One Life to Live Update Friday 6/9/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Cristian works out while Vincent watches. He has a lot of comments on how Cristian boxes and what he needs to do to improve. Cristian gets angry when Vincent talks about Evangeline and how he better stop thinking of her. Cristian gets in the man's face, asking him to perhaps show him how he wants him to fight. That is what Vincent likes …Cristian with an edge.

Evangeline sits with Todd and he wants to know what she has been up to. She tells that she has been with someone. Todd is curious if that person is someone special.

Spencer talks with a nurse about Todd and she tells that the whole staff is impressed with the work that he has done with Todd.

John is with Margaret in the office. He has a test result that tells that Margaret has in fact given birth. She panics. "What sort of person doesn't remember her baby?"

Spencer is around the corner listening in on their conversation.

Blair goes to Bo and wants to know about Margaret. He has nothing to tell her. "If you want the truth Bo, then I am the one to find it."

Kevin is at the bar having drinks alone.

Layla arrives at the bar with Adrianna for a night out. They head to the bar. Adrianna tells that a lot has been going on in her life. Layla has been dealing with Evangeline's blindness and shares Adrianna's feelings. Layla still feels that they are better off than Kevin is.

Evangeline tells Todd to think positively about his future now that he has it back. "I wouldn't have needed a second chance had Truman not set me up in the first place." Evangeline sees that God does care about him.

The nurse comes in and tells Evangeline that her cab is there. She is given a bag that has Todd's things in it from the prison. She hands him some books that she wanted him to read. "Please take me out of here?" Evangeline asks the nurse. They leave together.

Margaret is in the hall with John.

Evangeline hears John's voice as she is being taken by him. She tells that she was visiting Todd and he wants answers. "I think that Todd is going to do something stupid." Margaret worries that Todd is going to come after her. John tells her to be quiet. John promises to let Evangeline in on any news if there is any. He is worried about her and how she is doing. Evangeline leaves.

"I know that woman from somewhere…she seems to know me. Is she blind because of something that I did? Everyone tells me about the people that I hurt because of him…" She looks in at Todd.

A scene plays in her mind of she and Todd fighting in a field.

Margaret draws in her breath quickly. John turns to her.

Blair wants to go undercover for Bo and get the scoop on what happened to Todd. Bo wonders if she is trying to prove Spencer innocent in all this. She cares for the man and her son adores the man but if Spencer did this…he can burn in hell and Blair will take him there. Bo tells her that Spencer is cold and he will hurt her. He orders Blair to go home but she will not leave. "Spencer helped to cover up John's father's murderer, and I got that bit of information straight from the horse's mouth!"

Cristian wants to know what is up with Vincent and his involvement with Natalie and now him. Vincent says that Natalie was the one who came to him. It wasn't the other way around.

Vincent gets a call from someone named, 'Mr. Capricorn'. "I will meet you there," he says.

Vincent says goodbye to Cristian and walks off.

Spencer enters his office and sits alone. "Even if she does see me, she won't remember me."

He remembers how he took care of her remembering him. He came at her with gloves on and he held her by the throat. "There are a lot of ways to get rid of someone besides murder."

"Why didn't you tell me about this sooner?" Blair says that she was sleeping with Spencer and he told her that he loved her and so she kept quiet. Bo is having a hard time with this confession of Blair's. "He has been lying to you the whole time?" That is what Blair has to find out.

John wants to know if Margaret is remembering something. She goes to the window to Todd's room and looks in. She can't understand how she can forget about having a baby. She rushes to the door to Todd's room. There are officers there who stop her from going in. "Let her go!" John shouts. The officers stand by and let Margaret pass.

She rushes into Todd's room, pointing an accusatory finger at him. "This is all because of you!" she says to him. John rushes to her side, not intruding on the moment.

Marcie tells Kelly about how taking care of Thomas is a lot of work. Michael and Marcie gush over the kid. Kelly finds that the couple is doing wonderful things. Kelly leaves.

Kelly stops down the hall and takes out the pregnancy test to look at it for a minute.

Kevin keeps drinking himself silly.

Layla and Adrianna finally see Kevin and worry that he might have heard them talking about him before.

Evangeline enters the club alone.

Layla sees her and rushes to her to help her in.

Adrianna goes to say hi to Kevin.

Layla makes a big show of helping her sister and Evangeline tells her to calm down.

They start walking together and they bump into a man carrying a tray of drinks. Evangeline apologizes.

Layla wants to know how she got there on her own. She is so worried.

Cristian and Vincent enter the club and they go to the sisters. Vincent is introduced to Layla and something seems to be in the air with those two. Evangeline asks Vincent if he would like to dance and he walks her to the floor.

Spencer sits alone remembering…

He had Margaret tied up and he prepared the syringe knowing that this would free him from his troubles.

Blair is determined. She is going to take this idea of hers to get to the truth all the way.

"You are a monster!" Margaret shouts. Todd orders Margaret out of his room. John grabs the woman and pushes her out the door. John is about to exit as well.

"John!" Todd says. "I need to talk to you."

