One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/15/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

"Margaret's gotta pull through," Bo says.

Michael checks Margaret out and she is in rough shape. "Spencer…" Margaret is calling out.

Spencer tries to go in the room with Margaret in it, as he hears that she is calling his name. Bo stops him from going in.

Evangeline is with Todd. "Where else would I be?" she asks him.

Cristian spars at the club… doing his workout.

Rex comes to tell Evangeline that it looks like Margaret is going to be okay.

Bo tells Spencer that they don't need him in the room where Margaret is.

Margaret flatlines… Michael gets the paddles.

Cristian knocks out his opponent in the ring.

"It's over doctor…Are you going to call it?" a nurse asks Michael over the blaring alarm on the monitoring machine.

Spencer calmly walks out of the area…over to Blair.

Claudia is thrilled that she is going out of town with Nash. He tells her to chill out as they are only doing business and not taking a vacation. "What is your problem? You begged me to come with you on the trip and now you have an attitude." He just wants to make sure that she understands that he loves Tess. She knows that and just wants them to be civil to each other. "If I cant' be friends with my partner, then maybe I should just walk off and take my money with me."

Antonio gets up to find Jessica sitting over the baby's crib. "I am so scared," she says. "I am not just scared for me. My parents haven't had a chance to grief for Duke and they put their lives on hold for me. What is going to happen if my mom can't deal with this?" Antonio knows that she is scared. She worries about getting destroyed.

Kevin drinks while sitting on the steps in his house.

Kelly comes home to find her things in boxes on the front steps. She enters the house.

"Why are my things on the street?" He tells her that she doesn't live there anymore. She will not leave until they talk.

Paige is in the hospital trying to sleep but calling out Margaret's name. The nurse gives her something to calm her down.

"Time of death is 8:53pm…"

"You killed that woman Spencer," Evangeline says. "Isn't it ironic that Margaret was going to talk and she suddenly dies. John! This wasn't an accident. Spencer is a murderer and she killed that woman."

Blair comes to Spencer's defensive. "He wasn't in that room when Margaret died!" John says that now they will never know what really happened. "She took the secrets to the grave."

Antonio tells Jessica that they are going to get past all the problems they have now. "You have been so wonderful Antonio but I can see what is around me. I am seeing people trying not to upset me and they worry about what to do about me next. I love you but I have to be honest when I tell you that I don't see a happy ending here." Antonio can't make the bad things go away but earlier it felt to him like it used to be before Nash and Tess. "There was never a 'before Tess'. She keeps a secret that I can't handle. I know that you can't tell me what is on the tape. I will face that all tomorrow. I really think though that I am stronger than her this time."

"Sometimes I forget who I am dealing with now," Nash says. He is dealing with the new and improved Claudia. She knows that he is hesitant and she understands that as he is new and improved too. "We are opening up to each other and it is great Nash. You are figuring out who I am and I am doing the same. We now can be in the same room without some horrible incident taking place."

"This is my house too and I deserve to live here," Kelly says. Kevin talks to her with no respect, referring to her letting his son put his hand up her skirt. THWACK! She slaps him hard across the face. She will not let him say another cheap degrading word to her.

Bo makes the crowd move along as the area is still and emergency area.

Evangeline and Rex talk to John and try to get him to figure something out. "Why are you even here?" John asks Rex. Evangeline stops the men from arguing and asks to be taken to Todd.

Blair hugs Spencer telling him that the couldn't have caused all of this to happen. She hugs him.

Bo watches from the other side of the hall.

"Margaret's dead," John says. Todd smiles. "It is a trick or something. She should take that on the road." Evangeline wants him to handle this okay. "Get out," he simply says. She promises that they will find a way out of this. "Get out!" Evangeline leaves with John.

"We will get him," Rex promises. "Just not today." He leaves.

Todd is alone. He moves the sheets from his body and pushes himself up to sit. He then carefully gets off the bed and just stands holding himself upright using the table and the bed for support.

"I lost my son, what did you lose Kelly? Sorry isn't good enough." She made a mistake but she is sorry. "Your son is dead and all that you can do is shove booze down your throat!" He grabs her roughly shoving her purse at her. "You get out!" He starts dragging her to the door. Her purse falls and the pregnancy test can by seen lying next to the purse on the floor.

Antonio and Jessica are still talking when the phone rings.

"Hello…Tess? I mean…Jessica?" Nash asks strangely.

John brings Evangeline to the gym to see Cristian. He takes Evangeline's arms and walks her to a table to talk.

"She is fine isn't she?" Vincent asks from behind John.

"Why are you here?" John asks. Vincent loves that John has no idea.

Michael talks to Bo about Margaret. "She had massive internal injuries and she had lost a lot of blood." Michael walks off.

Blair and Spencer stand around. Spencer leaves to check on Michael. He kisses Blair goodbye.

