One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/13/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Jessica and Antonio are alone now. The baby is asleep and they revel in the company of each other.

Nash sits at a table looking at a menu of fine champagnes.

Claudia arrives and sits with him. "Ooh…Champagnes… You called, so what is this visit about?" she asks.

Bo, Hugh and John marvel at the smarts of whoever set this caper up. Bo can't even tell that the signature that he is looking at isn't his. Hugh can't ignore the evidence. "Bo…you look like the prime suspect now."

"Spencer masterminded the whole thing. He faked Margaret's death and then he sent her off the Thailand," David tells Blair. "My question to you is 'What are you going to do about it?'"

"It was Spencer! It was all Spencer!" Margaret realizes.

All the memories are back.

She remembers everything. She grabs the paper and looks at the articles. "Oh my god. Spencer took my baby."

Spencer leans over Todd to examine him. Todd grabs him by the collar. "I am going to kill you Spencer." Spencer keeps his cool. "Is that any way to talk to the man who saved your life?"

Starr comes to see her father but Todd sends her away for ice cream.

"You are well on your way to recovery. Todd I never really wanted you dead in the first place." Todd listens quietly. "When this is all over, you realize that I will carry on with the life that I was living with Blair and you will step aside."

David tells that he went to Thailand to see what Spencer had been up to there. Blair thought that he was there to go to a convention. "Then there is the baby that Paige helped to deliver…" Blair wants to know where the baby is. "Spencer gave it away I think. I think that is why he went to Thailand." Blair can't believe that Paige knew all this and said nothing. "She had to protect Bo. Spencer doctored something to make Bo look bad. I have Margaret and she will prove all of this." Blair sees nothing that ties Spencer to Margaret yet.

Margaret remembers that she had a baby now. "Mommy's coming." Margaret is back to her old self now. She looks at the newspaper…"Mommy is going to get daddy back!"

Nash offers Claudia something to drink but she reminds him that she doesn’t drink anymore. He apologizes to her for that. "I have a business opportunity for you. You are here and so I can see that you are curious." She is suspicious of him but listens. "It isn't just a chance to get a great return on your money but you can also get a good return on your money. I will not lie to you. I have Tess and my daughter to think about but when I was at your father's penthouse, I realize that I may need some capital and I want to ask this of someone that I trust."

Antonio starts making love to Jessica.

Visions of Nash comes to Jessica's mind…

She can't do this with Antonio now. "Tess's memories are getting in the way of mine and it bothers me." Antonio wonders if this is a good thing. Jessica shared too much with Tess, and she refuses to lose anymore moments with her family and friends. "I have to get back all of the memories and face what happened to me when I was little." Antonio is glad to hear that and will be with her to help her face it. "What do you mean by 'it'?" She sees that he knows more than he is telling her.

"Blair and I were just getting it together when everything blew up in our faces. Todd…Blair needs stability and I can give her that." Todd tells Spencer that when Blair has a problem, she gets a man and then comes back to him. "You are not good for Blair's wellbeing. Your relationship with her is a house of cards. It is almost over for you. She is on to you."

"Spencer makes Margaret look sane Blair…" Blair denies that what he is saying is true. "All you do is lie. You lie about women…you lie about women…Why should I believe you now?" David tells that if she goes back to Spencer, he will turn on her one day.

Margaret thinks…

"…You never meant to reunite me with Todd…I helped you Spencer…"

Margaret knows now that she shouldn't have trusted that man.

She turns to the medics in the van with her. "You have to turn this van around and take me back to the police."

"Bo headed up an investigation that targeted one man from the start," Hugh realizes. "This thing is ingenious. This makes Bo look guilty…" John says that anything else that looks incriminating has to be looked at closely. "If we do find more incriminating evidence," Bo promises… "I will turn in my badge."

"Do you know what happened to me when I was little?" Antonio tells that Viki and Clint got Tess into therapy.

Tess said that a man told her that he had a kitty at his house.

Jessica remembers now. "There was something on videotape. What was on the tape Antonio?" He can't tell her that as the doctor told him know to tell. "You have no right to keep this from me. It is the only way that I can protect Brennan. Help me! Help us! Antonio would do anything for her but not this. "Don’t ask me to do this!"

Claudia and Nash talk about the business idea that he has. He shows her a label of the new product that he wants to get going. "You would be the only investor…it has got to be worth something." She frowns. "I am not a fool Nash. I am not going to fall for the same line again."

Blair tells David that she will not turn her back on Spencer now when he needs her. "David…I appreciate that you care about me…You don't deserve to be treated badly. I know that you are trying to save yourself, but your story doesn't hold water." David is serious when he tells her that Spencer took Todd from her and he will take more. She tells him that she knows exactly what she is doing.