Hugh is seeing about Margaret's grave being dug up. He talks to the minister about it.

Hugh sees Kelly when she arrives. She just wanted to be there for a little peace. He tells how he just dug up some graves and would like a little peace himself.

Kevin and Adrianna talk about their feelings. She wishes that she had done things differently. He knows that what she is saying is a crock.

Evangeline and Vincent dance.

Cristian and Layla watch. "What is up with Mr. Slick?" Layla asks. Cristian tells Layla to stay away from the man.

Evangeline says that she asked Vincent to dance so they could get to know each other better. "I can still read people." He wants to know what she can tell about him. She feels his suit and can tell that it is expensive. Not the type of suit a guy like him would normally wear. He says that boxing is just a part of what he is into. "So…you know something? You are very good…" She has no idea what game he is playing but she promises that he had better not try anything on Cristian.

"May I cut in?" Cristian asks.

Vincent leaves and Cristian takes over. Evangeline warns that Vincent isn't to be trusted. He has to get away from this guy. Evangeline offers to give him the money for that but he will handle this on his own.

"I can't take your word for what you tell me about Spencer. That would mean that you would have to wear a wire and that would be impossible with this guy." Blair is sure that she can handle Spencer. Bo only sees that her kids could lose their mother when they have just gotten their dad back. "Go home Blair. Keep a safe distance and don't do anything until I call you." Blair leaves.

Bo makes a call. "If I can, I will h have the truth about Spencer before the day is over."

Margaret is hauled off by officers.

John comes back to talk to Todd. "I owe you my life and I want to pay you back some day." John tells that he already did.

"Don't worry Margaret, you see…I am not such a bad guy after all. I know that it is painful to love a lowlife like Todd Manning, but rest assured, Todd will never have Blair. She is mine now and I am going to make her the happiest woman in the world. You too will be happy without Todd now…" Margaret was tied up in a chair when Spencer delivered that speech. She couldn’t say anything as her mouth was duct taped.

Spencer looks at Blair's picture on his desk now. "I did it for you…all for you."

Blair is outside Spencer's office and she hears him inside. "Oh my god," she says to herself. "I was right all along!"

Michael and Marcie talk about the 3am feedings and how it makes them exhausted. "So now that we are seeing what it is like, do you still want to have kids Michael?" He says that it is exhausting and they are figuring it out as they go, but that is probably how it is supposed to be…so yes! He would like to start a family with Marcie. Marcie remembers that she has a meeting. It is going to be just Michael and Thomas alone that night.

Hugh tells that he screwed up when he made the case personal…about the baby. He blames who set this up but also himself.

Hugh's display shows that Bo is calling. He has to take this and so he walks off.

Evangeline tells that she visited Todd and she believes that he has changed. Cristian warns her to be careful of the man. They kiss.

Vincent and Layla see the kiss and walk off together.

Kevin and Adrianna talk about their lives. Kevin is there as anything good in his life was taken with the tornado. He finds that Adrianna had a good life but then she screwed it up.

Hugh comes to be with Bo. They watch the surveillance cameras…

Hugh worries about entrapment.

They see something on the monitor. "Oh no! It is Blair… We got to get her out of there."

Todd gets the story of why John feels that he has been paid back for saving Todd's life. Todd finds it hard to believe that Vickers was in this up to his neck.

John gets a call from Bo. He rushes out of Todd's room.

Blair is near the door to Spencer's office and she is about to turn the knob.

John suddenly appears and grabs her telling her that they have to get out of there. "Let go of me," she whispers harshly. She pulls her hand back roughly and it bangs into the door behind her.

Inside the office, Spencer is at the desk and he hears the thud against his door. He gets up quietly and goes slowly to the door. He opens it.

No one is there.

Then suddenly, from around the corner, Margaret appears before him, with a policeman behind her. She stares up into his face.

A minister sees Kelly on a bench in the churchyard. "Are you alright?" She tells that she just wants some peace. He tells her that she can stay there as long as she likes. She says that she has some things to think about.

Kevin tries to get up and almost falls over. Adrianna offers to get the man a cab but he doesn't want her help. She walks him out of the club.

Vincent and Cristian kiss under the watchful eyes of Vincent and Layla. Cristian knows that Evangeline likes to take care of people, but he would like to take care of her for a change. She can feel the eyes of everyone on them. He doesn't care. They decide to get out of there. They walk off.

Todd reaches for the book that Evangeline left for him. He sees the wedding ring on the table and he picks it up looking at it for a few seconds. He then flings it roughly into the corner behind the table. It clatters as it falls out of sight. Todd turns back to the book now and starts reading.

John holds Blair by the arm and drags her to a secluded hall in the hospital. "What are you doing?" she asks him. He pulls her into a room and takes her to two monitors that sit side by side on a table.

Blair looks down at the screens in utter horror. "Margaret's wearing a wire?" Her mouth falls open.

The scene in front of Spencer's office unfolds. Margaret looks up into Spencer's eyes and whispers loud enough for him to hear. "I remember…"

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