One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/14/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

The ambulance has crashed and Margaret lays unconscious and hanging half out of it, and half in it.

Starr asks her father if there is anything that would make him forgive her mother for what she has done. Todd won't talk about that right now.

Blair is with Spencer outside the hospital room and they are hugging.

She sees that Bo is calling.

John touches base with Evangeline to tell her something's happened.

Margaret still lays unconscious.

Bo tells Evangeline and John that with Margaret's memory back they should be able to get Spencer put away for life.

Blair has her call with Bo…

Spencer wants to know what the call is about. She won't tell him now but turn to go into Todd's room.

A nurse prevents her from entering; telling that Todd doesn't want her in there.

One of the medics from the crash wakes and goes to Margaret who is still unconscious.

"This is unit 18…we crashed. An orderly is injured and the driver is dead. The patient is hurt…"

John calls to get Margaret's ETA…

The orderly is off the phone now and works to get Margaret up and running but she is in bad shape.

RJ talks with Matthew who tells that his mother is upset because she talks funny due to the stroke. RJ knows that this has to be hard for Nora. "No one cares about the way that my mom looks…" RJ knows that Nora has a lot of pride and has an idea that will need Matthew's help.

They enter Nora's room and she is reading. She makes hand signals when they talk to her. "Tell us how you feel," RJ orders. They get chairs and sit by Nora's bed. Nora says nothing. RJ can see that they are going to be there for a while. "We are going to stay right here until you figure out what you want to say to us."

Michael takes Marcie and Thomas to see the pediatrician in the hospital. They know nothing about babies and want to have Thomas looked at. Marcie whips out her questions about babies that she has. Michael finds that to be a bit much. She has pages and pages of questions. "No one comes with a manual Marcie. People have been raising babies for years." Marcie just likes to be prepared. "One of us has to be prepared. While Thomas is with us, I will darn well do this right. I have to do a good job because I started my life without a mommy. Thomas doesn't have any of his parents and while he is with us… I want him to know that the world doesn't have to suck!"

The pediatrician comes to get the couple and child. "When did you go to medical school? And how long have you been in practice?" Marcie starts.

Blair gets angry with the Head Nurse for preventing her from entering the room. Spencer tells the woman that Blair will be allowed to enter the room. M The woman rushes off.

Spencer wants to know what is up with Blair. "What were you talking to Bo about and why do you have to suddenly talk to Todd about it?"

Starr asks about her father's feeling about her mother. "You are both alike," Todd says. Starr denies that. "I thought that I was like you," she says. "Will I get to see you tomorrow?" He will see her. She leaves.

Starr tells her mother not to bother her father. She walks off.

Blair knows that Starr doesn't understand what is going on.

Spencer feels that Starr may be right about leaving Todd alone.

The orderly works to save Margaret until help comes.

Evangeline has questions about Margaret and why she is coming forward now? Bo doesn't know but he knows that whatever she says will get Spencer busted. She can't understand why Spencer isn't to be told that Margaret's memory is back. Bo is about to answer but Rex arrives.

"I heard something when I came in about a van crashing. The driver was dead and the passenger wasn't breathing… They said that her name was Margaret Cochrane…"

Lindsay comes to see Nora and she finds the woman looks great sitting up. RJ would like to see Lindsay in the hall for a minute and they leave.

Matthew talks to his mother about when he couldn't pronounce helicopters and they laughed at it. "I don't care how you sound mom…I just need to talk to you again."

RJ explains in the hall why he needs Lindsay to leave so that he can get Nora to talk. Lindsay understands all that but she can't understand why she can't be in the room.

"Please mom," Matthew begs. Nora opens her mouth and utters a noise…She tries to say 'I love you'. "I can't understand you, but please mom…don't give up…"

"This baby is in perfect physical shape." Marcie feels then that Thomas must have another problem then. The doctor is mystified. Marcie explains that the baby is 4 months old and he doesn't do what 3-month-olds do. The doctor explains that all babies have their own timetables. "You feel like every other mother does with a new baby… You know exactly what to do and you are doing it perfectly. You will know when he is sick. Tommy has confidence at you. I saw the way that he looked at your face before. Just enjoy him."

Blair can't believe that Spencer and Starr agree on something. "You have turned into this little gatekeeper now right? You will never forgive me will you Starr?" She says that she will not. "Dad isn't an awful person. He can't stand to see you upset although he doesn't want to see you right now." She leaves the hospital.

Spencer tries to soothe Blair but she walks off wanting some air.

Todd is in bed sleeping.

He walks out of his body…and bed…and into the halls…

"Where is he?" Todd keeps walking

"Over here Todd! " Blair's voice calls.

Todd finally finds her in a room in the hospital. "I believe you," she says to him. "I love you," he tells her. "You are my world," she says… He holds her face and they touch foreheads, and then kiss…

Todd wakes now in his bed.