"You may be fooling Spencer but you are not fooling me Blair," Bo says. "You are making the wrong choice right now. This isn't the way to do this. You are still dealing with your feelings for that guy and you will end up in a mental institution…"

The door flies open and Todd comes crashing rough. He can barely stand up.

"Todd!" Blair shouts! She and Bo run to Todd.

Spencer suddenly appears and comes over as well to see what is happening. "Oh my god he is bleeding!" Blair shouts. "Todd!" Todd lays unconscious on the floor now.

"I will be quick as I know that you are catching up with Antonio but I want to hear Brennan breath." Jessica tells that the baby is sleeping. Nash begs that the phone be put near the child. Jessica does as she is asked.

"Brennan? Sleep tight baby girl. I love you…Daddy loves you."

"I heard her," he says. "You don't know how much that meant to me. Thank you Jessica." She tells him goodnight and hangs up.

"I owed him that," Jessica says. Antonio tells that things are only going to get better. "Things have changed …I remember the restons threatening Tess…Duke dying… I remember the home. I think that it was a retirement home…"

Claudia tells that some of her father's employees are there. "If they see us get on a plane together, my dad will be really mad. We can't sneak on the plane as they are blocking the door. You will have to go first and I will take a later flight."

"What are you doing here?" John asks Vincent. "I am going to see some friends who I think might be friends of yours." John tells Vincent that he should take a vacation instead of doing whatever it is that he is thinking of doing. Vincent won't take that advice. He would like to get to know John better and become pals. John doesn't think that will happen. "I am not going to be your pal."

"All the answers were right there in her head Cristian and Margaret would have been the answer," Evangeline says. "I wish that I could have seen her eyes. I would have seen it." Cristian makes Evangeline stand. "I am going to show you how to see."

Todd is wheeled into an examination room.

Blair whispers to Bo not to let Spencer get away with this.

Spencer and Michael are with Todd in the examination room.

"Is he alright?" Blair asks walking in the room.

She goes to Todd and whispers to him that he will be okay.

Spencer watches from outside the room as Blair talks to Todd.

Todd is trying to say something. "What?" she says. "I don't want you here," he tells her. She moves back as if being pushed backwards slowly.

He puts gloves on her and holds his hands out for her to hit them. "I can't see it!" she says. She is getting mad. "You are pissing me off! You are not the one who is blind." She keeps trying and finally hits the mitt. Her punches are hard and she looks happy at the fact that she is doing a good job. Evangeline babbles as she punches and she vents by hitting the mitts. Cristian has to sneak in hand hug her to get her to stoop swinging.

"She is sedated," a nurse tells Bo. The nurse leaves.

Bo sits with Paige. "Margaret is dead Paige… She took all her secrets with her. I know why you were protecting me. I saw the papers. I seemed like the one who was doing wrong. I will clear all this up and you will not have to worry about me…" She sleeps. "Paige we really need you right now. You are the only one who knows what Margaret knew. You are the only one that can stop Spencer…"

Michael tells Blair that she has to go now. She backs away from the bed and heads to the door.

Spencer is there when she exits. "Are you alright? Blair did he say anything?" She says that Todd told her that it was over between them. "That upset me, but I know that he is going to be fine and that is good. He is obsessed about the murder conviction. I just want to go home now. Would you take me home? Please?"

Kelly picks up her things. Kevin tells her to get out of his life. "You used to be my whole world and now that seems like such a long time ago. I know now that I can go on without you." She walks out. He slams the door after her.

She kicks and punches at her boxes of personal items on the steps…

Kevin picks up his glass of liquid brown courage and stares at it for a few seconds before pitching it into the wall as hard as he can…

Outside, Kelly has calmed now and she stands leaning up against what used to be her home.

Reston's employees go looking for Claudia who is hiding in the airport.

Nash watches the men search for Claudia everywhere.

Nash calls Bruce…

Claudia is in action. She has the airport security with her and she tells them that Reston's men ripped her blouse and attacked her. She has them arrested.

Nash smiles. He sees that things are going well and he tells Bruce that the plan is still working.

Antonio and Jessica go to bed now; sure that things are going to work out.

John stops Margaret's body from being wheeled out for a minute so that he can look at her one last time.

Bo talks to Paige as she sleeps and then he kisses her lips before heading to the door.

As he is walking out, Rex is there. "She's out," Bo says that Paige is their only hope now. "Go home and get some rest Rex. That is what I am going to do." He walks off.

Rex reaches in and turns off Paige's light, and then he leaves.

"I am sorry," Evangeline says. "I just lost it just now. I have to win this battle Cristian."

Michael fixes Todd up and warns him not to make anymore bonehead moves like that again or it will just prolong his recovery.

Blair tells Spencer that she wants him to go home with her. They leave together.

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