One Life to Live Update Monday 6/12/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Adrianna is alone at the club.

Rex puts his hand on her shoulder and she jumps thinking that the stalker is touching her. "He's back!" She tells Rex how the stalker has been making contact with her again.

Nash wants to get back to Llanview right away. Bruce tries to talk him out of that. "You made a deal not to go near Llanview so your daughter will not be killed." Nash plans to kill Reston first to get back to his family. ***

Antonio, Jessica and the new baby all spend time as a family.

John drags Blair into the room in the hospital where he, Hugh and Bo have set up surveillance.

"Margaret is there?" Blair asks. "She's wearing a wire?" Margaret can be seen on monitors talking to Spencer with a guard behind her.

"Your secret's safe with me," Margaret says.

Rex sees the text message that Adrianna recently received from the stalker. He dials the number that the text message is from.

A phone rings at a table nearby and the person at the table sees Rex and Adrianna together. The person is far enough from Rex and Adrianna so that they don't hear the phone ringing.

Rex gives up waiting for an answer to his call and hangs up.

Layla goes to the stage and introduces the next singing sensation….."Miss Claudia Reston…"

Claudia takes the stage and belts out a ballad.

"We are going to kill Reston financially and we are going to kill him personally…take away his power." Bruce never saw Nash this way before. He was determined when he was building that Vineyard but now Nash is ruthless.

"Stop reading those damn notes and talk to me," David tells his lawyer. The man wants to review the notes of the case. "Look at me! Look at me! The cops say that they have an eyewitness who says that I shot McBain twenty-five years ago." The man reminds David that he has no alibi for the time of the shooting. David is sure that this guy isn't a good lawyer. "Guard!" The lawyer gets up.

A guard appears and walks the lawyer out of there.

Hugh gets a call while they watch the surveillance. "I never met you," they hear Spencer tell Margaret.

"We are just going to go into my office," Spencer tells the guard who remains outside.

In the office Spencer asks Margaret why she thinks that she knows him. "I have never met you before."

John gets word that David wants to talk to him. He leaves.

"You are making this up," Spencer says.

"I didn't make up having a baby," Margaret says. "How could someone make up something like that?"

Nash and Bruce go over their plan and how it is going to work. "You are his financial advisor and he trusts you. Convince him that the vineyard is a bad deal. Then I can go home."

Jessica worries about Nash if he returns to town. Antonio has a plan to keep Nash from getting the baby. "marry me."

"I can see that you have a lot of work to do with your psychiatrist," Spencer says when he listens to her explanation of what her position is regarding all that has happened.

Blair is confused as she watches the monitor and listens to the conversation. "Bo…what is it that you want him to day??

"I know that you planned my fake death," she says.

"Nash has abandoned his daughter Jessica and he might not even return. No judge would take him away from us under those conditions." Jessica loves Antonio so much…and she really wants to be his wife. She wants him to raiser her children but the answer is 'no'.

"You need to stay clear of Tess," Bruce warns. "What if Tess finds out about our plan? How will she deal with the fact that you used Claudia to get what you want?"

Claudia sings to the crowded room at the club. "…Is there a place for the tide to change my heart? Stop wasting time collecting lines…oh girl…wake up out of it…yeah…out on your island of loneliness…"

The crowd cheers.

Rex tells that the cellphone was disposable and it is really hard to trace those. "I want you to change your phone number and stay close to family and friends. I have access to lots of resources and will use them to find this guy. Sorry you are going through this." She realizes now how much Rex really means to her.

"I have been asked to dedicate this next song to 'My Butterfly'…" Claudia says.

Rex and Adrianna turn in horror at the words that Claudia says. That is how the stalker refers to Adrianna. 'My Butterfly'.

Bo finds Spencer to be very smooth.

"You tried to kill Todd Manning," Margaret says. "When did we meet?" Spencer asks.

Bo can tell that Spencer is on to her.

"The police…" Margaret starts. "Ah…the police…"

Bo is on the phone. "Get her out of there!" He rushes out.

Blair follows exiting the doorway.

Spencer smiles as Margaret backs up to the door and leaves.

When Margaret gets to the door the police and Bo are there. He tells her that she is going to a psychiatric hospital now.

Spencer comes out and tells Bo that he can't fabricate truth where there are none. He walks off.

Margaret is upset at having to go to the mental hospital. Bo says that this is the best thing for her.

Margaret has a flash back…

…rocking in her chair and talking to her baby…

…Todd falling in the water…

…"I did everything that you told me to Dr. Truman…I was swimming in the lake!"

Margaret is lost in her thoughts. Bo can tell by the look on her face that something is going on inside.

