One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/8/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer


Antonio has just gotten the bad news. He isn't the baby's father. Jessica cries. Jessica realizes that Tess has to be the mother then. "Oh my God…"

Nash is speeding and he refuses to stop unless Claudia agrees to get him past security at her father's place. She is terrified and agrees.

Cristian and Evangeline and kissing at the club.

Vincent and his henchman arrive and they interrupt Cristian asking if he will work for their organization. Cristian decides he and Evangeline should leave. Vincent goes to Evangeline and stretches out a hand to greet her. Cristian knows what the man is up to. "There is no way that I am going to work for you," he says.

"Todd," Blair says. "Tell me how you feel… He barely speaks when he says the word, "dead."

Cristian can't have anything to do with Vincent. He shudders to think what Natalie had to promise to get help with the investigation. "Counselor," Vincent says. "Could you tell your client what 'Breach of Contract' means? And what happens to people who commit it."

Blair tells Todd that she loves him and that she needs to know that he still loves her too.

The doctor is hopeful that Tess is gone for good as Jessica didn't need her to help receive this news about the baby's father.

Antonio tells Jessica that she is the baby's mother and that he will be there for her. She needs to be alone. She walks off.

Clint follows her.

Viki comes over to Antonio with the baby knowing how disappointed he must be. "I know that you are always putting Jessica first." Antonio will accept this and help raise Brennan. Viki wants him to realize that Nash will be a part of their lives now forever.

Clint goes to be with Jessica in the hall. "I am handling it," she says. He knows that she believes that Nash deserves to hear the truth and he agrees with that.

Nash and Claudia enter George's living room. "I did what you asked and now you have to leave Tess and the baby alone." George smiles.

A man walks out of the back room. George has taken steps to do a takeover that affects Nash in a very negative way. Nash pulls back his fist to hit the man who did the deal for George.

Vincent offers to send Evangeline a copy of Cristian's contract, or better yet he could deliver it himself later that night. Cristian makes a move to hit the guy but then decides against it. Vincent tells Cristian that he will be heading to the gym, and he orders his bodyguard to see Evangeline home.

Evangeline whispers to Cristian to go with Vincent and they will talk later.

"Alright Sean," Evangeline shouts. "Take me to the hospital, I need to see a friend. The man takes her arm and walks off with her.

Vincent takes Cristian now to the gym to see if he has gotten his money's worth.

Antonio can't lose Jessica again. He will not. Viki knows that Nash has to know about his daughter. Antonio says that Nash should have been there.

Clint comes to Viki to tell that Jessica is doing very well. "you are going to hate this Viki…"

Nash is angry as ever. He has been put on the payroll.

His phone rings. He thinks he is talking to Tess until Jessica confirms that it isn't her.

Blair is with Todd talking.

Starr comes into the room and smiles. "Dad!" She runs to him and puts her head on his chest. "I knew that you would come back to me again."

Blair tells Starr not to push her father as he is still weak. "Be easy on him." Blair sends Starr home but first Starr has something for her father. She puts something in his hand. "It is a present and you can do what you want with it. I love you okay?" She kisses her father and leaves.

Todd looks down at the wedding ring in his hand.

Nash wants to talk to Jessica in private and so he walks to the patio.

Reston and the others watch him through the glass.

"So…Tess is gone and you are back?" She tells that Tess left because of the baby and his leaving. She tells that there haven't been anymore threats. Nash knows now that he has done the right thing. She wanted to tell him thanks for doing what he did for her and the child. "The baby is yours…" he smiles. "I knew it." Jessica tells that she and Antonio will take care of the child and she will have a wonderful life." He has to go now.

Antonio comes to Jessica. "I have a surprise for you," he says.

Viki isn't happy to hear that Tess is calling Nash right now.

Jessica enters the room and reports that Nash has heard the news. "I told him the truth and thanked him for putting distance between us and I made it clear that we would be raising the child for him." Clint knows that Nash will be back. That is fine as all that Jessica feels that she needs to deal with Tess is time.

Antonio comes in. "Here is my surprise," he says.

Jamie and Pilar enter the room and they are introduced to the new baby.

Blair sits with Todd again. "Put it back on Todd. I love you…And I believe in you and I am sorry I let you think otherwise, but I know that we can be a family again…" She reaches for his arm but he pulls it away. "No…we can't!"

