says walking up behind the trio. "Who has a stalker?"

"Nothing is going on," Adrianna says. "We were just talking hypothetically." Claudia introduces herself. "Don't worry we were just chatting about being in the public eye."

Kelly is ready to go and Dorian insists on driving her. They leave.

Adrianna thanks Claudia for stepping in and saving her from having her mother finding out about her secret. Rex offers to repay her if she needs them to. Claudia says that there may be something they can do for her.

Bo wishes that he could talk to Paige about this. Bo will check in with the hospital. "She might wake up." Bo leaves.

Hugh and John talk about getting to work.

"I am looking for the DA…" It is the lieutenant from Kentucky. Hugh shows the man Spencer's picture. "Is this the man who signed out the bodies?"

Spencer orders some food.

Next he is on Blair taking off her jacket and kissing her. She pushes him off. ""What is the matter?" he asks.

Kelly goes to Todd's floor.

She sees him through the window.

She enters his room. "I was wrong at the trial and I am sorry. I am glad that you are still alive. We all are." Todd says that Blair isn't glad that the is alive. "She is with Spencer." Kelly isn't so sure about that. Todd turns his head to face Kelly now.

"Think back to that night." The man peers at the picture. "It wasn't him…" he looks across the room and sees Bo. "It was that man!"

Bo says that she does want to make love to Spencer but she worries about the food coming to the room. He assures her that they have time to make love. She allows him then to take her to the bed.

"I shouldn't have said anything," Kelly says. She turns and leaves.

"I owe you after the way that you covered for me," Adrianna says. Claudia knows that Rex is a PI and she asks if he knows someone called Jessica Buchanan.

Jessica wants to watch the tape herself. She is as ready as she will ever be. Natalie promises that they will all be there for her. Clint has all the faith in the world in her… Viki knows that this is the hardest thing that she will ever have to do, but she knows that the girl can do it. "I love you." The doctor tells Jessica that she is in charge and when things get too rough all she has to do is stop the tape. He hands her the remote. "Don’t forget that I love you," Antonio reminds. He kisses her head. The family moves away from her to the walls and they watch. Jessica stands in the center of the room…and she hits 'play'. The VCR goes on…

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