"Margaret! What is it?"

"Butterfly… Passing by…" Claudia bangs out the final notes of her son.

This stuns Rex and Adrianna. They go to Claudia now that she has finished.

"Is there a problem?" Some guy made the request but she really has no idea who the person was. She walks off.

Rex and Adrianna go to Layla asking to see the reservation book. Adrianna tells that someone is scaring her. Layla tells that the book is in Antonio's office.

Blair is at the bar now. She orders Chardonnay.

"I am sorry Bo," she thinks to herself. "There is no other way."

David offers John info on Spencer for his freedom. John isn't interested.

Spencer returns as John is leaving. "Listen…I want to talk to you about recent developments. Margaret stopped by my office with a police escort. What do you know about that? You have nothing on me David." David threatens to go to Blair with everything that he knows. "She is all that you care about. If my life is to be ruined, so will yours." Spencer offers to talk to David's lawyer. "Have I ever let you down before David? Trust me."

He leaves.

David realizes that he has to take care of his brother before he gets taken care of.

"Did you remember something Margaret?" She says that something came to her and then went right out of her head.

Margaret is taken away now. She is sorry that she couldn't help more. Bo found her very brave. "Thank you." She is gone.

John arrives. "I think that David wants to roll over but he has a stumbling block." Bo wishes that Paige could talk to them.

Hugh arrives with news from the lab.

Margaret is in the van with the two medics who are escorting her. She rambles but the men don't want to hear it. One man puts the newspaper up against his face to give a message. She sees her face is on the back of the paper as part of an article.

The memories come flooding back again.

…She is in the rocking chair…

…She is very pregnant…

…She remembers looking at a picture of Todd's face….

"Oh my God!" Margaret says. She rubs her stomach as her mouth falls open….

Nash is sure that Tess will not care what he had to do to bring them back together. Bruce knows that this could all blow up in Nash's face if he isn't careful. Nash is sure that this is going to blow up in some faces.

"If we are family Jessica…it will make us stronger." It is too soon for Jessica. She wants to raise the child together with him but…when she marries him, she wants to give him her whole heart and she can't do that right now. "If we are married…a family…then Tess can't come between us anymore." Jessica still knows that isn't a guarantee that Tess will not come back. Antonio understands but promises that he will not let her go away again. "I have missed you so much Jessica." She missed him too. They are together now and they have a lot of time to make up for.

The baby cries and Antonio goes to her. "Papi's here…"

Rex tells Adrianna that he is going to put a tap on her phone and keep her under surveillance. "We have to tell your mother about this." Adrianna doesn't want that. He feels that leaving town is a good idea. Adrianna hates that idea. "Do that to get away from some jerk who is trying to scare me? I won't do that. Can I go to your place?" They get up now and walk to the doors.

The stalker watches as they leave.

Spencer and Blair are having a drink at the club and Spencer tells how the cops are hell-bent on trying to implicate him in all this stuff with Todd. "I am so glad that you believe in me," Spencer says. She says that she knows that Spencer has been honest with her from the start and that means a lot to her. "my first instinct is to always trust until something pops up and I know that any man that I am involved with couldn't do anything as horrible as what people are saying." He trusts her with his life. "You know Blair, Todd is going to try to turn you against me when he gets up." Blair tells that he has gotten up. Spencer had no idea.

David calls Blair. "If you are with my brother don't say anything. I need to see you right away." She promises to leave right away.

"I am sorry Spencer but Jack needs me." Spencer offers to go with her but she tells him to stay. They kiss and then she is gone.

"It is the DNA and blood work reports identifying the bodies as Margaret and her child and the signature on the file is perfectly legible," Hugh tells John and Bo. They wrinkle their brows at the DA as he pulls the papers from the file.

Antonio sets up the timer on the camera and takes a family photo.

Nash calls Claudia. She tells him how great her first night singing was. He wants to know if she really meant it about starting a new life and standing on her own two feet. She did meet it. He has a business idea that she might like. He tells her to come and meet him.

Spencer leaves a voicemail for Blair, thanking her for believing in him. "that means the world to me…"

"You need to know the truth about Spencer. Blair…I know that Spencer framed Todd," David reveals.

Hugh looks at the reports. "Signed by Truman or not?" John looks at the papers. "It is the commissioner seal…signed by Bo Buchanan."

Margaret remembers more…

…Spencer bad-mouthing her living conditions…

…she thought that everything had changed but Spencer assured her that nothing had and that if she held fast…she would have everything that her heart desired…

…she gave birth…that man was there and …a woman. They helped her give birth…

"Spencer," Margaret says now. "It was Spencer! It was all Spencer!"

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