Claudia comes to Nash now. "Did you know about Bruce?" Nash asks. She denies any knowledge of her father's business dealings. She overheard about Jessica and she is sorry about that. He wants her to get back in the house. She knows what it is like to have the person that you care about disappear from your life. "I got over it by facing the facts head on. You just say goodbye to a love that was never really yours to begin with."

Antonio and Jessica play with the kids and Pilar.

Viki and Clint watch.

Viki leaves sad that Antonio can't have that child as his biological child. Clint sympathizes. "This is going to be such a mess," Viki knows. "Jessica has to realize that Nash will not back off and he will try to get Tess back." Clint wants Viki to take the good news that came with all this. Jessica is getting stronger. Viki knows that this is only the calm before the storm.

Cristian is at the gym now with Vincent and he is ready to fight.

A kid who hangs out at the gym talks to Cristian and offers to hold the bag for Cristian while he works. "What does that guy want with you?" the kid asks. Cristian really has no idea.

Evangeline arrives at the hospital. She dismisses Sean but he will not leave.

She calls Cristian and tells him that she is fine, and at the hospital.

When she gets off the phone, she orders Sean out of there. He finally leaves.

Someone walks by. "Excuse me…I am blind. I need to get to Todd Manning's room. Can you take me there?" They walk off together.

Todd is not talkative. Blair will not go anywhere or give up on him. "I just wish you would tell me what you need to hear me say." He says that he doesn't want her phony apology. She sees she is beat and she leaves the room.

She sits outside the room.

Evangeline and the nurse walk up behind her and enter Todd's room.

The kid warns Cristian not to hang out with this guy as he could end up in the joint.

Vincent arrives asking what is going on. The kid leaves.

He sees Starr coming into the club and he goes over to her.

Claudia tells Nash that doing the same thing repeatedly and trying to make it come out differently creates insanity. "I realized that my happiness is my responsibility. Maybe you need to figure out the same thing."

Nash reenters the house. George tells him that they will be in touch about the vineyard and the business deal. Nash walks out.

Claudia shouts at her father that he always goes too far. She leaves.

George knows that she will get over this.

Nash calls Clint to tell that he will be back to get his daughter after he takes care of the Restons.

Viki guesses that was Nash that Clint was just talking to.

Pilar is worried about Nash coming back. Jessica says that he isn't going to be around for a while.

Starr tells her friend that her dad is going to make it. He hopes that she can get along better with her mom now. Starr isn't really hoping for that.

The nurse brings Evangeline into the room and seats her before leaving.

"I wish that I could see your face," she says. He wants her to get the treatment that she needs for her eyes. She knows that he thinks that he can fix her blindness but she knows that her sight loss is permanent.

Blair goes to the window to Todd's room and looks in while he talks with Evangeline. "It's not over Todd. It's not over by a long shot…"

I don’t understand why you are taken with Nash," Viki says. He just likes that Nash loves Tess. "Nash is going to be part of that baby's life," he says. "Jessie showed us that she is close to being whole again. Should we give up hope because Jessica is back?"

Clint and Viki look in at the family sitting together.

Viki knows that Jessica has to really face that demon that she has locked away in herself.

Pilar takes pictures of the new baby and her family now.

Claudia knows that her father is going to push too hard and that is a mistake.

Nash and Bruce meet in the park. They sit back to back on benches and talk bout the plan they have to con Reston. Nash tells that the baby ended up to be his after all. "This better work," Bruce says. "If it doesn't you are dead and so is your daughter."

Cristian has had his workout and Vincent smiles.

Vincent gets a call and smiles.

"I want you to put my new guy up for a fight. Yeah…Cristian Vega. Things are going to work out for me, but not Vega."

Starr tells that she is mad at her mother for shacking up with someone else besides her dad. "Dad won't go back to her now and that is exactly what she deserves."

Todd finds it crappy that she has been told that she will always be blind. He wants to help. "I want to pay you back." She would rather hear about he and Blair. "She turned her back on me and slept with a man who tried to kill me." He turns now to look at the wedding rings on the table by his bed.

Blair makes a call. "I need to speak to you…It's important. I need to put my family back together and I am going to need your help to do it."

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