John is on the phone…

Evangeline walks with Rex into the office. She wants to get downstairs. Rex hangs her off to an officer who will see her to the car waiting downstairs.

Bo thanks Rex for the information that he offered up. Rex wants to talk to Bo about Adrianna and a situation that she has. Bo tells that they have to deal with that later.

"Come on…stay with me! Come on Margaret!" the orderly shouts as he does CPR on her.

The ambulance arrives.

"Over hear!" the orderly calls.

A team of specialists rush to Margaret's aid and relieves the weary orderly.

Spencer sits alone thinking.

He remembers talking to Todd before who is so sure that he has control of what Blair is going to do when he is better.

Blair arrives. "Where did you go?" he asks. "You mood was fine with me and the next second you were completely different." She doesn't like the interrogation from him. "This has been a horrible ordeal for me. Todd nearly died and my daughter hates me. I owe it to the both of them to make things right." He only wonders at how she is treating him lately…

She sees Evangeline and the Head Nurse and she goes over to talk to the woman. Evangeline tells that Margaret remembers everything. Spencer doesn't want to let Evangeline in the room but she feels that her news is something that Todd will want to wake up for. The Head Nurse and Evangeline make their way to the room past Spencer and Blair.

"You don’t seem very surprised Blair. Is that what the call from Bo was about?"

Evangeline sits with Todd. "I have the most incredible news, and I wish that you could have seen Spencer's face when I told him the news just now… Margaret remembers everything."

Bo and John arrive at the crash site. They stand over Margaret and see that she is in rough shape. "Just keep her alive okay!" Bo booms out to the medical staff tending to her.

Marcie is happy that she went to see the pediatrician now that the appointment is over. Michael is frustrated as Thomas is healthy and there is nothing to worry about. "Thomas will develop when he is ready." Marcie read an article about babies that have a problem and end up missing out for the rest of their lives. Marcie knows that making it through that tornado and he was perfectly healthy, even after that. "Maybe we should just be hopeful."

Rex walks up…"Married one week? Baby the next?"

Michael pager goes off and he has to go. He kisses Marcie and Thomas before leaving.

"Who is he?" Rex asks. Marcie tells that Tommy lost his parents in the tornado. "I rescued him." The baby stares at Rex and Marcie thinks that the child likes him. Marcie tells how she will be keeping the child for a while until Children's' Services can place him.

Lindsay tells that Nora doesn't even want to try to talk now. RJ knows that Nora really needs help. "You know that the two of you hate each other. You and Nora being friends will never happen but I am a friend to her and I will help her. She has always had my back and I want to see her through this. I hope that I didn't hurt your feelings Lindsay." They kiss and he walks off.

She thinks about how he has been visiting Nora for a year and has done enough.

RJ tells Matthew that he has to be patient &# 9;with Nora. "Now Nora…I am not going to leave until you tell me to. I can stay all night and I love hospital food." Nora tries to get a sentence our. RJ translates. "She said that we are driving her crazy." He and Matthew laugh.

"No one knows exactly what Margaret remembers yet," Evangeline says. Todd tells that Blair has been banging on the window to get in but he won't see her. Evangeline says that if Blair has to face the truth finally…that might be enough for him to forgive her for what she did. He isn't worried about Blair. He is worried about Truman. "There is something else that I have to tell you," Evangeline says.

"Did he tell you about Margaret?" Blair skirts his questions.

Michael walks by telling Spencer that there is a patient coming in emergency and they are going to need help. Spencer says that he is busy. "It's Margaret Cochrane!" Michael says. Both Spencer and Blair turn to the elevator when Michael says that on his way out.

John and Bo stay until Margaret is in an ambulance. They are concerned about Margaret and hope that they don't lose her at this point.

Nora is soon talking because RJ gets her mad. Soon they are all laughing. "I am proud of you," she says in her own special way. "I am proud of you too mom," Matthew says.

Lindsay watches from the window to the room.

"You are not holding him the right way," Marcie says. Rex calls her a control freak. He feels that he is doing just fine. He hands the child back to Marcie and slowly walks off.

She talks to Thomas now that they are alone.

"John and Bo are at the scene now…" Todd laughs. He can't believe this. "Everyone knows that Spencer did this. Everyone is on to him." Todd says that he will show Blair what kind of creep Truman really is.

Blair can't sit still and heads to ER to see what is going on. "I will go with you," Spencer says.

Margaret is brought in on a stretcher…

John and Bo come in after the stretcher.

"Code blue!" someone shouts. The monitoring machines cry the sound to alert the staff that something is drastically wrong.

Spencer and Blair have arrived and they wait near John and Bo…

"Is she going to make it?" Blair asks. Bo says that she has to for a lot of reasons. He glares over at Spencer.

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