"I will step aside," Bo says. "That technician in Kentucky can authorize that I wasn't the one who took the bodies. John if I have to step aside, you will be in charge. The credibility of the whole department is at stake. I am responsible for the image of everyone on the force. I appreciate your confidence in me but we have to work on this case and look through these documents. Let's read this stuff over again." John leaves to get started.

He sees Michael with Thomas in the outer office. "What the hell is this? What are you doing with it?" Michael tells him that he is holding a baby and the baby's name is Tommy.

"He confessed everything to me," Blair tells Bo. "Not just the stuff about Margaret, but about you and Paige too…"

"She was sitting where you are now Spencer when I woke up and she didn’t mention your name at all." Todd laughs. "You have lost her my friend. You have lost her." Spencer jokes that he is getting too much medication. "Spencer…tell me where my kid is or I will kill ya!"

Margaret gets up to get the medics to listen to her. "Sit down!" She moves back but remains standing. "You have to listen to me. He has stolen my child!" the men in the back want nothing to do with this rambling woman and her problems. "The only place that you are going is to the nut house!" She begs to be taken back to the police but her pleas fall on deaf ears.

Nash says that he is being honest with Claudia this time. "I do love Tess but the vineyard was something that we both believe in. I was hoping that you would help me out. I could have just come out and asked you for help but I need this. Without this and you…I …Look help me out!"

"Having the information that you want to hear come from me isn't the way that you should hear it. Tess is different now…She is more like you. Jessica if I tell you want is on that tape, you could disappear forever but if we reveal this properly, you can be with us forever." She isn't sure how much more of this she can take.

"What's with the kid?" John asks. Michael tells that the baby was found after the storm. "I thought that you two should meet." John just stares at the child and doesn't want to hold him. "Maybe I will hold him later. I know how…At least I think so." Michael pushes him and John takes the baby. "Well what do you think about the baby?" John says that the kid has no teeth and a funny haircut. They laugh.

Blair tells Bo how Spencer managed to rig the evidence to make him look guilty. "We can't let Spencer get away with this!" Bo tells her that the police will handle this and that she is to stay away from the man. Blair leaves.

In the hall she tells herself that she can't stay away.

Margaret shows the men in the van with her the article and she explains that she did terrible things with the man in the picture. "This man stole my baby. He did something to my baby, so I need to find him now."

Spencer says that he can't help Todd with finding his baby.

Starr returns. "What is going on?" Spencer leaves them alone.

"What was that about?" Starr asks.

Spencer finds Blair in the hall. "I thought that you were with Jack." She tells that she lied before. "I wasn't with Jack like I told you." Spencer puts his hands on his hips surprised. "You lied to me?" Blair tells that she was with David and that he told her everything.

Antonio returns with notes. He wrote that after the car crash.

She reads. 'I opened my eyes and it was Jessica, but later it was Tess. She needed Jessica to survive…' Tess may have been out but Jessica was still influencing her. "You were as close to me then Jessica as you are to me now."

"I need this Claudia. Without this my life will be over." She agrees to look at the winery and then she will make a decision.

"I knew that you wouldn't want me to go and see David. Look Spencer. Someone had to confront David about the lies that he told. He told me that you and Margaret were in cahoots. I just left after that." Spencer thanks her for standing up for him. She wants to check on Todd but will hook up with Spencer later. Spencer leaves to check on some patients.

Starr has questions but Todd ignores her.

Blair enters but Todd only tells her that he doesn't want her there. "I don’t want to hear your excuses or your ridiculous apologies. I am done with you."

Bo has everyone hopping around for the case.

Bo gets a call from the medics in the van with Margaret. They tell that Margaret wants to return to the station as she has remembered everything.

Michael tells John how he and Marcie are looking after Thomas. "It will be great practice for our kids." Michael soon leaves.

Bo and Hugh come into the room. Bo announces the big break in the case.

Spencer goes to see David. "I spoke to Blair and she told me about the things that you said. You have played your last card David and you now have nothing else to hold over my head…"

Margaret leans to the grid that separates her from the driver. "Can't you give this heap some gas?"

The man looks back at her and the van swerves out of control.

Nash puts his plan in action.

"Sorry Claudia," he says to himself. "I have to do this."

Antonio's explanation of how he is going to handle her finally makes sense to Jessica.

Todd tells Blair that she turned her back on him and left him for dead. "Where is your ring Blair? You walk in now and try to get into my life. Forget you! It is too late." Starr tells her mother to just go away. "Get out!" Todd shouts at her. "We are finished! Get out!" Blair turns and leaves.

Bo tells that once they know what Margaret knows, they will be able to put Spencer away forever…

The van has crashed. Margaret lays unconscious with her head resting on the back step to get into the van. The door gapes open, but she is unconcious with blood coming out of her nostrils.

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